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It feels like forever

CompletelyPuzzled's picture

I am having a problem with our custody situation that is much different than most SMs on this site.  The fact is that my SD14 moved out of our home and back in with BM.  She was supposed to start living with BM last year, but due to a CPS case, she had to come back to us.  I am so grateful that we got that extra year, as SD really bonded with DD1 and our new baby.  She also finished off the year with honors.

Tales of the invisible birthdaty/xmas presents...A B* chronical

halo1998's picture

Birthdays...things to be celebrated and usually an occassion for a gift.  

At our house, kids gets a birthday present, usually of their choice with in reason, a cake or whatever yummy dessert they would like and they get to pick where we go out to dinner.  

Example:  SD turned 14 a few weeks back.  She received air pods from DH and I, had fondue instead of cake and chose sushi for dinner.  DD and DS got her fairy lights for her room, some makeup brushes, fake nails and some body wash/lotion.


Pretty good birthday.....SD was happy.

The hurt in my husband's eyes...

justmakingthebest's picture

SS is 15. He will be 16 at the end of October. He has been working to save up for a car. He is supposed to come out here to our state for his summer visit in 3 weeks. BM tried to stop the visit over rec league baseball, but our CO clearly stated that father's summer visit is a priority over other activities. Well, BM wasn't budging, we were prepared to add a 5 th contempt charge to the 4 we already have waiting on a trial date. 

Benign or rude?

Thefatherismyfamily's picture

For Mother's Day we helped MIL clean her yard of leaves and did some minor landscaping for her. At the end of four hours of work she said thank you let's send the kids off to play and why don't the adults sit down and have iced tea on the patio. We sit down and FIL (DHs stepdad) brings out three iced teas, one for him, MIL and DH.  

A week later I mentioned "do you remember when we sat down for iced tea. Why do you think Stepdad brought out only three teas for you guys?"

Worst Car Ride

luwh033's picture

So my bf is mad at me...for a number of reasons but let's start with because yesterday I kind of sort of forced him to go with me to palm springs after work to get my dog. But technically didn't force because I gave him a choice. When we met I had a dog he's always known about this dog we've had many conversations where he has clearly stated that once we got a bigger place I could bring my dog back from my dads. We finally got that place and my dad has had my dog way longer than he agreed to so I said let's pick her up.

Dealing with a try-hard...

SubstituteMommy's picture

SD9 is the most phony kid I've ever known in my life. Her own father refers to her as a try-hard and admits that she is a huge ass kisser (during conversations that are solely between us). It's difficult to know when she is actually being genuine because she is constantly putting on a show for her audience. She has been grounded for the last few days and she has kissed me and said "I love you" a million times.

There needs to be a prayer for SM's

missginger's picture

You know like the one "Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change". 

I swear I could get by these weekends SD is here if she could just leave before I wake up on Mondays and Thursdays but every single mornng she is here it is either raining in the morning (which means DH doesnt have to go to work so he lets her sleep in as late as she wants before taking her home ) or it IS nice weather so DH leaves for work and BM has the day off from her job so she picks her up whenever pricness gets up.