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Wedding gift?

Lollybobs's picture

So, thank you all who comented on my first blog. As suspected, OSD is punishing DH for including his seond family in the wedding. After the silent treatment for weeks, she has finally got in touch to say she doesn't want DH to give her away, doesn't want him on the top table (thank god!) and doesn't want him to give a father-of the-bride speech. 

DH, as usual, cannot communicate his feelings about this. He 'doesn't know why she's done this' etc. Translate as 'She's behaving like a shit but I can't admit it'.

Here's a new twist!! MIL treats skids/grandkids better than bio??

Fedupmama's picture

My DH's family consists of his mother, 2 bio siblings, 3 step sibs, and a step dad. So my MIL, who I actually enjoy spending time with, has bailed on every important thing in our lives-BUT the wedding. It has all been brought to my attention because of my DH's step sis. The 1 girl in all boys (I have sisters so I do not understand the pedestal). We were pregnant at the same time having the only granddaughters weeks apart, and I just had a son and a few months later she had a son.

OT sort of -- Update to my personal Hell with exH...

princessmofo's picture

Greetings fellow Stalkers, 

As some of the old timers here are familiar with my history I have a crazy exH.  Quite literally and certifiably crazy.  Guilty of parental kidnapping 10 years ago and absconding to Canada with our two minor children post divorce.  Diagnosed schizophrenic with paranoid delusions. Well, looney tunes just doesn't know when to quit.  He reared his head again earlier this year.  Apparently his time spent as a guest of the Federal Corrections facility didn't deter him.  


futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So those of you who said BM was going to try and get my bf to take the older child too were right. Right before leaving for the exchange my bf got a text from BM saying how he did not respond to the message in the app regarding the older child wanting to call him, how she is trying to do right by the older child, "how she came into our lives shouldn't matter," etc.

I wonder if he got custody? Another tragic ending...

bananaseedo's picture

Just read about this horrific story!  They said they had just finalized divorce the week prior.  I wonder if she had lost custody, or didn't get the custody she wanted?  I'm really curious to see how this unfolds.  That dad/family have to be devastated, those poor kids!!!

And FYI-not attacking just moms here, there are TONS more violence stats relating to men doing this murder suicide act during divorce/seperations in reality...but it's always so chilling!! 


Dadlife's picture

Im trying to be the best dad i can be but like last night when i pick my step son up and lay him in his bed when he was acting up apparently( as he told me) my jacket hit his eye. He has no mark at all jist sa9d it burn but he told everyone esle i hit him and said to lie and say his knee hit him. I never hit him i would kill for my kids. When he told me his eye burn i blew in it to try and make him feel better. He even came later and gave me a hug and went back to bed. I found all pf this out the next day that he said i hit him.

Continuing StepTalk Feature: Monthly Child Support Countdown!

Petronella's picture

Here is a fun countdown that I am trying to make into a ST tradition, LOL.

It's the First of the Month and we know what that means!!! Yes, the Child Support payment to the sainted Custodial Parent is due! FOR THE CHILLLDREENNNNNN

After today's payment, my DH has exactly TWELVE (12) more payments left! Yes, November is the Birthday Month to end all Birthday Months! 

Exactly 1 year from today, DH can send off the last payment to whats-her-name. I suggested that he write in the Comments field or Memo line: "ADIOS" or maybe "GOOM BYE!"

Is it acceptable to pay your partner's CS?

Aniki's picture

I'm baffled as to why someone would pay their partner's child support or allow themselves to be in a financial position where their money is unquestionably being used for CS and other things that are skid-related. 

Now I am all about you and your partner being exactly that - PARTNERS. And I can certainly understand when one of the couple is temporarily incapacitated and out of work, so the other person picks up the slack.

Would you pay your partner's CS? If yes, for how long? 

When is it enough?

What is too much?