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Step children and having children together.

Louise2118's picture

When I met my partner I had a little girl and he had his two kids. He has moved into my two bed house with myself and my daughter. We have now got a 1 year old together. His ex has put up a fight for years that she doesn't like my little girl, that she isn't to be around the other kids. They kids have all been referring to eachother as brother and sister for over three years now. She then stopped contact and said we have to have seperate weekends so the kids can just spend it with our son and exclude my daughter while she's at her dads.


Is it awful to ask?

Lifer33's picture

I'm just pondering the current situation with ss. Although the Christmas holiday went relatively smoothly,  he pulled another vanishing act as soon as we returned.  Basically cried off all his contact for the 2nd week , including the grandparents visit with their envelopes of cash,  which I thought rude.

Switching Spring and Fall Break

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

DH asked BM to consider switching this year's spring break (which DH gets every year) with fall break (upcoming in October 2024). The main reason for this request was because the day SD would fly back would be Easter and we did not want SD to fly on a holiday instead of spending it with family. So that means unless we requested BM to take SD to the airport after school on the Friday kicking off spring break, then we would only have SD for one weekend day. We all know how SD has missed so many flights so it would be highly unlikely SD would make the Friday flight.

Do you think BM is fishing for a reaction??

Dogmom1321's picture

SD13 shared with DH back in Decemeber that BM is pregnant with her BF and having a boy. Ever since then, BM always seems to bring it up when texting with DH... but he never acknowledges it directly with BM.

Examples #1:... BM texted DH asking for Christmas present ideas and the amount of gifts. Proceeded to say "she has enough kids" to buy for. 

#2... BM told DH she needed to change drop off time because she had an "important doctor appt" in the morning. 

What could have happened?

RockyRoads's picture

Sorry if I am being bothersome but I have to say things on here because I have no one to turn too. SO siad the reason that SS is having problems with his entire group friends is that one of them paid the others to not talk to him. I said nothing because you know, it doesn't matter . But I am always curious. I would have asked step son again what actually happened and if he stuck with that story I would be calling the boys parents who paid the other kids.No one would be doing that to my child and me staying silent about it.  Isn't this borderline bullying? 

The "Implicit Bargain"

paul_in_utah's picture

G'day fellow S'Talkers.

Like many of you, I have often felt resentful of skids who show no appreciation for all of the things we do for them (buying things, taxi service, helping with homework, listening to problems etc.).  Recently, I read something that gave me some perspective on this issue (I think it was on Reddit, but not 100% sure).

Not sure if I did the right thing…

BlueDiamond1986's picture

SD10’s mom facetimed her yesterday about her drama situation with her friends and her previous boyfriend she had (my opinion, a 10 year old shouldn’t have a boyfriend.). She was asking her what happened and giving her advice. DH (SD’s dad) gave her some advice too while she was on the phone with her mom. She was already throwing a fit with them about it. Her attitude is horrible. DH had to do something so they both got off the phone and SD went to her room. DH motioned me to go in her room and talk to her about the situation, but I froze.


SS Behavioral Issues

Tireddmomm's picture

The title right up there, is the bane of my existence. So many problems. I've ranted a bit on here about them before. SS6 (about to be 7) is FINALLY diagnosed with ADHD as of the beginning of this month. SS has now been taking medication for roughly 2 weeks and so far... it helps a little. No miraculous change. I've had a hunch that there is another diagnosis we are missing due to his anger outbursts and disrespect which can sometimes turn into aggression if the wind blows just right. SS will be going to counseling soon to address other issues. 


I want to end this

RockyRoads's picture

I want to end this relationship and don't know how. He was supposed to make an appointment with the therapist and didn't. I asked him today and he got defensive. He isn't going to call I am sure.  If he won't do this to save us then why should I.He believes all is good.  SS is becoming poor poor baby because his friends don't like him and baseball is ramping up. BM is now texting again non stop. I don't want a huge argument when I tell him I am leaving but I am a bigger person then just walking out. And we do have some financial things that would need figured out. 


Rags's picture

She is brilliant.  Incredibly qualified and professional.  Makes informed $multimillion decisions nearly instantly, caring, engaging, basically spectacular.

So, why.... smh?

It is nearly 2AM and she has been surfing shoes (flats, wedges, low heeled sandals).... for hours.  

Asks my opinion repeatedly , harrumphs, then dives back in.  Gets angry and stomps  off to bed.

A very good friend of ours is turning 50 and we are commanded to attend the shindig.  Outdoors but a cocktail dress/Jacket and tie event on grass.  So no heels.