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Biokids awareness of step life

Sanfranciscobaby's picture

I would like feedback from people with biokids. My DD sees everything that happens in our blended family. From skids talking back to me, to DHs sometimes illogical conclusions regarding skids, to DH treating DD like his own daughter to sometimes favoring his own daughter, my love and affection towards SS, to SDs immature jealousy of me and my own remarks to SD etc. DD is a teenager. At which age is it ok to have frank conversations with your biokid about steplife so that biokid stays informed, makes good decisions in her own life, sees both perspectives and treats everyone fairly etc.

Why do you think kids ditch dad/dad's house?

ITB2012's picture

It's amazing to me the number of people that post about their skid(s) eventually no longer contacting or coming around to their dad's house. And I'm not saying "and that's because everyone loves it here at my house." It's because it's starting here so I'm curious. I know some of it is because the skids go to school in BMs district. But it's also happening when there's no school. And DH even agrees to it or calls to talk to them and tells them to stay there (because of x, y, or z thing).

Graduation update... I'm done!

Enuzzo's picture

I wanted to update everyone who responded to my post about whether or not I should go to my sd's graduation without being invited Well, we did end up getting an invite the week of the graduation. The bm had texted me on Monday asking for my address (which the kids already had) and so I gave it to her along with my mother's since she also lives in town.

Mountain out of molehill

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

i have made a mountain out a a molehill, but I still find this insulting on my daughters behalf. Ladies would you say anything or just go about your own business. Trouble is I personally ( being a little bit over sensitive I guess and I do struggle to be the better person). Bio daughter with dh is turning one in a few weeks. All grandchildren including sd and as have pride of place pictures up in mils house. Except for my youngest. She is a cute little thing, but mil won’t put her picture up because of a row between sil and she and mil is worried about upsetting sil.

"A woman of a certain age and mature"... Bad Rags, Bad!

Rags's picture

So tonight we were watching some TV and a commercial came on.  My incredible, beautiful, sexy, scary smart bride commented that the woman on the commercial is "cute".  I had missed it so I rewound the commercial and paused on the lady she was commenting about.  A beautiful mid-40s lady. 

I commented that she was beautiful then... I shot myself in the foot.  More like the head.  It looks like I am sleeping on the couch... for a while.

The saga continues

MommyT's picture

DH has been trying very patiently to work out a week to week schedule with bm that works to both our families. DH tried to set up a meeting with her and ss to discuss it and BM said no. His next step was to make an appointment with the court appointed counselor but he found out she retired, so he tried again with BM giving her until Friday to respond.

Instant Babysitter BS

Aniki's picture

What IS it with these bio parents who think the step parent is the immediate solution for a babysitter?? This is typically bio dads ASSuming that the step mom-ster is the go-to solution for whatever craptastic reason/situation he has.

Working overime (VOLUNTARILY)? Instant Babysitter to the rescue!

Running to the store (and gone for hours)? Instant Babysitter to the rescue!

Instant Babysitter. Just add GUILT!

OT - shrubs (the beverage)

ITB2012's picture

I've always liked sour, vinegary things and with the advent of step life I did start drinking more wine (barely drank at all before then). In an effort to find something I can drink any time and get myself to drink more liquids, I tried making a shrub last night. It still needs to sit for a few days before I know if it turned out.

Anyone made shrub before? If so, any tips or flavor combinations that are good?

For those who don't know what it is: