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Thirteen Years

thinkthrice's picture

Since the HousesHitter YSS (19.5) PASed out for good as of yesterday. Totally zero contact.   And I don't miss him one iota!  He was stb 7 yrs old when the Girhippo and her fam poisoned his mind (and his two older siblings a year earlier) for good.   


Fast forward to today.  Via social media, I see he is most likely working at one of the local manufacturing plants, the Gir downsized to a new house even CLOSER to her clan (didn't think that was possible other than to move in with them) and who knows if the HousesHitter moved in to the downsized house? 

I need good vibes

Crr18's picture

I need good vibes that the closing on my house comes soon . This new job seems like it will work out and I found 2 nice apartment building near my work that I should be able to afford. SO told me that now that BM says she isn't going to talk to him SD is not going to come around at all. He actually said because I am also a stress on him it made the fight worse. I said I had nothing to do with your sick son and the fight with your ex. I said SD hasn't come around since March how all of a sudden can  it be any worse that BM is not talking to you.

New bathroom but no money for tea

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

SD started off the phone call saying how they are getting a new bathroom at the house so they will have two instead of only 1, but then later when asked if SD has had any tea since she sounded sick for the 3rd week in a row, SD said "no we don't have money for that." ........... Why on earth a child knows anything about a house's finances at 6 I don't know and it sure doesn't look good on BM that they are supposedly adding a new bathroom to their house, but SD doesn't think they have money for tea ...

Update about ex-husband who wanted sit down with

Movingonisbest's picture

Update about ex-husband who wanted sit down with one of my male relatives.  So apparently my narcissistic ex-husband who was turned down when he requested to have a sit down with one of  my male relatives to presumably discuss me decided he wasn't taking no for an answer. 

It's stupid and petty but could be serious

1dad5kids's picture

SS12 brought his school info form home. 

Emergency contact list that BM had previously filled out went:



Random person DH and I have never heard of.


According to the CO; it should go:

The StepDad 



DH's Mom

So DH took off The StepDad and filled it out correctly. 


But DH says "why the fuck would I want some random person I've never even heard of making potentially life altering decisions about my son?"

The start of 3 wks with skids- send wine

TrueNorth77's picture

DH and I got got back from a (mostly) amazing 2wk vacation Fri night. Aside from both skids texting him every little thing that was wrong, and to tell him they were sick, again. SD13 went home from school on DAY 2 for something that could have been solved with ibuprofen, which she has access to at school.