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A little overwhelmed

ssrow's picture

I just joined, so hi everyone! I'm a mom of two (a 3 year old boy and a 18 month girl), and a stepmom to a 14 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. The 14 year old lives with her mom and we see her every once in a while. The boy was just (literally) thrown into our lives last week, and turned our world upside down.


Trying to speak up for myself after years of keeping quiet...

missgingersnap2021's picture

So as some of you may remember I like to write letters to DH. We can never sit down and talk in a healthy way it seems. And my thoughts come out much more eloquently on paper And when I write letters he actually takes in what I am saying and then talks to me calmly afterwards. I wanted to share part of the letter I just wrote him. I brought up 4 things because I am laying all my cards on the table but this is the one about SD.

Therapy Appointment Update

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

DH ended up emailing SD's therapist the day before her appointment asking if she would like DH to send over information regarding her history, etc. The therapist said she would apprecaite another perspective and information about SD in DH's home. So DH and I worked together to send an email that touched on what we felt was important, but did not point fingers at BM or mention anything SD has been told by BM like the "kidnapping" etc.

SD is giving up on life

Shieldmaiden's picture

So, my SD19 has been living at her BMs house and not visiting us since the Thanksgiving yelling match. She still doesn't have a drivers license or a job. Last night she opened up a bit to DH, which is rare. She demanded to be taken off speaker phone becuase she didn't want me to hear. He took her off speaker, but DH keeps his phone volume up so loud I can hear the other person across the room. LOL. Besides, he was going to tell me anyway, because I am his wife. DuH.

O/T. Getting close to the end of my rope... and DW is nailing it at her new firm.

Rags's picture

Work has gone ballistic.  Idiot decisions at very Sr. levels. Panic in every direction.

I very well be done at EOM May.  

Hopefully I am hit in a RIF and can leverage unemployement and my Vacation pay out for a break and to fund my next job search.

We are selling our home. It has been fully furnished with all utilities on, alarm system active, etc.... with no one living in it other than occassional check-in trips by DW and/or myself.

Here we go again with SD's "visitation" schedule

missgingersnap2021's picture

(Sorry kind of long)

So if you read my blog last week DH had calling hours to go to  last Wed night. SD18 and 1/2 has been comig over EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY SINCE I MET HIM 8 YEARS AGO COME HELL OR HIGH WATER) so I was shocked he went and SD didnt come over. But of course he asked her to come over Thursday night instead, but waited til Thursday to tell me and acted like she invited hereself over. Serously like it would have killed them if she just missed one night this month (She is here 10 days/nights a month)

Mother's Day

BonusMom101's picture

Mother's day is around the corner. I have never been celebrated as a mother. I don't have any of my own kids yet. I do have two beautiful step daughters though. They are currently 9 years old. My partner and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months to be exact. This will be our 3rd mother's day together as a couple.