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Keeping to the schedule, part 2

Heart N Soul's picture


First of all I want to thank those who commented on my first post regarding SO and SD not keeping to the schedule. I can't tell you all how much your validating comments meant to me. When you are living in it day after day, and are consistently treated like you are the evil step mother, all common sense goes out the window and I start to think I am the unreasonable one.


Looks life we will have separate Christmas celebrations

grace8205's picture

Tonight I spoke with my DH about Christmas plans. Since 2011 we have always spent Christmas with his family and with us usually hosting. We are not hosting it this year And after last years disaster with adult skid there would be no way I would be hosting unless skid was not attending. Last year I told DH that I did not want to spend Christmas with skid again. 

I tricked DH into coughing up skid’s holiday visitation itinerary

momjeans's picture

DH and I had a heated text exchange, while I was at work today. Ultimately, I ended up clapping back at him in regards to how I have to lurk his parent’s public social media accounts, every effing year, just to find out when skid will be here for summer AND Christmas visitation. 

DH said “Skid will be here on the 17th.” 

I didn’t even bother inquiring how long he knew this information, because I always get a “I just found out myself, momjeans!” 


O/T I just got a gift from one of my favorite Authors!!!!

CLove's picture

Catherine Ryan Hyde!!!! She sent me a kindle book shes written, through Amazon, in response to an email I sent her yesterday.

Biggrin Early Christmas!

I worked with her briefly when I was doing bookkeeping for a childrens literary agent.

She is such an inspiration to me, has a really nice, down-to-earth sweet personality, and her concept of pay-it-forward has inspired so many.

Plus I really enjoy reading her stuff.

Having biokids one day

ladybug3's picture

DH and I have been married for almost two years, and so far we are nowhere near ready to have kids together. He's still working custody out with his ex, and we live in a tiny apartment. Money is tight too. We're both realistic and although we want to have a kid together we're being very careful not to get pregnant right now. 

Toxic Troll requesting "fake check" from DH

CLove's picture

As Im writing this, my emotions are all over the place.

Last night BM Toxic Troll came and picked up Munchkin SD13, and was crying. Last month, she was evicted from the apartment. Supposedly during a walk through they saw stains on the carpet from Feral Forger who is a serial hair-dyer. A few weeks ago, she kept Munchkin out of school to search for new apartments, which they found one close by.

Well I Would Be Embarrassed!

thinkthrice's picture

But not the Girhippo!   The lates and truants keep piling up for YSS (stb 17)  aka the Houseshitter.

This one was especially embarrassing:

"YSS skipped an after school detention assigned to him for a previous offense. This detention had already been rescheduled with YSS and the Girhippo, due to YSS having to leave school early on the original detention date."

So Mommykins aka the Gir reschedule YSS's detention for her widdle man and then he BLEW IT OFF!