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teachers on strike UGH

Chijayray's picture

so that means classes are canceled and SS15 is stuck at home all day with me and the baby. I COULD SCREAM. I'm a stay at home mom and I can't stand my SS. his dad has full custody and I wish this kid would just go live with his dead beat mom. 

the house is so CLEAN and PEACEFUL and QUIET while SS15 is gone. the vibes are so good when he's at school. And this is my time away from him to relax and be able to nap peacefully with the baby. 


Educational Neglect! Parte Deux

thinkthrice's picture

So I did some research on New York state law about educational neglect.  Seems the law only applies to kids up until age 17.   The houseshitter turns 17 the first week of January so I doubt anything will happen over the next two and a half months.

I can easily see him dropping out of school at age 17.  He has a huge rebellious/defiance streak, much larger than the older two, so if he does become a runaway that is an emancipation event and the Girhippo officially goes off the payroll.

hate being around him!!

Chijayray's picture

i love my fiancé and our newborn baby but SS15 is a pain in the ass!! he's dirty, disrespectful, and wants to be act like he's from the hood when he's not lol. this kid doesn't wipe his own ass when he uses the bathroom and I know because he never flushes so I always have to see it!! he leaves piss all on the toilet and floor. he smokes weed in the house when he's not supposed to, his dad tells him to go on the porch to do it. (INSTEAD OF TELLING HIM HE'S TOO YOUNG TO BE DOING IT) 



aarias's picture

Let me start from the beginning I had always wanted a big family (3 kids) but since a young age doctors told me it would be hard for me to a bio child. I belived it since previous relationships that we tried to have a child, never work and they ended so i gave up hope. Then i met my now husband, He had 3 kids and friends thought I was crazy for dating him but i always loved kids. My problems started when we moved in together. I notice he didn't have no rules for them. basically kids went to bed whenever, ate only what they wanted sandwiches, chips or BK, Macdonalds things like that.

O/T: way for starving student to earn money if she hasn't gotten any bites on applications

Evil3's picture

My DD19 is doing really well in university and has shown a great work ethic over the last several months. While at home, she got up at 5:30 every morning to work full time and then babysat on weekends to earn her tuition and rent for this school year. DD returned to her university city and has applied for tons of jobs. I know, because she was getting desperate and I helped her apply. DD is very upset, because she needs money and she's not getting call backs and she's not getting results when she checks on her applications.

Girhippo's kids are SPECIAL

thinkthrice's picture

I am reminded by this as the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has posted a photo of the first school dance of the season.  He is the ONLY kid who is NOT dressed nicely.  There are 14 kids in the photograph.  He is standing in the middle like the Jolly Ginger Giant wearing SHORTS with saggy socks, slippers and an untucked pajama top shirt.  The boys are mostly wearing ties and nice outfits.  The girls, with the exception of a lesbian? couple are wearing dresses.  Everyone is dressed nicely EXCEPT for the houseshitter!!


O/T Halloween Movie Thread

thinkthrice's picture

What are your favs?

1.  Rosemary's baby (with Mia Farrow)

2.  The Shining

3.  Storm of the Century

4.  The Evil Dead (original) campy, yet hilarious

5.  Exorcist (original--I heard the Exorcist III was not half bad)

6.  Salem's Lot

7.  The Pyx

8.  Night of the LIving Dead (circa 1962?)

9. I Bury the Living

10. An Interview with a Vampire

11. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

12. The Great Pumpkin

13. Carrie

14. The Grudge

15.  The Ring

16. The Amityville Horror (with Margot Kidder)

6 days! NO SHOWER

Sighofbelief's picture

I have no hope of changing this behavior of SD15’s. I just wanted to get on here and share it so we could all give a collective sigh of disgust and bewilderment. So that we could cry together about the absurdity of it even being an issue for any human being, whether grown or young. 

SD15 has not bathed for 5 days. FIVE DAYS. Can you imagine how itchy she must feel?? I know my butt as well as everything else would be itchy with filth after that long without bathing. Her hair is so greasy too. FIVE DAYS. And it is looking like six after today.




Step daughter drama

BonusMomma5's picture

Yesterday something weird happened and my husband and I are at a loss. I was walking across the street as he was pulling into our driveway with her and she made the comment, she hopes I get hit by a car. She denied having heard this somewhere else and would not give us a reason for saying it. I tend to be the disciplinary in our home but we still have a good relationship. Just lost and looking for some guidance.