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Long distance custody plan due to COVID?

surprisestepmother's picture

So things have changed. The new thing that's come up is the very real possibility that there may not be a job market for me if we stay in this state. I'm a wedding planner, and have experience in corporate event planning. The state we currently live in has the harshest lockdown strategies, and is slated to be the longest hold out for reopening.  It's entirely possible that the entire industry will collapse here under all the rules. 

Mr Obvious

ITB2012's picture

I tried to get through to DH tonight that when I come to him for closeness he always (yes, really, always) assumes it's a come-on. Even a request for a small massage of my shoulder (long history of problems) in a spot I cannot reach is an invitation. No, I'm in pain and I really don't want to do stuff that's gonna make it worse but maybe a little help and comfort might do some good. 

I pointed out to him that it's possible he'd get more of what he wants if maybe I also got more of what I want and felt close to him. 

This b*tch

1dad4kids's picture

SS10's b'day happens to be my due date. SS10 has been excited about this since finding out. I've been a week overdue with my previous pregnancies so thinking the same with this one. DH's weekend is with SS10 on his birthday and we've planned a party. Socially distanced but lots of games and fun. SS10 has been looking forward to it, he's been looking up gifts online the last 2 times He's been here, for hours lol. He damn well knows when his party is. 

Today we posted a Baby Pool through our company page. The post says the baby is due on SS10's b'day. 

Sending selfies

Momof6WI's picture

Does anyone else have a BM that sends selfies (skid is in the picture too), but I still find it highly annoying. She sent one today of her and SS3 and DH told her to stop it, that he didn't need photos of them together- and that is was weird. I'm glad he did this. I feel it would be different if she wasn't a crazy psychotic hag, but she is. There is no need for it. It was a photo of her and SS3 with their masks on? Don't ask me, freaking odd......

OT- how big does she think I am?

ITB2012's picture

I inherited my dads families height (which just means I'm average) and shape (which luckily means I don't carry as much weight in my stomach and hips as the other, sturdier side of the family could have bestowed on me).

My mom said she had a pair of pants that were too small for her and maybe they'd fit me. I figured she'd unearthed some really old pair. Nope, recent. Three sizes bigger than I wear and a petite (so too short). She said if they don't fit to just donate them. Okay. Maybe she is so short I look like a giant?


Should I be concerned?

Left out mama's picture

My SO and I both work full time. So my SD9 does the remote learning at her grams. The school has set up a really good remote learning program. (Hoping schools will be open full time for in school learning by the winter term, but we have to wait and see)There are several zoom meetings and lesson plans each day, so all is going well with that...

Weekend Shenanigans

round2's picture

Things have been quiet around here for a while, which I think gave me a false sense of security! SD16 has recently gottern her license and a new, fully loaded 2020 vehicle. We did not pay for the vehicle or the insurance; this was a huge deal for me. We have no control over the vehicle or how it is used so I did not want any potential liability issues.

Over it All

Scorpiomum1111's picture

Please read or ask if you have questions on past background. SD is back to her old ways. Since we have been back from CO she has only came over one time. We had a rona scare this past week and all were tested and it came back neg. We ended up not being able to see her on her bday in which she was super upset.... thought that was funny because she never wants to come over. Well we had a Bday dinner for her this weekend in which DH suggested her to bring her BF with knowing he has only meet him once out of three months of dating and that he could come over and have a fire.