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Should skids visit in another state when BP is working 50 hours a week?

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DH wants SD to come up for fall break the first week of October but hasn't said anything about taking time off. I'm the one who is at home most and I'm not using PTO when she's here. So if my calculations are correct, she'll basically sit in the basement most of the week.

Ugh drama

GoingWicked's picture

So, I didn’t invite SD on a trip.  This trip is on BM’s weekend, SD quote “hates other people” so I assumed she wouldn’t want to go.  Its for a club my son is in with his friends’ families.  SD has no manners whatsoever and still throws tantrums like a toddler when she doesn’t get her way, and DH has to leave me with our kids to coddle her for hours to make her feel better.  I’m also the one people go to when she’s not behaving.  Like I have any control over it.  So no, she’s definitely not going, DH would have to stay home with her if it was during his weekend.  

F Off Friday - Dumb Husbands

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I would like to start this post by saying my SO does a lot. He does all of the laundry, he cleans on off weeks of the cleaning lady, he does his fair share of dishes, ect, so this post is mainly just one of those posts that is me just complaining but I'm sure many could commiserate with the dumb things their SO's say without thinking.

Not OT questions about Beneficiaries: Retirement accounts/401k

Livingoutloud's picture

Hey everyone I am very puzzled with what do people do with beneficiaries on their 401k? Well obviously mine was 100% for my DD before I got married second time. The thing is my DH changed his 100% to me right after marriage. I feel weird about it as I think he needs to give at least a bit to SD (we have two but relationship is only with one at the moment). I didn’t change mine yet. What do people do? What should I do? 


OT- DH is coming home!

justmakingthebest's picture

So it is just for like 18 hours and then he is gone for the rest of the month(ish) but he is coming home!! We are going to our favorite resturant. Drink a craft beer or 2, sit out on the water. Maybe attempt a little lovin'- I mean 4 1/2 weeks is close to 6 right? I should be fine! LOL probably not but damn I am tired of waiting! LOL

I am so happy right now it's stupid!! 


Leech Back in Jail, Idiot

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We live in a rural area and have a CBU mailbox at the end of our street for our mail. When DAH gave Leech the boot out of our house, we changed the mailbox key, so she didn't have access to our mail. DAH told her to put a change of address with the post office. Any mail we received for her, we wrote "not at this address" on the envelope and sent it back.

Goodbye and thank you

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

So in the past few days I found out just how far the rabbit hole goes with in laws and step kids.

disengagement didn’t work, it only made them more spiteful. If it was only aimed at me I would suck it up. But it is particularly aimed at my one year old daughter - because they don’t like me. Which I find quite disgusting.

my soon to be ex husband had three years to grow a pair and keep it away from me. So today I filled in my divorce petition, and paid for it. No going back now. Stuff the lot of them. I only get one life. 

There may be hope, steptalkers

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I joined this site nearly a year ago now after being ready to lose my mind after dealing with SD all summer. It was slow going - but there finally seems to be some lasting improvement now. And shockingly something seems to have clicked for DH in regards to the guilt parenting (knock on wood). I was dreading SD being here this week because I was afraid that DH wasnt going to follow through in the talks we had had about our issues and guilt parenting, acting like SD was the center of the family and catering to her at the rest of our expenses.