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Surviving a long skid wknd

Step-girlfriend's picture

Give the skids a 4 day wknd, they said. It will be great, they said!

It is not great!! I just want it to be over. I need these kids to go by Crazy’s for a few days. Today needs to be Thursday!!

My gripes about this wknd are only made possible by an Easter miracle occurring in our household- SS12 miraculously kicked his video game addiction for a few days, apparently so he could become my SO’s shadow, and drive me to drink. Which I did. 

Easter fun

Ginger_SM's picture

I'm learning exactly where BM learned all her BS from. Her mother is just a much a piece of work. 

So, she asked if she could drop off Easter baskets to the girls yesterday morning. I said we have plans so that time doesn't work. When we were available I said we were but apparently she wasn't.  Then on our way home pretty late she asks if she can drop them off. We say no because it is too late. The question of today came up and we said no because we are just going to focus on the Holiday. 

So very tired of it all

grace8205's picture

So tired of skid24 and DH. 

Friday night I made homemade pizza, like I normally do on Friday’s but this Friday I offered to make skid and his GF pizza too which normally I do not do lately because skid is such an asshole. They stayed in for the night, ate pizza and went to watch TV on the big screen in the basement. 

Is it Easter or Christmas?

Chmmy's picture

Just wondering cuz DH had to run out yesterday to buy gifts and gift cards for Easter. So Easter around here is like Christmas and Christmas is like MTVs Sweet 16.

Next week is my 1 year anniversary so I guess Ive been through a year of holidays with these people although I didnt fully move in until June, i had work responsibilities to finish up and my kids graduated college last May both moved out of state in Jun. They wanted to stay at our house, they never would have wanted to stay here for 2 months.

SD Weekend, Day 1

Mermar90's picture

A full day of SD today. So far her behavior has been markedly different than last night. I dont know why that is? When she was younger, the first night would more often than not include a temper tantrum and similar annoying behaviors to what she does now. Anybody have any insight on that?

She slept in, we took her to the park, we had lunch with her grandpa, and now we are relaxing at home. No yelling or screaming, no being rude.

My SD36 Lives With Grandparents Rent Free and Has Sex With Men for Cash

Panama Stepmother's picture

Guess the title says it all, but how can a parent (like my husband, who has an amazing ability to detach) allow this?  Her bio mom is an alcoholic and was emotionally and physically abusive.  Talk to me.  I feel I may implode with frustration.

Vacation--Am I being unreasonable

SMto2's picture

I haven't posted in a very long time because my SKs are grown (SSs24 and 25) and the for the most part, live their own lives 2-3 hours from us, so the issues with them are not that many. Oldest SS25 was severely PAS'd and was estranged from DH for 5-6 years. When he had his own child at age 18, he suddenly turned around and wanted a relationship with DH. (Though don't misunderstand, BM IS and always WILL BE the Favored Parent.).

Is this really happening???

CrazyCatStepmom's picture

Guys I can not contain my excitement right now. If you have seen my recent blogs/forums you have known that my SD9 has had some behavior issues and is stuck to my DW life super glue. Nothing interest her. For her free time she is constantly coming to our room and can’t stand to be apart from my DW. A little back story. DW and SD were raised in jehovah witness religion before leaving and coming to stay with me. My DW and SD did everything together because neither were allowed to have “worldly friends”.