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"Panick Attacks" or Master Manipulator

bridgewater2009's picture

Hey, all! First time posting! I stumbled upon this website because I was trying to find content for my SD current circumstances.

Before I continue I am not in the mental health field and everything I saw is speculation based on a series of behavior patterns.

And, it should be said too that my husband is actually on board with most of my opinions and inferences about his daughter and we totally agree about his ex-wife, but I personally don't want him to think I'm always thinking and speaking negatively about his child. 


g-d damn

Elea's picture

Some days I feel like I am parenting DH and SD26. One thing is clear is that if one day I walk away I will be fully equipped to live a normal life while these 2 continue their dysfunction and eventually scare off the next woman. It's not me. It's THEM!

The Delay

SeeYouNever's picture


Does anyone else experience the delay?

My SD15 does manage to be quite polite and pleasant most of the time. But like clockwork about 2 days to a week after DH has seen her or a holiday he will get passive aggressive or straight up aggressive messages from BM, or pouty messages from SD.

SD ignored DH from Christmas until New Year's and then managed to send him a small reply the evening of January 1st. Of course it included the standard "I'm busy" but she is constantly on her phone and posting selfies.

One More Year

thinkthrice's picture

Until the last of the three ferals age out at 21(NYS CS laws suck) 

The PI route went nowhere as the PI lost his wife and hasn't worked since.   We have no idea if YSS actually moved into the Gir's new downsized house back in May.  99% sure the Gir thinks we don't know she moved. 

YSS does have a job and is not a position that is part time (manufacturing at a glass factory).

The longest year.

Finally stood my ground on 6yr old SD

MamaE1994's picture

Well the time finally came where I could no longer even be around my bf or his daughter.. Over the holidays and the new year weekend I wanted a peaceful weekend with just my son and I, without the distractions, the antics coming from SD, and honestly just baring witness to the dysfunction and inappropriate relationship between her and her father. So that's exactly what I did and all hell broke loose because of it.

Would you or wouldn't you?

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

We video chatted with SD on Saturday morning, about 45 minutes after the scheduled time BM once again agreed to beforehand. Supposedly, BM set an alarm for a 4 hour time difference instead of a 3 hour time difference. BM knows the time difference since when she offers times to call, etc. she gives it half the time in our time zone and the other half in her time zone. Whatever, we literally said no words to BM, just had attempted to call SD twice and when there was no answer, said we would either reschedule or take the call when she finally calls back.