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Little Idiot and College

AlmostGone832's picture

Little Idiot did get “associates of arts degree”. It wasn’t a degree in criminal justice. She of course took the easiest possible classes to get it (nothing whatsoever that will count towards her Forensic Science Degree - Chemistry Tract). 


She is still working on getting up to college level math (calculus 1). She just completed algebra (10th grade math) with a B, and now has to take trigonometry (11th grade math). 



Caroline2b1211's picture

We just found out that SS has covid. It came from his stepdad, who was covid+ since the week-end. He and BM decided to not send kids to school (SS and their 3yo) but didn't judged necessary to isolate the stepdad. 
Result is : they ALL have COVID and SS is bad. 

CPS Standstill

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So we just got the call that SD's school will be closed the rest of the week. As there are people still trapped on 95 due to snow in the area BM lives in, we doubt CPS will be investigating this week. DH will be calling tomorrow to follow up if we don't hear anything, but it is really looking like it won't be until next week that anything happens. 

O/T Possible Pregnancy Complication

CastleJJ's picture

Over the weekend, I felt off. I was nauseous, weak, fatigued, and just felt downright crummy. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, so I chalked it up to normal third trimester symptoms. I mean what pregnant woman in the third trimester doesn't feel tried and blah? On Sunday night, I developed itchiness on my abdomen. I have lots of deep, red stretch marks there so I googled it and it said it can either be due to the stretching skin or it can be a condition called PUPPP, which is like pregnancy chicken pox, and its a rash that develops on your stretch marks.

BioHo banishes SS19

Aniki-Moderator's picture

I am soooo ticked. 

SS19 woke up feeling like caca. Chills, fever, headache. What does 'Ho do? Throws his coat to him and screeches, "GTFO! I don't want covid!"

Knock on our door three hours ago. It's SS standing there, pale and swaying. I helped him in and sat him in a recliner with an afghan and turned on the space heater; then woke DH. 

DH got dressed and took him to get tested. Negative to covid. But 'Ho is adamant he is not allowed back in the 'Ho House until "those f*cking cooties git gone!". 

Would you?

stepgirlfriendfurmom's picture

Hi everyone, been a long time since I posted, but I keep up on the site just have not had much to post about. It has come to our attention that there is someone who BM used to spend time with, but no longer does and has called BM a bad person and a bad mom, who I found on social media. Knowing this and seeing that this person is no longer friends with BM on any social media, would you message the person to ask them to elaborate and see what you could find out? I am torn about doing it.

Oh the fun in our household

mthomas27's picture

Guys, I'm tired. I'm exhausted of dealing with the BM's bullshit. I really am. You know what's the worst part, one of my SS's have been living with us since the summer. He's 8 and he's been thriving here. In fact, he's my sidekick. We go everywhere together! I know all of his friends and thier parents, my husband and I are the ones that talk to the teachers, and it started to feel like the three of us were our own family.  Then about a couple months ago, he went to go visit his BM and his two brothers for the weekend.

It really NEVER is enough for BM is it.

ICanMakeIt's picture

Previously I've vented about how SS doesn't share jack diddly squat with DH. He's been told his whole life what happens at his house with BM stays there and he isn't equipped to understand the difference in if mom's drinking don't tell us that, but if you wreck your car, tell DH that. 

DH wasn't included in any testing for college info, or even the fact that college was on the radar for SS. It was previously always trade school which I FULLY support the idea for him. He's not college material in my humble opinion.