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OT - Was anyone sick in December/January?

AlmostGone83's picture

Just taking a poll - was anyone really sick in December/January with COVID19 symptoms?


So remember how Little Idiot went through the whole rape thing and we had to pay for her friend to come visit from Florida for "moral support" because she was just oh-so-traumatized?

Well we just found out prior to this that this friend had been in Peru visiting family right before coming to New York. And now this girl arrived SICK. Coughing, sneezing sick and she shows up on our doorstep. Wonderful. This was around mid December.

Speaking of open water bottles near ipads

thinkthrice's picture

Received an email from a full grown yet 20-something Sheriff Deputy who spilled an amp energy drink on his specialized laptop.  He was supposed to drop it off yesterday morning as he works the C shift.   I went into work even though I'm not scheduled to call into work at all now and hardware issues are being set as a low priority.

Help please. I need advice.

Anxiousness's picture

My situation is a bit 'unique'.

Long story short, I've been in a blended family for about 3 years. I brought 3 kids into the equation and he came with 2. We both have our kids full time, minus every second weekend when they are with their other parent. My fiancé and I fell in love, so we decided to move us all in together. We uprooted our kids and moved out of the city into a house together. They all went to a new school, in a new place away from our families. That was a huge mistake, one I didn't know I was making until after I made it.

Okay - advice - BEWARE life story. Lol

MrsLawless's picture

Okay, so I have a bad history with men. Lots of abuse. Lots of infidelity. However. I've always been loyal (even when they didn't deserve it) and I don't just walk away from a relationship easily. But. If I leave. I'm gone for good. 

So here's my delema. Im trying to figure ME out. And my feelings. 

I've been with my FH for 6 years. definitely had our ups and downs from finances to detoxing and drama and BS. Its been a rough road. He's been diagnosed manic bipolar 1. Back in 2017, and some days it's like I switched men. He can be a completely different person.

Until Covid-19 Quarantine due we part...

MurphysLaw's picture

Interesting article about the amount of divorce fillings happening in China since their quarantine has been lifted...

It rather surprised me, I would think going through what I consider a life/death experience with the one you love (and whom is supposed to love you) would bring the couple closer, you know, like in the movies. Guess not...

Am I being unreasonable? Rant

AlmostGone83's picture

Little idiot is still happy as a pig in you-know-what. The best possible thing that could've ever happened to her has happened - she gets paid to stay home (actually will make waaay more money via the stimulus checks) and lay in bed all day! I kid you not this is ALL she has been doing for the past (three? four? Five??) weeks now. She lays on her bed and watches TV and occasionally surfs Tinder. I can't even keep track anymore of how long it's been. It feels like it has been an eternity and there is still no end in sight.

Sigh. The idiots are spreading this virus wholesale.

Rags's picture

My DW has been working from home for a week and a half with the exception for a few hours on Sat and half a day today.  Her firm has bee notified that it is a critical business and can remain open.  Due to the virus the office has been closed to the public that sam eweek and a half and employees have been given the option of working either at the office or at home.  The business is not set up for telecommuting but my DW took our personal laptop to work and got it set up to access the systems and office network remotely.

Anxiety when skid comes - COVID-19

StrawberryPie's picture

It's that time again. The custody swaps are still going on here no matter how much I dislike it due to the germ vector factor with coronavirus.  I would not mind as much if BM was enforcing social distancing guidelines, but the skids are still hanging out w friends when they are at BMs.

Skids are SD17 and SS13. I have so much anxiety on custody swap days. And pretty much just stay away in my bedroom. 

Does anyone have suggestions on how to stay sane during this??  Its not like I can head out and see friends or go anywhere.