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Control your wife

GamingBuddy's picture

I'm about to have a discussion with stepdad about controlling his wife. Realize that this is a joke but seriously. 

Monday SO gets home from taking the oldest to scouts. BM is apart of leadership so we don't do much with it other than offering support. Anyways they meet outside so she can give SO medication for little one. She then decides to make a joke infront of the 12 year old about how they've done much funner things in a parking lot. Oldest hears and request clarification which she regrets she got.

MY car? ......LOLOLOLOL....

Cover1W's picture

So DH announced at dinner last night that YSD16.5 passed her driver's test.  

Me:  Great!  So you can drive now!

YSD: Well...(shrug)....not really. 

Turns out it was the driving school's driver test, not any of the real test, written or driven

Me:  Oh, well, then you didn't pass the driving test you passed the class. That's good. When do you apply for your license. SHRUG and mutter.

Me: What?  I couldn't understand a word you...

DH:  She SAID blah blah blah...

Bad decisions that Skids make to complicate their (and our!) lives

paul_in_utah's picture

This is something that has been rattling around my head recently.  It seems in step-life that we see far more examples of immature, emotionally unstable, and downright foolish decisions by the children in our lives, as compared to what would be seen in an intact and stable nuclear family.  Here are some of my examples, what do you got StepTalk?

1.  Taking on expensive habits that they can't afford - cigarrettes, energy drinks, fancy coffees, fancy clothes they wear one time and forget.

You could set your watch by this

SeeYouNever's picture

It's so predictable. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and the month before her birthday SD will talk to DH almost daily whereas normally it's weeks or over a month between contact. It's obvious it's all about gifts because she won't give him the time of day in between.

She has responded nearly every time DH has reached out to her so far this month. Of course it's because DH has just been asking about what to get her for her birthday. He's already sent a few gifts and it seems like he's planning to send them every few days all month. 

Other post about Father’s Day this Sunday…

missgingersnap2021's picture

I noticed a trend on all the responses under it that basically sounded like the stepmoms that responded  get to have a break and not see their skids and how there skids barely acknowledge their DH"s.  I am actually envious of all of you! I have the exact opposite scenario.

I knew this day would come! BM is a huge B

Ashleytenorio17's picture

My DH lost his job a few weeks ago but BM was still getting child support from what he paid through the portal until he literally Could not pay . They had court with the attorney general and finally his amount was reduced due to him not having a job right now . They were still basing what he paid off of an old jobs pay so BM was getting well over what she should. I just knew it was only a matter of time before BM made her move to punish DH and here we are.

O/T - Fire HD Tablet for Kids

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So totally off topic, but DH and I have been wanting to get SD a kids tablet. She has been using for the last couple of years my iPad that is a couple generations old now. Well today I randomly looked them up on Amazon and the Fire 8 is now $70 instead of $140 and if you want the Fire 10 it is now $140 instead of $200. So we just ordered SD one since it is such a deal! Just wanted to share in case anyone else has been thinking about buying them for their children. I was so excited because last weekend when we looked it was full price. 

How is the job going you ask....its a effort of futility

halo1998's picture

SD and the job..

SD and DH as you know just got back from a 4 day trip. SD now needs her schedule and here in the good old midwest....the spring/summer storms have arrived and there are alot of places that don't have electricity.  We have electric but I live in a city that has their own electric grid...and electric deparment/repair etc.  

SD has been unable to pull up her schedule on the schedule app.  So I ask what would one do if you cannot get your work schedule.

A.  call the place of employment and ask if there is a paper copy

It’s been a whole 2 years since I’ve seen BM! Set those boundaries!

Noway2b1's picture

Long story short. DHs "family" is very enmeshed. I set the boundary around the BM early on in our relationship because I could see there were "issues" with respecting DHs life. Boy am I glad I did. I am one of those people that sets soft initial boundaries (people pleaser) and it takes them being crossed for me to firm them up. When DH and I got engaged I made it clear that I was not comfortable celebrating major holidays that included his ex.