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Well this is probably about to blow up part 4

Jcksjj's picture

As some of you predicted, last second the inlaws supposedly both have to work and can't go to YDS first birthday. Instead, they wanted to come up - wait for it - a few days later when SD would be there. And when they would normally have the bday party that MIL insists on throwing SD every year (4th of july weekend). 

I told DH to tell them we cant that day, and offered another (SD free) day. They pushed back on it a little and eventually ran out of excuses and are supposedly coming up for supper in 2 weeks. We'll see I guess. I'm betting that will get cancelled too. Hopefully.

Stepmom vent

mg0527's picture

So people talk about how hard it is raising children.  I want to say try raising someone else's.  But I can't.  My husband has full legal and physical custody of his 3 and 4 year old children.  Their mother has supervised visitation every other weekend with the approval of their grandmother.  In other words,  bio-mom gets to be the fun mom while I have to be responsible mom with no credit.  She pays $180 a month while I went in debt before my husband and I were even married because I saw that they needed clothes.  I lost 3 1/2 weeks of work last year not counting 9 days of my 10 day vacatio

OT - Throwback Thursday

Aniki's picture

I commented on Futuro's blog yesterday and it got me thinking about how I've changed in the last 3 months. So while this is not a traditional Throwback Thursday, it's a throwback to how things were for me BEFORE the pandemic and I'm wondering if I will be able to easily return to the old Aniki...

PRE-Pandemic vs POST-Pandemic

PRE: I thought nothing of going to the grocery store every week or dropping in to grab something small: a forgotten ingredient, a craving, a treat for DH...


Thought consuming and need to get it out

Trying to Stepmom's picture

I just need to vent. 

DH was helping SD in preparation for her high school activities. (I know this sounds weird, but I’m trying not to divulge too much telling info.) I could hear them from the other room where I was with DS. DH was starting to wrap things up when (At 8:30pm) SD said she wanted to go to her Aunt’s because BM was sleeping there that night. 

Fed up with finances

Chi123's picture

Here to vent and hear some input from you all. Today DH and I got into an argument because I asked him why he spent 30 dollars at a store buying toys for his when we already tight on money.  What pissed me off more was the fact he didn't bother to buy our son a toy , I've been putting off buying anything for our son or for me because I know we are tight on money.  I've been only buying essentials.He isnt working and we using money I have in my account. What gets me is that it wasnt fair and isnt. I'm putting off our son and me and he is spending on his skids with money we need.

Camp Pick up in Covid-19 Times

brittnydee's picture

Background: DH & BM have joint physical custody, but she controls legal (medical/educational/religious). CO states that swaps occur at school on fridays at school pick up time. DH took BM to court for the right to send him to after school on our time, he won with the judge stating that beyond actual school or medical appointments BM can't dictate where we send him on our time. She filed an emergency motion because she tried to schedule him for camps on our weeks and we refused, the judge denied it and reminded her that her legal doesn't trump the physical custody.


AlmostGone up and went update

AlmostGone83's picture

Hello friends. I wanted to post an update for everyone. I'm sorry I left abruptly and was gone for so long, leaving everyone wondering. I just couldn't find the energy to write down everything that has happened since I left in May. I also wanted to take time and let my heart heal some before getting anyone's options or thoughts.

Maggot Logic

Iamwoman's picture

So Maggot is once again trying to move skids farther away from DH.

She has successfully completely alienated them against him (and me) over the past 9 years.

DH is planning on letting her move. He just has to go to court to protect himself (prevent Maggot from ever moving out of state or from ever being able to somehow get more money from him).