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MA is on all time avoidant streak - UPDATED

halo1998's picture

update: MA went online and took a quiz to see if he is depressed. suprise it said he was mildly depressed.  (yea don't say....I thought the same).


I just need to get this out.....anywhere...

As we know SD is failing to launch and well  becoming a selfish little pita.  SMH...

So... Luciferette's husband kicked the bucket

used2beRutherford's picture

Starry called me this evening. I typically don't answer when she calls anymore, but she couldn't reach DH. She only calls me when she can't reach him first. 

Something inside compelled me to answer this call. She asked me if DH and I were busy this evening. She sounded flustered. Then she told me that her little sister (who is almost 19) called her "bawling her eyes out" and said that their stepdad died of a heart attack. 

He was 47.

Papa Goofy?

AlmostGone834's picture

Little Idiot has been on a buying spree it seems lately. What is she buying? Pregnancy tests (amongst a ton of makeup and skin care products) on our pharmacy savings card. It's not a payment method but for a small monthly fee, it gives you various perks and saves me money on my prescriptions (and Little Idiot money on her purchases, which I have to have it anyway so we let her use it)  It also keeps track of said purchases, which I don't think she knows. 

SParents should run the world. We know how to fix idiot spawn.

Rags's picture

Lets talk Enviro-Terrorist idiocy.

Lets protest some unfounded envirobullshit by spraypainting Stone Henge.



If SParents could raise all kids without interference, we would not have to see stuff like Stone Henge spray painting dipshits.

Those kids would never be seen after some dumbass teen bullshit.

We're not the ones

Irene H.'s picture

Its finally here. The youngest is 18, and she graduated a couple weeks ago. 

We've been 50/50 custody, and week on/week off with the kids, all along. So we have had just as much time and effort with them as their mom.  Also, we are a little better off than her, financially, so we end up paying for most of the extras. I don't care about that, for the reason you'd think. As a former child of divorce, myself, I want them to live comfortably no matter who they're with, not living in poverty with her, then coming here to a markedly different level of comfort.

Who can’t handle what?

Hastings's picture

The other day, I was thinking about something DH said to me several years ago:

"I don't think you're able to handle being a stepmother -- being married to someone with a child that isn't yours."

That was in the days when he was more hung up on the happy family vision -- one he finally dropped.

For some reason, it popped back into my head. The truth is for me (and probably many of you), it's not that I can't handle being a step. It's that DH couldn't handle being married to someone who isn't his child's mother.