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Where to begin…

StressedMama's picture

This is my first post and I’m not sure where to begin. I guess by first saying that having now read through others posts, it feels so much better knowing I’m not alone in this. Stepmotherhood is hard! 


I have a SD who is 5 and a BD who is 6 months. My DF and I have been together for two years and living together for a year and a half. We have SD with us every F-M. 




Ravenpoe88's picture

Im overwhelmed and just so angry right now! Apparently i screwed up by falling for my bf right after getting divorced from my mentally abusive ex. I thought i was fine but now im seething and my emotions are everywhere.  I guess i never took the time to process the crap i went through the mistakes i made the mistakes my ex made and how it effected me on a deeper level. Im realizing that im way more damaged then i thought. I am lost ... emotionally screwed up and cant figure out how to come out of the spiral of chaos i seem caught in. Im at my breaking point and just cant wake up.

Another reason for the failure-to-launch generation...

AlmostGone83's picture

I thought I would share an interesting article on the socially inept generation ....particularly because this piece was MADE for my SDalmost19....

According to this, more kids today....

- Prefer communicating through a screen instead of face-to-face. How will they survive in the workforce?

Breaking point...

pickles45's picture

OK ladies is this good enought of all of you to see I have reached my breaking point? This is the leter I wrote and gave to my SO just now....

I am so sorry that me trying to give you a compliment and brag about you on FB has turned to this! My post would have made most men happy. You are using it as an excuse to make things bad between us!!!

My husband won’t correct his adult daughters rude behavior toward me

TN_Stepmom's picture

I guess I should amend my blog to say my husband jumps on my step daughters bandwagon when she’s being rude to me.  Then privately he will talk about how he doesn’t approve of her behavior. But she’s 24 and been doing this since she was 16. When we got married she was so outraged she joined her grandparents in a lawsuit for her to go live with them because by marrying me he was emotionally abusing her. Here we are still married. She has finished college and after a couple of years off, she’s now attending D.O. School to be a physician like him.

Everyone apologized

Bluestme's picture

I took a week for everyone to  cool down. Sd, myself, and ex-FDH. I sat down with ex-FDH and talked. He apologized for how he reacted. I apologized for saying the things I did to Sd. He understands why I reacted the way that I did but after this, me and Sd would never be able to coexsit. So we are offically over. I asked him if Sd has cool down enough for all three of us to sit down and talk. I still need to apologize to her for closure sake. 

Skids gifts to dh

Nottakingit's picture

I know this is really stupid but I need to vent. The skids keep giving dh gifts I had planned. They don't know bc I don't talk to them about it.

A few weeks ago sd22 wanted her and dh to go see Aquaman together and that's what I had planned to surprise dh with while my kids were gone with their dad for xmas day.

My Confession

morrginme's picture

This is very embarassing. I hope I'm not the only one. I have to admit that I did the paperwork and guided DH in getting custody of SD. I did the research, navigated the court system, figured out how to get papers served on a parent with no address, ordered copies of past court orders, etc. He just had to be the one at the courthouse. He did do quite a bit of work and got help from family court assistance, although he wouldn't have known that resource existed and where it was if I didn't tell him. 

Snowed in day 2.5

Cover1W's picture

Oh dear lord. So this morning DH said that YSD could go back to BMs in the break between storms. However we have to find someone with a 4 WD vehicle to get out. I said I would post on the neighborhood blog once a decision is made after breakfast. Three hours later no decision but DH wamts me to post something anyway. No, DH, not without a firm plan as i won't commit someone to helping 'just in case.'

Making a blended family work (need help)

Frustrated future SM's picture

What are different things you guys did and maybe still do to bond with your skids?

What has their treatment of you been like?

How has your relationship with them changed over the years as they've gotten older?

Did any of you end up genuinely loving your skids and did they express genuine love for you in return?

If you could go back in time, is there anything you would've done differently?