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Had to reset my life

Wicked stepmo.'s picture

First I want to thank everyone here on this forum. Your support and guidance has helped me get through a really difficult time iny life. You helped me to not feel alone in my struggles. 

I have spent this summer basically resetting my life and getting back to where I belong. I placed the focus back onto living my best life for myself and DS. It was the most enjoyable summer I can remember since pre-steplife.

SO and I are still together. He is also a completely different person, he has turned back into the man I fell in love with. A lot has changed for both of us. 

Netflix Season Opener

step-out's picture

Well, I finally "gave in" and gave the big "apology" to Tumbles SD. She hounded me and hounded me via text so I finally talked to her, held the phone a foot away from my ear and ended up having her over for dinner with us. You guys, I'm not kidding, she was punching us all... particularly SS24 and her Daddy. Now she thinks that everything is better?! She's moving away to live with SS, she's never been away from home, so I predict a rapid turnaround and lots of drama. Now, unfortunately, though kind, SS is so much on her side and refuses to break ice with me.

Is this an acceptable boundary?

TooTired's picture

So SD12 is apparently allowed to use her phone at school during lunch and other designated times. I don't agree with this at all. She's at school. She's 12. What possible reason could she have to not be able to make it through the day without being on her phone. It bleeds over into the fact that DH and BM have zero rules regarding her phone use and it drives me nuts because she's constantly glued to it.

OT-My Weimy girl is home!!

bananaseedo's picture

I picked up my girl yesterday afternoon-just been busy watching her carefully.  She is doing very well.   When I took her in, as promised they let me in the exam room with her, a few mins later the Dr came in and administered the sedative.  She staggered around like a drunk and I helped her not fall hard on the ground by just holding her and she put her head in my lap and we let it kick in as I talked to her and petted her.   A few more mins and they took her back (this was around 945-10)- they called me at 11:30 saying she did very well and I could pick her up that afternoon.

OT - Wordy Wednesday

Aniki's picture

Happy Hump Day, STalkers!

I love words. I cannot remember a time when I didn't write (okay, flashbacks before age 4 aside...). There is a word for everything and some of those words, regardless of the meaning, are fun! Well, they are to me. *biggrin*  Taking a break from work/life...

Some of my favorite words:

The Christmas Drama Begins

justmakingthebest's picture

Well, kind of. I am actually pretty proud of DH and myself.

DH asked me to double check his text to BM (he always does), he did good. It was simple and to the point :

BM, our son mentioned that he would rather spend the first half of Chirstmas break with us this year so that he doesn't miss basketball practice. I am fine with either half of winter break, just let me know what you would prefer soon as we are starting to look at plane tickets. 

Made a change

Lifer33's picture

Either ss has been replaced by an alien lookalike or he might be growing up a bit. He was very very good with the little ones at bds birthday party, and dashed about doing lots of chores like handing out sweetcones. I was so impressed I made sure dh messaged him after to thank him very much for being a star.

Grasping at straws...

Simpleton21's picture

This past weekend was my first weekend without YDS.  It was STBexH's weekend to have him.  STBexH was all fine and dandy when he had weekend after weekend kid free....but then it was my turn.  When he picked YDS up he wanted to "talk" and then proceeded to cry and tell me how awful things are and how he misses me and he is so sorry and am I sure that I want a dissolution still.  To which I said yes.  Then he texted me again telling me he talked to his friend and he knows he has a mental illness and needs help and he is willing now to get that help so since he is willing to do that now would

Out of control

Ashmarie83's picture

My bf and I have been together for over a year and recently moved in together. I have 3 daughters 19, 17, and 8 and he has 1 son 9. My girls are actually pretty good kids. My older girls are rarely home and my youngest has some health issues but is very well behaved. I've always pushed discipline and respect on my girls. They know better than to ever tell me NO or You're not my boss. But my bf's son... not so much. I understand all kids are different and boys are different than girls however, I do not and will not tolerate disrespect. His son is 9 and over 200 lbs. To me this is not okay.

SS13 asks DH for money when he's with BM

Dragonfly87's picture

Hello everyone!

Just a quick, short rant. This weekend SS was with BM. This woman has more money than God- but is as cheap as they get (which I understand is entirely her business).

HOWEVER- SS actually wanted to go out with some classmates this weekend (that never happens)- and started texting DH for $$ to go out to meet his friends for dinner.