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Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships.

Movingonisbest's picture

I've been reading some of the topics on this forum along with many of the comments. The more I read the more I have noticed the amount of hurt some women carry because they are in stephell. But one thing I am seeing play out over and over again is a lack of boundaries with the SO/DH as it relates to his kids and/or BM. But also alot of excuses are made for why these guilty fathers or Disney Dads don't prioritize their relationships with their partners/SO.

SO's history

islandgal2021's picture

Hi Stalkers... I'm sorry it took a while.. but.. here it is..

He got married in his early 20’s.  BM was 8 months pregnant with the twins, when she fell in love with a prisoner and left SO when prisoner was released.  Their relationship was filled with violence and drama which ended when prisoner burned BM’s house to the ground. 

Twins remained living with BM and spent every weekend with SO, who would pick them up and drop them back.

Can’t put a finger on it

MissJulsie's picture

So, it looks - at this stage - like DH and I might be on the verge of entering a time of going through a trial separation.

Over the years, SO much has happened. So many dramas, so many fights, so much bitter gossip between so many parties, so much counselling.......

And as this chapter looks like it might be coming to a close, I have found myself sitting and doing a lot of reflection.

Meh - OR - when BV caught up with the Beast

WalkOnBy's picture

So - she got home super late last night because after she left the Beast's lair, she and BestFriend went to visit Auntie  Addict (you all remember her, I am sure, and she is no longer an addict, which is awsome) and her cousin.  

She came downstairs this morning and wanted to talk. Sort of.  

Me - hey, kiddo, how did it go yesterday?

BV - it was meh.  I don't want to talk about it, really.

Me - okay.  Hey, I am going in to the office today, fyi

BV- she gave me like the weirdest stuff

Me - like what?

Adult SD is making my life miserable

KikiT's picture

Ok I'm new here so please just help me along the way. I am struggling so bad with this and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. My DH has a 22 year old Daughter that lives a couple of hours away from us. I have been with him since the end of 2016 and we have been married since 2018. She was 17 when we got together. She has always been his only child and has always acted accordingly. Prior to me if he had anything that she wanted, she would get it without question.


Father's Day and greeting cards

thinkthrice's picture

looking through the greeting card section I noticed that Father's Day cards have more "from the pets" than ever before.   Have never seen this in the Mother's Day cards... at least not yet.  Could this be as a result of Dad's bio children being PASed? 

I know quite a few SMs on this site just celebrate Father's Day "from the fur babies" if they have no ours kids and the skids are PASed out.

Also don't see any step dad cards probably because the BMs refer to the step dads as dads...