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Alternate Reality

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Sometimes I swear DH lives in an alternate reality! MIL stopped by for a visit yesterday. We were all just chatting and catching up. MIL asked how SD12 was doing. DH said SD12 hates being at our house because she has chores and he makes her stay on top of school. LOL WHAT? SD12 doesn't even clean up after herself in her OWN room! Let alone help out around the house with chores. Idk what he means about school... when she is not faking sick, SD12 goes... she has okay attendance, but failing 3 classes!!! 

No Christmas Visit

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DH is once again in denial about his indifferent SD12. Before school got out for Winter Break, she was asking everyday "when can I go to BM?" Basically as soon as the last school bell rang, she wanted DH to give her a ride to BM. He knew she was going to visit BM family (about 8 hours away). SD12 told DH that she would be back the day after Christmas... so about 1 week with BM, then one week with us. He thought that sounded good. DH and BM are no contact, so DH just took her word for it. 

My Worst NIghtmare

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My WORST nightmare has come true. SD12 was just dropped off at our door with bags in hand. SD *mentioned* a couple of days ago to DH that her Mom might be doing some travel nursing... and was feeling sad that she might be gone awhile. Well, DH and BM are no contact. I guess BM didn't think it was a big deal to not say ANYTHING to DH. 

BM can't let go!

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It has been almost 6 years being around BM. You think it would get easier, right? Well, the last 2 have been pretty low key. (Compared to the restraining order I first had on her when DH and I started dating...) Minimal interaction or dealings with each other. It's been nice. 


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It was SD12 birthday last weekend. DH let her pick a place where she wanted to eat. She chose Sushi. DH doesn't eat sushi, so he just doesn't know much about it. They picked out a fancier restaurant. DH asked SD12 what kind of sushi she likes. "The one without the fish or seafood." LOL seriously? I couldn't help but laugh. DH asked what was funny. I said that's literally what sushi is! Either raw or sometimes cooked (crab or shrimp.) Whatever, it was her birthday and it was what she picked. 

SD12 is ALWAYS miserable

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I've posted on here a lot about how DH's relationship with SD12 is pretty strained. She doesn't want to come to our house. Caught text messages and social media posts about how she 'hates us' etc. DH is aware of all of this and said he has been trying to make a concious effort to spend more time with SD12. 

Beyond Frustrated with DH

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DH has 50/50 with BM. SD12 goes to the middle school in our neighborhood per CO. This past school year was terrible. Bullying (on her part too), poor grades, attendance issues etc. 

BM lives 30 - 45 minutes away... because of this BM would typically give up majority of weekdays so she wouldn't have to drive SD12 to school. Nothing consistent. Everything was last minute. For example she would text DH. "I know it's my week, but I need SD to catch the bus to your house. Can't pick her up from school today."