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Welcome New Users!!

Step Talk would like to welcome the 43 new users who joined the site in the last week.

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Deleting Comments::PLEASE READ

If you post a blog, you have the ability to delete comments as you see fit. There should be no backlash for deleting comments on your own blog post.

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Back Again...

Hello everyone,

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OT - Queasy Aps

Queasy = Quick + Easy. It's been an inside joke in my family for years.

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Pot Meet Kettle

I was being nosey on DH's FB and I saw an exchange between OSD and SS's GF (more on her later) where OSD was mad that GF didn't come over to do her laundry like she was supposed to and she didn't tell

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Social Security Disability is nothing like Child Support

So this is a post about my ex dh... my bio children's father.

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I am really tired of this kid.

So we went camping over the weekend with my dad and SM and it was DH's weekend to have the skids.

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I think bm and sd did this

I am going to delete this because it may beome national news. I am a school teacher and some of ny adult photos that dh and i take of each other are now on the internet.

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What makes someone black?

My sd, the one who is 16, had some friends this weekend and one of them made a joke about the only black thing about her was her nail polish.

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Dh asked for a seperation, I don't want one!!

We met Saturday for a day date that I was really looking forward to and he broke my heart.