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Deleting Comments::PLEASE READ

If you post a blog, you have the ability to delete comments as you see fit. There should be no backlash for deleting comments on your own blog post.

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Case of the Truly Evil SM


This is a local case where the SM fatally punched her SD and then tried to cover it up. Sad.

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GPS kid tracks on skids, do you find it an intrusion?

What's your opinion on these trackers? How would you handle a situation if your skid comes with one of these trackers on? Remove them or let them wear them?

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Advice needed

How best to handle being blamed by BM for everything?

I posted about complication we have this weekend because BM having signed SO's daughter up for a sport.

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Just an update on me

I let bs go on the mens weekend gun shooting trip with SO and bs had a ball. He did all kinds of manly stuff like burp loudly and not shower.

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OT - Simple meals for 2

So skids go to BM's every other weekend, Thursday evening to Monday morning.

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More drama

I can't stand drama. 17 yr old as got caught by her bm having sex with her boyfriend BUT the bm knew he was there, made them stay up in her room because she...the bm...had company of her own.

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So DH gets the skids for 2 hours on their birthday from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm so he texted BM today since YSS's birthday is on Monday 9/25.

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$120 calculator?

My ex who our son lives with claims the calculator I bought him for school wouldn't work and he had to buy a new one for $120..,,,wants me to pay half. $120???? For a calculator?

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Family dynamics are changing

I knew skid visitations would change as they become teens, but it feels like everything is totally different all of a sudden.