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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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Would You Blame SDad or Kids?

Or both, I suppose, is an option.

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Doctor Appointments

So...I guess it was about last week that BM changed the doctors appointment DH had made for SD without telling him.

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Well, you can learn a LOT when you stalk a FB page

so, just a few minutes ago, I did my monthly glance at Medusa's FB page. It's locked down and she actually never uses it, BUT she has one public post - an old picture of the skids.

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still no hair appt for prom...and other misc

darn...surprised, not surprised.

t-minus 11 days until prom and SD17 still hasnt made her hair appt.
last night a package of pricey name brand makeup had arrived for SD17. $40 concealer anyone?

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DH hung up on BM the other day...

BM kept asking DH if "they could talk". He finally text her back and said "call me now, or never". So she called. Basically started the conversation off the same way she did when they had mediation.

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For those of you who don't know me, I am a transgender woman. For personal reasons I have chosen not to have the gender reassignment surgery. So that is me. Dh is gay but loves me and is supportive.

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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

Despite inhaling an entire medium pizza all by myself last Thursday, I am down 3 pounds. I actually had to pull my belt in another notch.

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Positive polly in the house today.

I am feeling a bit more positive lately and not because things are better with DH, because they aren't. He is still waiting on a court date to appeal the worker's comp situation - trying to settle.

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Should I say something?

Let me say this board is a godsend. I have spent all night just reading and learning. I promise I won't always be such a blog hog but I have so much to share now that I found somewhere I can vent.