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Putting yourself on support

Is that a thing? Can a NCP just go into a courthouse and submit their own financial information and the courts make a determination from that?

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OT...tween boys and insanity?

alright so DS10 is nearly 11 and SS12 is well, just 12. many months before hes 13.
BUT it seems as though the insanity and energy level in the evenings has reached an all time high.

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OT giving to beggars

Do you do it? I rarely do anymore. I will occasionally buy a bottle of water for $1 from the ones that actually "work" with their money.

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O/T Plantar Fascitis--OUCH!!

A few years back, I got PF in my right foot. After about six months, it seemed to go away on its own.

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The amazing and wonderful world of curse words!

SS11 got in trouble today at school for saying freaking and has been in trouble in the past for saying jerk in school.

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Antidepressants and SD

I have 2 SD's and one is extremely messed up. In the literal.figurative.emotional sense - and I do not know what to feel.

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Oh... and then there was BM last night **INSERT EYE ROLL**

Dh's phone rang, didn't recognize the number but he is in sales so he usually answers all of his calls unless he KNOWS it's her.

It was BM.

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Update to BULLY-TOWN

So, when I got home from work yesterday DD was in her room asleep... cuddling with a stuffed dog I got her for Valentines Day. I just LOVE this child.

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The Other Side of the Step Coin (StepDaughters And Grand Children and Can I Just Stay HOME)

I usually post about my SS14 who lives with me full time.

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OT - Woman Wednesday

How do you pamper yourself? What's your indulgence?