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Am I a grinch?

DH texts me about an hour ago when I was hiking with the dogs.

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Don't know how to feel or react <Warning a lil profanity ahead>

SS Letter Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! me

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We have a court hearing next week, there has already been a continuance on this case.

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Show of hands...Whose marching tomorrow ?

A group of us are heading to our state capital in the morning for tomorrows march. I wish more than anything that we could join in the march in DC, but we'll be in solidarity with them.

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OT - Kumbaya and what's for dinner?

Kumbabya, people!! I come here for advice and to vent. If I'm lucky, I get to laugh and joke. The last thing I want is to read things and get stressed and irritated and upset.

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OT Congratulations President Trump!

I am so proud of our new president and I can't wait to see him make America great again!

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OT Why do I have a hard time saying no?

I've always been the shy, quiet type. Not so shy since I started working as a teenager, but I have a hard time standing up for myself.

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Idiot young people!!! Grrr!

First a short bit of background.

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OT- loss of a child

On the 30th December an acquaintance of mine lost her son. He was just 2 years old. I cannot tell any of you why but it has affected me deeply. Her son was just 3 weeks younger than my BabyD.

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I should not be nosy but i was...

I got bored on fb and sick of seeing all the political posts so I decided to check out bm page for a moment. Her page is public, sd has dh and I blocked from her's.