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Welcome New Users!!

Welcome to the 32 new users that joined StepTalk in the past week!!

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My list.

Tempeltons post got me to thinking. So here is my list of how to survive being a SM. (as best as you can). Feel free to add or take away.

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SO's sister wants to hang out with BM, at our home, the day before our wedding...not happening!

One of SO's sisters, and one of his sil's are flying in from Newfoundland to come to our wedding. They will be staying in our home from the Friday morning to the Monday afternoon.

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This has got me thinking....

My DH's CO doesn't have a ROFR cause in his CO but, this has got me thinking does the ROFR clause only apply to NCP's or does it apply to CP's as well?

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OT -My profile picture but bigger. Linked to tumblr

I decided to make my own picture depicting people's faces here when they read things. LOL

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Looking for resources...

I am going through a situation right now that has me at my wits end with my SO and my SD. I googled blended family to see if there were any good sites to help me out and came across this...

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Ds did drugs and had some in his room

I'm stunned right now. Ds is not a kid I would have ever expected to even try drugs.

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OT - Women Wednesday

The last several workdays, I have been tied to my computer. I'm not getting up and stretching often enough which is causing my neck and shoulders to tighten up terribly.

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So DH has regressed back to guilty daddy. I have no idea why.

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SD long gone, but obviously not forgotten

Little back story SD lived with us full time and moved out when she was a senior in high school and we haven't seen or heard from her since, that was over two years ago.