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Update to that time last week when I lost my mind....

So it's been about a week since I felt like I was on the brink of serious mental breakdown. I had my moment (which incidentally lasted a few days) but I put my big girl panties on and handled it.

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OT - Advice on DD1 being clingy

DD will be 1 on Wednesday. She's always been kind of needy/clingy and wanted to be held a lot, but it's gotten a lot worse lately.

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You Ladies Are Helping Me. For Real.

Quick anecdote. I really believe I am changing and finding my spine.

Small thing, but big for me.

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twisted mind functions ...

I've always shook my head over the term 'special snowflake'. I figure whoever came up with that term originally lived in a place that doesn't get much snow.

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Video Games are Evil, I tell ya. Evil (but I love the respite)

We are having fits with SS14 and his video game addiction.

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Update on Holiday events...

So, I talked to my husband about the issue and his response was the he never said WE couldn't go, just that he's not going to go.

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I am going to strangle my DH......

Was just talking to DH on the phone. The same man who earlier this week said he really has no interest in seeing SD while she is home for her GBM funeral stuff because of her shitty behavior.

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Gak!!! Just finished watching PRETTY WOMAN... and now THE BLIND SIDE is coming on the tube

I put my bride on a plane for home at the butt crack of dawn yesterday.

We are heading back to the states after a year and a half in Morocco and 5 years as expats.

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Wow, just WOW!

SD14 actually asked me last night how to figure out when you are at your half birthday.

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YSD- reaching out? Thoughts?

YSD and I have never had words, issues, etc with each other.