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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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The competition continues!

Two weeks ago DH took SS river tubing. SD was too small, so we stayed behind and had a pool day.

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O/T Charlie Gard issue

I've bene following this story for a while now and well I'm sorry to say his parents gave up today,

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SD13- Karate,extending her stay and making me mad. Vent

My last post was about SD13 advancing really fast through karate. She started a year ago and is already a blue best with a black stripe. Friday she had tryouts for a XMA team.

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How to deal with CS Arrears

I am a SM and have 2 SS's and 2 bios. All the kids are gone (adults) and now my ex has been caught with his CS arrears. The money has started to come in and it is causing a lot of stress.

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School Time - vent alert

Well my temper is still flaring regarding the sh*thead. I just so want to tell him and her off. I know - nothing will be accomplished by that. We are about 3 month from their supposed move date!

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SS did not move any items out

I checked the front door security camera and SS did not pack a single thing in his car. He told DH he packed clothes and would be back for the rest. Total BS.

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Preparing for the worst case scenario..maybe premature?

Hi all! Longtime lurker here. Here is the Cliff notes version: Been married to DH 13 yrs, have 16 y/o sd and 2 biokids ages 10 and 4.

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Just spoke to DH. SS has boxes packed by the front door. Per DH it may take him a few days to get his stuff out. Said he already took clothes to his sisters.

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FML, this dog has to go!

So....after us extending a trial period telling SD she has to come by daily to help with HER dog, she no showed ALL weekend.