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Just received first Christmas gift of the year

It's from my stepmother.

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I have a 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship..when my husband and I began dating she was 8 years old...he has a 20 year old son from a previous marriage but he lived with his mother in a

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What are you getting kids, skids, and so for xmas?

I got my girls dd14, dd13, and dd12 mostly the same stuff. They each got a hp pavilion amd laptop and case for it. That's their big items this year.

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"Daddy, for Christmas ... I just need a set of new tires for my car."

I'm grousing. It's dark outside and I'm sick.

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Classroom Chronicles continues

Today we crafted up some ornaments and handprint TShirts before the class Christmas party on Monday. I was just about to do Twin1 and Twin2 's ornaments with them when the bell rang for lunch.

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Tired of being so nice

As some of you remember, SIL lost custody of nephew, 7, for repeatedly being intoxicated and dysfunctional.

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My SD makes me want to leave

At the risk of sounding like an evil asshole, I'll continue.

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Due date, is this a negotiable thing?

I'm having a really bad week at work.

Timesheet is due on the 3rd, not the 4th, not the 5th, and definitely not the 9th!

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Anybody ever heard of this?

BM owes us money for a school expense for SD18 (still under support order).

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What a blessing!!!

I can't believe I posted about this yesterday and then the second adjustor calls last night. He said it was water damaged and they are totalling my car!!!