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"You should take her AND pay for her"

SD13 is here this weekend. We have her EOW. She is getting on my last nerve and I am ready for 6 when she goes home.

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Hateful BM and Hoildays

I know its to early but how does everyone handle hostile BM’s and holidays or birthdays.

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Hi all,

Another long time lurker coming forward. I've received so much help reading everyone who has been so kind to share their stories over the last 5 years.

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One week later- progress?

After I started my new blog only a week ago there has been some progress. Namely, DH is back in 'our' bed after an absence of six months!

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You Went Without Me???

So, SS left for college this week.

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Last school year my SS was having some health issues that caused him to miss a lot of school. We pulled him out of school, set up a homeschool so he wouldn't fall behind.

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BM2, still single. AKA - We're going back to court!

I think I mentioned in a previous blog - but whenever BM2 is single, she uses her free time to cause drama with SD8. We went to court maybe 6 weeks ago. I had written a blog about it, but deleted it.

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He can go F himself

Despite me trying to play nice and still take SD to her hair appt tomorrow morning DH couldn't make sure that SD was available.

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The Invitations Went Out

The wedding invitations have gone out.

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Sliding back to the dark place with BM

Another frustrating pick up day due to lack of communication has me sad that I feel like I am sliding back to a place where I literally hate BM.