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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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My stepkids are always sick!!!

Hi everyone, so this is a ongoing problem in my home. I have a bio son who is 2 years old. And has a speech delay. And 2 stepkids boy 12 and girl 8.

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Quick Question of What Would You Do?

My BS, age 26, and his wife is having a baby due at the end of this year. Yesterday, was the baby gender reveal party. I wasn't invited.

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Drugs... sad state of affairs

I got a call from an old friend last night. I haven't spoken with her in years. She graduated from a university with a 4.0 25 years ago and was a controller, with her own staff.

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Who should be asked about daily questions/decisions?

I fully recognize that the 'home' is often the woman's domain. Cliche as it may sound, SMs (including my former self) are what make a house a home.

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My Grandbaby

DH and I took SS and DGD to the playground and I took this photo. I won't leave this up forever, but I wanted to show off my little love Smiling

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Would your H call BM for a favor?

Last night, I promised DH's friend that I would take his daughter to her volleyball game since he's working- she's a great kid. She also wanted to get her nails done.

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I need help!!

I'm at the breaking point. His daughter comes to visit for a month next week and he REFUSES to talk about anything! He asked me to go shopping, and he wants me to buy her baby food so she can eat.

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Arrested at a Party

Hey everyone! I used to be pretty active back when my stepdaughter was 11-13 (under a different username).

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Either won't or can't read

Well so much for everything being calm.

BM has yet again misunderstood / refuses to read their proposed agreement on custody.