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We're getting closer to launching Step Talk 2.0 ***Please Read***

We plan to have the new website up and running within a month. There are some things that everybody needs to do before that happens....

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Eff Off Friday!!

Eff off to this darn headache. I have plans tonight and I do NOT have time for a migraine...

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So back in mid December, I blogged that SS knocked up his wife. At the time gbaby was only 3ish months. And he has health issues. (BM is so giddy about grand baby health issues, it is disgusting).

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Conversations in Stephell

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

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Potty Training with Autism

I'm so excited. SS is almost 5 and BM hadn't tried potty training him at all. Since we have had him, we have been working hard towards potty training him.

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SD20’s birthday today

One more year of CS. She doesn’t live her mother and dropped out of college, but yay, NYS, almost impossible to get a judge to sign an emancipation order.

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I tried on a pair of red glasses many years ago

More about the red glasses later..............

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Sports seasons begin...

And they are soooooo "fun."

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Follow up to yesterday - adopting!

Thank you all the people that gave my constructive advice and were supportive.

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This happened yesterday......

Ok this actually happened yesterday it's not about the skids this time it's about my marriage.