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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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Funny- Dirty Dancing Remake


Did anyone watch that hot mess remake tonight? Bad, just bad. 0 chemistry, attempts to make it into a musical, and the lead actress couldn't dance.

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I am coming up to my wits end! My husband's ex is an absolute psycho and it is killing our life. Couple things: when I say psycho, I mean certifiable and a master manipulator.

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This pregnancy is draining

Fifth pregnancy, second child (the others ended in miscarriages). I'm 14 weeks and the all day sickness has somewhat subsided but I'm still just physically and mentally drained.

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OT Graduation privileges

Do you agree with this? Why isn't the suspected father (if he is also a student) not being penalized?

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Those of you that put an exit plan in place please Help me

Condensed version I was a complete idiot & wanted to get married and have my own family.Fast forward 8 years I have zero savings,no family in this country,no friends where I live (it's the suburbs and

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Sheesh. BM is truly mentally unstable.

MSD stopped by last night. BM had sent her a snapchat that said, "If you step foot on my property, I will call the cops on you. I love you."

What in the actual F!?!

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NCP visitation time

Does a NCP have to take their visitation time for the summer, Christmas break etc. per the CO?

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OT: client at work

So... I'm six months into my position at work. I got assigned a customer who bought a very, very expensive house and he wanted to make the overhead electric line underground.

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OT / I just bought a boat

So it's only a cheap old 14 foot aluminum boat, with a 9x9 motor...

but it's still a boat...and it's my boat.... I haven't told SO. haha!

Not a lot of work to do. Re-painting mostly.