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Public Service Announcement

Seems like it's time for another public service announcement regarding the StepTalk Terms of Use policies and the behaviors we will not tolerate.

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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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Positively odd blended family.

Yup that is us, positively odd. Today my former stepson 16 came over and hung out with his brother so I could go with new husband to a Dr. Appointment.

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OT: What Do You Do on "Free" Nights?

For those of you who have a DP that works opposite shifts and on nights when your skids aren't around...

What do YOU do?

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We ARE right!

This was in John Rosemond's column this morning. This guy gets it!

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Disney Dad Let's Daughter Live In Home And She Trashes It

I came across this Dave Ramsay video. Unbelievable what these wimpy fathers will allow.

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O/T: the grieving process

SIL has been gone for over 5 weeks now. I haven't cried once, minus the day it happened. I don't find myself looking at her Facebook pictures and sharing them like everyone else.

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Happy Anniversary to us :)

DH and I have been married 7 years today. 12 years ago today, he asked me to be his wife. I said yes immediately but we took our time.

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We got a CPS visit instead

This was unbelievable. Sd and her friend made jokes at school about sd'd stepDAD (I am a woman) showing her his penis (she walked in on me).

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Another ridiculous piece of advice by a columnist -- this time Dear Prudence

Short version -- guy had vasectomy, afraid to tell GF. Nope, Pru, this is not JUST about character (and agreed, he should tell her), its also about whether he can have more kids.