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It's been a week.

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BM who killed her children

So in reading this article it just makes me more angry at the worthless court system!

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Family Counseling Session

Good Morning!

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What wierd things do you do as an adult?

Hello Friday funday!! Lets show how wierd we are. I have to sniff a glass before i use it. If it had any smell at all i can't use it. What wierd thing do you do?

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New Content Fruit Tree - SAOs Legend US Server Updates on September 30, 2016

Dear players,

During today’s daily maintenance, we will make some updates on US server. More details in:

New Content
Fruit Tree:

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Poor SO

After chasing them forever now, SO stopped calling the skids to see how long it would take for them to call him and it has now been 2 weeks.

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Divorce lawyers-tens of thousands, Child support-thousands......

Sd16 complaining about her bf's bm? PRICELESS!!!!!

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How long did the Skids honeymoon last for?

How long were you and the skids in the honeymoon stage for?

Any funny stories that you think about now- like WTF...but back in the honeymoon stage it was perfect Smiling

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What wierd thing do your kids/skids do?

My aspie collects sticks. He isn't supposed to bring them into the house anymore but when I went to open his windows this afternoon(Hello FALL!!!) He had one sharpened and propped against his window.

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The way I despise thee, let me count the ways.

I cant stand the thought of her, I cant imagine if I saw her again what I would do...She is the babymomma...