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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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Site Outage


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20 year old step daughter is messy, lazy and has no direction

My 20 year old step daughter wanted a fresh start to her life after high school. Her mother washed her hands of her when my husband's support checks stopped.

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I just won Universal Studios tickets!

So remember that "promotion" I took at work? It means I am going to increase my salary by $10 an hour in a few years. It's a progression through training program.

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Well this should be entertaining...

BM posted on her FB this morning that she is "Queen of the Courtroom"... I assume she is going to attempt to take us to court... again.

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DH and Therapy

DH has recently started going to therapy. I think all of the crap that comes along with BM plus SD being pretty bad as far as behavior goes is becoming overwhelming to him.

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Need recipe/food ideas

MIL is coming down for 5 days during the kids Easter break. Easter will be hosted at my house with my mother's side of the family and my siblings again this year. MIL has only met a handful of them.

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How to tell DH "no effing way in hades" in a NICE way?

My family has a summer house in another state. DH and I usually go twice a year (Spring and Fall). This year, we won't be going until Summer because:

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i need to work on engaging less...

i walked into SO and his kids life as a 4th wheel.
he had been the dad for 4 yrs all alone with them and they were/are pretty decent kids.

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I'm a step mom and was watching step children's 3 children. Newborn, 2 year old and 8 year old cerebral palsy special needs. I watched them Monday, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's, from 5:45 am to 6:30pm.