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SD wants to move in with us

weatherthestorm's picture

This is my first time posting or in fact using any forum so I'm in hope of some advice and support regarding our current circumstances.

My husband and I have been married for two years and together for six years in March. He has three stepdaughters from his first marriage and two of them (17 yr old & 10 year old) stay with us every other weekend and Wednesday night. We also have a 4 yr old girl. 


First time posting

hsr1026's picture

Hi there,

i just found this forum tonight. I have been contemplating for a while searching for one and after events yesterday, I decided it was time to refill my toolbox with new advice on how to manage being a SM and dealing with a highly unstable BM. 

How do you stop these conversations?

AlmostGone83's picture

I'm looking for some advice on how to stop the uncomfortable  conversations with skids. You know how it goes... Skid comes in prattling on about some topic you really could care less about or worse, a topic you find uncomfortable and out of politeness you're forced to pretend to be interested. Well it's been happening pretty much every damn day over here and the topic is always BOYS. 

It's always some variation of:

"This boy said this to me today" or "That boy looked at me funny today" or "I was creeped out because boy x y or z complimented me"

Spoiled SS Center of the Universe

Walls's picture

Frst of all I have 3 children from previous relationships Son 14, Daughter, 12, and Daughter 3. When my SO and I met my youngest was 18 months and he has become the only father she know. My SO has 2 children from his previous marriage SS 11 and SD 9. BM is very controlling and hard to deal with. Originally SO had children 3 weekends a months and 10 weeks in the Summer. BM now has that reduced to every other weekend and 6 weeks in the summer because the court agreed the children needed to be in every activity under the sun which, bring me to my issue.

Minor Issue - Bedrooms

HowBoutScottyDont's picture

This is a minor issue in the sceme of my home life.

Essentially, my SD19, lives states away at college. She came home for winter break, during which she kept the same visitation schedule (with adjustments as she sees fit) as her younger brother, SS15. We have him EO Thursday - Sunday, plus Wednesday dinners. So we had her for about a week during the break, and she was a nightmare to be around, for everyone in the house.


Zara Gold's picture

DH will be out of town for a week assumed I was watching skids.  I told him, oh no; I will be out of town too.  So DH was shocked because I am always there to help.  I said the kids don't listen to me and disrespect me and why would he think it would be any different if he wasn't here for a week, so he is having someone watch them for the week then his like really you won't be home I said nope I will be at a hotel near work and will come back when you come back.  What would you do?