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BM1 rears her ugly head!

justmakingthebest's picture

Just had the first welfare call on my house! BM1 has officially lost her 5 youngest children apparently and decided to go after SS21. She hasn't had SS21 (autistic) since he was 1 and her next 2 youngest since they were toddlers. 8 kids and custody of none.

This is the woman who missed his graduation because she punched a cop. 

This is the woman who hasn't sent even a card to him in the last 7 years.

This is the woman whose own son doesn't want to speak to her.

Yet she accused me of abusing him and holding him hostage! 

The Great Phone Drama of 2022

Nacho Turtle's picture

My SO's two eldest (SD14 and SS12) have had cell phones for at least as long as I've known them. Their dad got them when he separated from Cow so they'd be able to communicate regardless of which parent they were with. Cow was supposed to pay for half of the bills, which she has not once done in all the time of having them. The phones are his. 

SD's Conference

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So we just got off the conference with SD's teacher as well as a PST. It was a very good conversation. I will break down what we learned from it below

1. They are taking the steps necessary before testing and creating an IEP or 504. There are certain steps that need to done/boxes to check off before arriving there and other things need to be ruled out.

When I'm Gone...

cmd88's picture

Hey everyone!

So this isn't a blog I would normally post, but I need some advice/thoughts. Over the duration of I would say 3 months, 2 of my coworkers have passed, one from Covid, one from a heart attack, an old coworker/friend just passed away yesterday morning from covid, 2 of my friends mother's also have passed, one from cancer, one from some type of kidney/bacterial infection that just overtook her body and it wasn't strong enough to fight off. Ya'll know that Betty White died, and Bob Saget died.... 

Am I Wrong?

Bee_kay's picture

I am a childless 38yo that has been with my 52yo divorced partner for over three years. He has two daughters (24yo,14yo). I have met them a few times, but I had/have a limited interest in bonding because of the situation with the BM. (She was estranged from her family, so she still wanted the benefit of relying on him for help outside of the needs of the children. Yet, she still wanted to fight him over child support, custody and marital assets.)


Weekend update!! You Guessed it Guys!

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Soo I wanna LMAO, after some thought and a few things popping up this weekend DH declined a "make up weekend" (I was getting over Covid last weekend which was his weekend). I thought it was very strange when BM was already reaching out to DH on SATURDAY asking if he was gonna make up his weekend and get SD 2 weekends in a row. He stopped make ups after BM moved far and she has not asked for make ups if he missed which occurred once. I knew she was just trying to makes plans ... and I was right !!

long lost daughter, found her dad (my husband) yet i feel lost

Imlost's picture

I'll try to explain the best i can, i feel lost and so many mixed emotions are going on right now. My husband just got contacted by a girl claiming she may be his daughter. We were all shocked, he had no idea. This encounter happened before we met. He was 16. I met my husband when i was 15 and he was 17. We have been together almost 30 years. This girl is 29. My husband was blown away, he's excited and shocked and so am i. We have one daughter together, who is now 24.

Any recommendations

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

for things to ask during our upcoming conference with SD's teacher? We plan on asking if there is any indication or concern if SD has a learning disability. We also plan on asking what she and her team feels is causing SD to not improve at the rate she should be.

Just wondering if there is anything else we should be asking that we are not thinking of.

SD: Second Report Card & CPS

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So yesterday SD's second report card was uploaded to the parent portal. SD scored "works toward standards" on two areas that she had "performs below standards" and then on two areas she had "works toward standards" went down to "performs below standards" All the other areas remained exactly the same as the last report card. Every area had that SD is working "with much teacher support."

Then on the comments for the teacher for 2nd Quarter, both conference requested was checked and so was retention possible. The teacher wrote:

Always been so good to my stepdaughter and had it thrown in my face

MrsA's picture

I have been in my stepdaughters life since she was 4 she's now 11. My relationship has always been great. I really took her on and embraced being a stepparent. In 2018 things became tough. Mum got what we feel is jealous when we got engaged and reduced contact and in some cases stopped contact between me, my husband and step daughter. On one occasion a viscous video was sent where my husbands ex questioned my step daughter and her responses weren't very nice about us. It all seemed very leading. My husband ended up applying for a child Arrangements order.