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Honestly do not know what to do

TrueNorth77's picture

This has been such a hard week. After 6+ years, SD12 has done a complete 180 and become distant from me. No more hugs before bed every night, talking to me about anything, and she only talked to me twice last week, when she wanted something from me. I did help her with her first request (she wanted to borrow sandals), but the second request (wanting me to talk to DH about being allowed to hang out with a friend she is not allowed to hang out with now), I denied.

My SD is developmentally delayed

Mamabearof3's picture

Well she was in kindergarten and she likely still is given the evidence. But today is the 4 year anniversary since my daughters developmental test scores came back way above average. My son is being tested for autism come December. And he was diagnosed with DAS a neurological speech disorder. Though he remained among the top 3-4 of his class in school and was intelligent, he is a bit of an oddball. Nerdy and enjoys building robots and such. My daughter is very intelligent and socially adept at that. Facebook memories reminded me of what today was and I'm just proud. My step daughters mean.

Step Parents aren't Real Parents

Retired now on budget's picture

So, I'm getting this you don't have the parental bond of giving birth to the children, so what you think doesn't matter nor should you have a say...  Just shut your mouth and sit in the corner nicely while my kids walk all over you is the mind set of what a Step Parent should be.. 

Feeling angry in calm moments between BM and DH...when will the other shoe drop?

SopranoKaty's picture

I've still got an incredibly difficult BM in my life, and now, in a very calm period, I find myself even madder and more frustrated than when we are in a full-on conflict, and I'm troubled by that. Has anyone else out there ever felt this way?



Why doesn't my D17 believe me :(

SKIDSarekillingme2's picture

I’m hurting today.  My D17 shared with her friend all her frustration with me and the breakup of my marriage to toxic POS.  The friend’s mom is a very good friend of mine and shared some of this conversation with me.  D17 is upset because I’ve decided to move in with my boyfriend of over a year this summer.  He has a D16 and she doesn’t think they will get along.  She feels it will be awkward and she’s “not ready”.  Her and I have had several conversations about this, and she has been given ample time to get to know BF’s daughter.  Including two vacations together.  I feel it would be good

Ok to give up?

Virgo85Nurse's picture

SD continues to come over when she wants. Her mother allows her to make plans with friends on our weekends. Then it starts a fight when my husband says she can't go. Says she hates it here and we don't make her feel welcome. Yet this weekend like any other when she does come she's a perfectly fine child. Interacts, helps, happy, laughing, and anything in between. This weekend we spent time with family, played board games at her request. Made dinner together. My 4 yr old was gone most of the weekend and when she returns, well she's 4.

Graduation drama

Hastings's picture

So, SS11 is almost through with 5th grade, which means he has a graduation ceremony to celebrate the end of elementary school. Fine. I'm not a big fan of graduations but I was planning to go and got the time off (it's on a Monday morning). Turns out, he gets four guests. DH got a text from BM saying SS told her he wants her, DH and BM's parents there. She told him I needed to be one of the four and he started arguing so she just told him to talk to DH.

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

CastleJJ's picture

I haven't posted much on this site lately as not much has happened outside of the usual - BM doing nothing, GF raising SS, and us just being the child support ATM with 6 weeks of visitation. BM has started zero drama since March, but it is hard to start drama when DH responds to everything with "Thank you for the update."

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse in regards to SD going to college

missgingersnap2021's picture

So I know some of you think SD17 going to a Community College is fine but now I just found out she isn't planning on starting at a CC and then going on to get a bachelors. NOPE! She's not even planning on going for two years to get an assoiciates!