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The boxes are still sitting by the front door

The boxes by the front door are the boxes that have been in the storage shed since January. He went out there got the two boxes and plopped them by the front door. He has packed nothing!

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Supporting the kids

So this starts off like so many other post at this time, with BM sending SO a message asking if he would help out with school supplies since it’s that time of year.

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OT - Cake Decorating

I've been wanting to dabble a little bit in cake decorating. I have some artsy in me and I enjoy cooking/baking. I have 3skids that live with us, DD1.5 and another DD on the way.

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Munchausen by proxy

After reading a cople of blogs where BMs have stunted or are in the process of stunting the intellect of their children, I was reminded of this extreme case that came out a few years ago.

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We talked it over

So we finally talked about "parenting the kids". Jawdropping!

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Dh needs to just shut up already, any advice?

Dh is still carrying on and on about dd and the accident at school.

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Well I'm 42 now

I won tickets to Volcano Bay Friday afternoon so the kiddos and I went for my birthday yesterday. It was pretty fun. I kinda felt like I was in Hawaii.

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dealing with anxiety/depression in young adult SK - NCP

How do you support a depressed, obsessed with her bf SD20? DH has has several episodes with SD in the past week with SD20 having issues with clinging too tight to her BF.

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As Predicted, the Girhippo Got YSS labeled "Learning Disabled--Other" Just As She did SD

Received the report in the mail that YSS 14.5 is officially "learning disabled--other" as a smokescreen for the Gir's free ranging style of BFF "parenting." When YSS was with us he had what we used t

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BM got both the "kids" back, she will be happy now

As of this weekend, both the GROWN men SS's have moved back in with mommy... Good on her. She has used the one SS's car until it is destroyed. Maybe she can wreck the other one's stuff... LMAO!