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My Gma’s funeral

MelAnn's picture

I'm very sad.  My Gma has passed.  She was in hospice for 3 weeks and I'm thankful for the time I got with her when she was still alert and herself.   This weekend is a "kid weekend" (my two kids and my step-daughter).  I have a week on / week off schedule.  My husbands time is Tues/Thurs and every other weekend. My gmas services are Monday.

I think I've lost my way...

tryn2stayhumble's picture

SD's 9 and 7 are with us full time still. The BM gets them every other weekend, lately she has missed a few visitations with them... once she didn't even show up at all. Then she decided to miss the birthday party she promised to attend also. 

SD9 is acting out, when they came to my husband and I full time they were severely behind in education and struggling... in the two years they have been under our care I have managed to get them caught up and for the most part back to where they need to be. 

Update: SD and tonsils

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So this morning DH gave BM his go ahead on getting SD's tonsils removed since BM followed up on the issue this morning along with saying how SD was sent home today by the school nurse and will be missing tomorrow as well which is actually picture day. Not sure why the nurse is saying SD has to miss tomorrow unless SD had a fever, but whatever DH and I already had agreed after everything to give the approval for the tonsil removal surgery.

DH did not just blindly agree, we have 3 requests from BM in order for DH to give his approval

Stepson moving in & on drugs

NEM's picture

So stepson now 24, after living with his partner of 3 years & having a baby now 1 and previously living with her mother has chosen to walk away from his family as she dosnt want him smoking pot or harder drugs. He has smoked pot for 10 years & she's always asked him to stop but he won't even losing his licence & now getting it back he went straight back to pot. He had a choice to make & he picked drugs over his child & now hubby said he can come here to live more for grandbaby to know she's safe when he has her.


I feel so ashamed

SMRH413's picture

This will be my first blog post, as I have just recently joined. I know I might get a lot of hate for this, but I need to vent and just be completely honest. Of course marrying my husband I knew he had two kids. And at first, everything was fine. UNTIL we got married. And then everything completely went to crap so fast. I do not like his children (4 year old girl & 8 year old boy). We have been married for three years and everything has just been getting infinitely worse. We have a baby together (16 month old boy). I'm not even happy anymore.


It used to be good

Ki2619's picture

I've been with my husband for 9 years.  2 years married.  Biomom to one son who is 18 and away at college.  My husband has two kids, daughter 12 and son 14.  On my memories on facebook I'm seeing the big halloween party we let the kids have in 2017.  All the kids, all their friends (my husband has another daughter who is now 18 but stopped coming around almost two years ago....she was doing things she shouldn't and had rules in our house).  We had 28 kids in our house for that party.  I planned it, deocrated it while kids were at school. I did fun food. Nerf gun wars.  Wii Dance.

Unequal Gift Giving

Ursula's picture

I think I've posted about this before.  My husband was raised by his aunt and uncle, they are like his parents.  They consider themselves grandparents to SD and our DD.  They constantly shower SD with gifts and give little to nothing to DD.  My husband visited them with both kids this past weekend.  They bought SD an apple watch as an early Christmas gift.  She is 8 years old!  I feel like that is such a ridiculous gift for a child.  They also got her some clothes and other things.  They did get my DD an early Christmas gift also, but it's really more like a joint gift for SD and DD and SD

Are we allowed to give up?

EveryoneLies's picture

Actually not as angry as before. Just tired.

SS14 has no idea how to study. His "studying" is just staring into the computer and wait for the time to pass. He doesn't know how to take notes. He is currently failing 2 classes. 

Helping him learn how to study has been really difficult. He can't make a plan himself, he has no goals either. On top of that he likes to complain about how hard he's worked-- although he really has not.