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This co-parenting question caught my eye

momjeans's picture

on Facebook, in a science group, of all places. 

“Hey. In divorce situations I have heard people say when their parents maintained a goodnrelationship, doing activities together, etc it was confusing to the child and made them think they would get back together. It all seems so confusing. What is the healthiest balance for children for family relationships In a divorce?”

I *think* I know what advice I’d give, but I’m curious what your advice would be.

I think I should become a career bm with al the money she makes

PinkShorts's picture

Bm and dh divorced in 2010. Since then dh has paid 1,000 a month for child support. We provide medical, dental and life insurane. We also split any extra school, sports everything fees. We also provide all shoes and buy majority of clothing. When the divorce was finalized there was 3 children, one has since been aged out. 

Just bitching to bitch about SD being here...

Pickles45's picture

Wednesday is my SO's day to have his daughter (14) -  Every other Wed she sleeps over. Tonight she does not (shes her till 9) but from 4 till now (8:30) has been long, draining and annoying!!! He gets home with her at 3:45. By 4:15 he says he is going over ot his dads to mow the grass and will be gone about an hour meaning I am left home alone with her. Yayy!!! (not). My girlfriend who lives in the nieghborhood is fostering kittens so I had asked days prior if we could come over to see them. Thank God I did becuase that filled up the hour plus he was gone. She and I went over there.

I am really trying

justmakingthebest's picture

As I said before I'm really trying to let go. The only thing that we are still continuing to "fight for" is this summer visitation for 3 1/2 weeks.I got an email from the lawyer today that really upset me! this is where BM's lawyer is not responding to our lawyer for the journal entry that the judge ordered. Last week I emailed asking for an update and told him that neither BM or SSstb14 are responding to texts, calls, or emails and that we were considering suspending SS's cell phone. I also told him we were giving up the fight.

And now she wants to come over less

Journey0601's picture

So after my last post, I decided not to take off on Saturday with my kids, SD was sweet and helpful (in hindsight maybe I should of) but SD spent all Friday with DH and the baby as she was off school on a PA day and I was working and my 5yo in school. IDK as much as DH upsets me, I am not ready to give up.l on this marriage. I guess on Saturday when I was cleaning inside, SD was yelling at my son and DH yelled at her to stop...she got upset and told him that he likes my son (his step

I found a great book on unhealthy parental boundaries

AlwaysSmiling's picture

The Emotional Incest Syndrome: What to Do When a Parent's Love Rules Your Life by Dr. Patricia Love

It was copyrighted 1990, so was pretty cheap off Ebay. 

I wanted to share that I found this great book dealing with unhealthy parental boundaries (not sexual incest, just unhealthy boundaries). Written by a therapist who provides lots of examples from her own counseling sessions and is written in easy to understand, commen sense language. 


CS question

Mrs Fireball's picture

When DH and Medusa divorced in 2010, DH was bringing in a lot more money compared to now. 

So DH filed online, with DHS, to review his child support. He paid a $25 fee and got a notification that they would contact him for additional documentation required, etc. 

So today DH finds out that DHS sent the paperwork to MEDUSA to fill out! And if she doesn't return the paperwork, DH's case will be closed. It doesn't make any sense!

How do NCP file for CS reviews? We're not hiring an attorney so I guess we are screwed. 


Annnnnnd I got an apology..

notsobradybunch's picture

DH called me at lunch and offered a very heartfelt apology. I honestly didn't expect it. 

I'm glad I said what I said and stood my ground. I made it clear to DH that OUR family has been through a hell of a lot since Runaway decided to take off and I refuse to put up with anyone's bullshit.


So Glad for the apology, but I know this ride is far from over.