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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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OMG now hes soiling himself...

So its been a while. We are trying to work on our marriage and our family.

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TPA Blood Clot Busting Drug

Thank God for health insurance.

The charges for my DH's care have started trickling in.

He was given the clot busting drug when he was admitted. The cost of the drug was $22,000.

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All NCPs In NYS Should Check Your CS Statements Routinely

Apparently Chef was carrying an unknown arrearage of almost $1K the entire year of 2014.

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Slowly slowly

Friday night was lovely(sd wasnt here!) Saturday morning i asked Dp if he wanted to go to my parents for a BBQ. He said nothing. His friend and his 4 kids show up.

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I can't stand "needing" him!

My bio kids and I celebrated Thanksgiving with their aunt yesterday. It was a long day and we ate at 3. So, at 9 p.m.

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Son being bullied due to SD

I have been a SM for 6 years and am having a problem with my SD who is 15. SD has quite simply never taken to me or my 2 bios.

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Echo to answer your question...

My name on this board was 1nicole before I deleted my ST account in efforts to mend my relationship with my SD's. I just didn't need any distractions in the process.

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theres hope!

Ive totally disengaged from sd18 &sd21.
Tonight i have gone out with SO and his skids and totally ignored the eldest 2.

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So my daughter is having a fit right now

My 17 year old is generally a good kid. Very few problems. However, today she said she had to go to her dad's to take care of his dogs while he's out of town.