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My stepdaughter loves drama and sucks the joy out of everything

Brit needs advice's picture

She's 14. She's manipulative, bossy, bitchy, condescending, and most of all, a know-it-all. I'll make a meal and she will ruin the evening by making it all about how I should have asked her what she would or wouldn't eat before making dinner. She will be snarky about my "cluelessness." When her father asks her to do her chores, she will try to micro manage and have authority over what gets done and how. She will fight hard to have the final word. She will scream and have a tantrum when you give any consequence.


What to do?

Naturelover's picture

So, my husband and I are about to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. But, unfortunately, I don't believe it will be much of a celebration. My husband is so very angry with me and I don't think our marriage can stay afloat. When we first got together, my family did not like him and let it be known that they were not fans of his. He is also not a fan of theirs. He has not spoken to my parents or siblings in years and they have not spoken with them.


JRI's picture

I admit that some of my negative reaction to SD60 is due to jealousy.  Yes, She's a lying, manipulative thief.  But even if she were a saint, I'd still be jealous of the time, love, attention and devotion she evokes from DH84.

Wedding Planning in Full Swing

CastleJJ's picture

So last night, we were sitting on the couch and SS10 asks DH "how much was your wedding ring?" Now, since having DD, my ring doesnt really fit anymore and needs to be resized and DH lost his band this winter and we have yet to replace it, so its not like SS saw our rings on and asked. DH, a little surprised by the question, asked why?

Just how selfish can you be

EveryoneLies's picture

This weekend we went out of town to celebrate ss15's bday. Its been a while that we did anything for either kid's birthday and ss has been wanting to go to an amusement park. DH wanted to surprise ss so we booked a trip to a bigger park that's farther from home, and we were staying in a hotel for two nights for this trip.


BM sends mail

GamingBuddy's picture

Mom of the year continues. BM is out of state till next week. She asked our full address to send the kids letters. Ok cool.

Well it arrived. One post card addressed to just the oldest nagging her to play with her brother.... and she wonders why the kids are giving her "additude".