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Christmas Tree Wars

thinkthrice's picture

I've finally finished up the rental single family house which was a total massive project.  I'm exhausted from it all and with Awesomeson away and AwesomeDIL/DGD not coming over for xmas I figured instead of getting a fresh tree, Id pick up a 9 footer artificial one (we have high ceilings) from craigslist.  It should be noted that I do all the decorating and tree care.  Chef just drags it in the house then sets it in the stand.

Update on toxic BM latest blow out

floralsm's picture

Well BM has PAS'd the skids again.. and threatened full time custody.. again! DS isn't even 4 months old and she's already hating how smitten SD and SS is with him. She also refuses to swap her week with DH to accomodate his new FIFO job as she has 'birthday plans booked in for her birthday'. So the only reason DH has asked for her to swap weeks is because she asked him too as she had a holiday planned the week she had the skids!! DH only agreed after asking what my thoughts were and I hesitatingly said yes..

Crazy is in a healthy, adult relationship

TrueNorth77's picture

Just kidding! But she has been dating a guy for maybe 7 or 8 months? And they have broken up approximately 8 times in the past 3 months, according to SS17. Crazy and SD14 just went with him to his family's for Thanksgiving, and they have already broken up, again. Lol. These are grown ass adults, how do they think this is normal behavior?? Aside from his questionable relationship choices, he seems to be a normal, nice person with a respectable career, so it boggles the mind that he is entertaining her crap.

The other side

breakingthroughtheinstincts's picture

Well, it's been a while ( and that's an understatement!).

I suddenly remembered this forum this morning, as Christmas approaches and I thought of you all.. blended and not-so-blended families, all trying to do the right thing.

I wanted to let you all know that there is a light on the other side. SS is now 27 and married, SD is 25 and living in her first home she bought last year. I am actually very proud of them, they work hard and look after themselves, they have good jobs and have done very well for themselves.

Stepmoms at risk for violence (trigger warning!)

SMto3's picture

Just read a story on a young woman named Hanoi Peralta, 33 years old and stabbed to death. I initially read that she was murdered by her son, but after doing some digging, it was actually her stepson (media accounts are incorrect). The 19 year old murdered his dad, stepmom and 5 year old brother. 

In Shock Disneyland Dad

Lillywy00's picture

So I get a call from the dudes brother (he was the majority owner of the house) and I told him while I deeply care for his brother, I moved out for a multitude of reasons

The dude called up my mom crying and saying how he felt blindsided yet how much he loved me and never tried to hurt me during the relationship (I assume to absolve his guilt around looking like "the bad guy" so me leaving while he was at work could be blamed be all on me...whatever)

Last Friggin' Month of CS

thinkthrice's picture

I'm sure it will drag on endlessly.  Chef doesn't have a W2 job and works for himself so I send an auto payment from the biz acct directly to Chef's account which in turn generates an auto pymt to NYS CSEU.  The HousesHitter will turn 21 in one more month, the last of the 3 ferals.

I have the payment stopping after 1/4/24, the last of which is prorated for the partial week that he is still 20.

As luck would have it, our Obamacare premium will be doubling at the same time so you can't win for losing. 

O/T My on the spectrum former #2 reached out yesterday.

Rags's picture

He resigned in early Oct.  The company ran through the senior level of management like a dose of salts through the summer. All but one of the highest compensated leaders (my level) are gone.  They replaced me in Aug, and that individual resigned in Sept.

It is that bad.

Apparently the client decided to remove that level of leadership.

My former #2 wants to do lunch next week.

He and I did reach a decent place with each other the second time he was my #2.  

O/T More of the same but hopefully dealing with it differently moving forward

Yesterdays's picture

Welp. My 16 year old daughters just showed up before their work shift only to tell me they booked off yesterday, Saturday, so they could go CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPING with their dad. (eye roll). I believe they pick out a tree from the tree farm and my exs gf comes, with her kids etc. However..... This is something they could do any time, not have to book off a shift off work for...but I actually feel like it's actually teaching bad work ethic to book off time for work to go tree shopping...

Is there a point when the SKs are old enough to take the blame

Crr18's picture

Rags this might be one for you answer for me. Back story a little  SKs  15 1/2 and 17 don't stay with SO anymore and never, ever want to do anything with him. I have been with him for three years and he has been divorced now for about 11 years. He has never told them no and has never made them do chores. They won't do anything family related with him except the Holidays which are now even becoming a fight to get them to go. SD won't take and hour and a half to go grab something to eat for her birthday this week. He has been asking to do things with us or sometimes even just with him.