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Holidays not so great with skids

Chmmy's picture

Skids are ruining my Thanksgiving. I cant even stand to be at my house to get ready for Thanksgiving so i leave all day til bedtime. My bios are coming from out of town and after our thansgiving fiesta the bios and i are all going to stay with my parents for the wknd. No way the skids are ruing my time with my boys. Havent seen my oldest in 6 months. Longest time ever.

SD16 feels like a burden

frustratedstepmother's picture

My stepdaughter used to be with us one week and her mom and step dad the next week. Her mom and stepdad recently got evicted and so my stepdaughter no longer wants to live with her mom. She is now living with us full time. Does anyone else feel like their step kid is a burden to them and how do you deal with it? She dominates all the conversations and has major attitude. I feel like a prisoner in my own home when she is home. Please someone help.

Liar Liar

tog redux's picture

Dealing with my SS18 is like playing the card game Bullshit (also know as "I doubt it" when parents were in the room).  Remember that game?  People go in a circle and put as many of a number that they have in their hand down, starting with Aces.  So if I have to put down 3s and I have none, I have to put down at least one other card and say it's "one 3".  If other people doubt me, they can yell "Bullshit", and if they are right and I lied, I have to take all the cards.  If I didn't lie, they take them all.

OT- Parents: am I being a snot?

I love dogs's picture

DH and I picked out a crib, dresser, end table, and diaper changing rack that tops the dresser for the baby on our registry from Buybuy Baby. The crib converts into a toddler bed then a twin or full so our daughter will have it for at least 7-8 years, probably 10 until she needs a queen. If we didn't get it for the shower, we were going to buy it ourselves because we really like the design. It's painted gray with a pretty wood grain.

What Will You Do

thinkthrice's picture

when CS ends?  I write this as Chef goes out the door on his Sunday/CS job (The Gir routed CS through CSEU 13.5 yrs ago although Chef NEVER missed one cent of CS on his own) therefore CS needs a shill job to pull CS from.  They won't except that it gets paid without an income execution from SOMEWHERE.

OT-Well Eff It!

advice.only2's picture

So my DH is going on travel in December very near his family and my terminal uncle...see previous blog.  I told him maybe stop by and see uncle if possible, but we have been planning a trip to see him in early January.

Saw my mom today who tells me uncle is dying and so wont make Christmas....she’s been telling me he’s dying since he was diagnosed...eye roll.  Then she tells me my brother who just went to see him was canceling all travel in December because they feel he’s done too.


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BS16 and I are out doing some errands and he gets a text from his dad. Bs tells me that I have to hurry up because dad is coming to pick him up right now! This has happened a couple of times before, about 1x a month. we moved a few hours away from exH so now he just pops in and takes them to dinner whenever he's coming through town.  I have not gotten notice that he wants to take the kids out once, he just shows up and expects us to rearrange everything.  Another thing is that he won't come near our home.

Why does it just keep getting worse

New_to_this's picture

Three months full-time.

Yep. I just found out that SS14 will be with us for three months. And, this will start either days before or after I give birth. We currently have him every other week and I'm totally sick of him by mid-week. I'm already on the brink of losing my mind with DH due to my hormones and DH spending all his time and money on SS.

Always and forever take four....

tankh21's picture

I love the fact that BM only read and knows the CO when it matter to her and her life.  She pretends that she doesn't know what the CO says when it has anything to do with DH's visitation, etc.  I also love the fact that she thinks that the skids school actitvities or anything like that that falls on DH's trumps everything else no matter what.