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Silence still

Jcksjj's picture

Well, it's the day before SD is supposed to be here. Normally BM would send a "just confirming I'll be dropping her off" message when there's been any changes. So since she hasn't been here in nearly 3 months and there's been no message I'm guessing that she's just not gonna show up. And wants DH to beg and grovel to get to see (not so) little Bratleigh BM Jr. I'm sure there's some long speech she has prepared to tell him (us) off when we reach out also thats she's just dying for.

I guess we'll see in the morning.

Darn looks like she is coming

AlmostGone832's picture

I was reeeeaallly sort of hoping Little Idiot wouldn't be coming up at the end of August because of her college classes but it looks like she will be. 

She delayed her transfer student orientation until August 20th, literally the Friday before classes start the following Monday and coincidentally the Monday she is supposed to be coming here for her visit, which means that there's no way she will be able to take any in person classes.

She has no where to live, no job, nothing there. I guess she really means to go through with an "all online" schedule this fall.

My parents

Hannah32's picture

My family live over 300 miles away, I have barely seen them this last year due to covid. My parents are visiting/staying with us this weekend for two nights. 

OH turns to me this evening and asks what time my parents are leaving on Sunday.

Myself 'probably lunchtime why?'

OH 'Well I asked SD last week Whether she would be okay with meeting your parents and she said she's very nervous....' 

me: 'Well she's going to have to meet them at some point' quite snappy in my response. 

Where are the mods???

bananaseedo's picture

Is Dawn (site owner) the only mod or are there more?  How can we reach them?  They need to take care of this immediately-how gross.  It's polluting the general discussion forum also.   It's been up almost an hour!  I know people have lives, working, commuting, etc.  If anyone has a way to contact them though to get rid of it?  I've flagged them but others can do the same...

Watching stepdaughter while husband is away

Theonlythingconstantischange's picture

My husband has a family commitment that involves traveling by car for 10 hours.  I have a bad back and can't go.  He's totally understanding of that.  It's his weekend with his daughter and she doesn't want to go and he doesn't want her there.  He expects me to watch her.  He says he doesn't have a choice when we does.  I am not her parent.  She has mental health issues, anger issues and oppositional defiant disorder. She doesn't want him to parent her nevertheless me.