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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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I need a face palm emoji

So, we made homemade pizzas for dinner tonight. It's something everybody likes to do and we do it a few times a year. I get everybodys preferred toppings together and we all get to build out own.

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Well, the meeting with the 24-year-old adult soon-to-be SD did not go well

Well, the meeting with the 24-year-old adult soon-to-be SD did not go well, as I expected after her postponing it for 2 months.

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Good Day w SKIDS

I picked them up today from school and we went to a coffee shop and played Uno for a couple of hours. No fighting only fun. Just wanted to share that since we so often don't mention good times.

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This wouldn't be me

Sappily sobbing at the Angel Soft commercial on Facebook, have you seen it?

Also sobbing knowing my SD22 will never admit how crappy she was to me and turn the corner like this girl/woman did.

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This HAS to be a joke, right???

She can't possibly be THIS stupid...???

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O/T - Confession: I'm a Disney Fur Mom.

My cat is a terrible brat. He doesn't scratch the furniture, or have litter box issues, or anything like that, but I've spoiled him really badly.

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Just talked to Aunt J.... SD17 lying as usual.... GAH!

Just had a LONG FB convo with Aunt J.... she just happened to message me with graduation information for SD in case we are coming down.

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O/T - Job Upgrade!

What's with all the good news about jobs?!

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My child is worth a broken X-Box and broken iPhone

Okay, so ExH agreed to sign over custody for my DS14 as long as he gave him back his broken XBox 360 he bought him for his 13th birthday and the iPhone 5s he gave him that has a broken screen.