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So we decided not to have a grad party for SD.  DH & BM decided we would each just give her the cash we would spend on a party instead of having a party.  I told DH I wasn't comfortable giving her straight up cash as it would be spent for tattoos, beer, cigarettes and drugs and when she needs something she won't have the money for it and will be looking to borrow money.  DH also wants for US to give her $500 cash.  I feel like that's a nice chunk of change for someone who doesn't deserve it.  I'm tired of arguing with my DH over her and I feel like I should just give in and give her the

Why do the littlest things bug me so bad lately???

Pickles45's picture

This weekend when my SO 13 year old daughter was here I called him from the grocery store. He was in the shower so she took it upon herself to answer his phone. I was instantly annoyed becuase a) what if after she picked up I said something inappropriate right away? (sometimes we play around with riskey comments) and b) my second thought was she could then go back and look at outrtexts and/or pics he has on his phone. This was the first time I have known her to tocuh his phone.

Dance Recital Update

LittleBoPeep's picture

Everything was totally fine! Whatever has prompted BMs recent change of heart made her act like a normal person at SDs recital, I'm still a little shocked lol.  We didn't talk to each other at all but there was no drama.  We stood back while BM and her family got some pictures with SD and once DH decided it was dragging out a bit too long he told SD it was time to go and she came with us, no problems. 

And just like that...Runaway is gone..

notsobradybunch's picture

SD17 lasted at GMAs less than 48 hours. When she picked her up she said she'd be staying a week, DH translated it to SDs way of escaping BFs house & family for good. WRONG. By Saturday afternoon BFs mother was picking her up. She got over there late Thursday evening, SD wanted DH there when she got there, but he didn't go. I assumed he would go over when he got off of work Friday so I made dinner plans with BS17 & we did a little bit of shopping...DH didn't go to see her. I was really surprised by this.

SD24 with the no car/license thing AGAIN

ntm's picture

SD24 is two years out of college, working part time at a coffee shop and is “perfectly happy working part time and not having a career job.” 

So of course she has no car and no license. Her equally loser boyfriend is a college dropout working part time with no car and no license. 

Well, DH nephew wedding is Saturday and as I predicted, a text came in to DH from SD asking if he could give her a ride. 

I thought we were free and clear. Wrong!

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As always MIL (who still has her guardianship at this point) insisted she had to have the skids this weekend. So they spent Friday night with her without incident. Saturday she said she had big plans and would be keeping them again over night. I knew we should have said no but she had already told the skids this is what all they were doing and blah blah blah. MIL also let it slip that the kids had been up past 10pm on Friday even though she knows they have an 8pm bed time and had complained that they had gotten up before 7AM. (Duh! That's why they have an 8pm bed time!)

Memorial Day Weekend and Possible Sighting of CankleCow

GageGirl439's picture

I don't even know where to begin. SD13,who I'll refer to as CankleCow from here on out, has been a piece of work since day one. I was warned by many about her tactics, including her own father (my DH) and her jealousy and manipulation. What do they expect?