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Good News For Once

justmakingthebest's picture

I let my exH know that I was seeing an attorney about child support last week. I didn't tell him the outcome of that meeting, but it was what we all thought- deciding to become a stay at home dad to your younger kids doesn't get you off the hook for child support for your older kids. Based on their calculations, I would likely actually get closer to $400/ mo more if he does take me back. 

I just got a message (which makes me think he met with a more local lawyer) that they will not be re-evaluating child support and he will continue with the current order.

Chapter 15, Part 1: Thanksgiving 2018 - The Beginning of the End

caninelover's picture

I do love Thanksgiving.  It is really my favorite holiday because it so food-centered.  I don’t really like messing around with modern recipes and prefer the traditional ones:  turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc.  I also do not skimp on using butter and cream because this is the one day of the year I want to be completely gluttonous. 

Saw BM Over the Weekend

Ursula's picture

So after BM texted me her nasty message last week, I saw her over the weekend at the kids gymnastics.  We made a point to get there on the late side (SDs class ends at the same time my daughters class starts, so it's not possible that we won't see BM).  I had to laugh because BM called me fat in her message to me, and she is bigger than me.  SD tried to give me a hug but I occupied myself with getting my DD ready for her class.

SD enrolled at school in our state but living in home state with BM?

sadlonelyone's picture

I posted the other day that BM couldn't get SD back into her old charter school and now instead of sending SD to a public school back home, BM says SD will continue going to the school she's in online until the end of the year. That she is failing and refuses to do the work or acknowledge that lack on trying is indirectly failing. I don't like this at all but DH will probably agree to it.

I just cannot find anything I like about his kids....

Zeal3278's picture

I am new here- I am from PA.


My live in boyfriend of three years hates that I just don't like his kids.

1. 20 year old son, adopted, still cannot graduation high school and molested his two biological kids.  We have NOTHING to do with him.

2. 16 year old daughter who dropped us like hot potatos 1.5 years ago and only starts talking to her dad around Christmas. I have a daughter the same age and they cannot stand one another- terrible jealously


New here. Would love some insights.

Naina's picture

Hi, everyone. I am new to this website. I have stumbled across this page while helping out a friend who is going to be a step in near future(She's American). We've been reading a lot of blogs and forming a generalized view of how people deal with things. I absolutely have no intentions to offend anyone but there's some stuff that has been bothering me. Mostly about dad and daughter's relationships. My parents are together for almost 30 years now. I am 20 years old and I have an older sister who is 28 years old. We are very close family.

I have never BEEN so happy it’s Sunday

Ashleytenorio17's picture

You guys ! This weekend was by FAR the worst weekend with SD 11 in a long time !! Just when I think it's not so bad , SD has to royally screw up a weekend! I'm sure y'all saw my drama with the paper / tag and the plushie! Oh so many plushies !!! After DH told her and told her so many times to keep her stuff togehter and to put here plushies up high ( she just HAS to keep bringing them every weekend it's a new plushies to leave at our house ) she still does not listen!