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Crazy kicked SD out and somehow she is still MOTY

TrueNorth77's picture

This has to be the pinnacle of parental alienation/manipulation. To kick your daughter out of the house with nowhere to go, DH saves her, and yet Crazy is still mother of the year. 

After SD-almost-15 called the cops on DH a month ago, it's been radio silence from her AND Crazy, until a message last week from Crazy saying SD tried to commit the bathroom...with a lanyard.... and SD told Crazy about it a few days later. 

This bugs the bejesus out of me.....I mean really

halo1998's picture recap..SD the last of the Beaver spawn has turned 18 and graduated high school.  Thank heavens.... running for worst mother...

1. Stole money from SD, took money out of an account that Beaver was guardian on.  Never replaced the tune of almost 3k.

Here is what I have learned after 20 years...

used2beRutherford's picture

The nightmare never ends in StepHell as long as you continue to stay. There is no winning here, only different degrees of losing. Even when the SKids age out, your problems never go away. They end up coming at you about how you damaged them in their childhood, even through they spent all of it being sh*tty to you while you did your best to be loving and supportive.

There is no way out of this nightmare. Unless you die or get divorced. That's what I've learned.


It's time to find a new hairdresser

used2beRutherford's picture

For years, I've been going to Starry to get my hair done. But I'm thinking about finding someone new. It's time for me to start setting some boundaries, especially when it comes to my mental health and emotions. She has always done a great job on my hair, but I am no longer comfortable with her doing it. 

I feel bad that I hate my stepsons living with me

lostcause98's picture

I know this all will make me sound like an awful person, but I (38M) joined this community so I can get this off my chest without hurting my wife (42F) of 9 years. I HATE my stepsons living with me!! I don't hate them as people, but I hate them living at my house. I have two stepsons (one is 19 and the other is 16). My wife and I also have two sons together (age 8 and 6). The stepsons have hardly anything to do with their biodad (45M) because he is...well honestly, a bum and a loser.


RockyRoads's picture

Can anyone tell me what is involved with golf in high school ?  I don't even know what season it is played in.  How many,  do you call it , games ?  How about practices?  What all are parents responsible for buying? Do you go and watch them play?

Next Drama - don’t even think after 18 is going to get easier!

step-out's picture

This drama has gone on for years with one drama leading to another with adult SD. She absolutely can NOT do anything without calling everyone in her little circle of the only people who can truly tolerate her which includes DH. If I give any opinion to DH, I'm squashed in 5 minutes. I just can't even believe that some parents can not just be straight with their adult "children" - give their honest opinion and set personal boundaries. 

Baseball — kids these days

Hastings's picture

SS13 is with BM this week and DH got a text from her saying SS fell and hurt his knee ice skating today, so won't be at his baseball game tonight.

DH was annoyed because for years now, coaches have been consistent in telling parents "don't take the kids swimming or for big physical activities on game days." Also, SS has never been ice skating. Of course he was going to fall.

SD asking if her sister can come to our house

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

SD comes tomorrow for her 8 weeks of summer with us. Well DH calls me this morning and tells me that SD audio messaged him and asked if her sister can come on the plane with her tomorrow. DH didn't yet respond to her so maybe a half hour later she calls me and I picked up the phone. SD says "my sister wanted me to ask if she can come with me to your house." I told SD "remember we talked about this. Your dad is not your sister's dad so she can't come. You are coming to see your dad." So SD just says "okay, bye!" all excitedly. She didn't seem mad or upset about what I said.

OT - Depression vs. Valid reason to be sad

ICanMakeIt's picture

How would you all differentiate between depression and having a valid reason to be sad?

My mother has just begun hospice and my sister's cancer has spread and her timeline has now been shortened to months to a year for survival vs. the 3-5 years best case she was given previously.

I will say, it sure puts the whole blended family dynamics and ridiculousness we all deal with in a new light of stupid and time wasteful. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.