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O/T: DD23 has planned a solo trip

Evil4's picture

My DD recently turned 23. She has been self sufficient for a long time. She went to her university town to visit a friend when she barely turned 18, then went to uni in another province. She made friends with her dorm mates and has traveled to another province for fun winter sports in a snowy province. She thinks nothing of picking up and traveling to go visit friends or planning on trips with friends. However, she has recently booked a hotel for Everett, WA from Vancouver Island and wants to do a solo trip. People I am freaked out! Not at the place, of course.

Complexities of finding a job (apparently).. Could use advice

Yesterdays's picture

Ok there's something that's been simmering... I've got quite the busy life with my cancer tx appointments, husband and 3 teens in high school... 

I want my 3 teens (14,16,16) to all have summer jobs. For 2 reasons.. Saving money for University and keeping busy over the summer (aka not scrolling social media and playing video games...)

I grew up working full summers in the fields starting at age 10 and onward. By the time I was their age I had various summer jobs.. At factories and waitressing.. My kids have not had a job as of yet.

Sloppy Summer Schedule H#LL

Lillywy00's picture

Why is this dudes son still here after the holiday weekend? Why wasn't I consulted that he wouldn't be dropped off with his sibling like he should have been. 

Why do these bio kids with MULTIPLE kids take them back seperately instead of TOGETHER. Like no, it's not easier with less number of your kids, its easier with NONE of your kids.....

Why aren't these bio parents not using their court ordered visitation and just willy nilly sloppily scheduling their summer parenting?

Finally cut off last narcissistic step child

Amberlynn's picture

Been with dh for 20 years.  We have our own two kids.  

His two daughters have been lying terrible people for years.  The oldest we cut off years ago as she made it clear we were to bow at her feet in order to see DHs grandchild.  Let her say & do as she pleased to us or be accused of "starting drama" 

I just don't know own why

Aly Fran's picture

So my DH and SD went to the mall and DH bought a new phone.

SD insisted on helping her dad set up this new phone.

A screenshot was taken (probably accidentally) where Google account was successfully uploaded onto the phone (which means his Google photos, files, etc was uploaded after she entered his Gmail).

Upon reaching home DH discovered that all of his pictures from Google photos of me, him and I and our daughter was deleted. 

Nothing important but wanted to share

Crr18's picture

This is really nothing but have to share it with people who get it. We have a porch light that comes on when it gets dark. Inside the house it is on a wall switch with two other switches. We bought a clear cover for the switch it is on so we don't accidentally turn it off. You literally have to use your little finger to get in behind it to turn it off. No way can it be switched off unless it is on purpose.  We went out of town for one night with SS for baseball and SD stayed her to watch the pets.

Can I get a feedback on this conversation between a father and daughter

Aly Fran's picture

Daughter: Way u?

Dad: Home

Daughter: Are you alone?

Dad: No I'm having a few drinks with some friends.

Daughter: your woman out the road by she family?

Dad: No

Daughter: She dey in your mother house?

Dad: No

Daughter: well enjoy yourself.

Dad: with what?

Daughter: whatever you doing.

Dad: ok

Daughter: you ain't work today you stay home to love up with your dodo darling.

Dad: ( sends a voice note explaining why he didn't work that day "which was due to the weather" )

Yayy (NOT) it's almost June

missgingersnap2021's picture

I hate June. Why becuase every year Fathers Day falls on the "off weekend" of SD being here so now she will be here 3 weekends in a row! No she wont be here that whole wekeend but tis just the point that she will be here at least that Sunday. I just can't believe with her being 3 months shy of 19 this whole EOW visitation is still happening!

Ss23 wants to play family

SMto3's picture

I find it interesting that now that SS23 is having a child, it seems like he’s starting to want the family I thought we could always be. It’s either that, or he’s trying to continue his manipulations with us. I created a family group text about 2 years ago to promote cohesiveness and better communication with us and while he tried to communicate a couple of times, it was never really consistent. The only ones truly consistent in those group chats were myself and DD. I sort of stepped away from it seeing as the boys never really responded.