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How to save my 10yo step daughter and husband from their own destructive behavior before it ruins our family

BlendedFamilyMom2022's picture

My new 10yo step daughter is manipulative, conniving, dishonest, fake and a bit of a gossip-trash talker in the family. She falsly victimizes herself and lies to turn family members against eachother. The hardest part is her father is completely manipulated by her.


More evidence BM can never tell the truth to save her life

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

I believe I posted about this topic a couple months back pertaining to our older dog. BM adopted a dog when DH was deployed and her older daughter was turning 1. DH came home to a puppy with no paperwork and just the word of BM on where she came from, being spayed, etc. When DH left BM, he took the dog because like the children, DH took majority care of the dog too, plus BM wasn't taking good care of her whenever DH was away.

What was the breaking point

Crr18's picture

I am wondering since there are so many SMs on here that all seem to have so many of the same issues with DHs and them doing whatever it takes to not make the BM mad Have fear of them not ever seeing their children again. What was the breaking point that either made you stay or leave the relationship? Or if nothing has ever changed and you are able to deal with the dysfunction? I am leaving my situation because I can't emotionally handle it . I am just curious.

Off to School

Persephone_'s picture

My SD is off to school in another state but will come home on breaks. My DH is devastated, they have a very enmeshed relationship and reality is slapping him in the face. I think he'd prefer to live with SD for the rest of his life and kick us all out if he could. SD is happy and excited to leave of course. She goes along with the enmeshment but I know she gets annoyed by her dad constantly spending every second with her (she told me in confidence).

Feeling the effects of brutal honesty

More Coffee Please's picture

No need to get into a long winded background story so I'll sum it up by saying that SS17 acted like a spoiled brat (again). However, instead of letting it go (again) I lost it and word vomitted every feeling I've been bottling up about DHs kids for the past 4 yrs to DH. SS and SD were at BM's so it was all aimed directly at DH.

Update to SD moving and her college plans

missgingersnap2021's picture

So DH and I had two very long exhausting "conversations" about him yet again not communicating with me. Tuesday night was more him ranting where he tried to gaslight me and go off topic about things that were NOT the issue. I kept my composure and decided to hold my ground and talk about it some more yesterday where we had a more adult conversation where I calmly tried to tell him how I felt. I told I am asking for communication and that this is a normal expectation in a marriage. I said if he can't then I dont see how we can have a future. (I feel like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.

Exciting changing up SS17's room

justmakingthebest's picture

I was scrolling FB a couple of days ago and apparently there is one Foreign Exchange Student left this school year without a host family for our school district. The group was begging for help. It is a girl from Spain, 16 yrs old. I got on the phone with DH (He is TDY for 3 weeks) and told him I really wanted to do this. We have the room, he is going to be gone non-stop anyway- what's one more teen when we have 3??