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Public Service Announcement

Seems like it's time for another public service announcement regarding the StepTalk Terms of Use policies and the behaviors we will not tolerate.

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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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Not a peep about Rehab...

BM was supposed to start yesterday...

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What's your take on this? I'm not sure how concerned I should be.

SD8 was here for her two weeks of summer visitation. DD3 has now been doing a lot of things she picked up from spending time with SD.

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SD15 may have gone too far!

Please tell me I am overreacting. Please. Backstory..She has lied to a boy about her age and he could get into trouble for having a relationship with her.

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OT-follow up to my last OT

So this past weekend my mom went away on a horseback riding trip with her friends. She does this fairly often. Her best friend's daughter, Mary, generally coordinates these trips.

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OT online college

current status: overwhelmed, dread

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O/T for Dog owners- pup or rescue

I'm hoping this doesn't turn ugly-but I've seen a lot of debate about this issue. I am in the process of researching and contacting reputable breeders for a new addition to the family.

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The beginning of our end

I originally told the story of my 2nd anniversary with my XH on another member's blog post, but I thought it would make a nice full entry for my first original post.

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Welcome to Adulthood SD20!

SD20 just moved in with her bf, Troglodyte.
The bf my DH (and his coworkers) cannot stand (they worked together for a few months).