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Public Service Announcement

Seems like it's time for another public service announcement regarding the StepTalk Terms of Use policies and the behaviors we will not tolerate.

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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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O/T Roku

I'm a huge Olympics fan, and I heard they are broadcasting a record number of events and hours this year. I usually record everything.

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Irritated with DH over comment to SD

DH's adult kids live 10-12 hours away. Both are adults.

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How do I address this?

I've already had a discussion with DH about how I do not want SS11 in our bedroom.

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Back at it...

I had a medical emergency and this is 2nd day back on ST. Seems I missed alot so if someone can fill me in as to why everyone is pissed at Tommar and who else did we lose from ST.

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Kids and money savvieness-or lack there of

How can we teach kids how to be money savvy? Is it just inherent or can we teach it?

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reproductive question here

exactly how common or uncommon is it to get preggers if DH had a vasectomy say, 5-7 years ago?

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OT - Freaky Friday

What's something...unusual that you like?

Crinkle-cut French fries dipped in applesauce. They MUST be crinkle-cut. Taste like a fried apple pie.

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Should I even be this offended?

So for over 2 weeks SS7 has been pretty darn great. I mean, I thought we had turned a corner and were on the way to happily ever after land. I was dead wrong.