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Don’t Bring That Mess In Here - Pt 2

Lillywy00's picture

Holding disrespectful skids and their inconsiderate bio parents accountable.....

Delusional No-Boundary Guilt Riddled Disneyland Dad decides to feed his aggressively needy kids food at 10:45 pm (after I reminded him earlier in the day to give them a meal so they wouldn't be hungry late-night and be disruptive by foraging for food during quiet hours  

I am not crazy!

Cover1W's picture

So remember when I discovered my almost new jar of missing molasses? 

WELL, the other day when I was going to make more bread (I do this frequently so I know what I have in the cupboard) - my almost new bag of flour was gone. I had to double check because I just recently used up a bag, and used part of the new one. There's no way I could have used that big bag (I buy large bags) and not known it.

Homecoming Dance

Crr18's picture

The Homecoming dance is today. Both skids are going . Neither child has told SO when they will be getting pictures if they need rides etc. SO has been hounding them because he will have to do something. But SO again withheld information because BM text and ask him if he was going to be able to help with SS because SD is getting her pictures at 3:45. I know that SO is withholding the information because he knows I will be ticked that BM is the one letting him know and he doesn't have the balls to stand up to her. Wish me luck because I don't know if I can keep my mouth shut. 

Note to Skids - Opt Out!

Lillywy00's picture

Is it just me or am I the only one relieved when Skids OPT OUT of overnight visitations.

Dudes who have multiple kids is just ...:: whew! Double/triple/quadruple etc the headaches, battles, eggshells in your own home, and drains on your resources 

As I've mentioned it's not necessarily those skids per say (although they do have their annoying moments) but their idiotic parents who have horrid parenting skills and make life unnecessarily tumultuous for everyone around them  

This dude seems to think having just one of his kids is easier. 

BM being difficult about calls

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

I have posted on here many many times about how BM is difficult to schedule calls with SD. Well, she's back at it again. DH backed off the number of calls a bit for the last year because of how difficult it was scheduling calls, but now DH is trying to go back to the number of calls he used to make which is the same amount of calls/frequency BM made all summer long. This is now the second weekend in a row that BM is being extremely difficult to schedule a call.

My in-laws are Team BM

justwanttobedone's picture

DH and I have been married two years now. BM has full custody, and DH and I have fallen into a rhythm with his 15-year-old kid that works for us. In the beginning I did a lot to help DH AND BM, but it was thankless, and suddenly I found myself babysitting when I didn't want to and paying for things that I didn't want to pay for - many times out of sheer expectation rather than a request - so I stopped. SS is almost 15.5, so we only have to do this 2.5-ish more years. I have heard from BM only a few times in the six years that DH and I have been together.

My Kid Came Out as Trans

Rumplestiltskin's picture

I know several on here have dealt with skids who are trans, so you may have some experience. My daughter told me last night that she (who I will refer to as they from here on) is trans and plans to go forward with transitioning when they turn 18, which is in a few months. They want to start taking testosterone and have a double mastectomy, though they say they don't want "bottom surgery" for a while, maybe never. They also stated they have been going by a different name for over a year to their friends and said my son (away at college) also knows and is accepting.