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Happy New Years - update and upwards

I havent been here for a while - holidays, work, and all the other stuff. I really missed all the stories and learning, and also, felt that somehow perhaps I can help support others.

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SS and GF in car accident

So I look on FB and SS's GF had posted about them being in an accident last night. It was a rollover and she went out the back windshield because she wasn't wearing her seat belt.

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Really Hating that DH Knocked Up BM

I mean, not recently. The story isn't THAT interesting.

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We're starting a visitation schedule...

BM has been pretty good of late. She's seen ss a handful of times recently...

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OT: Believe in ESP?

Do you believe in ESP and do you ever get it?

I definitely believe in it because I get it! My Grandma (my mom's mom) also had it.

Some examples:

I knew when my BF was in labor.

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OT - bourbon balls

I have the WORST craving for bourbon balls. NOT the icky kind made with crushed Nilla Wafers or Oreos - blech!!! I'm talking about RAL bourbon balls.

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Feeling guilty that I hate the weekends my SD is here

I don't really know how to begin this.

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Frustrated wtih DH Job Loss Part 2 I talked to DH

If you read my first blog, DH is ready to pack up and move half way across the country due to a job loss. The move is NOT a good financial move for us but DH seems to be he$$ bent on moving.

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Apologies, Lies and Disappearing Acts

So, BM had been pretty consistent in texting SS every day. She would ask him what he was doing, and almost every day ask him if she can take him to lunch.

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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Can you believe we're already halfway through January?!