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need help with poor marriage to women with step children

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SS10 wants to stay with DH

Well I foresee some conflict with BM in the future. She's been publicly humiliated by SS10 and so will lash out at him and DH. SD11's school conferences were today.

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I'm pregnant, with old eggs n doc put me at high risk because I had two miscarriages since 2014. One each year. The house is disgusting n my morning sickness is off the charts.

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Tried to have a good day.

Really tried to focus on work, keep my sense of humor and whimsy today but just couldn't do it. Drove home from work just feeling pissed at everything.

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There is a lot of history but this the most recent incident that led to a fight between SO & I.

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Not Pregnant

Boo Sad super sad actually. If I was pregnant this month I'd be 12 weeks at Christmas and I had a cute idea to announce it Sad

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Has anyone's feelings towards their skids changed over time to positive feelings?

I'm asking because I find myself annoyed every time DH talks about his kids or I see pics of them. They are all out of our home now.

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Dr. Phil yesterday - anybody watch it?

I was home early from work yesterday and I happened upon Dr. Phil. Anybody see it?

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Emotional Manipulators

So I get emails at work from Talent Smart because of a team building exercise we did a few years ago. Today I got this one and wanted to share with the group. Paint, I was thinking about you sweetie!

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It just keeps getting worse

Exdh moved out and is now suing me for full custody of our dd. DD is now acting out by refusing to get out of bed in the morning and sometimes refusing to go to school on my days.