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Somedays I just need to breath

Left out mama's picture

My SD9 is a sweet kid, but sometimes I wonder how she is going to make it.

She cannot seem to  focus on more than one thing at a time. I know that is normal but this kid litterally cant walk and chew gum at the same time some days (some days she is very focused and can do amazing things. She has balanced on one food on an excercise ball and held that position whle having a conversation like it was nothing) bust o fthe time she is clumsy tho.

OT - Update

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

So it's been a bit, I've been in Indiana on a business trip, currently in 5 inches of snow and LOVING it (coworker not so much.  BUt I'm calling it Karma since he's been a d***.)

I officially got tax return money TODAY.  The lawyer has been paid, he's doing one more review of the papers, then we sign and we're done (assuming STBX doens't pull any s***, which let's be real... He probs will... BUT, I have proof of the infidelity, so I'd win in court.  I'll ahve the divorce either way).  I also recoupped the money STBX owed me from last month BEFORE I sent him anything.  SO yay me.


Sam2's picture

He continues to do things that makes me wonder.     One morning bright and early, his dad wasn't even dressed yet and the sun was just rising he comes up and speaks directly to his dad, no acknowlegement .   He asked his dad if he was going to be working on his car that day.  His dad replied yes but later .  SS replied that he needed to clean out his car and proceded to get a trash bag and go out to his car , two minutes later comes back in and goes right downstairs with said trash bag.  Comes back up and is seen wiping down the seat of his car.  The car was right in my field of vision from

Why would the school call and not leave a message?

Chmmy's picture

The school called where SS13 and SS11 go. I was on the other line with a friend so I didnt answer.  You would think they would leave a message. I got no message but ten minutes later while I was still in the same phone call DH called. I'm not home and don't want to go back toward home to pick up fake sick kids or even sick kids so I didn't answer that phone call either. 

I left my house at 8am this morning to get away. Sd20 is a slob and Im not cleaning up after her so I left. Im not running back for the skids. Call their mother. She's smart,  she won't answer either. 

On sharing and isolation

Tin Can Zen's picture

(I'm still exploring the formatting. Lmk if it didn't work so I can try something different next time.)


 It is nice to officially have an account here. Like I could offload some of the stuff that takes my breath away and makes me feel like I fell into an alternate dimension where everything is the opposite of what I think I know.


OT - Woman Wednesday

Aniki's picture

Happy Hump Day, STalkers. Hella long week. It's about halfway through the day for me and I can taste Friday like an habanero pepper on a cut on my tongue. 

I know some of us are having a time right now, so I thought I'd share a couple of things from r.m. drake. Please feel free to share something that speaks to you or you find uplifting on a dark day.


"you have everything you need. yes, right now you feel a little empty and a little broken but you won't feel like that forever. count your blessings. so many people have it worse."



FINALLY Good Court news

justmakingthebest's picture

This was the "are you guilty or not hearing" for contempt- so glad we didn’t go.


Judge was PISSED at BM's attorney for writing the order wrong. Ours will submit his order that we helped write today and that will be the true order.


We have to be out there for the actual hearing on March 13th. There will be testimony. BM's Lawyer tried to put SS on the stand to say he didn’t want to go, but Our Lawyer told the judge and BM's attorney that it didn’t matter what SS wanted, there was an order and BM violated it. The JUDGE AGREED!


Update - won't be up long

susanm's picture

DH walked out last night after a long and seriously nasty fight.  This has been coming for a while.  We just have not been able to recover from the damage done from all the years of the skids ripping us apart.  Even though they are gone, their presence continues through the phone and constant needs for attention.  And now this latest fiasco with yet another of my possessions having been ruined.  He actually said that I was "controlling and trying to dominate him" after literally everything has been his way and revolved around him and his kids for the past decade.  If it wasn't so insane and