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So, why do YOU stay?

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

There was a comment on my last blog that kind of made me feel like I had to explain my reason for staying with my DH. The comment wasn’t rude or anything... it was worded respectfully, but it got me thinking! I see so many of us here complaining about how we don’t like our stepkids or how our partner is a bad parent or how the BM causes problems, etc. So, why do YOU stay?

Rundown of BMs meetup with my friend

Jcksjj's picture

So I posted before about BM contacting my friend and wanting to meet up. Well friend didnt really want to go but she didnt want to cancel on the other girl going (who is also someone I know but am not close to). She messaged me about all of it the whole time and even though I'd rather not hear about BM on a regular basis, it was amusing and confirmed everything I thought about her:

- as soon as they got there BM started talking incessantly about herself, bragging about how she never wears makeup and is such a "mombie" (she has one 8 year old half time)

Sunday Mishap

MisundertsoodMa's picture

Today my step daughter was trying to cut a water bottle with a steak knife. After I had told her that she was not to cut anything. She ended up cutting my step son on his arm. I was very upset because I knew something like this would happen that why i told her do not cut anything. My wife is upset with me because he got hurt on my watch and I understand. How am I suppose to do anything about it. If i had already to her no to cutting anything and she went behind my back anyways to do it. Need some advice. Any thoughts?

She wants OUR bags.

NotThatTypical's picture

Hi, I've been snooping here for a while after google searching stepparent support. I've wanted to ask advice for a while but I've seen a lot of judgment and I know with my family being the way I'm really worried about it.

However I decided to go ahead and give it a try since this has nothing to do with what makes us different. The kiddos are in scouts and of course they have camping trips. BM will be taking them to the next one. She wants us to give them the camping bags we made for the kids this year.

Sunday Funday

whyme33's picture

im currently in our room with the door shut to get some peace while SD10 has been on a group call with 2 of her friends on speaker phone playing some game. Going on 2 hours now and nothing but yelling and screaming. DH is in living room with her watching football. 

Update and question on modification

Cbarton12's picture

I cant remember when I was last here. I've been gone as there hasnt been anything to vent and I had a medical procedure I was recovering from. Nothing serious. 

When summer ended, some of the stress alleviated plus i have disengaged more which has helped me feel happier in my own home and enjoy spending time with SD without worrying about her behavior etc. 

Also DH FINALLY had the final hearing for the modification he filed and BMs counter petition. Now it's just waiting for the judge's decision. 

DH finally seemed to get it yesterday!

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

For the first time in a while, I actually felt like my DH and I were on the same “team.” He actually recognized his daughter’s manipulative behavior and understood how it affects me and why it bothers me so much. He was actually genuinely bothered by it, too! He actually admitted that he sees who she is growing up to be. The only thing is that he feels like she can change her ways and I disagree. She is like a miniature version of her useless BM and she would have to alter her entire personality and perspective... it’s not just one or two things to improve on.


Steptalker2's picture

SDs birthday is coming up soon. I feel this horrible pressure to celebrate it with DH and SS. In addition I feel horrible pressure to purchase a gift for her. DH said the decision to buy her a gift for her birthday should not be dependent on how she treats me because then the act of giving a gift was not genuine; rather it’s transactional. 

What is the chance of being happy

Stephen William's picture

I saw her in a Celtic bar in the Gorbals , south side of Glasgow, I fell in love instantly,her gaze was hypnotising, I had been through a hard time then followed that with a self indulged melt down, I got it together and found out what its like to fall in love,,we were happy , she has 3 kids to 3 dad's, makes no difference to me, I'm now in love,, she  helped me get back to having access to my kids,all the while I worked tirelessly to be part of her kids lives,I still do and have father son and daughter relationship with them ,in the last few years as my relationship with my son grows my wi

That stupid “everyone feel sorry for me” face

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

Am I the only one with a SD that constantly makes the “everyone feel sorry for me” face? She does this ALL the time. But most especially when my mother is around. We all happened to be at the same place this morning and she didn’t eat her breakfast but she wanted chips and candy. She was told that she couldn’t have any without eating her breakfast first, so she sat and did her overused, ugly, super pathetic “everyone feel sorry for me” face. My mother babies her to no end and literally TELLS ME AND HER FATHER how things are going to go.