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From no contact to contact every day

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

When BM gave DH SD's phone number almost a month ago, both DH and I texted SD. We knew SD got a phone for Christmas as did SD's teacher, but BM did not give the number until SD started spending a whole weekend at BM's parent's house because of BM's new job and said the phone was so SD could better communicate with DH by text and phone. BM said that SD had the phone after school until an hour before bed.

OT. Gisele on co parenting with Bridgette

MissK03's picture

Clearly BuzzFeed isn't a source of "news" but this article is hilarious. So far from reality.

My favorite line from this article is this..

Tom and Gisele welcomed their children Benjamin and Vivian in 2009 and 2012, respectively. And now, she says her experience co-parenting Jack with Bridget is helping to inform how she will navigate custody with Tom post-divorce.

Well SD will not be attending any normal 4 year college

halo1998's picture

In addition to the abismal grades..her SAT score came in...980.  That will not get her into any traditional 4 year school.  Just like DH has been saying.  I feel for DH..he is a smart man for the most part (except for relationships..he has no clue on those)....and to have two kids that are well...dumb as a hard on him.  Neither skid got any of his brains....they are both just like Beaver.


So...SD's best bet is community college and then maybe transfer.



thinkthrice's picture

I go to a specialist about once a year and in doing so I have to drive past a mall that has a particular store that we used to frequent when the three ferals were visiting.

First of all I can't believe we drove that far to get to the store.  The endless amount of gas wasted driving the brats around was incredible.  I just want to shudder when I drive by there.

Just UGH!

SD Update - BM, School, & Spring Break

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

DH messaged BM today to check in with her to make sure she was aware SD's flight departs at 7 am this Saturday. Since SD has only made 1 flight out of 4 flights on the day SD is supposed to fly to us and this is the first morning flight SD is getting on to us, DH is not leaving any chances for stupid excuses. Although, BM would still manage to give some if SD misses the flight. Anyways, BM is aware of the flight time, good, but then she has the AUDACITY to ask DH "before I forget please!!!

Did anyone else see this AITA reddit where the SD lied on the wife

NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture

and now the wife won't contibute to the SD's college fund anymore. I must say the commenters are like seasoned expert steptalkers.  I was very impressed and pleased that everyone pretty much had the wife's back.  It was refreshing.     Here's the post below

My 17 year old daughter lied on my wife.

Update on my resignation to plans

ESMOD's picture

So, I have tried to have some discussions about my concerns.. and some of it went ok.. some of it has been frustrating.

The frustration... Like we always hear when we push back.. "you hate my kid and grandkids".. yep.. he has said it.. and it's frustrating because he knows that I spent years helping him raise his kids.. financially, effort.. time... considering their needs on par with our own.. and making sacrifices through the years.. as a direct result of their existence.