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How do you relate to your skids?

htd_sh's picture

This may be a silly question.. but if you didn’t see my previous posts.. DH gets upset because skids and I don’t have a very good relationship. We don’t hate each other, we get along.. we just have nothing in common. 

We have NOTHING in common. I dont Think it’s specifically my skids, I just don’t know how to relate to kids.. like we have nothing in common. I think it’d be easier if they were girls. But two boys (5&7) obviously have no common interests with their late twenties stepmom. 

Tired of supporting the lazy

Nicole442's picture

This will be lengthy so I apologize in advance. SD18 who lives with us decided she wanted a new vehicle. Evidently the one we furnished her was not good enough. I was against the idea and made it clear that she needed to drive the one we gave her until she found a full time job. She was currently working a part time job. The vehicle we gave her was paid for. DH gave in to her and talked me into financing the new vehicle because his credit is crap.

Fed up

iamlosingit's picture

I'm allowed to be pissed.  I hate how his feckin spawn and DH lack of vehicle is pushed on me.  F this.  Thursdays DH usually goes to his grandma's for his 4 hour visitation because sitting in traffic is a "waste of visitation"...well DH still has no  SIL asked "am I dropping off SS at your place or grandma's?" And of course it has to be OUR place... because I shouldn't have to drive into the cities after work just to pick them up and drop fking SS off at BM....

What do they eat??

Letti.R's picture

Ok, for the past few weeks, I was having a hard time with the numbers on here.
What are your skids eating that they are so big?
Or is their size normal?
Height to weight ratios...
How are so many of them well over 200 pounds as teenagers?
Please don't give me a lecture on fat shaming because I am not interested.

On the verge of a divorce

ReeH's picture

It's only been 6 months since we've gotten married. From my previous blog you will notice I sometimes experience problems with my SSs. Tonight it went downhill. Certain things happened throughout the day that really switched my mood. The little things built up and I told DH about it tonight. Infront of the kids he told me they don't have to respect me, they don't have to listen to me and he would always put them infront of me. Those things lead me to say certain things I regret. I know the kids felt bad about it. I had no intention of creating a scene infront of the children.