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Dealing with baby fervor... AND Envy....

EireannStepmommy's picture

DH and I have been together going on 7 years. My SS is 9. We decided last year to have a baby. I got pregnant in October of 2018 and then had a miscarriage 1 day shy of my 2nd trimester last January. Although we have been trying for the last year I have been dealing with Thyroid issues for most of the year and it has added to the wait.

My Honouring is Continuing and Learning Moment for DH

Evil3's picture

So, I posted about being honoured during my birthday celebration by DH and SS. DH wrote a lengthy commentary thanking me for changing the course of our marriage and that I inspire him to be a better father and husband. SS28 also thanked me and SS, SDIL and I are as close as bios. I honestly see SS and SDIL as my own at this point. We have an amazing relationship despite my stunt to get him launched five years ago LOL.

Small win

ladybug3's picture

Nothing huge, but ever since court DH and I have silently been worried that BM won't follow the CO unless it suits her. Well, Memorial Day weekend was the first holiday since the CO that DH would be getting SS on time that normally wouldn't be his. BM typically gets him every single Monday, but the CO says that whichever parent has timesharing for that weekend also gets SS for the holiday. And this year that would be DH.

Step kids have a new sibling

Stepmom25's picture

Just carried my SD6 and SS3 to see their new baby sister at the women’s hospital. Of course, they had to see her through the window outside. Their mom FaceTimed us this morning and showed them the baby. I’m happy for all of them and seeing them get excited, but I am also a little sad. I don’t really want any kids of my own, but I still feel sad. I enjoy the freedom part of not having the kids full time, but I still feel sad. I’m trying to stay happy for the kids. I know this is their day and not about me.



pacuna's picture

So apparently to my husband I am cold hearted but yet I stepped up to help him raise his kids.  Now that his kids are adults I have encountered problems with him.  I don't talk to his kids for the same reason because I don't want no problems but talking or no talking to them, he still continues to say that I am the problem and that I am mean to his adult kids.  I recently had a miscarriage and I felt/feel alone.  When I told him the way I feel, he right away started attacking me about me being mean to his kids and not loving his kids.

Aaaaaaand she’s back

The_Upgrade's picture

BM crawled out of her hole to ask DH for photos of SD that she can use for “the party”. DH posted them off, received thanks, end of communication. It would be great if it really ends with that but sooner or later I know BM will resurface again with more passive aggressive crazy, then act like DH is being unreasonable if he ignores a reasonable request straight after. Just to refresh, the last contact from BM can be summed up as “how much money do you want to give me so SD can have the special birthday that she deserves, no way are you to show up and by the way fk you”.

OT - Tuesday Tunes

Aniki's picture

Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. 

Thought we might have a little fun with music. Here are the rules: Answer each category with a song name or lyric. No repeats and try not to use Google (it's tempting but try not to). Go with the first song that comes to mind or fill in your favorites. Might be a bit hard, but fun!

I did all song titles...

Something to Wear - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

Something to Drink - Whiskey In Mind

A Place - Walking In Memphis 

A food - Popcorn

An Animal - Eye Of The Tiger