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Would you get a tattoo of something your step kids wrote for you?

BlueDiamond1986's picture

My step daughter wrote me a note that said "Dear "my nickname" I love you". She written it like 5 years ago and I thought about getting it tattooed on me sometime. My husband and I get along great with his ex wife and her husband. We coparent great and go to the kids events together. Even if me and BM get along, would this be overstepping boundaries for me if I got the note tattooed? Should I be respectful and not do it? What are your thoughts? 


I hate Kansas Courts!

justmakingthebest's picture

I can't believe we are still dealing with the same shit from a year ago.

BM's attorney won't respond to ours for a court date. The judge told our Lawyer that last week since there was no response that he could pick the date. He went to pick the date and the judge came back and said to give them another week. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.

Welp - this could be messy

WalkOnBy's picture

Many of you know all about my story, but for those who don't, a quick recap.  Back in 2012, DH got full custody of ASS (then 14, now 25), KarateKid (then 12, now 23) and BabyVoice (then 10, now 20) because of the Beast's inability to allow him to exercise his parenting time and her complete refusal to foster a relationship between the children and DH.  The Beast was given visitation, which she never exercised and was eventually taken away from her.


NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Yesterday, DH got several lengthy text messages from FIL. What does this have to do with SD and BM you may ask. Well, FIL apparently did reach out to BM about trying to see SD now that they live within 30 minutes of each other again. DH's half sister is apparently going through a divorce, tried to kill herself, and so she has been living with FIL. Not only that, but she has some unemployed criminal boyfriend coming to FIL's house and she is doing meth. After talking with FIL, it seems he only saw SD at her Christmas program at school.

Am I Being a HCBM

Ursula's picture

I've posted her previously as a SM.  I'm divorced now, my exh and I have a 5 year old together.  When we divorced he said he wanted her half the time, I told him I didn't think that would work and he immediately said he didn't want to pay child support and told me he can't afford it.  I was okay with that, and hoped that he would use this time to get his life more together.  So I have primary custody and he pays no child support.  

Well that excuse didn’t last

AlmostGone834's picture

When Goofy and Little Idiot (SD22.5) were visiting for Christmas, one of the many gifts that they received was a restaurant gift certificate. When they opened it up, Goofy exclaimed, "Well this we will definitely use! We are always ordering DoorDash!" Of course, Little Idiot immediately stammered "Er... well... that's because we can't cook at home, you know, because of (Goofy's mom's bf)....he makes using the kitchen awkward... we would cook obviously when we have our own place"

Staying in soul-sucking relationships

grannyd's picture

Leaving my spoiled, selfish, ex-husband was traumatic. We had a young son together and enjoyed a good lifestyle with two respectable incomes; he was a marine engineer and I was a high-ranking civil servant.

When we married, my two daughters were preteens. As much as folks exaggerate claims about their bio children, my girls were ‘A’ students, exceptional athletes, hard workers (they had jobs outside the home since each of them were fourteen years old) and had been washing dishes, doing laundry and prepping meals from the time that they were capable; four and five years old.