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Reason #134 I'll Give my Sons to Not 'Stick Your Wick' In Crazy

Well since the Super Ninja Lice didn't do the trick, we now have POLICE!

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O/T- I'm trying so hard not to be that BM

I am really trying not to be that BM- you know,the one who complains or sticks her nose in her ex's businesses. We deal with so much crap from BM that I don't want to ever be like her.

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O/T interview update

I can not believe how nervous I was. My anxiety level was through he roof. I arrived 30 minutes early and walked around to calm my self down. I was a little bummed out from the get go.

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Anyone have experience with an Uromastyx lizard?

I've been wanting to get something for a while... I have a large terrarium, and recently cleaned it out and got it set up ready to receive.

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Advice on CS please!

When DH and BM split, they agreed to 50/50 custody with no CS going either direction.

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Update and NYC this weekend

Hi Everyone,

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Child Support Rant

Talking to a co-worker today, she mentioned a friend of hers who currently isn't working and living off of child support.

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Bm and her ex dh going on 8th grade trip

This is happening to my best friend. Her dh got selected to be a parent chaperone for his sons 8th grade trip.

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OT- Cute BS & step dad story

So my BS9 has a pretty good relationship with my husband, they are buddies. My husband is a huge help with BS and really enjoys being a step dad.

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Setting the rules

Hi everyone,