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UGH when will this END: A long sordid take from the other side of the step hell.

mommadukes2015's picture

So it's been a few months since MIL's passing. I can't remember if I posted and took it down, but I'm February we learned that MIL's partner of 15 years had secretly remarried a 25 year old woman with a 1 year old. 

I mean, people grieve differently and that is what it is, but here's what really frosts my cupcake. 

Is this a little strange?

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So we normally get SD10 EOW but with the whole stay at home order we decided to keep SD the weekend and this week. SD is usually the center of attention ( or tries to be) when she is here. DHand I have DD 9 months DS3 and BS8 so while I'm working 9 hours from home DH is In charge of DD and DS . I get BS8 on learning from home. Well I guess SD doesn't like the attention the smaller kids are getting and has really been up DHs butt to the point where it's annoying DH and he tells her he has to help me with the kids so I can works.

Does anyone ever feel bad for BM?

TheEvilStepmomStrikesBack's picture

Let's not get it twisted, I seriously dislike SS's BM and I think she's getting everything she deserves Karma wise, but I do sorta kinda in a way (a very SMALL way; like super teeny tiny way) feel bad for her. 

It must suck to know that you left a good man (Alrhough DH definitely has flaws he is a good man) for a guy that treats you like crap and will never marry you because he knows you're the unfaithful type. 

it must suck that the person who you trusted to help you is the one that took advantage and continues to do so. 

First Time StepGirlfriend dealing with jealousy, resentment. HELP

Mistygo1's picture

Hello! I am 24 and dating a single dad with a 7 year old daughter. She has some behavioral issues, does not respect me and is very sarcastic and makes fun. She LOVES me but she does not give me parental respect. (As im typing this she just came in the room and was being disrespectful). She only wants to obey her father, mother and her mother's girlfriend. Bf and I have been together a year and live together. I love him so much. He is quite a closed off person and does not show a lot of love and affection, which has hurt me a lot and caused many fights.


Can I opt out of a relationship with my 18yo SD???

SKIDSarekillingme2's picture

I’m new so I hope this isn’t too much to start with…I just think putting it all in writing might help me. I could also really use some feedback from someone that understands SKIDS dynamics. Here is as basic of history of my life with my SKIDS.  I started dating my DH over 11 years ago.  At the time we started dating his two daughters were 7 and 2 years old and I had a 4-year-old daughter (yes 3 girls lol). My ex and I have a very good relationship and co-parent easily. My daughter has a great relationship with both her dad and me.


One word or two?

Chmmy's picture

After the laundry incident yesterday with SD17, she posts one of those 'describe me in one word' things on Facebook. Her mom, who has little to do with her, posts "one word is not enough...blah blah blah" I wanted to chime in to one word is not enough unless cunt biscuit is one word, which i just text my DH, he says it is two. It would be so funny to post something like that but not til Im able to move out. Laundry incident is below if interested

Dating and scarred from past relationship

Sarah3703's picture


I was a stepmom. I was married for 2 years. 

Finances were separate. He wanted it that way.

He paid for "extras" for his kids and child support. Which is fine. It's his money, but was hard seeing his daughter with Starbucks, designer clothes, hair and nails done all the time. I don't make a lot of money. I hardly made my half of rent. So I went without a coat one year. Again, it's my fault. I have a bad job and he makes 4 times more than me.


BM is at it again

justmakingthebest's picture

DH is supposed to have weekly facetime calls with SS. They were first suggested at 8:30pm one day a week, he suggested a day. Suggestion from the GAL - never an order. At first that was fine, 9:30 pm our time was later than we liked because we are up at 5:30am but not out of the question. Now DH is up at 4 am. Staying up until 10pm to be able to have a talk and then do his journal about it is ridiculous. He has a very high risk job in the navy. Peoples lives depend on him being able to think clearly. 9/10 times SS doesn't answer anyway so he is staying up for NOTHING.

OT - lifelong favoritism (cont.)

Iamwoman's picture

It's been exactly one week since I last spoke with my mother and she blatantly showed her favoritism (Ser last blog). The last thing she said to me was, "I'll call you back," even though I said she didn't have to. Well, that turned out to be a lie, because not only did she never call me back, but she has not spoken to me at all. Wth.

Would you break down in this situation?

Illusion life's picture

I fell in love with my husband four years ago, and I had no idea that I would be living with his son, now 30, for so long. Then his 31-year-old stepdaughter moved in for three years.

I get really freaked out sometimes, coming home from work with a bunch of dishes to wash and dinner to make, every day.