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How would you feel about this statement?

Iamwoman's picture

A few days ago, a STalker blogger about her skids (now grown) for whom she did everything. She was then later cut off and SD told her "You were always trying to be better than my mom!"

This hit home for me.

OSS14 has yo-yo'd emotionally over the years, and one reason is that while he enjoyed my superior mothering, he also resented that I was a better mother than BM.

SD20 is looking for new digs

CLove's picture

Because mommy dearest Toxic Troll is moving within a few weeks. Luckily its an apartment that is close by, but just a little further away.

FEral Forger actually, during drop off of Munchkin SD13, was there and said hello, and gave her dad a hug. Then TT said "she is looking for a new place", and Feral Forger has the nerve to ask daddy dearest "can I move to your place?"

Yeah, over my dead body will that be occurring.

Tomorrow is pick up round 3, what do you think will happen?

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

Since my bf dropped off his daughter almost two weeks ago, BM has been radio silent, which is abnormal, but has definitely been nice. However, I expect between today and pick up tomorrow afternoon that BM will start her text message rant about her older child. The last time she went on a rant she went on about my bf picking his daughter up and her older child for the older child's birthday since he missed the younger child's birthday in July. However, BM did not include how she refused to let my bf see the child on her birthday, which is the only reason he missed it.

Is God testing my strength?

justmakingthebest's picture

DD12's migraines are getting worse and not better. She is on the 5th round of medication combinations. We still go to the ER every 4-5 days for rescue IV's. The nursing staff all knows us now. She had to HORRIBLE reaction to compazine yesterday. She has had it every other time and never had anything. She is still a mess this morning. The headache is back, she is puking, I have already missed 2 days of work with her and the specialist that could only see us in his office over an hour away and the ER yesterday. Insurance is fighting this round of RX's. I am just at a loss on how to help her.

OT- Rear-ended yesterday (Tuesday)

CLove's picture

This is actually my first time and I am over the age of 50, so I guess I was due.

The kid (kid because he barely just turned 20, and looked barely 18), was speeding and not watching and hit me, pushing me forward, and luckily I saw it was about to happen, and pushed the brakes so that I wouldnt hit the car in front of me. Also luckily it was a street thing not a highway thing.

Rare Spawn Update

advice.only2's picture

ETA: I talked with my friend and asked her why she told me and not DH, she said it was because she was gossiping with me. I asked her if she planned on telling DH and she said no she didn't want to hurt him. I asked her if she had any more information and she said no just what her daughter had told her.

Just read the CO...

tankh21's picture

Once again BM refuses to read the CO and asks if DH has the skids for the holidays. She texts DH yesterday this demanding text message that says "I need to know if you have the kids for thanksgiving you need to give this message your prompt attention and answer it in a by the end of the day because I need to know right away!" LOL She is a piece of work. Hello check the freaking CO and you would know. Why does she feel that DH still has to spoon feed her through life!? DH and I were both laughing about it and he told me that he ignored her.

Today's Vent. To our Dear BIO Parent spouses and Partners ...

captjacksprrw's picture

Wake up!!!   I do not care that the year is 2019.  YOU are the adults.  These are your CHILDREN.  That's right.  Despite what society tries to tell you, society lies.  Children need our guidance, love and support and they may have great ideas or insights as they learn but every child is not some Dalai Lama.  They are NOT wise, they are NOT omniscient.  Oh wait ... they are NOT in charge!!  It is the role of the ADULT to set expectations, enforce rules, help them grow and succeed.  Laugh with them, enjoy them but for the love of all that is holy ...