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Getting SO hard to keep my mouth shut...

None of this is new to anyone but... BM is back at it. I just really need to vent about it.

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Happy dance- one less skid in the state!

Looks like OSD packed up her apartment (that she broke her lease on/got evicted) and her, her DH and the 2 kiddos have moved out of state!!!!!!

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O/T- legal advice

I'm wondering if someone can help me figure out what this means.

Someone has been charged with a felony. Aggrevated DUI, third offense.

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I feel bad for BM's sister

This past week I talked with BM's mom after she called SS. BM's mom was a sucky mom from what I understand when BM was little but has since moved 5 states and has her act together.

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Poll - what would you have done?

I wanted to get an idea of how you would have handled an incident with SD, and whether you would have allowed SD to enter your home again or not?

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OT: well ladies and gents tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!

of my interview for that promotion I was telling you about. The one that is going to take me to $30 or $34 an hour and change my life!!!!!!! This is my chance to change my life. So 18 applied.

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Rantings of a mad adult SD.

History - Adult stepdaughter (40 ish) stopped talking to us about seven years ago when she didn't get some of husbands inheritance.

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OT miscarriages, ex's and internet trolls.

When I was in college I had a miscarriage. It was incredibly difficult.

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I May Need To Provide Equal Time--Follow Up To "Let's Play A Game"

Seeing all those photos of very attractive (yet problematic) SDs, I feel I will need to post photos of the Girhippo -n-Clan to prove that ugliness can be both inside--and out!!

Sticking out tongue

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Tween School Drama - How would you handle it?

As a small disclaimer this event happened a couple of weeks ago, probably the first week of school.