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Our lives out in the open!

JustanotherSM17's picture

The one thing ( out on many) reasons why I do not being in blender family is because for some reason OUR lives and business is always aired out to everyone by SD14 , MIL and SIL. Some how BM gets word about our lives, purchases, trips and everything which she uses against DH anytime she can. DH did stop sharing a lot of information related to that to SD because it doesn't concern her yet some how SD 14 still knows our business! We recently went out of town .

SD's therapist got back to DH

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Apparently all this behavior stuff outside of the anger and jealousy is new news to the therapist as well. BM has never mentioned the other things she mentioned in the paperwork before SD's evaluation. Receiving this information from DH, the therapist will now talk to SD's teacher to find out more information and working with SD's care manager to "develop the best plan of action." As we figured, the therapist could not share much more information, but was appreciative of DH reaching out and she will be addressing all these issues she was unaware about.

Can't even vent anymore about SS

NotMeAnymore's picture

So 7 years asking for some house courtesy - pick up your stuff, wash your dish, do some kind fo chore - since the SS twins were 13. one is off to college - away. The other, SS19 now, lingered around and is living between houses, pretending he is a grown up independent tough guy ugh!! He thinks that living between the houses make him sooo manly and indepedent. He has a weekend job as a bouncer in a nightclub. Barely goes to community college and is all over the place. Every semester he drops classes and changes minor.

My mom's take on SD's evaluation

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

On Friday, we talked to my mom after she read over the lengthy report and had compared tests/test scores. SD's school did the same tests that my mom's school would of done, but they look at a different score than her state does. My mom feels they did all the tests they should of and covered what they should of. She has been a school social worker for almost 30 years now and has been at schools with kids from pre-K all the way up to high school.

Why does everything lead to DH bringing up my issues with his family?

Judester's picture

I am so fed up with DH.  If he has a question for me or if we disagree about doggone anything, he'll bring up his family and my issues with them up.  If I disagree with something, it's "you think you know everything just like you do with my family."  This morning I came out of the bedroom to get my lunch ready for work and he got an email that referenced me and he started yelling, "What is this?"  I said, "What is THIS? and why are you yelling?

Eavesdropping, Chocolate and Moods

Hastings's picture

So, apparently, SS13 has been listening in on conversations. Things have been difficult for me lately. A lot of work stress and I'm trying to process a lot of emotions around my grandmother's death. DH and I had a bit of an argument Saturday night -- no yelling or anything, and we talked some things out.

I haven't been super fun to be around and despite my efforts, I've been less cheerful and have occasionally been short. SS has noticed. DH told him I'm dealing with grief and this is normal.

Had THE TALK with MIL!

Beatlejuice101's picture

Back story....i married a man who has 4 kids i had one of my own. Great father sweet husband. On the other hand His mother has blamed me for evrything in his life from the kids behaviour to the relatioship they share to the divorce. Any time anything went wrong it was me. If we left a party early it had to be beacuse i wanted to leave. Has talked ish about me in the same room. Has called me Lilith (from the bible) just down right horrible to me from before i was pregnant, through my pragnanacy and after the birth. She asked to speak to DH and myself.

New here but need SM advice please!

Beatlejuice101's picture

Step mom to 4 SK (3 SD 14 11 9 SS 7) with a HCBM. I hope someone can relate but i am loosing it. They are little spys for thier mom. They secretly will be on Facetime with her for hours while me and DH are clueless cuz we are busy doing house hold things. Its strange to me. The kids will stand outside of my bedroom door to listen to our private conversations. They record things around the home. The will shush each other if they start to speak about things in moms home. They also take things out my BS (4) bedroom such as underhwear, clothes, socks etc for thiere little brother.


Teens and the contribution to gas and insurance

Yesterdays's picture

I've got twin daughters who are just about to get their drivers license. Their dad has bought them a used vehicle. They will mostly be driving from their dad's house to mine (half hour each way), to school from their dads and to work. They each work part time and make around $240 per week at their job. Their car insurance is going to be costly,  over $300/month each.

I am contributing a portion toward their car insurance.

Annnndddd this is EXACTLY why I disengaged

Dogmom1321's picture

Been disengaged from SD13 for about 3 years now. Sometimes DH makes snide comments like "I know you guys (me and SD) don't talk." or "I know you don't have much of a relationship." etc. So I think sometimes it definitely bothers DH that I am staying disengaged. 

Well, SD13 was here all weekend with no plans so DH had the wonderful idea of making us all go grocery shopping and do a CostCo run together Sunday morning... to feed his "one big happy family" fantasy. Literally, the ENTIRE time SD13 has something negative to say. 

SD: "_____ doesn't like me" referring to DS3.