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Insurance Issue

still learning's picture

A few weeks back BS21 got sick and the clinic he went to ambulanced him to the hospital. It was ridiculous and unnecessary, later they discharged him. A bunch of other crap happened that night too but long story short bs now owes over 1200 for an ambulance ride that he didn't need. The insurance covered a whopping $0.  He's covered under his fathers insurance, not that it helped any, but exH is refusing to pay 1 cent of the bill and is telling bs to man up and pay it.  I understand but a big issue is that bs has a cognitive disability so mentally he's more like 13.


How to Deal!

Minnierice2's picture

The man I am seeing now I have known for about 4 years 2 dating 2 flirty coworkers. When I first met him I knew he had already had two children, one a girl and one a boy who later passed away when he was 5 months old. I did not know that once I got into a relationship with this man that he would always put his first born above everybody else, including my child that he chose to be there for since before she was born.

Such a good dad

Paintcrisis's picture

I was rescuing books from my storage shed (I missed them!) and found one that was given to me: ‘The Verbally Abusive Relationship’.

Along with that book, I tossed my antidepressants, anti anxiety and sleeping pills (that I haven’t taken in ages so it wasn’t a cold turkey ending). It was liberating.

But the real reason for this blog is that ExH was going to take Mr Toddler tomorrow morning at 6:45 when I worked. He just texted and said he has ‘company’ tonight and would rather pick MT up later in the morning.

Met with ex to discuss child support

kenny's picture

Ex called and said he wanted to settle this outside of court. I'm all for saving money so I said great! When and where? He wanted to meet at his moms house and I asked him if I should bring dd so he can meet her. Strike 1 was he said no. Mmmmmmmmkay. I see you. So I went. He offered me $300 a month and wanted to pay me a yrs worth of child support upfront. I told him i perfer to go by state guidelines and my attorney can figure that out without me seeing his income, if that was his concern. I took no money from him. Then i gave him the list of halves.


iamlosingit's picture

It's visitation weekend

We are grilling

Ss and I are breaking ice on the driveway and laughing

We are having SO MUCH FUN AS A "FAMILY"

It's amazing

And I'm crushed

And all I can think about

Is if he met ME first

Ss would be "ours"

All I feel is loathing....and regret...and sadness

I hate myself

There will never be a "US" baby

I'm slowly dying inside every visitation

Influence and Parental Time

pixielady's picture

Hi all, DH was talking the other day that he hopes his influence on SS9 will help him become a productive, grateful, non-entitled person to help counteract the spoiling and non-parenting that BM does. It got me thinking about how possible that will be, since DH has less than 20% time with SS since we are long distance (out of state). I was encouraging and positive about it when he was talking about it, because I didn't want to be a negative Nancy.

New website....Not sure I like it as much as the old one.

wildstang's picture

Hi everyone,

I am reading alot of blogs and forum posts.  Gotta say, since my SO's MSD has not been to my house in 18 months I do not have really any drama any more.

My SO's ex is also blocked from my phone.  I do not have my SO tell me anything about their communications.

I read these posts about, passive agressive behavior and adult child drama and I just think it all sounds horrible.

Food placed in fridge - with names on it, seems like we are teaching the wrong values completely.


mamabear3's picture

So I called SS PCP yesterday to see what we needed to do about getting all his medical records.  I explained that DH had won custody on Wed and we are trying to get everything together.  I am thinking the doctor office really didn't like BM.  They were all excited that DH had won custody and all the progress we were making with him.  They made the comment "all he needed was someone to take an interest in him".  

Anyways I found out that she never took him for his last checkup so now his checkups are going to be thrown off.  He's behind on his shots so joy joy.