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Custody Question

Sooo... my hubby is trying to get custody of his 12 yr old son and while it concerns me a little, I mostly do not have a problem with him moving in.

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Disputing credit card charges.

I can't say how but I happen to know that OSD has step daddy's credit card. He is mad at how much she is spending so he's disputing the charges.

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SS is challenging his father on my telling him to move out.

SS texted DH and told him that he wanted him to look him in the eye and tell him that he wanted him out.

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Kitty update

So miss kitty is in love with me lol. She wants love from me at night and is super affectionate.

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OT - Would you pay for this?

So on Monday my dd was told by her section leader in band to take the rack ( like a big heavy cart) back to the band room from the field. It's uphill.

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Back to Update, Still on Step Prison Parole

Hello, everyone.


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Update to SD15 trying to crash my dd's birthday party.

Quick recap: Last weekend SD15 was scheduled to go home Friday.

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Spicer is out!!

Wait, what???

Yep! Lasted longer then I thought-maybe he'll stop looking so angry all the time lol

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Do you think it would make a change in women popping out babies?

The other blog about CS got me to thinking. And I am bored so….This is my take on CS and how I think it should be handled.

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Kids are gone, but their drama remains

So it really happened, SS16 and SS24 moved in with their mother permanently". Words could not express how joyous I feel.