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SD had a “breakthrough” in therapy today apparently....she might return after all

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Drama with BM this week (I emailed to suggest a meeting between the two of us with the therapist - BM declined - apparently even though she’s never met me, she’s concluded it would be “risky” to meet me - many insults followed).

Today we got an email from the therapist saying SD had a miraculous breakthrough. She mentioned two major issues she has:

1) She doesn’t want to hear her parents discussing anything about court or lawyers (this isn’t us - we have seen her for a total of 7 hours under “supervision” in the last 4 months, so obviously BM is filling her in).  

More Progress....But I Feel Guilt

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Went off here for a while but wanted to come back as I think it helps.  So, I have interviewed for 2 jobs, hoping to land one in the next week or so.  As you may remember this was because I needed to get out of the house.  Not only for my own sanity but to escape being a baby sitter for my DH's children, who really shouldn't need baby sitters at 12, 14 and 17 but they do not function anywhere near their ages.  

My Stepdaughter annoys me

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I've been with my fiancee for 6 years and he has a 23-year-old daughter who lives in our guest house and pays rent and is studying at UCLA. She is very smart and outgoing but for some reason refuses to engage with me and seems to act as though I don't exist. My fiancee  is the sole provider of our household and we were using our guesthouse as a second income by renting it out to a friend of ours until he moved out and my husband decided that his daughter who was 18 at the time could live there and pay half the amount we had rented it at.


Skids talking and sharing about BM

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Well, a few weeks ago, I get a series of horrible texts from BM accusing me of child abuse simply because I made it known to skids multiple times that I dont really want to hear stories about their mother. So, I feel like I have to make SD12 feel "comfortable" and keep the peace, so I tell her its ok if she wants to share positive stories of her mother.

Munchkin SD12 having frequent meltdowns - its been a long summer

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So, if you are familiar with my situation, I have 2 skids, one who has moved out and one who is 12 and in full-on preteen mode. Currently I am unemployed, so it falls on me to do daily childcare as the Toxic High Conflict BM has chosen to work summer school (she works with autistic children and has a choice). She doesnt fill anyne in about her schedule, simply drops Munchkin off at around 6 ish, after a text to him. She stays with me all day, and then either stays or goes, depending on the scedule - we have 5 days on and 5 days off.

Things are improving

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It's been awhile since I have posted anything.

I was maybe a little nervous to start talking about how I'd decided to stay home and work things out with SO despite the many issues we had faced in the last six months with his child (SD18) that lived with us.

I left for a week at the end of March and nearly ended my relationship.  I opted to buy a house, and did end up proceeding with the purchase of a nice four bedroom home in the same town where I worked at.  However, the possession date was not till June 1st, so I still had a lot of time to be at the farm before then.

Just an update..

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Well, BM has had multiple staph infections since my last post. She has also missed A LOT of work due to the staph infection, the "stomach flu", no gas money to get there (she still has her dads truck) and she has missed the bus. She is still techincally employed as far as I know, but I can only assume it won't be for much longer. She complains to her dad about her boss being a "b*tch". Heard that story a million times before.