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Proud of DH

strugglingSM's picture

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that during DH’s last mediation with BM, BM contacted DH’s brother and this brother collected information on BM’s behalf. When DH found out and called his brother out on it, his brother said he just “had to get involved because DH is “not respectful” enough of BM and is not putting “the interests of the children” first. DH replied and basically said I’m their dad, you don’t know everything that is going on and I’m asking you to butt out.

Having THREE weddings to accommodate stepkid???

ripwallet's picture

I came here from Reddit after a Google search.


I recently learned that the wedding day that I'd planned for and already finalized almost everything for, conflicts with my stepson's college graduation 6 hours away so it can't happen. My family overseas can only travel over here that week. My mother and grandmother are more flexible.

Since I have to have the legal wedding happen in the United States, and my mother and grandmother begged to have the first big celebration happen with the family, I now have to have 3 weddings. 

The Absence

CLove's picture

Our first anniversary, we decided to "plan something fun" and get out of dodge (town) for the weekend. Of course Toxic Troll had to cause a blip or it wouldnt be interesting right?

It started off great - Toxic Troll arrived late Friday evening from her out of town excursion to that mysterious place in Southern CAlifornia we know not where but suspect is in fact Disneyland.

Shes like the frickn "Bloody Finger"  - "Im 10 miles away, Im turning on A street, now turning on N street, now out front: Im like, "hello Bloody finger, no bandaid for you!!!"

Mrs. Headlights Gives Me a Flashback

thinkthrice's picture

Sometimes when Mrs. Headlights gets confused, which seems to happen all.the.time, i noticed Mrs. Headlights shakes her head rather violently as though she has water in her ears. 

She's most recently screwed up the "drinks after work" reservation for Old Faithful, who is retiring this week, our beloved admin assistant who was pushed out by.... you guessed it.. the manager, Rocky Oldboa and Mrs. Headlights herself.

"You knew what you were getting into"

Doublehelix's picture

I was hanging out with my friend this weekend. After she put her daughter to bed, we had some girl time. I was telling her about SD and how I have to work really hard to keep zen state of mine whenever she's around. She asked why, and I said otherwise she's just going to annoy me. Not that she's actively trying to, but sometimes I just get super annoyed by her presence, so I'm trying to control that. She asked why it annoyed me, I always knew he had a child.

Where do i begin?

Ravi-Yo's picture

I guess I should start this from the beginning.

 My SO and I started dating about 1 1/2 years ago. I met her daughter when she was 8. The dad had never been in the picture before. She was 17 and he was 23, when she told him the baby could be his he told her she could call back 4 years from then and tell his girlfriend(he never told her he had one. Same women is now his wife) that she seduced him and that was the last time he said to her for 9 years. 

The kids are right there.

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

Last week I took the kids to a sports camp and met another bonus mom. When she found out the kids weren’t mine the first thing she asked was if BM and I get along.

The kids were literally feet from us and so was one of her her stepson's who I’m sure could hear EVERYTHING she said which was not nice.

I may come here and rant, rave, and gripe but I’m not stupid.

Off work late...

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

Not to be whiny. But DH is off work an hour late, the kids are at work with me and I have to train someone in literally 5 minutes.

I get he's an EMT, and if they get a call right before getting off and before their cover shows, or are on one they have to keep going,  But it's so frustrating!!!

He's been working pretty well all weekend, and now I'm having to figure this out while I wait. The half hour it was supposed to be is now going to be like an hour and a half by the time he gets here.  And it's going to cut into the training, which is making it hard.

Skid goes to jesus camp

momjeans's picture

Prior to skid’s arrival for summer visitation, DH tried to get me all jazzed-up and on-board with skid’s summer itinerary. It was going to be camp, camp, and more camp. Since I’m disengaged, I didn’t press for details. Because, well, I kind of expected it to play out like it has. 

A few days ago, Skid finished up her one and only week of day camp. And since DH couldn’t be bothered to enroll skid into camp(s) where she’d actually learn or experience something of worth, this is what skid got...