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H switches up

SMto3's picture

 won’t say we went on vacation, I’ll call it a visit to H’s family out of the country. During this time we stood at his “second mom’s” house, a friend’s mom who took him in after his house burned when he was 12. Many people visited her during our stay, one of which was a man who talked about his kids and what they were doing. His 2 youngest sons are 23 and 25, both moved out. 


Little victories

bananaseedo's picture

So some good things, if you read my previous blog you'll see that DH and I are having issues...mainly his drinking.  I'm very well prepared to end things should I need to.  He did however get a job, it's temp to hire, so if all goes well the first 90 days he gets to stay. It's a good company, pay is crap like everything these days-but there's a lot of promotion opportunities.

MIL is the real victim here

Jcksjj's picture

I guess MIL is screeching and crying to everyone in DHs family about how devastated she is by DH calling her out. Mother's day was apparently a very hard day for her. And according to her, SIL has done nothing but help with SD and do activities with her. Oh and she did nothing wrong spending Easter with BM, because all she did was receive an invitation. 

Just when I was about to jump for joy

Ashleytenorio17's picture

OF course BM has to come and all the sudden change her mind (big surprise but I called it) so BM made a huge fuss about not wanting SD 11 for Mother's Day ( it so happen to be DH weekend) SD 11 was with us last year for Mother's Day and BM usually flakes out on holidays even though she has full custody . She even threatened DH by saying he wouldn't see SD for a whole month if she didn't keep his weekend because they were conveniently going out of town on his weekend which is this weekend. First I knew she was just trying to guilt him because school is not out until the end of may .

Should I run? Disney dad

Sarah3703's picture

I have a 13 and 16 year old. Boyfriend has a 4 year old, almost  5.


We go to the farm and I say "be careful because the donkey might bite your finger " She starts screaming "I hate you Sarah!" "Get away from me"  Dad says "it's okay" "don't cry" and hugs her.

she's almost 5 and jumped into a puddle (totally normal) but then cried because her shoes were wet, so dad carried her for hours around the farm.

she sleep with her dad every night

A week of sneaky SD

Floral_SM's picture

Tomorrow the skids go back to toxic BM's. In all it wasn't too bad of a week and whatever SS8  has up his butt about me last time seems to have disappeared. My issues seem to go from SD to SS each week we have them though. We don't seem to have a week where they both act normal at the same time. 

Well It Wasn't THAT Bad...

thinkthrice's picture

Got to see my baby granddaughter.  She is a cutie (aren't all babies for the most part?)  I'm not really the overly obsessed maternal type.  In fact I like them when they are older and you can teach them things but I held her and rocked her.

Chef did launch into some "when the ferals were babies" stories but kept it brief. He did, however, try to "correct" my rocking technique!


NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture

So when I went on the short lived apartment tour for SD now 20 back in March she and the ill fated roommate showed me their matching modevite rings.  She said they were very expensive but they were from a meteor and had mystical properties and they were very excited to obtain them.  They also had a bunch of crystals and incense and said they were both now very spirtual and very mystical.  I didn't understand any of it at the time and honestly I didn't know what they were talking about until today.