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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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Is there anyway to find out if SS is enrolled as a full time college student?

We continue to pay based on what BM and SS are telling us. We have no proof that he is even a full time student. We were lied to last time around.

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Mother's Day...bah humbug!

I had posted earlier about Mother's Day asking how people normally do theirs. My DH seemed to think that it shouldn't be a big deal at our house because we don't have kids together.

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Hamburger Pizza with Extra Cheese Please

just got off the horn with DH...and to be honest, alls i can think about is hamburger pizza now. le sigh.

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This is how we do it, baby!!

So, I have two graduations to deal with next year. I know places book up super fast and I want to get out ahead of the game.

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i won tickets to an in studio meet and greet, acoustic set and then the show later saturday night for The 1975.

super stoked.

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BMs learning from us

A lot of us are BMs and SMs or just SMs. Have any of us thought of what would happen if this site were to be hijacked by BMs? Is there no rest for the weary?

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An update on life, and the sting of final weeks with my dad

Just an update, haven't been on the board much. Things continue to be extremely hectic in life for us.

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DH's ex sent a text stating that she is going to see a lawyer tomorrow to take him back to court to have support reinstated.

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I'm Being Selfish and Immature But I Can't Help Myself UPDATED

SD6 has a Mother's Day tea party in her kindergarten classroom on Friday. BM lives 3 hours away and while she does see SD pretty regularly she is not at all involved in her day to day life.