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The Light at the End of the Tunnel -Thanksgiving

JRI's picture

Im a mature BM & SM of 5.  We have been thru each and every step-hell & now DH is 83 and I am 75.  I read the blogs and forums and it all comes back so clearly and painfully.  I often wonder if all the time, effort, money and anguish were worth it.

My DS56 sent me an emsil:

"Mom, on this Thanksgiving eve, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU ( to both yourself and DH).  You have ALWAYS put your kids first in your lives and made sacrifices for all of us (and continue to do so to this day)...THANK YOU for being such awesome, dedicated parents.

Skid free holidays!

Chmmy's picture

Happy Thanksgiving step families.

Im at my parent's for a week with my youngest son from Michigan. My oldest stayed home with his girlfriend who had to work. No DH, no skids. I will do the same for Christmas. DH has been warned and is upset but understands my reasons. 

Hope you all had a skid free or at least drama free holidays. I had both but in order to do that I have to be husband free also. 

Virtual Family Game ended up being hysterical

SacrificialLamb's picture

I had intended to not be on the Zoom call today, but the whole thing was so funny I could hardly not laugh.  Actually I WAS laughing.

First off, DH was sitting at the kitchen table doing the call. I walked into the room from one direction and my BS27 walked in from the other way, so we ended right behind DH in view of the camera. So I told BS27 "why don't we say hi to DH's family?"

on here satisfy my smart a$$ comments

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Dh makes his thanksgiving call to his mom and tells her about the pantry shelves he designed and I painted and stocked.  He sends photos of the progress and final result with all the foods on the shelves.  MIL texts back " I see you have a helper, cute!"  DH reads her message to me all happy thinking his mom is being nice to me.   HA!  I wish I was as oblivious as DH.  

No Skids for Thanksgiving weekend!

Thefatherismyfamily's picture

Over the last five years we have had skids for Thanksgiving three times. This is the second time we don't have Skids. It's so relaxing. No kid drama, no breaking things, no fighting, no whining, no needing dad to do everything for them, no complaining about our food, no vying for attention, no smirks, no bad attitude, no getting into DDs stuff,  no name calling.  We are cooking all the good stuff for ourselves and DD this year! Thursdays are BM's custody days. She tried to palm her kids off on us again this year. "Do you happen to have TG plans that include the kids?

I should be going on Vacation next week

Thisisnotus's picture

But no....DH and i planned a make up trip from week. Flights ended up getting changed so we had to cancel.

While I was happy to take the trip it isn't where i wanted to go...I wanted to go to Disney! But I have said on here before DH will not go to Disney without his 13 and 18 year old...cause it's not fair....boohooo....

I mentioned since our flights were changed why don't we go to Disney instead....he ignored it. I got super drunk and screamed at him how it's dumb and unfair to me....I mean I let him have it like bad. It has never been mentioned again.

BM still thinks she has a shot!

1dad4kids's picture

The Idiot emailed DH's lawyer today saying despite the counselor letter and the C&A recommendation, BM still doesn't believe 50/50 is in SS11's best interest. She did, however, concede to 40/60 with an increase of time with an extra day every second weekend and additional days "here and there" during SS11's school breaks. Even though she admits DH already has that extra time, so it's really not an increase at all. 

OSS is Here, and ET Makes a Funny

lieutenant_dad's picture

He came home from college today and is staying with us for break! He actually told Eternal Teenager! She didn't throw a fit (at least to any of us)!

Miracle of f**king miracles!

Now, ready to hear the funniest thing I've heard in a LONG time?

OSS has the opportunity to do something through the university during his junior year so long as he doesn't change majors (highly doubtful he will). There is a cost associated, so OSS wanted to talk to DH and I and ET about it.

More virtual family celebrations! I'm invited! YaHOO

SacrificialLamb's picture

Six months ago my middle-aged SDs scheduled a "family game night" on Zoom with BM, and asked DH to join.  DH said no.  I wrote about it here.

So now they want to do a "virtual family Thanksgiving" complete with a "family jeopardy game". Questions like "what kind of spuds did Grandma make?"


MrsMartin's picture

I need advise!!! I don't have anyone to vent to or talk to about this stuff. The reason I sought out a site like this is because of Christmas. Here's a little back story. I met my husband in 2017 and we began dating in Sept. of that year. Of course he told me from the very beginning about his daughterand she means the world to him. He has always lived by himself. He has a very standard custody agreement and they very rarely stray from that....every other weekend, every other major holiday, Father's Day, and 3 weeks out of the summer. When we got married in Sept. 2019 I moved in with him.