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SD and the early birthday

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SD told us yesterday in the car when talking about birthdays that she had an early birthday at BM's before coming. DH asked SD what she got for her birthday. SD said she got make up, some barbies, and more make up, "I got a lot of make up for my birthday." DH then asked if it was pretend/play make up or real make up. SD says "it was real make up like grown ups wear." 

What parent gives a child that is turning 6 a lot of make up for their birthday or really any make up for their birthday? 


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Not directly step related, more just kid related honestly. So I went away for the past 4 days to the bachelorette party for my friend getting married in August. While I was gone, SD was in camp playing all day with kids on Friday, DH took her to the zoo, got a couple new things at the store, and DH played with her basically all day Saturday, went out and did things and DH's friend came over and they played some games with SD on Sunday plus a little bit of tablet time, and then Monday was all day at camp playing with other kids.

SD phone call

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SD just got off the phone with BM. Tried calling BM from SD's phone because you would think the purpose would be for the phone to work right? Well when you try to call BM, the phone says "Your phone call has been redirected to Verizon financial services. In order to complete this call a minimum payment must be made." .... So apparently BM hasn't paid the bill for SD's phone, but said before SD actually boarded the plane "We will load her phone Monday for texts." 

Anyway, SD called BM and then BM's husband got on to talk to SD too this is what he had to say:

Is this weird or is it just DH and I that think so?

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Many of you know the whole story of SD's visit over winter break and the cell phone that came with SD. When that phone came with SD, there were no photos of BM's DH in any capacity, no contact for BM's DH, etc. wasn't sure if BM was really married to her DH or if it was all for benefits. SD did not come with a phone for spring break at all. Then for summer break SD not only came with a phone, but it has BM's DH saved in the phone, texts between SD's sister and BM's DH, and photos of BM's DH with SD and family photos of BM, SD, SD's sister, and BM's DH.

O/T - Fire HD Tablet for Kids

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So totally off topic, but DH and I have been wanting to get SD a kids tablet. She has been using for the last couple of years my iPad that is a couple generations old now. Well today I randomly looked them up on Amazon and the Fire 8 is now $70 instead of $140 and if you want the Fire 10 it is now $140 instead of $200. So we just ordered SD one since it is such a deal! Just wanted to share in case anyone else has been thinking about buying them for their children. I was so excited because last weekend when we looked it was full price. 

Just received confirmation SD boarded the plane

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BM just messaged and confirmed SD got on the plane. So BM went without her husband to the airport this time. The supervisor was the same one there today and apparently was nice. The desk lady was different and SD got the questions right. Yesterday, customer service on the phone said in the notes there was an altercation and the gentleman at the airport was aggressive and said some things. So who knows if it was SD throwing herself on the ground after getting questions wrong of BM's DH not helping the situation. So currently picking up coffee and heading north

SD did not get on the plane again

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Make a long story short. Dh and I drove the 3 hours north late morning so we were in the same city hours before SD's flight was to arrive since we haven't had to pick her up here before and traffic can be bad so we decided to make a day of it. We are sitting at lunch & BM messaged saying they denied SD from getting on the plane because she shut down completely and wouldn't answer the lady at the counter of where she was going. 

O/T - Feel like an idiot

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So turns out it is another month I am not pregnant. The reason I feel like an idiot is because I researched hot tub effects on women in early stages of pregnancy just to make sure I definitely wasn't before going into a hot tub. I did not even THINK to research if hot tubs effect men's ability to conceive and guess what. It definitely does. Apparently exposure to that sort of heat cuts down on men's sperm count a lot for several weeks to a couple of months.

SD’s upcoming flight

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We get SD this Saturday from the new airport since BM moved the only direct flights from any airport near BM is to the airport 2.5 - 3 hours away depending on traffic away from us. DH is going to send BM a reminder message this week about all the flight info, resend the screen shot with the confirmation number, flight number, reservation number, etc. and remind her it is on the app's calendar already too for reference. SD has missed 2 of 3 flights from BM to us and we don't have time for SD to miss her flight and be rescheduled.