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SD's Teacher

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Yesterday was SD's last day of school and two weeks ago DH had talked to SD's teacher to request the last report card be emailed to him as the previous 3 report cards had been, she agreed she would. DH emailed again on Monday to remind SD's teacher as well as to request any summer packet or information to be emailed to him digitally. The last day of school comes and goes, nothing from SD's teacher. So today DH emailed the teacher following up as he doesn't know how long her teacher will be accessible by email as the school year is over.

BM who shares nothing wants to know everything

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Today, DH uploaded to the CO app's calendar the dates and address for our 3 day beach get away with SD when she is here, almost 5 weeks before our trip. BM responds to this thanks and can you give me the information for SD's summer camp... This coming from the woman who said SD has a tutor in September, but has yet to share any information except SD has one, but who knows if that is even true. Also, from the same woman who takes at least 3 days if not a week or two to upload any school or medical information.

2.5 Weeks Out from SD Visit

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So naturally, BM is trying to be extra nice and overshare information. As if DH forgets all the shennigans from the past 6 weeks between spring break and summer, plus the 7 months before that. SD who hasn't texted a word or returned a phone call since she got back to BMs 6 weeks ago, magically texted both DH and I some emojis on Saturday one time after we asked SD if she got our audio message during our video call. The message was just congratulating SD for graduating kindergarten.

Friday Updates

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SD will be having a second assessment done by a Care Manager next week and completing a CANS (Child Adolescent Needs Assessment) at her school. The therapist then will reach out to DH with information from this assessment. The therapist will be out on maternity leave from July - October so this same care manager will be the one completing services with SD when she returns to BM in August. We are happy that they were able to arrange it before SD comes here for the summer. 

Therapy Appointment Update

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DH ended up emailing SD's therapist the day before her appointment asking if she would like DH to send over information regarding her history, etc. The therapist said she would apprecaite another perspective and information about SD in DH's home. So DH and I worked together to send an email that touched on what we felt was important, but did not point fingers at BM or mention anything SD has been told by BM like the "kidnapping" etc.

SD's 1st therapy appointment is tomorrow

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Does anyone have any advice on any information we should give the therapist or ask the therapist? DH has already established a line of communication with the therapist back in March with her and the therapist said 

"I will be the provider completing SD’s Initial Assessment and Individual Therapy sessions. I will keep you in the loop, after her assessment, as to my recommendations, treatment goal, and objectives."

Summer Camp and SD

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Huge relief, we were able to sign SD up for summer camp yesterday so SD will be in camp the whole work week for 6 of the 8 weeks SD will be here. Unfortunately, SD gets out of school earlier than the schools here so she will be home with me while I work from home for the first two weeks, but after that she will be having fun with kids her age. Last summer we could only do summer camp 3 days a week because of SD's tutoring schedule, but this summer we will not have her in such intensive tutoring.

I can’t even imagine

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So we have become friendly with our neighbors and they are in their 50's. They are a blended family and between them have 6 kids. Their daughter is my age and is married to a man with a son from a previous relationship. Apparently, the son in law will not talk to or be anywhere near BM, so the SM does all the communicating and exchanges with BM and has for years, the SS is 8. The son in law would rather not see his son if it means he would have to see or talk to BM.



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DH spoke to his dad for the first time since we sent him money in February just last Saturday.  DH asked FIL if DH's 40 something year old sister's divorce finalized. SIL was living with FIL for a couple of months while she was going through her divorce and FIL suspected that she was doing drugs (meth) and was sleeping around with unemployed drug addicts, bringing them around FIL's house and maybe even stealing.

Camera Update

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DH and I thought it would be the best idea for us to casually get SD to show us photos on her phone and then ask her what the wall mounted camera looking object was on the wall. This week DH told SD about our Ring doorbell and casually asked if they have cameras in their house and SD said at their front and back door, but that was it. Gently asked if there were any in the rooms in the house and SD said no because of privacy.