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SD Update and Baby Update

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SD's school has reached out to DH that the meeting to review the testing results and the suggestions by the school psychologist is next week in the morning. So DH and I will be part of the meeting by phone call with BM and I am assuming stepdad as well. SD currently has 3 F's and 1 D+ so she definitely is not doing well in school now. Doesn't help that unfortunately SD had the flu last week and missed 4 days of school, but it definitely isn't all up to missing these days. So we will see what the school psychologist found through the testing and go from there on everything.

Switching Spring and Fall Break

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DH asked BM to consider switching this year's spring break (which DH gets every year) with fall break (upcoming in October 2024). The main reason for this request was because the day SD would fly back would be Easter and we did not want SD to fly on a holiday instead of spending it with family. So that means unless we requested BM to take SD to the airport after school on the Friday kicking off spring break, then we would only have SD for one weekend day. We all know how SD has missed so many flights so it would be highly unlikely SD would make the Friday flight.

Blog Hog - Homework Question

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So this question can be answered about your bios or skids, but when either bios or skids were in first grade did you check over their homework and have them correct things that were wrong or did you let them get things wrong on homework? I remember in elementary school that I would do my homework and then one of my parents would check over it and tell me to revisit what was wrong until I got it right. If SD was here at our house, that would be how DH and I would handle it.

Pregnancy Announcement

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I am officially 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So now we have been thinking about announcing our pregnancy to close friends and family on the 12 week mark. It is frustrating how step life plays a part into making decisions on how to announce something so exciting especially when we were trying for almost 2 years before we finally had a successful pregnancy. We ended up telling my parents the day I got out of the hospital because they were asking certain questions about why certain tests weren't done and a couple other things so they have known since then.


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Wednesday night, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and admitted until Thursday late afternoon. Make a long story short, it was either a complicated migraine that resulted in nuerological effects or a TIA. We are waiting to get the blood work back this week that will either prove it was a TIA or that it was not. Let's just say SUPER FUCKING SCARY and luckily DH was home. I ended up going unconscious, lost control of my right side of my body, and was unable to speak coherently. On top of that, I will share that tomorrow I will be 7 weeks pregnant.

BM being difficult about calls

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I have posted on here many many times about how BM is difficult to schedule calls with SD. Well, she's back at it again. DH backed off the number of calls a bit for the last year because of how difficult it was scheduling calls, but now DH is trying to go back to the number of calls he used to make which is the same amount of calls/frequency BM made all summer long. This is now the second weekend in a row that BM is being extremely difficult to schedule a call.

CPS Request Paperwork Came in

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I went out to check to mail today and honestly I wondered if CPS hasn't been called or if DH wasn't named the father in these reports since it has been more than a week and we still hadn't received anything in the mail from CPS to request the reports from BM's state. Well, I was wrong about that! We received five, yes FIVE request forms to fill out to request information. I literally am like shaking because BM has only lived in that state since June 2022 and already there were 5 reports against her to CPS. 

Update I think I know why BM is so salty

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BM in all of her many many paragraphs to DH only asking when he can call SD this weekend, BM said "I'd rather that than cps every 6 months and years of therapist." ... We called CPS on you once, almost 2 years ago now. If someone is calling CPS on you "every 6 months" it isn't us...

But BM must think it is us and that is why she is so angry and nasty right now.