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What to do when you're battling SD, BM & DH????

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I bought summer clothes for my stepdaughter which were for her school clothes as well. Well the first week I noticed that she didn't wear any of the summer clothes that I purchased her. After I had already purchased the clothes she tells me I like the things you're buying but it's not my style. So I did make the comment and say look when you have your own style you'll be able to buy your own clothes. So I definitely know that she ran back and told her mom what I said. I have always bought her clothes and made sure that she was well taken care of since she was a baby at our house.

SS19 done messed up again, and again

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I have written about SS19 before but for those who dont know/remember- he is Autistic, bi-bolar, ADHD and has Anxiety disorder. We get along well, but he messes up sometimes.

So on Saturday he didn't wake up with his alarms. I smacked his door at 7:40am (has to be at work at 8:00) told him to get his butt up. I drove him and he made it in the nick of time.

OT: It's okay to not miss them, right?

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New guy is a big traveler. Having worked in the travel industry for 20 years, he gets perks where he can fly free or cheaply anywhere in the world. He is currently on a flight back to the US from a cycling event in the UK. He traveled solo and I dig that because I LOVE solo travel.

He is the one who tells me that, when we're apart, he misses me SO much, and that tells him how much I mean to him.

Another small victory

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Back in the day when DH and I first got married, he was paying BM in cash for everything. The bookkeeper in me put a stop to that and everything has been done with checks ever since for tracking purposes. Another thing I put a stop to? Handing over a wad of cash for school clothes every season. Instead of BM demanding a certain dollar amount, we started taking the kids shopping ourselves so that we could have more control over how our money was spent – plus it was nice to be able to help the kids pick stuff out and know what came from us.


Thank you!!

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Oh my days... I'm so glad I found this site. For so long I've been searching for somewhere where it's not deemed nasty and unkind to not actually like your stepkids!!

Why is it expected that you should like someone because they're children and they belong to your partner?!

An ALMOST step-parent needs advice!

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I'm currently dating a woman with 3 children, ages 8, 10 and 15. This is my FIRST time dating a woman with children. The first few months of dating were fine, as my interaction with the children wasn't wanted by my SO. But now as we get closer to marriage, I have been given more responsibilities. On a personal evel, we get along great. The 10 year old is a reflection of myself at that age, being a bookworm. The problem I have come to face is FINANCES! I am so used to taking care of only myself that my budgeting skills for a family sucks! Needless to say, this has upset my SO.

Some things I learned being married to someone with a kid

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Let’s be honest, no one wants to get married with a parent. It creates so many issues, even when the partner is on the same page as you (like in my case), you always have the BM, ILs and many other people trying to ruin your life, forcing you to sacrifice yourself to the SKs. 

Well, the steplife is sh*t but I would like to highlight some positive things that I learned from it: 

Cars, Stones and backpacks

CLove's picture

It was a whirlwind of activity on our end. As it was a skid-free weekend, it was enjoyable in me being all about me, instead of worrying about Munchkin SD13 and her entertainment.

Firstly, the area I live near was all about cars for the whole darn week, culminating in a huge show and lots of parties. We saw cars that are concepts, so they are not even available on the market. Cars from the 1930's. Lamborginis, Ferraries, and all that.