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O/T Great Day!!!

Rags's picture

Headed to our Sat AM IP weigh in. DW lost 4lbs in wks.  It shows.  I put on a lb.  Grrr.

Then... we had breakfast at our favorate breakfast place and headed out to see 7 Magic Mountains. A desert art installation. After we scoped it out, it was our usual get lost and see new stuff day.

out for a me day!

Cover1W's picture

DH has been in a funk especially with YSD not coming AGAIN for the fourth weekend in a row. With another flimsy excuse. So she won't be here for at least another three weeks due to plans. DH and I were supposed to go do fun stuff today and he was up so late, has a toothache (I made him call dentist for emergency appointment on Monday because he's leaving town Tuesday for over a week). 

Things have changed

kalaodell's picture

So... it's been a while. My DD is almost 5 years old. The SD is now 9. Her mother had drug issues and she now lives with us. Which is going well. A few hiccups here and there. She has been nasty towards my DD. I have spoken to her about it. Now she is taking stuff from me and my DD and hiding it which I would no problem with her taking it if she asked. I don't know what happened when she lived with her mom. Any suggestions to get her to stop taking things that aren't hers? And any suggestions to get the SD to understand that there isn't any reason to be mean to my DD? 

BM who shares nothing wants to know everything

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Today, DH uploaded to the CO app's calendar the dates and address for our 3 day beach get away with SD when she is here, almost 5 weeks before our trip. BM responds to this thanks and can you give me the information for SD's summer camp... This coming from the woman who said SD has a tutor in September, but has yet to share any information except SD has one, but who knows if that is even true. Also, from the same woman who takes at least 3 days if not a week or two to upload any school or medical information.

All this drama and for nothing!!!

missgingersnap2021's picture

DH left to go to the barn (where his work stuff is) for a bit and just came in the door and said "she's not coming tonight". I'm dying to know what happened and who said what but I just said "OK I'm not even going to ask what happened" and that was that. 

Ughhhhh!!!! Sorry for wasting everyone's time...

So I got to hear DH and BM talk about SD just now

missgingersnap2021's picture

DH is home today becasue its raining and his job requires him working outside so I had the rare opportunity to hear him on the phone with BM. (I can't remember the last time this happened. It was years ago). So at first he was talking nice and calm and it was all about  the damage to SD's car. Well BM brought up about her sleeping here tonight because I hear DH say "Of course I dont mind. I'm her daddy." Which I think he knew sounded so gross so immedialty he says "I'm her parent so of course I dont mind if shes here. Everyone else seems to have a problem with her being around.

Tonight ruined because of BM AND SD!

missgingersnap2021's picture

I really do feel like my life is one step toward two steps back!!! As soon as DH and I "get back on track" and start to have nice days something always has to happen to fuck it up!!! 

Last night was the first night in 2 weeks that DH and I were both in good moods and being our old selfs. So what happens? SD18 (almost 19) calls to say someone in the townhouse complex she and her mom live at hit her car with his moped. So now she's scared to sleep there alone and BM has plans tonight ( to go have fun with her boyfriend) so now SD is coming here to sleep!!!! 

He did it again

AlmostGone834's picture

Per my previous blog (deleted for privacy), DH it seems has developed a strange new habit of putting down other people's kids. 

Yesterday we found out that an acquaintance's daughter is going to university after taking a year off. On the ride home, DH was railing on about how this girl was a "loser" (his new favorite hobby is to declare various young people "losers" if they aren't either a. Going into the military or b. Going to college).