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Paper Tiger Alert (UPDATE)

thinkthrice's picture

So since YSS stb 16's "warning" he received from school on 11/27 about tardiness and truancy, came in late again this past Tuesday and has skipped school altogether yesterday and today.  So he's bascially AWOL for most of this week.  Don't think this kid is going to make it through high school EVEN WITH his IEP.

Dealing with Stealing

Mumof8's picture

last night around 7:45 I come home with my BD's to a witch hunt.  SS11 has a missing penny from his science fair project and can't find it anywhere.  It is obvious someone stole it as the bag is out of his backpack and on the floor.  He immediately accuses my toddler, even though she has yet to see him after school and it just came home.  Even though a toddler would have taken out all the money in the bag, and left a mess.

My Birthday

notsobradybunch's picture

Yesterday was my birthday. No big deal. I'm perfectly content for it to slide by quietly. I met BD18 near her college campus for lunch which was nice. Then DH & BS17 took me to dinner and BS17 surprised me with a homemade cake, which I thought was very sweet. It hit me this morning that I never heard from SD18. Not surprised and not really worried about it. I didn't send her any birthday wishes when she turned 18 and was "on the run". And neither did DH for that matter.

OT - Thankful Thursday

Aniki's picture

Happy Thursday, STalkers! I don't know about you, but I'm seriously looking forward to the end of the work day tomorrow. This has been a suck week. And that means I need to remind myself of the things for which I'm thankful. Aside from being ever-grateful for a reliable vehicle, a safe & sturdy home, and a good job, I am thankful for:


Angry and venting

fields556's picture

Here's the story - I moved south 5 years ago, at age 57,  to a small town in north Georgia when my kids graduated from college and were independent.  I met a wonderful man, 4 years old than me, who I realized was supporting his SGD because her mother was apparently mentally ill and couldn't handle being a mother.  I should note that the mother is my husband's SD from his late wife.  The girl, 11 at the time, was a good kid and seemed grateful for the attention.  DH was used to having her at his apartment every weekend, holiday and vacation (including the entire summer) and buying all her cl

Sorta O/T: Marriage counseling

momjeans's picture

I’ll preface this with I’ve always wanted us to go to marriage counseling, starting years ago.

I reached my proverbial tipping point a couple weeks ago and insisted that we go - preferably before the end of the year and especially before I’m forced to engage with DH’s parents on Christmas.

I hopped on Good Therapy, found a local therapist that met our crazy schedule needs and specialized in high conflict marriage counseling. I called and made an appointment.

Therapist wanted to do a solo appt each, with the third appointment being our first couple session.