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Skid being annoying. Again.

EvilStepMom1977's picture

Today as I've been listening in the background, I've had to repeatedly tell my skid to stop hounding her brother.  I'll hear him say "please stop" or "please go away" and she doesn't listen.  We're at an outdoor music festival waiting for the concert to start and she's whining at him to go through his bag and find something fun to play with.  Did she bring her own bag?  No.  Entertain me!  Entertain me!  Her tablet is in the car and she's bored.  So she's breathing in and out of an empty plastic water bottle.  Crunch.  Crunch. Crunch.  Crunch.  Somebody please shoot me.


21 years with SDism

RunnDove's picture

Yes .... exactly how i feel today. I have finally excepted I have this and looking into ways of living with its many issues. I love my hubby and this will not change so i just have to deal with SD but she is moving back here.  We could deal with her when she lived 1800 miles away it was better. At 40 years old I thought she would have grown up by now but it's not better sometimes it's worse. I'm just glad I found this place to vent. At least I have my H that knows me my heart how it functions and also he knows SD's. Cut and dry... but not very fun to live through.

"Our" Daughter/Child Debate

GirlfriendMom's picture

I saw another post about this that got me thinking about the issue. I've seen people here get WICKED about when SMs call their SKs "ours" or "mine". Sometimes I think it is ABSOLUTELY valid but other times I think people jump the gun.. I don't think its automatically a bad thing depending on circumstances.

Let me give both sides. 


Migraine and SD

pickles45's picture

So as I mentioned I have a migraine starting and its our wekeend with SO's daughter. I never love these weekends to begin with . Now on top of her forgetting her bras she did what I knew she would literally 5 minutes after being here - She saw me walk out to the garage to see her father and had to immediatley follow me out.

My Calm Month is Getting Interrupted

CrazyCatStepmom's picture

So in a previous blog I stated how SD9 was going to her birth father’s for the entire month. Well originally in the child support agreement we are allowed one weekend with SD during this month. Originally my DW schedule was going to prevent that happening. However now things changed and SD9 will be here tonight (Friday night) until Sunday morning. Things have been so amazing. I’ve been able to do so much these past two weeks and my DW and I have really been in a good spot. Going on dates. Spending time together. Just enjoying “empty nester” life.

I cant even deal

mollygreen22's picture

Ok so, my DH receives a txt from his son and its a picture of a whole bunch of groceries.  Following that a txt reading, "look at what my sisters father brought for her".  ( back story my  SS BM has another child with a married man and he is unable to really visit her because his wife im assusing wont allow it-- not my business but thats their situation).  So my DH says "ok that great for your sister enjoy guys" 

SS; " why dont you buy groceries for my house like her dad does"