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What will this skid weekend bring?

Jcksjj's picture

2 days until this months skid weekend. What I hate the most about it at this point: the anxiety of not knowing what drama it will bring. No matter how much I try to ignore it or give myself pep talks, it's always still there. Which version of SD is going to show up? Is BM going to be preoccupied with something outside of us and leave us alone or be making every pathetic attempt to draw us into being part of her miserable existence? 

Newly married with entitled step daughters

Jgarrant900's picture

Newly married with two step daughters age 17 and 19.  I have a functional special needs biological daughter age 14. I have full custody of my daughter. We all got along until my husband and I got married and bought a new house. I sold my condo to buy this new house. When it came time to move in the older daughter came unhinged when she could not bring her pot smoking boyfriend to live with us. She stole my daughter's emotional support dog and said she was going to kill herself if we took it back.  Then the 17 yr old SD decided she's going to take this dog too.

BM is now the wicked stepmother

1dad4kids's picture

SS11 arrived today and hadn't been here 10 minutes before asking to speak with me privately.

Turns out while he was here last, BM took away his oldest StepSister's phone for "doing something bad" so StepSister took off to her Mom's and refuses to come back.

SS11 confided to me that StepSister said something bad about each member of the family. He said BM told him that StepSister said he hogs the electronics. I didn't ask what she said about the other members but SS11 said BM wouldn't tell him because it was so bad.

What should I do?

Stepmom25's picture

So SD is in coach pitch (first year) and SS is in tball (first year). BM signed them up and bought their gear. We all get along great. Would it be overstepping if I wanted to get a picture of the back of mine and SS’s shirts (also SD’s)? I will have a team shirt with my nickname on it. I just don’t know if BM should be the one taking the pics with them. I don’t want to steal the limelight by doing that. Thoughts?


Your choosing cLove over your own daughter

CLove's picture

Daddy doesnt loooooovvvveeee meeeeeee.


I know this wasnt meant for me, it was meant to hurt DH, which it didnt, but I just have had enough of these shenanigans. Enough already!

Toxic Troll (Humpty Troll) was harassing DH about "her" refund money, and then poked and prodded with the following:

Chapter 24, Part 1: Family Therapy Round One: Where In The World is Bratty McBratFace?

caninelover's picture

Chapter 24, Part 1:  Family Therapy Round One:   Where In The World is Bratty McBratFace?

We had made an appointment in early June of 2020 with myself, SO, and Bratty McBratFace, about a week or so after George Floyd’s death which sparked nationwide protests. 

OT: Long distance relationship - big adjustment

futurobrillante99's picture

The first nearly two years of my relationship with my SO consisted of the two of us together 90% of the time. Not saying we were together 90% of the time for two years, but when together, it was 1:1 90% of the time. We were 8 minutes apart and got into a groove of seeing each other 1-2 nights a week and nearly every weekend from Friday to Sunday. We had tons of plans, mostly with my friends or alone, riding bikes, kayaking, and traveling.

SS's 21st Birthday

justmakingthebest's picture

SS's birthday is today. DH is working one of his 24 hr shifts (he can't get out of it). We are doing a family dinner on Friday with my whole family for him. I just feel guilty not doing anything this evening for him! 21 is supposed to be a big deal.

He has no friends, my kids are with their dad for spring break, so it would just be the 2 of us. 

Seriously irritated

Shhh1234's picture

Hi so I've been with my kids father for 6yrs .When I met him it was interesting I have a 17yr old from a previous relationship they never got alone but we managed through the years just figured my son didn't like him because his dad wasn't involved.Shortly after I became pregnant I met his son who happens to have Down syndrome it didn't bother me at the time because the boy was younger and he barely had him.