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Shutting Down

CLove's picture

Its been hell lately. Perhaps one of my own making. DH and I have been arguing constantly, and the arguments are all centered around my anger and resentment. I cant contain it anymore. Several things are coming to the surface, I think triggered by Munchkin SD12, and her crying incident on Friday.


Summer and Child Support

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

I’m looking for advice on how to get the child support office to adjust SO’s support for summer.

SO’s order clearly identifies he gets the kids for 6 weeks in the summer. It also clearly states that for any period he has the child for 2 weeks he only pays half the child support amount. Last summer he was charged the full amount and it seems like the office pretty much ignored his attempts to have them adjust it for that time period.

OT - Tone-up Tuesday

Aniki's picture

Happy Tuesday, STalkers! I don't know about you, but I started this week 'off'. I was sick over the weekend (some kind of stomach virus) and still feeling Blah. I don't even have the energy to get around at my normal walk-run pace. Aniki needs a nap! And me needing a nap means I'm still not 100%.

What do YOU do after an illness when you're not 100% and out of energy? Give it more time? Or try to push it?


Skids who punish parents

Merry's picture

I’ve read several stories here with similar outcomes—children  (teens and adults who should have some understanding of politeness) punish their parents when they don’t get their way. 

My DH is dealing with that right now with SD38ish.  DH didn’t do something the way she thought he should. She has nloaded on him and now is radio silent. Similar thing with SS33ish a few months ago. DH is having none of it. Not even trying to call her. He’s sad but is resolved not to get sucked into their cruel drama. 

Counseling and Easter at GMAs

notsobradybunch's picture

My 1st session was yesterday. It seemed to go well. I was very anxious before going. The thought of having to explain everything to a stranger was very overwhelming to me. But I did it. She asked appropriate questions, although sometimes I really felt all over the place. She was patient though and seemed to follow me. Its a lot to break down in an hour session of what has transpired over the last 2 years. I left and felt ok. Got home, drank a glass of wine and suddenly just felt extremely exhausted. It was weird. Almost a delay it seemed like.

First Time Poster, First Time Step Parent, Beyond Lost and Exhausted

Glyziniex's picture

Hello to everyone who reads this. I had to google "Free Step-Parent Support Group" and I found this site. I have literally hit that point. I don't know how to not make this a long read, but for anyone who does read this, thank you for taking the time out of your day.

In response to what Simpleton21 wrote...

pickles45's picture

She wrote: "They act like you are attacking this perfect little teenage child just because you are annoyed.  There is a difference.  I do agree though that you should be more annoyed with your husband but if it isn't worth an argument to you and venting here instead works then good for you!"

I was super annoyed with my SO and his ex for always being ok with her daughter being here as much as possible, but yesterday morning was not worth an argument.

OT- Oops

Step-girlfriend's picture

Today is my SO's birthday, and I remembered when FB showed me about 30 minutes ago. Whoops. To be fair, I thought it was tomorrow. I honestly didn't even know what today's date was. I passed my SO on the front sidewalk this morning as he was getting home from work and I was leaving for work- we said hi and kissed and that was it. I have since sent him a happy birthday message, and posted some cute pics of us on FB with a nice post (he's sleeping so won't even see it for a few hours). But-



thinkthrice's picture

Turd Polisher.  A big ol steaming pile came in the way of YSS16's report card.  His eyes roved the paper and caught the 88 YSS got in the first semester for Geometry (which proves he's not "learning disabled" btw)

Now he is  EPIC failing ALL of his classes (ex. 27 in English) except for varsity chorus.  All due to skipping, tardiness and lack of effort.

I said "YSS could do better IF he didn't skip so often"