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The Playbook

ICanMakeIt's picture

I think it's safe to say a lot of us have seen the same situations played out by some of these HCBMs so many times that "playbook" is an accurate description of the shenanigans.

I'm really frustrated with how much financial havoc these people can cause.

Even with a CO and many DHs paying the CS on time without fail, the premiums for insurance, the out of pocket %'s it is never enough.

Well this is probably about to blow up part 5

Jcksjj's picture

So we had YDS first birthday this weekend. Not one person from DHs family there and it was great. As much as it makes me angry seeing his family's favoritism, it was so much more enjoyable without them. I guess sometimes the trash takes itself out, huh?

Bonus, not only was SD not there either, but she never even got brought up or mentioned. MIL would be so disappointed, haha. It so much more pleasant not having every event turned into "The SD Show" also.

Feedback wanted - My last blog got me wondering

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

what everyone's stories are revolving around getting engaged and married to their DH. As many of you know, bf's custody schedule is every spring break, 6 weeks of summer, and every other christmas after September 1. My bf and I are not engaged yet, but it is coming soonish. How soon? I have no idea and I like it that way. My only request to bf was for it to not be within a month of two of the divorce being finalized.

DD is sick but let's talk about SD

SeeYouNever's picture

We just HAD to see the in laws for Father's day. We haven't gone out since. Here we are a week later and baby DD has a fever and snot. I ask my in laws if any of them have been sick since if we're sick that's where it came from since they are the only ones outside our bubble. They blow it off as teething. It's not teething... Then my SIL changes the subject by sharing some poor quality video of SD13 that is 10 years old. Ok..?

Bf, the military, COVID-19, and BM

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

Mostly off topic, but also has to do with step life too. So as most of you know, my bf is in the marine corps. Some of you know how in the PSA, BM was supposed to be moving back to her home state between June 1 & September 1 of this year, for bf to drop off SD at home state on September 1. Well, as of right now, BM is staying in VA, so drop off will be in VA, not the other state. Originally, bf, myself, and SD were going to travel to the home state at the end of August to visit bf’s dad, drop off SD, then go and do some other things around the area.

Resentment is really getting stronger

justmakingthebest's picture

I swear the longer SS is here the more resentment both DH and I feel. 

We went Kayaking yesterday- it was gorgeous! The marina we launch from is in a historic area and there is this awesome brewery that overlooks the water and always has the best food trucks. So after 3 hours on the water, hot and sweaty Dh and I were both wanting a nice cold beer and food. Of course, we couldn't. DH starts getting cranky and talking about how we can come back in 2 weeks and do this again and actually have fun and grab a beer because SS won't be here to ruin it for us -- IN FRONT OF SS!

Camping weekend and not one peep about SD19

notsobrady's picture

And I ain't mad. 

We had an EXTREMELY relaxing weekend. A little hiking, a little midday thunderstorm which made for a great nap and evening by the fire. 

The night before we were discussing food to bring as I pre-make a lot of stuff. In this conversation I asked if he had heard from SD? Is she still planning to go? I got a firm "NO". I never mentioned her again.

Can it be he is finally understanding that this kid is full of BS? Maybe? 

I'm not holding my breath as I know the next time something comes up we'll be back to square one. Maybe???...


Libra85's picture

Please help me

any advice 

my stepdaughter lies and lies and lies

shes 11

she is pooing herself. Hiding it

she has been seen by a paediatrician and had several tests done to ensure nothing medical.

clearly behavioural. Her dad is great and her mum also tries very hard this been an ongoing issue since before I came on the scene 4 years ago.