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Crr18's picture

Think about this if you only answered yes or no or with the least amounts of words you could. If you never asked about your SOs day. If you decided to not sleep in bed with your SO. If the only thing the two of you discussed was say it is TV show you both enjoyed and absolutely talked about no other subjects.If you asked to be driven to and from work but didn't say thanks see ya later, love you.  If you did no housework. If you had pets and never helped take care of them. If SO bought you gifts and gave you cards and not once did you even draw a heart on a post it for them.

Japan? My head is swimming!

justmakingthebest's picture

DH will be deploying this year. After that it is a follow on to Japan. We were told he wouldn't be there long enough for the family to join him but just basically expect him to be gone for 1.5-2 years. I am emotionally prepping for that as much as one can with 3 teens at home. 

Last night he comes home and tells me he has a list of about 500 people that he needs answers by Friday (tomorrow!) on if their family is going to make the move to Japan. Then he pauses, looks at me and said- we are on the list. 

Dmybf is still inlove with cheating BBYM

Taken4granted's picture

*fool*Don't get me wrong when we first started dating he was head over heels for me. But Everytime his BBYM comes into the picture I feel like I'm not enough for him. I feel like he wants everyone from her side to think he's found the love of life and moved so they don't think he's still hung up over her. Or maybe it's me being insecure. I don't like him being to nice to her. Call me crazy but I wish he's wasn't such a kisss when it comes to her scolding him about things he doesn't do right.

Shame on SD!

MissK03's picture

BM took SD on her monthly nail appointment today. BM asked how the chinchillas were... SD told her one died. BM then got "mad" because SD didn't tell her that day or something. Knowing how BM is when SD says "mad" I bet it was more like.. "whhhhyyyyyy didnnnntttttt you telllll meeeeee." In long drawn out words. Not... "I'm sorry your pet died." Etc. 

OT Another Raise for DH

Ispofacto's picture

He's gotten a number of big raises and promotions that Satan hasn't benefitted from since she lost custody of Paycheck/Killjoy in 2012. So sad, QQ Satan. She used to brag to GBM that she was 'getting raises whenever DH got a raise'. I had to resist the urge to ask him if he will be sending some of his extra earnings to her. But he hates to think about her and wouldn't appreciate the sarcasm.

I swear, I'll stop thinking about her at all eventually...I've got her raise...right here...


Ignores us IRL likes us on social media

SeeYouNever's picture

My SD15 will not talk to DH or me and also refuses to visit us.

However I've just noticed that she likes everything I post on Instagram within hours of when I post.

I'm not super active on social media. I use Facebook as a sort of photo gallery for my friends and family that live in other states. I don't comment much and I don't post much other than for big events and it's just family photos. SD isn't on Facebook and that's no surprise since I don't know many people who are under 30 that are!

The battle of the dads

AlmostGone834's picture

I was talking with my mother the other night, and I mentioned Little Idiot's (SD22.5) New Year's Eve car crash to her. Of course, she started asking questions... "is the car totaled?" (No I don't think so) "what is Little Idiot going to do?" (Well ex stepdad called the insurance company and he thinks they will bury the deductible...blah blah blah).... 

When would you tell SD?

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

We are currently under contract for a house! Our close date is February 10, but we aren't moving out of our apartment until the last weekend in February, going to be doing painting, etc. plus we are away for a 5 day trip between closing and moving. We are not planning on sending the 30 day notice of moving in the mail to BM until the day we get the house keys for the new home. Would you also wait to tell SD about the new house until the letter is going in the mail?