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OT - Some humor

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

So background. A few months ago we were at walmart, SD10 asked for some training bras, I saw absolutely ZERO harm in this. She's growing up, it's not like I'm buying her anything crazy, also I could get three of them for like $10. I even told DH I got them for her after and he didn't mind.  She wore one of them like once and nothing else has happened since.  SD10 is a tiny kid, super thin, small for her age (pretty sure it's from the years of neglect, she's spurted up since Psycho ditched and when DH got out of the military and she ditched them with him... Her growth is catching up!).


Lilywen's picture

Hi all! Little update on my impending divorce and how I've been doing.  I told my stbx that I am starting proceedings... I had been holding off while I got all my ducks in a row but spur of the moment told him a little earlier than planned.

Shaking I'm So Mad

morrginme's picture

I disengaged a few weeks and after a rocky start it was smoothing out ok. Then in a passive moment tonight when I had plans to go to store DH said SD16 needed to go too to get a sketchpad for school and I felt like I was put on the spot and she would have heard me say no and it would cause a big fight. So I took SD with me and DS8. (DS is homeschooled and we don't get out often.)

OT: Work Staff Shortage

still learning's picture

My current job has a pretty high turn over rate and I'm working it due to the flexibility I get by being an on-call staff.  I get to work when I'm available and there are other on call staff as well.  At one of our locations there were three staff who left almost at the same time.  This location has been notorious for being understaffed, poorly managed, and trying to get people to do an impossible amount of stressful work. Way more that should be expected of one person.  

I appologize tog redux.

Rags's picture

tog redux,

I appologize for the ungentlemanly wording I have used in some of our discussions.

That was not fair of me.

I looked at your profile to get some perspective on your blended family situation/history.  There is not much info on your profile. None actually. Only that you have been a member for less than a year.

Please share some of your blended family history so that I and others can gain a better understanding of where you are coming from.

I will make an effort to learn more regarding where you are coming from with your comments.

SD's birthday list

Plantmom's picture

SD10(almost 11)'s birthday is coming up. DH asked her what she wanted and she gave him a pretty elaborate list: an iPhone, new surface computer, tiffany earrings, a light mirror, a GoPro camera, urban decay makeup sets, a trip to France. My husband laughed it off because the list was pretty outrageous. BM comes from a rich family but this list was crazy even for their standards. I was so proud of DH for not falling for it.

What’s wrong with this man

Germie2's picture

Last week I noticed my BS wasn’t feeling very well for about two days and the third day I noticed he had a bit of fever, I told DH I needed to take him to a doctor/clinic, DH kept saying my BS was lying to get attention ( my kids have never been the kind who look for attention, they usually independent), and kept saying I’d waste my money taking him , me and my boys have no health insurance anymore (DH removed us from his when I complained about BM overly communicating, so he used that as a “punishment” ), i Was mad and he finally decided to drive me to the doctor and he had strep throat.