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UPDATE!!! (Well darn it! That didn’t last long.)

Trying to Stepmom's picture

Guess who DH is picking up tomorrow at 2pm? SD13. 

After talking with SD on Thursday he went a text to her and BM about SD coming to stay with us for 2 weeks. When he mentioned 2 weeks to SD during the phone call she said "I don't know if I can be away from my mom for that long. I've grown closer to her since I've been with her so much lately." Bad

Babies do the darndest things

SeeYouNever's picture

My 7 month old daughter with my DH is beginning to eat solids. For breakfast we were eating raspberries and the baby seemed to like them, then this happens:

DH tries to feed DD: "this used to be SD12s favorite food when she was a baby"

DD7mos looked him straight in the eye, gagged, and spit the raspberry out and then wouldn't eat any more of them. 

I couldn't help but crack up. She is 100% my daughter.

Lord help me

ChrissyD@29's picture

Here we go smfh, okay so a little bit about me I'm 29 years of age Mother of an 11 year old daughter who is the best thing that has ever happened to me very mature for her age respectful and make the perfect grades in school I did very well raising her myself.

Of course SD is here coughing !!!

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Omg ugh I'm sooo pissed finally it was DH weekend to get SD and she is here coughing saying "it's allergies" Yea I don't really give a F you are coughing in my babies face and allergies never make me cough! I told. DH to make sure to ask if SD was even remotely sick before she came and of course BM didn't know because BM has been living in another city and letting her family take care of SD. SD even admitted when she got in the car that she has been going to a lot of different family member houses!!! Im said her that was t good because we have not been going anywhere at all!!!!!!

Gannon Stauch update - arrest affidavit released

notsurehowtodeal's picture

The arrest affidavit in the Gannon Stauch case was released. She killed him in his bedroom in a violent manner and dumped his body outside of town. There is a lot of information that was not released to the public before now. She went to great lengths to first make it appear he had run away. I haven't read enough to find out how his body was taken to Florida. The Dad was away from home on training with the National Guard.

May have or just had the Covid

ITB2012's picture

I was watching an interview and the person was describing their symptoms, which are some of the common ones and some that are not listed specifically, BUT are symptoms that I've had recently and for me were attributed to a sinus infection and possible other issues that we will pursue after this is over (thank goodness diagnosed over a telehealth appointment so I didn't have to go in). I showed the video to DH. Didn't say a word, just asked him to watch it. When the guy got to the part about his symptoms DH looks at me, like "holy crap", and also says that maybe I had/have it.

Back-to-school Blues

CLove's picture

Well, thanks all for the "pep-talks"

Updates to information - Toxic Troll is baaaaack at her apartment, so now we know that all is well in Toll-Land.

Dh dropped by to drop some b-day money off for Feral Forger so she cant accuse him of being a horrible father who doesnt love her. Not a big deal.

But in texting with Munchkin SDalmost 14 now, she is back to school distance learning April 6, and there is no wifi at the Toll Bridge apartment.

Not because of ability to pay, but because Troll lacks the brain cells to set up wifi at her apartment.


Cooooookies's picture

I thought the useless expression of "bruh" died with the 90's/early 2000's but apparently not.

SS17 has a very deep and carrying voice.  So I'm sitting downstairs in the living room, which is right below his bedroom.  Every 10-30 seconds, all I hear him keep saying is "bruh".  He's on the PS4, talking to his online "friends", having their gaming conversation.  Fine, I don't mind that but...