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Feeling lonely as a step mom

Lynz's picture

Yesterday I had a pretty big meltdown. My stepson was at his orientation for college. Called me and asked me to come down and help him with something. It was an hour walk to the college and when I got there he was walking with the other students to a room to sign up for classes. He walked right past me without saying hello and I asked him how he was doing. He said he didn't need me there after all and he had to go do some other stuff. I told him Id just go ahead and walk home then if he didn't need me and he just walked off without saying thank you or goodbye or anything.


Maybe she'll keep it up.

NotThatTypical's picture

Tuesday when SO took the kids back to their moms he was gone for longer than normal. He came back and said they had talked about a few things. BM admitted that there is another adult female living with them and shared how the relationship works. She asked about the details concerning our home and expressed worry about the current room arrangements which were valid. She asked about me because my work hours had been keeping me from the kids.

Does anyone have experience with this behavior?

Omghelpme's picture

My SD9 has always been a bit of a fibber. But recent it seems to have reached a new level. Not only is she lying, but the stories she tells make no sense and the more you ask questions the more confusing it gets. By the end of the conversation I'm so bewildered and confused that I would not even be able to explain the contents of the conversation hardly to a 3rd party. There will end up being 7 different versions that she tells of what happens, none of the details line up, some of the responses are just so odd and make such little sense that I dont even know what to make of it.

20-year-old sd living in my house

Cassie.maye's picture

Help!  My #20 year old step daughter moved in again.  She does not work or attempt to.  She eats, sleeps and hangs with friends does not help at the house.  She is again in legal trouble.  I am at witts end!  I told my husband we are not helping her.  She doesn't even respond if we get after her for something, just rolls her eyes 


At my end

loulabelle's picture

I have been with my fiance for 8 years - and it has been a difficult 8 years.  His ex wife has tried on a regular basis, to create something, lie about something - whatever - make things difficult - to just make things suck.  She's told him repeatedly he needed to dump me.  Eventually she started using her daughter as her tool, claiming I was bullying her but could never give an example (unless you call painting the kids room how she wants it, or buying her every dang personal item, and clothes, and books you thought she woudl like bullying). 

Freaking Finally!

Willow2010's picture

Quick run down...

My sons ex started withholding my sons DD several months ago.  (she is 2) He had her charged with contempt.  First court date, she did not show.  Second date, she claimed poor and was appointed a public defender.  Third court date, the judge did not show.  Forth court date, they postponed to the next day due to time.

First of the Golden Uterus

SeeYouNever's picture

Holy First of the Golden Uterus


Does anyone else know of adults who grew up to be just as bad or worse than the GUBM that birthed them? Like the golden uterus has bestowed magical properties on them so they must be honored and given extra resources because they were the FIRST.


My DH has a toxic half sister from his father's first marriage. They are not close but she acknowledges him as a brother and they talk once in a while. My H also has twin sisters with the same mom.


Saving money on dining out/uk

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

I buy a ‘tastecard’ ( you can google it ) which last a year, and means you get many but not all meals in certain restaurants as buy one get one free. 

Ask first in a restaurant to check what your options are, but my chiquitos (rack of ribs) bill is slashed from around 50 pounds to approx twenty five pounds (One meal each for two) also go in pizza express with this (although they do some of their own offers too which can’t be used together). 

It says what restaurants are eligible before you part with money for the tastecard. 

I spend what I save on my children.