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Switching jobs every 6 months - Totally acceptable or not a good idea?

AlmostGone832's picture

The reason I ask is that Little Idiot (SD 22) is again looking for a new job. 

Dividing the number of years she's been working by the number of jobs she's had, it averages out to a job switch every six months. The longest she's ever held the same job was when she lived with us (because we live in a small town and there just aren't that many options here). 

gotta say my kids stepped up...SD did not..*shock*

halo1998's picture

My two kids....DH's skids both made an effort to call DH and wish him a happy father's day.  They also dropped off a card and a present for him.  I never said a word to either of them....they did it all on their own. They also made sure to call their grandfather ( my dad) and wish him a happy father's day.

My DH was over the moon that my kids wished him a happy Father's Day.  SD..yea even though DH picked her up from the Beaver Den didn't wish him anything till I told her too.  SMH....both my skids are sad sacks of disappointment.

Fathers Day

Lifer33's picture

Ss had chosen to go to a football tournament this weekend,  according to a recent email from bm. Whatever, Thursdays contact  i made sure I stayed out the way ,coz no I was not providing a card or present to get him in the good books.

Ss text dh happy fathers day, which I thought was even more rubbish he couldn't pick up the phone and/or say sorry I didn't give you a card!

We pulled off a nice bbq for dh and his family. Sil asks me in the kitchen where ss is , at a tournament apparently,  eyeroll. 'Oh what a shame you'd think he'd at least want to pop In ?' Apparently not.

I’m just going to start calling it how I see it..

hregal2011's picture

Father's Day was mostly a success.  My daughters 17 +15(his SD's), got my husband small things and made him some whoopi pies and our son 10(our only kiddo together) got him something small.  My husband had to work today and only had a few hours to enjoy so the kids all sat in the living room to hang out with dad...all except my SD16. -_-   (His biological eff'ing kid...)

Glory Hallelujah!!!

Tried out's picture

DH's oldest just called him! He is the one who is least estranged - he doesn't live locally and has no kids so the loyalty manipulation has been less effective with him - but this is the first time he's been in contact in over two years.

I don't know what prompted it and I don't care - DH is happy and that's all that matters.

Father's Day

1dad5kids's picture

Happy Father's Day to all the STalkers out there. 

We have SS12 and our 4 bios all home but SS12 had a swim competition this weekend. 

BM is head honcho of the officials so she was at the competition. DH told me that she came to see SS12 at DH's tent and didn't wish him a Happy Father's Day. 

Not surprised, but there's zero chance DH wouldn't wish BM a Happy Mother's Day if he saw her on it.

How's everyone else's FD going? 

My adult stepson..

stepmomtoadultchild's picture

I got married to my wife when my stepson was 12 year old. He didn't seem to care that his mom was marrying another woman. However he kept his distance. He rarely said hi or hello to me at home. Soon that behavior bled into the way he treated his mom. He clearly preferred to be at his dad's place. He is a 27 year old phd student in biophyiscs/ biochemistry. When ever he gets free time he always visits his dad. He only sees his mom once a year and he is only one state away, yet he has been at his dad's place four times yearly. Last Thursday was my wife's birthday.


Little Idiot really came through for DH this Father’s Day ****SHOCKED***

AlmostGone832's picture

Guys -

I was fully expecting another Fathers Day DH disappointment... but this time... she came through. DH is happy!

See, normally she never gives him a gift, a call or even a card... just the obligatory simple "Happy Father's Day" text...

Year after year... the same old text...

and guess what?


 "So how did she come through" you ask????

How did she make his day???

Well, according to DH... she sent the text at 9:30am ... she "got up early to text me" he said...