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CPS Update

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So I just got a call about a half hour ago. A case worker has been assigned to the case and I received their contact information. So now it is just a waiting game. The person who called me back notified me that the worker just got the case this morning and since they were closed for a week that there may be some delay, but she is on top of it. 


Bill Collector Calling For Satan

Ispofacto's picture

She's never lived here or used this phone number.  I'm guessing she doesn't answer her phone, DH is her former associate and I am his new associate, so they called me.  I screen my calls because I really don't need a car warranty, but they left a voicemail saying there is a civil case against her and they need her address to serve her.  LOL.  I gladly gave them her new address.  I just wonder if she gave them our number, and I sure hope she isn't stealing my identity.

I could write a novel on her, I swear.


UPDATE: Animal Torturer (SD23) Working at Local Med Office

thinkthrice's picture

So I talked to the "Privacy Director" and she was rather dismissive; said that all employees are trained in HIPPA (duh).  I asked if there was psychological profiling done before hiring and she said no.  Then she added "we don't screen on ex family/divorce/marriage basis."

Turns out I had Covid !!

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Im not sure if you guys remember my blog but the whole family (lives in our house) was sick right before New Year's Eve. The kids were actually feeling better with no symptoms. I took a test during the test I was really sick ( rapid test) came back negative. SD came over on New Years weekend . I took another test ( rapid and PCR ) on Jan 5th, rapid came back negative . I am suppose to start a new job today which is why I had to take the Covid test and I just got the results from my PCR and it's postive?! I don't think I can start work until I get a negative test .


1dad4kids's picture

We're finally done with the incredibly stupid schedule changes from the holidays. They were confusing and of course BM didn't know what was going on. Like why the f*CK put those in the agreement then? She was early the first day, calling SS12 when she got there. He's like, what the heck? I told him not to worry about it. Then the next pick up, she's nearly 20 minutes late without so much as a text. She shows up in THE PASSENGER SEAT with the new BF (more about that later) and on her phone. So there's no excuse for her not texting. 

So I know I shouldn’t have but

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Totally did some snooping on SD's sisters Tik Tok since we learned it existed from SD's phone well I guess her sisters phone. 

First of all it is ridiculous a 7 year old even has access to Tik Tok, let alone their own account. The account is public and some other kid or perhaps adult posing as a kid is commenting "cute" on several of the videos. The music in majority of the videos is totally inappropriate like talking about strippers, hoes, gangsters, etc. SD is in 2 of the 29 videos since October 2021. One of the videos SD is saying don't record me and running away.

Fed with with SD/BM/DH drama and done with it all

Mamabearof3's picture

Ashley doesn’t care. Don’t confront her. It doesn’t matter to me. Just saying. It’s all been a train wreck from day one with you two. And I’m over witnessing it. It’s embarrassing even for me as a spectator.       Just sent that to my DH while he's at work. I'm done. Idc. It is what it is and it isn't my business. I'm done!  

UGH The Animal Torturer (SD 23) Got a Job at the Local Medical Center

thinkthrice's picture

Which is right around the corner from me (she lives in the next town over approx 10 minutes away from us).   I (and Chef) use this medical center and have doctors there.  She is a Patient Access Representative, not sure what that is, possibly a greeter or check in person, and I'm glad she is employed, but yeah, awkward!

BM fails to coparent

GamingBuddy's picture

Yet again we have an instance of BM failing to do the bare minimum to coparent. Oldest is in scouts and fees for summer camp are coming out which means the dates have finally been set. They are going SOs court ordered time. She never once told us the dates and has already started making payments. Now SO could be a d*ck and say too bad she can't go but the thing is we really aren't against being flexible because we know camp is good for the kid. We know she wants to go and we support it. All we asked was that we were told the dates.