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PSA: BM’s husband has a love child

momjeans's picture

While skid was here for Christmas visitation, BM and her husband were paid a visit. A woman and a young child showed-up at their door, on Christmas Day, to spread the good news that he has a child. 

Apparently this child is 6 months older than BM’s child - putting this child being born a month or two before BM and her husband got married (BM was roughly 5 or 6 months pregnant when they tied the knot). 

This has been confirmed by several adults and skid. 

I hear BM’s husband is already starting to have his child every other weekend for visitation. 

Ok weekend with SD.. DH finally seeing the light

Ashleytenorio17's picture

This weekend I was sooooo dreading SD to come over. I switched the rooms so she is with DD 6 months instead of bunking with BS8. I made sure she had her stuff up and clothes on her side with her things. She came over and had nothing to say about the room, like thank you I like it or anything which is whatever... But she completely took over the room like i knew she would and insisted it was ONLY her room, she kept locking the door and put her dirty clothes all over the baby's crib and she hide all the baby's toys and stuff.

Why do you guys always think I’m lying?!

AlmostGone83's picture

We've been getting hit pretty hard with snow in our area. It started yesterday and already we have well over a foot. Roads around here are a bit slippery and occasional poor visibility. All day Little Idiot has been complaining about having to go to work in the afternoon/early evening. She was whining that her car wouldn't make it up the one hill on her way to work. I told her yes it would, they plow the roads and lay down salt and if you take things slow, you'll be fine. I also told her she could go around (would take an extra 10 minutes) if she was so worried....

hide the valuables, SD is back

Eve-Bee's picture

So it was eight days of blissful freedom. I enjoyed every minute. Now, SD20 is back. She came running to our house mid-day but forgot her computer, so she had DH drive to BM and get it. After he came back, SD was asking him how it went, and DH said that BM was in a horrible mood and pouting the whole time (sound like SD!). DH said, I do not know why she was like that. SD said yes, I know, I just feel so drained when I am with her (also, sounds like the way SD makes me and DH feel). 

STOP Moving In Your SO!!!

lieutenant_dad's picture

Time for another Lt. Dad Fireside Chat. It has been a while, but I think we need to all gather on my bearskin rug in front of the fireplace so I can poke a few of you in the ribs with the fireplace poker.

Ladies and gentlemen of STalk - for the love of all that is good and holy - DO NOT MOVE IN WITH YOUR BF/GF SO FRAGGIN' FAST!

The BM is in town

Lulale's picture

So BM finally decided to come visit her daughter since she was flying to a different country and NY is her layover. She is then spending the weekend and going back to the country she lives in. So let me get this straight... she can travel across the world but can't plan a vacation to spend with her child. The last time she visited was during the Summer of last year and there was a motive - to get married in civil court w/ her husband from another country.


Evil Stepmother?**Good one**Long but you want to read

Emotionallydys's picture

I am truly lost. My boyfriend has a 4 yo LG who drives me insane. She is a brat with a capital B. She disrespects and disregards what I say. She cries and whines if she does not get her way. And still throws tantrums. Her biological mother has not been in her life consistently. But she knows she exists. I have taken this LG in my home, have taken on mom responsibilities, taken her on vacations and all financial responsibilities in our household fall on me as well because my BF lost his job. Even with all I do, he says I have no say in her matters.


You can’t make this s$&! up

BlueEyez's picture

I trusted SD31. I loved her and believed she loved me. I was wrong. She used me for the material things she could get from me. One of those things was the small house I paid cash for after working my ass off for throughout my twenties and thirties. When H accepted a position out of state, I foolishly allowed SD and her two young children to live in my house rent FREE for almost five YEARS. I left a fully furnished house and returned to a nightmare.