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Your Partner Treats You Badly because You Let Them

lieutenant_dad's picture

UPFRONT NOTE: I am not talking about abuse here. Before anyone starts down the victim-blaming line of thinking, that's not where I'm going with this.

Now, time for a Lt. Dad's fireside announcement, because there is no chat or back-and-forth with this.

Your partner treats you like crap because you keep allowing them to treat you like crap.

Pushed out and I don't know what to do

Enby Parent 6978's picture

For six years I felt like such a critical person in the parenting sphere. My wife and I were raising the three children together. We had main custody. We were making plans and shaping young minds. I was feeling like I mattered, that I was appreciated, that I finally had found my family even though they aren't biologically mine.

Counseling for PAS???

Mamabearof3's picture

Anyone have any success in family counseling following an alienated child whose reached adulthood? I really don't know what else to try. She told me today she will probably be too busy tomorrow to come for Father's Day Sunday. Which is the same rhetoric she keeps using instead of being forward. Idk what to tell my own children and it's stressful just waiting and seeing. I know her mom won't let her go to counseling now but in a year and a half she'll be legally able to make her own choices. I guess I should go to counseling and ask them they're advice on it all.


I lost the battle

Lissy70's picture

I lost the battle with my DH , told my 26 year old unemployed loaf SS to go stay at his mothers house when his dad is traveling for work and my DH said we can't uproot him because he has "health issues" I know these issues are made up so he doesn't have to work. Sleeps all day, up all night and talks to no one in the house. He has some mental issue like aspergers, depression or anger issues. My husband called his ex and of course, I am to blame! I'm trying to kick her son out and I'm a b***h.

Cams in all our house - ready for next visitation

Caroline2b1211's picture

It's been a while since i didn't post on my blog. 
To sum up, it's a big familly mess since DH and I had our baby (7 months old by the way). 

First ILs made big drama about it and denied our child. Then, they turn SD far from DH. We used to have him EOTW and half holidays before our baby birth. Now we barely see him, and when he is at home, it's not a pleasure at all : liars, false allegation against his dad and i, does whatever he can to short the stay.... 

Since last visit, in april, when we found out that MIL and SIL texted him to encourage him to lie about us ! 

Oh joy...another Hallmark holiday is upon us

Catmom024's picture

Not sure what fun and games my SO's adult children will throw at him this father's's anyone's guess. I just try my best to stay out of it, stay busy and ignore any moping on his part. 

I did tell him I don't want his daughter bringing her 5 time federal felon, bank robbing boyfriend here for a visit...he can go meet them somewhere if he wants.  

Any bit of advice will help

momcy's picture

Long story short, my husband was recently awarded temporary sole custody of his kids. It has been a very messy and toxic situation with his Ex ever since we started dating, and that was over 10yrs ago. I want to believe she is a good mother but not a good influence when it comes to the kids. The kids were removed due to environmental neglect and mental abuse. She has been involving them in adult situations for a few years now, meaning whenever her and my husband would have an argument or a fight, she would tell the kids everything about the situation.


Jcksjj's picture

SD sent a card from GBMs house. I'm sure it was GBM/BMs idea. Shouldn't be a big deal, its father's day, it's expected.

But at this point any contact from them (even with SD as a proxy) fills me with rage. I want all of them to stay the heck away. Also, sending a card after all of the other crap with all of them as if that washes it all away is so reminiscent of MIL. 

OT - Eff Off Friday

Aniki's picture

Friday is in the hoooouuuuse! Admittedly, I am both happy and sad that it's Friday as it brings me one day closer to Hell Week and whatever shenanigans BioHo has up her sleevelsess-dingy-one-inch-bra-strap-under-quarter-inch-spaghetti-strap-skin-tight-tank-top. Yippee ki yay. Makes me give some consideration to planning my own kidnapping... Okay, okay. You know I wouldn't do that to my DH. But I kinda wanna! 

Eff off to: