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BM getting her lawyer to call in sick for her

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Not literally, but that's what DH called it. It stems from a conversation with my mom where I queried "How will BM get out of the joint session?" And she replied "she'll probably call in sick". Which had us laughing. DH said if that did happen he'd still go meet the counselor and have BM meet by zoom, lol he wasn't letting her get out of it. 

Well DH is now dumb husband

Lady.Tremaine's picture

First off: missed you guys  I lurk a lot but don't  comment as much anymore. 

The eldest is now glued to her tablet constantly.  DH is to his phone . So thats been... fun

Well I recently switched from netflix to hbo max due to netflix canceling a favorite  show of mine.  So since SD5 left today its literally all personal screen time. Like the house is pin drop quiet.

I found out they had school of rock on hbo max which I loved as a kid. She was already  busy so I was doing this for myself and maybe to get some family time interest  

For those that have detached, what is this feeling?

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I'm feeling anxious that I'm going to be forced to see or interact with them. DH would never do that to me btw.  As I've stated elsewhere there is currently this crisis mode going on with his kids in that they need daddy time. There's been a weird dogpile on of issues coming up that they feel HE needs to address. Mostly instigated by the OSS. Of course DH has to do what he needs to do in regards to his relationship with his Grown kids.

UPDATE 3 - GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

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Dh didn't even get a chance to call the school when the principal called him this morning at 8:15 a.m.  DH and the principal are on first name basis since they have been dealing with the GWR for a few years now.  The assistant Principal is brand new this year and was not aware of GWR's past shenannigans.

OT - Eff Off Friday

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'morning, STalkers. It's a short one today. 

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. It claimed another lovely soul. One of my stepbrothers lost his 12 year battle. We all thought he was winning that battle. The last 2 weeks were like a free-fall from an airplane and that shining light is gone.


Hug those dear to you and let them know you love them. Life is short.


UPDATE 2 - GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

halo1998's picture

Update number 2..

The school got the annonymous report this morning and called both SD and GWR down to the office. They seperated them and began to ask questions.

this is the account according to SD...

She was waiting in outer office to enter the Asst. Principal's office and over heard the resource office talking to GWR.

The resource officer asked GWR if he knew why he was there.  Of course GWR said he didn't.  The RO informed him was suspected of being involved in inappropriate text messages to another student.