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Really dislike my SD

sharkette92's picture

She's a certified spoilt brat. She is selfish, inconsiderate, attention seeking brat. She went absolutely beserk when i told her father that she's had enough gaming and we could spend the afternoon watching a family movie. Started acting out and started making as much noise as possible so i said to her dad 'she's being absolutely spiteful" and to my surprise he actually did something about it and yelled at her to stop it. Her and her brother have an addiction to anything with a screen and refuse to go outside. Im sick of this enabled bullshit where she cries and then gets her way.

Step dad behavior

Tatiana's picture

Ok.... I want to clarify that my husband is NOT the stepdad in this scenario.


Is it normal behavior for a step dad of a 12 year old girl to do the following:


1. take pictures of himself posing next to his sleeping step daughter

2. mom takes pictures of step dad with his head in step daughters lap, or touching her waist, or the two in a forward embrace (hips touching)

3. mom takes pictures of step dad hugging step daughter around the waist stating that daughter wants to be "just like stepdad".

It's so can you NOT care?????

DarkStar's picture

I get to add another disgusting hygiene SD story to the many already on this site, yay me!
Laundry is one of my chores. It's my chore zen. I stopped doing SD16's laundry almost 2 years ago because of the nasty period/poo panties, failure to put clothes in the bin, and leaving her socks and panties all balled up with her pants.
I have also stopped telling her to do laundry because she is 16 friggin years old and I'm done.
It has been at least a month since she has done laundry. I try not to think about it. Gross.

We went to SS23's wedding reception!

SMto2's picture

So DH, our DS12 and I attended SS23's costume party/wedding reception. (Other than our DS18, who's away at college, NO ONE else in DH's family was invited, including DH's mom and step-dad.)  My and DH's DS12 decided to dress up as Batman, so my DH decided to be "Alfred the Butler," so he could basically wear a suit. lol. They convinced me to match them by dressing up as a female Robin, so I wore a dress, tights, bodysuit and tall boots. It was a simple costume, not attention-getting in any way, and I think was tasteful yet cute.


whoaminow's picture

Has anyone watched the new fall show on Thursday nights, The Unicorn, or something like that? If not, it's about a father who's wife died and he has 2 daughters. For some reason we have watched it every time Sad it comes on the same channel that other shows we like on Thursday night. I find myself about to puke every time it comes on. I know my view is tainted. You can tell the writers do NOT know a thing about stepdaughters. 

SD & homework & BM craziness

Simpleton21's picture

Wednesday was our night to have SD.  It was the first night DH has had visitation in months that SD didn't have some practice/game or therapy appointment to attend so SD was actually doing her homework.  If you read my last post BM has decided that at 12 SD is now learning disabled and has ADD b/c she hasn't been doing homework and her grades are reflecting that.