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Finally a spring break Vacay . !

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So my sister asked me today if I would want to drive with her to Florida on spring break! She booked a Airbnb already ( she is paying for it all) but her husband and MIL can't go because they just found out some family news which they will be traveling that same week. So my Sister asked if me, DH and our kiddos want to come because there will be just enough room for us plus my niece . Also my sister doesn't want to make that 9 hour drive alone with my Niece so I told her yes of course we will plan to come ! Well in comes the down fall.

Scheduling and visitation

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So I created another post because I want everyone's opinion on how this should be handled. So finally around 6pm DH send SD another text, she ignored his previous tectonic about if she was coming or not. SD finally responded saying "she couldn't" because her team has a watch party Sunday and she got invited to 2 birthday parties. And she said "I can't go next weekend" DH is not responded yet but I'm thinking .... UM NO you don't run the schedule around here at all!

BM yet again impersonating SD14

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Yes this is a sad truth we already had to deal with this once before with BM impersonating SD and texting DH as SD . Mostly is when "SD" talks about me or SD referring to herself in the third person. We suspected BM was yet again texting as SD when DH received a random text complaining about me ( I posted about it) and texted DH "how could you stay married to someone who said mean things about your daughter " that whole text DH made in known to SD that he no longer wanted to communicate with BM and that SD needed to communicate to him directly.

It’s Friday Jr!!! Not sure how to feel

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So it's suppose to be SD weekend starting tomorrow , in which honestly I hope she doesn't come after all she said to DH about me ( and we are pretty sure BM was replying as SD) I let DH know how I felt about it and I let him know that I really didn't want to be around her . But at the end of the day it's his daughter so I spoke my peace . Of course if true SD fashion she has already broke one of DHs rules he stated when he "had his talk" with her . DH told SD he needs to know on the Thursday of her weekend if she is coming or not , no more last minute back and forth being indecisive.

OMFG…. I tried to be optimistic!!!!!

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I am fffing fuming right now!!!!!! Seriously!! I knew it was too good to be true and DH caved like a little B! So I am working from home, DH is getting the kids and his IPAD keeps going off. His IPAD is right by me and my laptop. I see SD name come across and it's text after text! I'm like wtf and I see a text come across saying " I will not forgive and forget" I'm like wtf is going on ! So I guess after DH let SD have it, as he should which was Monday I think or Tuesday it was silence  from SD!

Update from New Years Day

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The aftermath of our fight was DH backed off BS12 and he has changed his attitude towards the other children . We are going to start counseling this week and I hope it opens his eyes to a lot of things going on. I really think for him hearing advice from a 3rd party will go a long ways. He had a serious talk with SD, I didn't hear it because i was at work but he said he did it via FaceTime so she could see he meant business.

New Years Day fight…. About SD

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So this morning woke up and DH is already on BS12 about the puppy peeing in the house ... this goes on and on and I hear DH tell BS that he will have to buy the paper towels from now on because they are being wasted on cleaning pee and how Bs needs to get up at 7am to take out the puppy . This is a normal occurrence where DH is constantly on BS ass about any little thing, I have told DH to back off and he does but then it continues like a few days later. This morning I was extra annoyed hearing it because he was also being hard on DS7.

Count me OUT, ultimatum for DH

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After the recent events of SD and her deciding to not come yet again on DH weekend because she won't get to see SIL , I have decided to have a serious talk with DH. I am telling DH in very few words that I am disengaging from SD. I do not appreciate being treated like we don't matter and discarded, yet she likes to play games with others and make it seem like DH is not there for her and that we leave her out. DH can continue to play her game but I am not!

drama is brewing … SD weekend !

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I have been posting a lot lately because I have no where else to vent but of course SD is coming this weekend . You know she was already asking on Wednesday. But DH forgot he had a job already schedule tomorrow night in which he will be gone from 8 to 12 am most likely . He scheduled the job because he didn't know if he would have SD ( she has not come in months ) and he needed the money to recoop from Christmas. So he told BM he could meet her tomorrow half way ( 2.5 hour drive ) at noon. But I am thinking I'm excuse me .. who the hell is SD suppose to be with ?