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Happy Graduations! What Are We Drinking?

CLove and her DH had a rough night drinking Wild Turkey with Rolling Rock chasers to celebrate SD's graduation.

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I swear to dog things are never going to change

I I am sitting here drinking my coffee and just disheartened and pissed about last night. I'm considering going to a hotel for the weekend.

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why do these family gatherings have to have drama

Last night, SS18 graduated. DH and I have been married almost 15 years. SS was 3 when we got married. I have also been the the other mother to SD24 and SD 21. and SS29.

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Turkeys coming home to roost, Karma reverberations in the Universe...

Graduation day for Winona finally happened.

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Feeling Guilty

So I admit that I will occasionally check BMs facebook page. She recently posted a picture of her boyfriend with each of her kids. He is holding SD in one of them and they look very happy together.

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Normal part of growing up.

So doctor got held up and can't see the son for a few more hours.

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this IS a problem, right?

Last night we had errands to run. We took kid with us. SO was in a crappy mood - he said work stuff got to him.

One of the errands, SO ran in on his own, I stayed with kid in the van.

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"I love BM"

Last night DH and I were having a good, long, deep conversation. We were both feeling tipsy, wine, cheese, crusty italian olive bread...

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Something fishy about kid school....

kid starts school this year... SO told me all about the school blah blah blah don't care... it's apparently one of the highest ranking in the area.

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Jabba the Hutt

My husband is taking her back to court. Look out for the Hiroshima like explosion in Africa's direction.