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The Returned

The SDs return today after 3.5 weeks away.
Wow, it was so nice to have the peaceful house, cleaned up, no yelling.

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Baby Talk

SO and I have gotten to a really great place where we are talking very seriously about getting married, and maybe (emphasis on the maybe) having a baby.

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sharing a hotel room

Here's a good one. Would you be comfortable sleeping in the same hotel room as your partner's teenage child of the opposite sex?

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Though this happened months ago, I just found out that SS12 ran up over $500 worth of online games on BM's credit card.

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Update on SD18's inappropriate FB post

Recap: SD18 posted a meme on FB that was a joke where the punch line was about a "nigga." It was very derogatory about black men.

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first day of school!!!

its always exciting, happy but yet sad and hated all at the same time.

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OT: What would you do career wise if you were me?

So in my current position that I am in I get about a one percent raise every year. I got higher raises at Kmart in 1993.

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So... 4 months to Christmas...

what are you planning to do?

It will be interesting to see what will happen in my dynamic.

Last year we (DH and I and the kids) went to my mom's for dinner, after having a family breakfast.

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Why do you feed them?

Thank you for reading. Smiling

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ASS is safely ensconced in his dorm

My DH discovered that there was an "early move in" at ASSUniversity, so he decided to move ASS once - from Frank's house to the dorm - instead of twice - from Frank's house, to DH's mom's house to the