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Like father, like son

ITB2012's picture

DH has been bad again about telling me things that are happening and plans he makes. (He got pissy at me that I knew when he was doing something and I told him the last I heard it was his goal but not a confirmed plan. Jeez  I'm not approving anything, just asking. Yet again he's planning something with a skid so of course he's tense and taking it out on me.)

Yet he's also upset that OSS doesn't contact him and doesn't respond to him when he asks questions of OSS. And OSS did zero for Father's Day. 

It seems to me like OSS learned to ignore others from his dad. 

Step kids over every weekend no room for baby

RustyJ's picture

Almost one year married to my husband who has two kids. I have primary custody of two older teens. I am currently six months pregnant. I came into the marriage with a five bedroom home. My husband's children stay with us every weekend because mom would rather hang out on dating sites than with her children. I have asked my husband to figure out where our baby is going to sleep. I suggested one of his kids give up their room since they only use it 2 nights a week. If that doesn't work I suggested he add on a room to the house. He got very angry and says he can not afford that.

I just don't get it!

Jess1234's picture

So my dc is very lucky to have an amazing step dad, who is basically her real dad now as bio dad is absent.

I'm just venting as I'm annoyed that he has now had another kid, reducing my daughters future savings. Normally, wouldn't mind, but were together 4 years, until he became abusive, I tried to help, got worse had to protect my baby. Took ages to move on too as I truly feared men.


SMH no rationalizing with an irrational person (BM)

day.drmr76's picture

Sunday we get a message through OFW:" I am signing XX up for swim, here's the bill"

We had signed SD up for violin ( the first thing DH has ever signed her up for mind you) and we get the following today:

"I have reviewed the receipts and would like to understand why you signed XXXX for lessons without discussing it with me prior to signing her up to discuss my thoughts on the activity as well as the costs. These costs are high and I would like to look into alternative options that are more affordable."

SD13 discovered her sexuality

SeeYouNever's picture

SD13 has discovered her sexuality and is practicing on DH. *bad*

DH and SD were on a FaceTime call. SD had ignored his attempts to contact her several times and my husband decided to be very persistent so he called twice in a row. SD has been eating up my husband's recent increase in his pursuit of her. A combination of it being her birthday and him trying to nail down summer visitation the reason behind him not accepting an answer calls.

SD hurt my baby

JBDmom's picture

My absolute worst nightmare became a reality this evening. SD smashed my 11 mo finger in the door so badly I thought I was broken. His finger was so squished it looked mishapen until it started swelling. We’re very lucky it isn’t broken. His finger getting smashed though is not the nightmare I’m referring to unfortunately. No. My nightmare is SD purposely hurting one of my kids. I know what everyone is gonna say. How can I be so sure she did this on purpose? She told me she did.

How would you feel about this?

SMto2's picture

We're on vacation with SS26, his DW & 2 SGDs this week. SS25 & his DW came for 2 days & had to leave. This is a 7BR beachfront  house with private pool, hot tub, pool table that we paid over $11k to rent and we're buying all groceries plus paying meals out. Things have been better than last year because I bought paper plates, plastic cups, plastic cutlery as someone here suggested to limit dishes. I also bought no food that can be cooked (like eggs) &  we're carrying out every meal due to COVID.

Karma is biting her in the butt

Daisymazy2's picture

BM's daughter (I will call her Sue) (not Dh's child even though she calls DH Dad) she has a 6 year old boy from a previous relationship.  For the first 5 years of his life the child rarely got to see his dad because Sue was just being a b!tch about visitation. The court order at that time said that visitation was "agreed upon by both parents" and of course, she would always tell him, no.  If she had plans and needed a babysitter, she would agree. If he wanted the child for a grandparents birthday party or father's day...the answer was usually NO.

Recent Happenings

Thisisnotus's picture

SD17 and DD15 got in trouble for stealing. BM wanted to talk in length with DH to make sure they were on the same page and punishment was the same at both homes and nobody would stray.....and that Sd wouldn't choose to stay at the house with no punishment....SD was banned from using BMs or DHs cars for 3 weeks and can't go anywhere or see anyone.  Sounds okay?

But 3 days after the "talk" BM goes out and buys SD a brand new car...that she's been cruising around in. And guess who is refusing to now stay at our house because of the new car? SD. Duh! People are nuts.

Andddd now the blow up has happened.

Jcksjj's picture

So after all the events of the previous blogs, MIL sends this message via FILs phone to DH:

"Hi, DH we have a card for SD, would be nice to get it to her before her birthday."

DH responds, obviously pissed because its 100% clear now that only SDs birthday matters to them and that MIL was trying to manipulate YDS birthday into being about SD:

"Have you considered the mail?"

FIL: "In person would be better"

DH: "MDS and YDS didnt get theirs in person or on time, what's going on?"