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Another Job Offer Post

Well I've commented on other posts about my potential job opportunity so I thought I would officially share it.

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Step-Daughter troubles. .

I have a son with someone else. A son between my husband and I and he has a daughter with someone step daughter.

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Its just SO entertaining...

BM's posts are more entertaining every day. Man... I used to only check on her FB page to confirm suspicions, but I can't help myself. She is so stupid. After yesterday's posts

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I'm having trouble here.

Hi I had to delete my account and start a new one. 1 SD, I bio kid one on the way

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She showed up - guessing she wishes she hadn't

Ba ha ha. She showed up. With her version of the Discovery. Referee ripped her a new one for making us come across the state.

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Dear Abby...... you have it all wrong honey

I wonder is she has ever been divorced? It sure doesn't sound like it.

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Example of DH making me ill

Yesterday I got our three year old daughter from daycare which is in my workplace, and we both got into the car with DH.

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MIL's Hand me Downs

Despite my repeatedly saying I don't want things from my inlaws, I have an entrance hall filled with their unwanted, broken, disgusting cast offs. I am so p%$##@# right now.

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Funny Friday COD Story

Told to me by a colleague. Her parents were divorced, dad paid CS to mom. Her younger brother wanted new jeans, but mom said he already had jeans and didn't need more.

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SO paid a lawyer!! Too much BM contact!

SO finally went to a lawyer about his divorce and paid the retainer. He contacted BM and she said she would sign and they could have an uncontested divorce.