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Am i Done?

mollygreen22's picture

I always said that i didnt feel or was ready to leave my releation ship because of the issues we are having with the SK.   I dont know if im in just a bad place but i feel like ive completely given up.  My SS is only 10 and i cant stand that kid so much i dont speak with him dont try to engage and just lock myself in my room when he comes over.   I dont know if im worn out from trying or just done.  My DH just cannt seem to disipline him and he really is becomming a bad person,  I mean nobody wants to be around this kid.  My DD, his cousins, aunts uncles just cant understand why my DH is al

Observations from a third-party

ITB2012's picture

DS had his HS graduation party this weekend. XH, his GF and her daughter were there. I have only met the GF twice and only one of those times have we spoken about ten words to each other. This past weekend, though, she sought me out to talk to me. She wanted to make sure I knew that over all the years (they've been together longer than me and DH---no she is not the reason for my divorce) that she really appreciates how well XH and I parent together and are a team/aligned on raising DS.

Just need to rant...

FrustratedandLost's picture

I have a 19 yo SD that is self-centered, lazy, disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate, arrogant brat. She doesn't help out around the house and when she's told to do something she doesn't do it. The only thing that she is told to do is to clean up her room and she doesn't do it. Her room looks like a hurricane hit it and the only reason I know what her room looks like is because we have to go through her room to get out to our backyard. Her room used to be an office and it was changed to a room for her. It is a disgrace.

Oh the Joys

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

So I ran into a guy at the gym, who used to be roommates for the ex had some kind of falling out with him and his wife (her bestie). Quick story short. She lived with them, got kicked out because she stopped paying rent, guy and ex's friend got divorced, she moved to Canada, he apparently moved close to where I am now.  So this guy has a tendency to overshare. I had my earbuds in and was doing step-ups onto a bench with like 150 lbs on my shoulderrs. I figured, he'd leave me be. Nope! I was wrong! Instead he comes up and starts talking away.

Father’s Day (Thanks a lot, BM)

Trying to Stepmom's picture

BM texted DH around 10am asking if he’d like to pick up SD13. He called and they made arrangements to meet at their meeting place at 1pm. DH and I already had plans to run in to school (across town) to set up for camp which started the next day. Everything seemed to work out and DH told BM what the plan was. 


Father's Day

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

Been away for over a month now after the last few blogs I posted, but wanted to give an update regarding Father's Day since a bunch of you helped me decide what to do for father's day for my bf. I went with the Taco shirt for my bf and the Taquito shirt for both of the girls. When he went to take the dog outside, I told him I would pick out the clothes for the girls wear that day. When really I was helping them put on their shirt and then when he came back inside had the girls give him his shirt and tell him happy dad day. He loved the shirts and we spent the day at the zoo.

Selfy stick

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

So I am thinking back to the time I started to dislike my   Sd and it was round about the time she requested a selfy stick. After about a year of her being ‘me me me’ sd was 21 at the time. We both said no to the request, but I couldn’t help but feel she was getting a tad ‘superficial’. There’s nothing wrong with a pretty picture or two but some people just get obsessed. I know this is normal behaviour (apparently) and some of you are going to slate me for being judgemental which is fair enough.


butterflygirl03's picture

Is anybody out there? I am new to this site and I feel utterly alone. No one really understands what I'm going through - my own husband doesn't know how to comfort me. It breaks my heart. I feel hopeless and alone...Yesterday my 18SD told me how she really feels about me. Part of me is glad she's finally being honest, but the other part of me is hurting. Let's just say she didn't pull any punches. I could use a friend right now...