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Miss Manner really got it wrong today!

notsurehowtodeal's picture

Miss Manners really got it wrong today! Why would an obituary mention step grandkids that were not involved with the deceased?

Dear Miss Manners: I recently lost my mom, and we just had the service. My brother has two stepsons, and in the obituary, they were mistakenly left off the list of grandkids. Biologically, my mom had a total of six grandkids, who were all mentioned in the obituary.

SS has no responsibility

Dreamy cloud's picture

To update on my last, my boyfriends son video called him tonight (which is the usual weekday thing to do) and usually his son doesn't engage on the call, he usually sits and plays video games and ignores my boyfriend when he is trying to speak to him. The sons mum awkwardly sits there and holds the phone facing towards SS. And because she clearly dislikes my boyfriend so much still she doesn't like to work together to give SS boundaries and respect to engage.

SOs comment about his nephews fiancés family drama.

MissK03's picture

Who knows! The stepmom might be here so this is a temporary post but had to get it out. 

All the info we have ever heard... nephew's fiancé mom (sounds like PAS) her from her dad for YEARS. Blamed the dad for divorce etc etc. Come to find out the mom was the cheater.. nephew's fiancé has been on bad terms with her ever since.. it's been about two years I would say.

Sunday was her bridal shower. Mom wasn't there. Stepmom/SOs SIL threw the shower for her.

O/T....need some work advice.....

halo1998's picture

I, like Rags lovely bride, have a hard time of letting go of my workplace.  I have been in IT operational support for last 25 years.  To say I'm burnt out...would be a giant understatement.  The oncall at this place is killing its like working 24x7 for about 14 days straight. The expectations are out of hand.  My previous on-call's were just for break in its broke and I fix it. This job's oncall has morphed work all day....log in at night do work...oh and we need stuff done on the then.  

When StepKids Get Out Of School For Summer

Lillywy00's picture

The moment when you realize that it's now summer, those step kids are out of school, they have nothing to do (even though theyre old enough to have *something* going on besides sitting around the house all day like bumps on a log), and their bio parents had latchkey kids but erroneously expect their respective new partners to endure grueling hours of last notice, on-demand, free babysitting/free summer school camp.....


"Get somebody else to do it"

Is the new motto for step parenting in the summer...