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Sleeping arrangements

Kiwi_koala's picture

What are everyone's sleeping arrangements for SK's that come over every other weekend? Do you think it's necessary for the kids to have their own beds and rooms? My boyfriend just moved into a three bedroom apartment and wants to get triple bunk beds for both rooms. Even if you only spend $100 on each mattress it's going to cost like $1200 total with the mattresses and if you get the cheapest bunk bed frames. The rooms are kind of small and I think getting a foldable queen size mattress or foldable twins make more sense. 

What to do when bio mom emotionally hurts the kids

Alapheria's picture

My husband has custody of his 2 girls from his previous marriage. Bio mom is to get the girls every other weekend from 9am Saturday to 6pm Sunday and does not pay child support (not ordered to due to agreement between my husband and her). That's not the problem. She has shortened her weekend visits to 9am to 4pm Saturday's with no overnights. Then she's cancelled several times because "she has to work that day" and turns out, she's taking her son with her new hubby to birthday parties, fairs and events but doesn't want to deal with the girls.


What should I do?

FrustratedandLost's picture

For the past year, my husband has become more depressed due to a legal problem with his job. When it started last August, I told him to get another job and leave his current job. But he refused. He has the attitude of get them before they get me. It has now started to reflect on me in some ways. This past weekend on Saturday, he went to the casino near us and I didn't want to go so I went and did something else. I tried texting him and calling him twice all day. He never answered me. I know he saw my text messages and read them because my phone status said read next to my text message.


Jcksjj's picture

SD was gone for 10 days. It was amazing. The weather was crap, all 3 kids and then myself all got sick, and it was still amazing. 

So anyway, alot of the issues that were happening when I first posted have gotten better. To be clear, SD herself is the same, but much less of a problem to me personally because of the advice I've gotten on here and it actually working over time. DH has gotten much better. Hes not 100 percent, but it's gotten better.

BM1 Resurfaced

justmakingthebest's picture

I guess she sent SS19 (special needs) a flurry of texts a couple of days ago about him "knowing the truth". She sent a bunch of screenshots of 1 GAL report (out of the 10 or so that they had) where this one thought BM1 should have regular visitation. The rest all said supervised or none at all. This report was from when he was 7. 

SD stealing BM's credit Card AGAIN...

Daisymazy2's picture

SD, age 17, called DH about a week ago.  She wanted to go to the pet store and get her an emotional pet cat.  Dh told her that he wanted BM to call him to tell him that she could have the cat first.  SD has lied many times and has stated that BM has approved a purchase and she hasn't.  DH was staying out of it and let it go.

Surprise, surprise, but really no surprise at all

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So this Friday was the first day of the temporary court order and BM over here already was trying to act like the court order is just a suggestion. He gets a text a few hours prior to the 3 pm pick up of his daughter saying how she has ballet at 5:30, we can adjust the Sunday drop off so you can pick her up after ballet at the studio instead... She also adds in there "I'm assuming you want to see (older child) that needs to be discussed. I'm not unreasonable" .....My bf responds that he will be picking up his daughter at 3 pm.