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Would therapy help?

GSF300's picture

Hi all-

 Things have been quiet for a week or so now. Its been nice, but occasionally I get that huge knot in my stomach and panic/aniexty comes over me like somethings going to happen again. It feels like a PTSD episode. And I get myself all worked up and I bring up all the things I worry about to my SO and I get an eye roll.

Can't wait for SS to go to his mom this weekend

catmiao's picture

To be fair, other than the "regular arguing" about his hw everyday this week, he has otherwise been good (or at least tried). I have been a witch for about as long as a week though. By being a witch, I meant that I have not really been smiling or being extra nice and all that kind of stuff. Basically I only talk business. Not that I enjoyed being a witch, it just seems to work better to keep the schedule and task in line than being the "nice lady."

Poor DH, let down again

tog redux's picture

DH had plans with SS19 tonight - he was going to pick up SS and bring him to our house for burgers. Went and bought all the food last night.   He had been taking him out to dinner near his CC campus, but since he got hit with a ridiculous increase in CS, he's not willing to do that anymore.  I personally haven't seen SS since October or so.

OT - Reading a crazy book -- Spilled Milk

notsobradybunch's picture

Has anyone read this? Its a true story and so unreal! Its so difficult to read but at the same time I can't put it down. 

Its about a family who suffers emotional and physical abuse by their father. The main character (a daughter) is sexually abused by her father.

There are parts where I've felt physically ill while reading it. I've never felt this way reading a book.

Crazy stuff..

OT - Thankful Thursday

Aniki's picture

Whose enjoying VD? Yes, I DO mean Valentine's Day. First of all, I disagree that VD is strictly for lovers. Not everyone has a significant other. Some people call this Singles Awareness Day (one of my nephews). Others call it Singles Appreciation Day (my sister). Regardless, there is no need to feel left out. Are your parents still around? Let them know you love them. Spend some quality time with your furbabies. Hang out with a friend. Enjoy the day!


Sleeping Arrangements

WishfulCC's picture

Hello Everyone! 

So I have two beautiful step kids, boy age 11 and girl age 8. We have been having one large issue over the past 2 going on 3 years. My step daughter continues to want to sleep with my husband and I or in our bedroom, even on the floor, or in her brothers room but never in her own room by herself. We get them every other weekend and 1 day overnight during the week on the weekends we do not have them, and whenever their mother needs a glorified babysitter (which is another story, but we are always happy to have them).

End of the Line

Hershei12's picture

I haven't blogged in awhile. Things are about as bad as they can possibly get. Both SKIDS (SD17 and SS19) and I are totally disengaged. They are now allowed to miss school, DH does nothing about it. After they have both cussed him out repeatedly telling him to "shut the F up, get the F out of their room, you are stupid, you are a piece of shit," his stance is let them let enough rope out to hang themselves, its their choice.