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Steplife topic - Out of state visitation - plane tickets

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Okay so on to an actual steplife topic. For those of you who have or have had out of state visitation with their skids, how soon or how late do you notify BM or the bio parent of the travel information. On Wednesday we sent out our change of address notice to BM so it went out 5 weeks and a few days before our lease starts. Now we sent BM the dates for summer we selected prior to April 1 also as is outlined in the CO. What is not outlined in the CO is when we have to notify BM of the exact travel plans for SD.

O/T - Problem with pet walker, are we being dramatic?

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Okay so this is totally off topic, but the way the pet service is handling this makes us wonder if we are being dramatic. To make a long story short, for the last year we have been using a pet service that comes 3 times a day to walk our dog, fill the dog and cat bowls, clean the cat litter box, play with the pets, etc. it is a 20 minute visit each time. For the past 2 years before this DH's co-worker would come and take care of our pets. So since we started using this new service we have had the same lady each time and we use her 1-2 times almost every month.

Sad,Bitter, Heartbroken

Maplesugar's picture

Don't even know where to start. 

I never should have married this man (almost) 11 years ago.

He will not stop throwing in my face how much he sacrificed for me and my girls (who are now adults-out of the house). How his kids are perfect, wonderful, fabulous. How mine are ungrateful, awful, terrible.

What he forgets is that his precious babies were shielded from their mother's drinking and driving with them in the car.

BM just attempted to file a restraining order

justmakingthebest's picture

Seriously. We have 0 communication with her other than for travel plans for SS- which she doesn't respond to any way. Nothing harassing at all.

We are 1300 miles away.

She is grasping at some straws! Our attorney just texted to let me know. The judge didn't sign it. Out attorney's words "It's dumb as hell. Have a beer for me tonight. I will have the details tomorrow."

It's counselor day

Jcksjj's picture

SD meets with the counselor to talk on Thursdays during lunch. No email from her today, or since DH spoke with her. 

I wonder what the effect of working on SDs supposed "self esteem" issues will be as far as her poor behavior in class. I'm guessing nothing unless they also work on her sense of entitlement.

Just why.....

NattyLocsQueen's picture

DH allows the BM to take the boys out of state to go see "Noah's Ark". By Tuesday of this week, she told him that they almost lost my oldest bonus son via drowning because him and his biological sister were left unattended at the pool. The grandparents were drunk and wasn't watching them. I was so pissed and I just looked at him and walked off. I was quiet all day til he had to ask what's wrong. Like I've told him, I'm disappointed in his dumb decision knowing that she is on the Child Abuse Registry. He told me he chose to let them go with her and wasn't looking for an approval.