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So it begins

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

Psycho.... Isn't picking up the girls until 1.5 hours after she's supposed to... And by she's picking them up. I mean her sister is picking them up and they're spending the night with the sister. 

For someone who claims to "want to see her kids every single day" she sure doesn't make an effort to even see them on her days...

That's all. 

OT- Christmas Present for parents

justmakingthebest's picture

I have no idea what to get my mother for Christmas. The only thing she told me was getting her house pressure washed. That is the lamest gift ever. My sister's DH will just go over and do it, it isn't a big deal, he didn't know she wanted that. 

I have to come up with something. My mom spoils all of us like crazy at Christmas. I just don't want to give her something lame... My sister got her nice Soma PJ's and some cutesy wine glasses. Those are my go-to with my mom, she got there 1st! Evil sisters... 

I need mom ideas! Help!

I'm probably setting myself up

morrginme's picture

Just another petty situation that will get me accused of being mean and cruel. 

SD15 didnt want to get up for school this morning because she had a basketball game the night before, she woke up tired this morning, and had a headache. She  wants me to drive her to school later so she can sleep in and feel better.

OT- Funny Story that the Dads will appreciate more

Major Blunder's picture

So last evening was Cookies with Santa at GSD’s school, GSS gets antsy after a while at these functions so he and stayed home instead of ruining the time for GSD and DW.

We always have fun together, there is always a few moments of having to parent him but for the most part it’s “Guys Time”. We do stupid stuff, I allow him to do things that would make DW wince (he’s a bit of a daredevil) basically we just enjoy each other alone for a while.

OT - Eff Off Friday

Aniki's picture

Friday at last! This has been a loooooong week. Again. 18 days 'til Christmas and I have so much to do between work, medical appointments, and personal stuff that I need to make To Do lists every day (including a planned route so I'm not doubling back driving places). Admittedly, I'm ready for December 26th!

Eff off to:


I can’t deal with my stepson anymore I am an above and beyond parent

tallmom67's picture

My stepson is 15 and we have had custody of him for years over 2 years bc his mother is a drug attic and beyond.  I worked behind the scenes to help my husband gain that custody and I buried her in adverse evidence.  Was it worth it yes I saved this kid from his bio mom.  I took on homeschooling of him and my 9 year old daughter.  He has of late become defiant and he’s a  good kid overall but I am at the point of giving up on homeschooling and have him attend a regular high school.

Repeating Phrases As Her Own

Forthelifeoftheparty's picture

I just want to say this on here so I won’t say it to DH. (I’ve already said it enough when I’ve been angry.)


His daughter creeps me out. She is downright odd. Ever agreeable, she repeats nearly exactly what others say within hours of them saying it as if it is her own idea or something that has just occurred to her. It is like she lacks a mental boundary or basic selfhood. Here is an example. 

More Weird Crap BM Says

CompletelyPuzzled's picture

I really think our BM is crazy.  She has been making all these weird statements about my pregnancy.  She told my DH that she hopes our baby looks like the SDs so all his kids look like her and him *bad*,   Then yesterday, she called my DH about Christmas and decided to tell him that he needs to realize that our baby (mine and his) creates a tie between her and him forever.  WTH???  My DH asked her what that meant and she said that our baby will be siblings with her kids and that means that she will always be his family.


How to talk about PAS?

young_step_mom's picture

Quick recap: DH and BM have been arguing over CS since April/May-ish and BM has been keeping (and we think alienating) SS11 from us since September.  SIL, who lives in the same town as SS,is having a party this weekend and somehow got permission for SS to attend.  None of DH’s family has really been able to see or talk to SS since September either other than running into him or when MIL went to BM’s to see him but he refused to see or speak to her.