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Shirts we need to order for next years Fathers Day

missgingersnap2021's picture

So after reading SMto2's blog, Crr18's blog and my own experience this past weekend I think most of us stepmoms on here should order tshirts that say "I will not be you emotional punching bag!!" and wear it the entire weekend.

Of course this happens at other times throughout the year but I really feel like Father's Day brings to the surface how disappointed these men are with their children and they end up taking it out on us. 

Some details about what set DH off this past weekend include:

SD18 has issues 2 days in on the new job

Shieldmaiden's picture

 SD18 got a job working with kids at a summer camp. Dh and I thought this would be great for her since she loves kids, and they bring her out of her shell. Nope. Two days in on the part-time  job and she comes home in a foul mood. Dh fixes us both a nice dinner, and 10 minutes before its done she eats the last bag of my popcorn that I buy for work ( I got zero of it.) She messes over her food and says she is not hungry. We ask her how her day was. She puts on the stinkface and says "um. ok I guess." 


Update: Hospital Billing

CastleJJ's picture

So DH received yet another medical bill from BM requesting reimbursement. This one was for $160 for SS' "OT services." BM's insurance isn't very good - that $160 out-of-pocket was for only 2 visits. I asked DH how long BM is going to continue to seek OT for related to SS' "sensory processing disorder." DH said "As long as she possibly can." SS already started football so there is no reason he can't use that to get his "issues" worked out. 

So upset I’m shaking

SMto2's picture

My usually calm, cool, DH just lost it and went crazy, throwing a glass against the wall, knocking a candle holder off the wall and damaging our hard wood floor and turning over a chair in our basement, causing the seat to fly off. Why, you ask? All because I told him I was sick of SSs treating him like a piece of sh*t while exalting BM like a queen.

Not sure what to do (Cont. from MiL favors SD)

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So I recently posted about my MIL showing favoritism towards SD12 which is beyond annoying ! SD rarely comes now so thankfully when we see MIL SD isn't with us ... and MIL always ask "where's SD" I feel line saying " you know exactly where she is, she didn't wanna come again" but that would hold SD responsible and we can't have that! Well my MIL made plans with my SIL on July 4 th weekend for all of us to go the the beach together !

Frustrated with SD

Blessedmommy's picture

At the time I met my husband my SD was a high school senior. We all moved in togather right before Thanksgiving. She wanted her boyfriend to move in. I was against it but she had daddy wrapped around her finger and we werent married yet so I didnt have no say. I told him he had to contribute in some way. He never did. I married my husband soon after. I kicked the boyfriend out. My SD and I was constantly fighting because she wanted to stay out late and smoke pot in my house. DH kept on saying just get along.

Who cleans up the pie dish?

dragonfly878's picture

On Father's Day I made pie.

Last night DH and I saved the last slice of pie for SS. 

This morning I woke up to a plate, a fork, a knife and the empty pie dish in the sink. I tell DH to handle it- he asks SS14 to clean up after himself before he leaves for school. 

SS washes his fork and plate. Leaves the knife and the pie dish.....

When SS gets home, DH asks him why he didn't wash the knife and pie dish to which he replies, "I didn't have time before school." 

DH tells him he should have washed it light night. 

SD phone call

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

SD just got off the phone with BM. Tried calling BM from SD's phone because you would think the purpose would be for the phone to work right? Well when you try to call BM, the phone says "Your phone call has been redirected to Verizon financial services. In order to complete this call a minimum payment must be made." .... So apparently BM hasn't paid the bill for SD's phone, but said before SD actually boarded the plane "We will load her phone Monday for texts." 

Anyway, SD called BM and then BM's husband got on to talk to SD too this is what he had to say:

Welp that job didn't last long - SD was fired but not fired

halo1998's picture

So SD didn't have any hours last week and then couldn't see the schedule for this week.  She finally called..and yep no hours this week.

The manager told her to start looking for a new job since they cut down on hours due to new hires, etc and that she would basically not be working. 

So  SD was fired without being fired...

Just shaking my head...I saw it coming since she couldn't count change and has trouble following directions.  Oh and was way to worried about how she looks....