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Quick update

CLove's picture

Well I always knew that this particular group has "clear slate syndome". Wake up and its a new day, folks.

Everyone is happier than ever!

Husband is kind and loving and happily hanging out.

SD16 B/M bought a little mini pie-maker with her party money and happily showed it off to me.

Everyone is happy and cheerful. Things got "fixed". No one is talking about it.

My friend tells me "its their way, you either go with it or go away"... they deal with things and move on.

Maybe all this time Ive been over thinking things. Just wipe the slate clear.

Lucky SD has another good communicative teacher

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Surprise, surprise, SD's picture day at school is only a couple days away and BM did not share any information for DH to purchase SD's school pictures. DH politely asked BM if she could share the information when she receives it for picture day following his share of the instructions and codes to set up the parent portal for SD that was emailed from SD's teacher, but that BM had mailed to her. We know from the teacher BM has had the information for over a week now, so either she is not going to share it at all or she is going to share it last minute on picture day. 

Looking for Book Recommendations

thisisus's picture

Hi all! 

I noticed when I google "I am being emotionally abused my my adult stepdaughter," there are no books. 

This abuse is surprising very common and I can't find any books to read about it. 

On a post note, I am doing quite well. I took everyone's advice in here and removed myself from her drama. It was a bit easier for me because she is in her mid twenties and lives states away. 

But, I would like literature to read to further educate myself in this topic. 

Netflix Update

AlmostGone834's picture

Well Little Idiot asked for the password. She texted DH (first time in months - she only texts when she wants something). At first I was proud of DH - he told her we didn't use it so we canceled it. Reasonable right? Well he must have been feeling extra guilty because he immediately texted "but we have other streaming subscriptions I can give you the password for" (which she already has). Ugh I am so tired of being with a divorced dad. 

BM keeps asking for money

frustratedbonusmom's picture

So DH pays child support, however, BM keeps asking for more money. 

BM does not work, only her DH does. So I personally feel that since she cannot keep a job it is not our responsibility to keep shelling out money so BM can sit and home and just buy SD things and then come asking for money for it.

We have no issue buying SD things, I personally have bought her things with my own money no problem, I have a good job and happy to do so and do it because I want to. (keep in mind DH and I are engaged not married).

She's here....long update

DarkStar's picture

It's done, she's here. First day of school was Monday. It went OK, she was nervous and acted out a bit, but the teachers and associates at her new school are terrific. Tuesday went much better, so I'm crossing my fingers that she's gonna be OK. She also knows another girl in her class, they used to attend the same school! The one BG7 just transferred from! We live in a fairly large urban area, so this is quite the coincidence. I'm really glad she has a friend to show her the ropes and hopefully meet other new friends.

you are legally required to disipline as a step parent by law otherwise you do not meet the legal qualifications of one

you-can't-argue-with-crazy's picture

So in a Canadian Step Parent group I'm in on Facebook this was asked - "If you could give one piece of advice to a stepmom what would it be?" 

Someone commented "Prioritize your health and your marriage. If the kids behave in a rude and disrespectful way and you could not do anything about it, take a step back and disengage. Never force yourself upon them and do not beat yourself about it. Let their dad and mom handle the discipline, unless otherwise necessary. Focus your time and energy on people that want it from you."

And got this response lol 

BM and a funeral

SeeYouNever's picture

I haven't posted much because there isn't much to say when things go well. There as been a few visits with SD and DHs family that were brief and our boundaries were respected. No drama. Good news.

A friend of DHs family died suddenly, one of his sisters called him to tell him and said she had "already reached out to BM." Ugh.

O/T - Vent

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Ugh I am so tired of living in an apartment and hope we have success in the springtime buying a house because the last couple of weeks apartment living has been TOUGH. We live on the corner of the property which is great because it is pretty quiet and secluded, but the downside is the parking. We have one reserved spot right out front and on one side of us starts the rest of the complex's reserved spots but on the other is a handicap spot and then the extra area for a wheel chair lift.