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Pros and cons: electronics edition

Hastings's picture

One of the rules at our house is "no electronics at bedtime." SS13 puts his various gadgets in the hall and DH puts them away for the night, then puts them back out when he gets up in the morning. There have been instances of SS holding onto one, lying about whether or not he brought it to our house -- or just neglecting to put one out to see if DH notices.

A Little Shocked By SS12

CastleJJ's picture

DH FaceTimed with SS12 tonight for our usual twice weekly call. SS is in the middle of state standardized testing in school and told DH he just wrapped up English last week. DH asked SS what the English portion entailed. SS explained that there was reading, comprehension, and a writing prompt about whether class participation should count toward a student' grade. DH asked SS where he stood on that topic. SS said he felt it shouldn't and outlined his reasons.

DH discusses SD

Merry's picture

We are coming to the end of settling Auntie's estate and recently closed a bank account. Not a great deal of money--most of her assets were part of an irrevocable trust which has turned out to be an incredibly bad idea. Not enough in it to justify the ongoing work, but not my issue.

Anyway. DH was torn about sending some of the bank money to his kids. He asked my opinion. I have an opinion, but it's not anything I'm going to weigh in on. I will discuss facts. That got him started on the discussion about his disappointment in their behavior.

Going Scorched Earth burns ALL the Bridges

CLove's picture

Im a little shaky right now, to be honest.

SD25 Feral Forger asked Husband for money$ today. He showed me the back and forth. After he responded with "Im sorry but I just had to pay property tax and water heater, I cannot help you", she lashed out and went Scorched Earth like nobody Ive ever seen.

It was over help paying a freaking phone bill people.

That kid had potential

AlmostGone834's picture

"It's a shame. That kid had potential"

A phrase you often hear when a exceptional youth is taken from this world before his/her time. A phrase reserved for the unusually talented or intelligent. 

... and apparently for the cocaine using, girlfriend beating, cheating, bartender boyfriend of his daughter, according to DH.

Driving Miss Daisy Powersulk

CLove's picture

Quick update, and hope you all enjoyed eclips-ing. Several photographer friends got some relly incredible photos and one even did a time lapse series that was jaw dropping. I gardened and planted and enjoyed not watching it.

Thanks for the advice - a resounding series of Dont Do Or Say Anything To Powersulk or Husband about Driving Test, Even If Its Only To Help.

Have I hit the nail on the head? Dad trying to block kids from coming over on his week

Yesterdays's picture

To me it seems like my kids father is trying to block my kids from coming to my house during his week.. By telling them they can't have the car overnight or in the evenings. I think... He wants them strictly week on week off with no variance 

I posted previously about my 17 yo daughter getting her license. Her dad seemingly buying them a car to use. Him saying it's going to be a game changer for our driving problems.. Save some drives. The girls thought the car was mostly for them.