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The Enmeshment and Victimology Continues!

thinkthrice's picture

Pumpkinhead (OSS23) posts on his FB account some vignette about a trucker laughing through a fiasco (his truck went off the road in bad weather) and of course Pumpkinhead does a shout out to the Girhippo:

"Isn't that how life is?  We laugh through the tough times."

Then the Gir chimes in and commiserates...ohhhh we have had it sooooooo tough and we stiiiiiiillllll maaannnnaaage to keeeeeep a smiiiiile on our faaaaaces!



SM getting ignored at family events - Different perspectives

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So I was reading a blog from a couple years ago (got there from the post history of one of today's new blogs). It's on a common topic - a new SM's relationship with her adult stepchildren and how much to expect. But a couple of the comments went off on a tangent and got me thinking. Blog is here:

Christmas at BioHo's

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For those who don't know, my DH works second shift. On a good 'day' - and if the roads are in good shape - he gets home around midnight. He winds down for a couple hours before coming to bed. Saturday night, he didn't get home until just after 2am. He played Civilization until almost 4:30am (sucky work night) and finally settled down about 5am. 

O/T Today is the Day

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I don't have my hopes up much but I ended up going to the union after I was assigned boatloads of responsibility (server/software admin for the 911 and sheriff depts) and not receiving any compensation along with keeping quite a lot of my old duties on top of it.   The union meeting with HR is today.


Last May I met with the CIO, informed him of all the crap I had to contend with as Retired Dude was a silo on this stuff, didn't document nearly anywhere near the stuff he was doing and basically ditched giving me the 48 hour crash course.

The difference

Jcksjj's picture

One of my coworkers from a previous job fairly recently started dating a guy with 3 kids and she posts pictures of them all the time. At first I rolled my eyes at them like I usually do at stepfamily things. But taking a closer look - the kids look happy and like NICE kids. And even more - her boyfriends mom commented how thankful the kids are to have her in their life! I'd probably fall over dead from shock if my MIL ever commented something like that. In contrast, MIL passive aggressively excluded us (DS9 and me) from the beginning.

Have to laugh because getting mad isn't worth the toxins!

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So for about 3 weeks now - I have been planning a dinner on Christmas eve since that is what ASD#2 wanted (per her text messages back and forth with DH) who in traveling from out of state for holidays.  Well I guess we got played.  ASD#3 texts the ASD#2 who wanted this get together and ASD#2 response was "I have no clue what you are talking about.  I didn't plan any get together at Dad's house."  

How much is too much.

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So I have a question for all you Step-Parents out there. 

    How much is too much for gift giving on holidays and birthdays?

Personally I set a certain amout for our kids then a certain amount for the other people in our lives. But I want to know how other people handle shopping for holidays for thier stepkids. 

On another note how do some of you handle entitled or greedy behavior around the holidays as well? No wrong answers I'm just curious.

Bring SD on Vacation

mamapajama's picture

Longtime reader, but I rarely post. When I do I take the blog down shortly as I’m always concerned SD or her BM could come across it.

Long story short, SD 15 just doesn’t visit at all unless it’s 100% self serving and only calls for gifts or money. We have a two year old she’s seen one time, four year old who wouldn’t recognize her.  Doesn’t call on her dads birthday, Father’s Day, doesn’t return calls or texts unless it’s about a gift for her, just a combo of PAS and her being a jerk raised by a jerk.