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Another Night Terror!

thinkthrice's picture

Not sure if it's because it is the USA's Thanksgiving or Chef doing all this free work for his brother Mr not so neutral with no anticipation of them rebuilding his antique truck in view as a ( very lopsided) exchange, but I had a night terror in which Chef reunited with his oldest two, namely OSS Pumpkinhead (27) and SD(25) the Animal Torturer.    The HousesHitter YSS ( on the precipice of 21)  was nowhere in sight probably because he would have been in jail by then.

How are YOU

CLove's picture

How are YOU doing today, the day before a big american holiday. A few days before the weekend. A month before The Big Cash Grab holiday?

Are you indulging in self care of some sort? Are you reaching out to friends?

I have a friend who recently had heart surgery and is recovering and now has an infection. Shes 55. Its really making me value myself, my time, my energy and what time I have left on this planet. 

Life is too short Steppers. 

So, how are YOU?

Learning your kids aren’t great

Crr18's picture

I just wanted to share. SD said she was at a stop sign in front of the police station and a police car pulled out and hit her. That she did nothing wrong. Well guess what there is video she is to blame.  SS just got detention because him and his friends were picking on a kid in school that is different and they were recording it . Guess your precious little children are acting the same towards others as they do to you SO. 

OT My Employers Pissing Me Off

Lillywy00's picture

I asked my manager 2 levels up to give me 8 hrs of my PTO (that I earned) so that I could move ... (I asked it in a polite corporate tone)

Probably should have made up a lie (like I need the time for medical issues) or something but I was honest. 

Im trying to move during a weekday while he is at work. 

I asked 3 weeks (well in advance IMO) and she keeps blowing me off. 

We're in our busy season so really they don't like us taking time out now but 

Mini update on cps case

BethAnne's picture

Made an appointment with lawyer for a consultation next week.

Had a couple heart to hearts with my husband. 

Beer has been bottled.

My husband has not yet talked to sd....

That's it for now. Just hoping that we don't get a visit before I get a chance to talk to the lawyer. With the holidays I'm hoping that is the case. 

BM trying to hide not knowing about SD's therapy appointment

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Last week SD was scheduled to have her in office therapy session, the first since SD started therapy. The therapist sees SD at school every other week for 20 minutes and the care manager did the same when SD returned to BMs after summer while the therapist was on maternity leave. BM messaged DH that SD was sick and staying home from school the day of the in office session. DH responded to SD being sick then asked if BM would be able to reschedule the appointment. BM asked if he meant the school therapy session, DH said no the one the therapist informed me about.

OT - Coworker is Pissing Me Off

Lillywy00's picture

One of my coworkers was in the same role as me during training but out of training I took a role with higher responsibility and I think higher pay. 

She admitted that she wished  she would have elected to take this role as well.


Now that I'm am "above" her she is completely defiant.

she (I believe intentionally) refuses to respond to my private messages which are time sensitive. 

O/T Holidays when Overseas in the Military

thinkthrice's picture

Question:  are you allowed to send Christmas presents to military stationed overseas during their deployment?  And if so I'm thinking you want to send something small so that you don't burden the military personnel having to haul it back home.   Awesomeson is in Saudi Arabia, which is a primarily Muslim country.   He has already warned me about sending items related to religion especially Christendom.  

Any gift I sent him though would not be religiously themed.