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My Cousin's Fall from Grace

**Slight back story. My older cousin (Lena) is my Dad's youngest niece. Her SO, is my Mother's oldest brother (Ray), my Uncle. They are not related to each other, but they are both related to me.

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Any kids/skids/parents on the Pokemon Go bandwagon?

My son is, but he's finding it *extremely* challenging because he has no data on his phone... Evil

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O/T This school

SO this is a little off topic. Yesterday my step-son came home with a paper that he used as scrap paper to draw on the back of.

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Child support is bullshit. There, I said it.

I want to know if others, especially bio moms, feel that child support is outrageous extortion, like I do. (Not in the case of absentee dead beat dads... it serves a purpose in SOME instances.)

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Money Grubbing Step Daughter

Hi everyone - new to this site and here is my story:

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O/T - Anyone have a child/experience with ADHD?

My 6 year old son has ADHD, he's often a bit rambunctious, doesn't follow directions well, speaks out of turn, has a hard time being still, is extremely fidgety, is impulsive and therefore does random

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O/T You are never too old to find a new partner

Over and over again I've heard women here complain that they are too old to start over. Who will want them as they are no longer young and cute, etc. etc.

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Tone Up Tuesday

We had friends visiting this weekend. I was determined to be good, regardless of the fact we had company.

Yah that didn't happen. Sigh. 

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Going Well, Just Minor Forehead Slaps

Been pretty nice lately.
Week on / week off essentially for the summer so far, much more regular than crazy school-year schedule.

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$7,000 for BM to still do whatever she wants? COOL!

DH has a $7,000 and climbing legal fees bill for his new schedule which was recently put in Court order. I almost threw up when I saw the bill.