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Everythings closed

NotThatTypical's picture

With everything closed, is it even possible for someone to adjust a custody order if both parties agree?

I mean lawyers are closed, legal offices are closed, self-help centers are closed.

BM is crying that SO needs to ignore what she said about following the order and keep the kids more now that school is officially closed for the year. SO is standing his ground.

BM is losing her mind because we won't take the kids

strugglingSM's picture

To go back a bit, when all of this COVID-19 broke, DH reached out to BM and told her that because he is immune-compromised, he would like Skids to stay home if they are sick or if anyone in BM's home was sick or exposed. BM replied and said that she would actually prefer if Skids stayed at her home. DH was sad - he didn't want to move from seeing them entirely - but said ok.

Am I the bitch?

Chmmy's picture

Anyone else find this obnoxious? I had clothes in the dryer with about 10 minutes left to dry and towels in the washer waiting to go in the dryer. SD17 who I have had many laundry room problems with before, she is ob-fucking-noxius to live with, took my wet towels out of the washer put them on top of my almost dry clothes and now everything is in the dryer, towels and clothes, so the Princess of Darkness can use the washer. Does anyone wash towels with their clothes? No, too much lint right? It's mostly pjs and undies so I don't care but if it was my nicer clothes I would care.

Hope this site is more forgiving than mumsnet

Tempmum's picture

Just found this site and viewed a couple of posts, people seem quite supportive and forgiving on here. I moved in with my partner bought a house together) last summer and between us we have 5 teenage/adult children living with us full time. The issue is his son drives me crazy, I get on fine with both his daughter and son but I find his son irritating due to his lack of personal hygiene and his laziness. I know there is not a lot I can do and just need to remind myself he is a good kid and I need to chill out.

and she's back!!! YAY! >:(

donewithdrama35's picture

I KNEW it. I knew when she went back to BM's house last Sunday that it wouldn't last. I would never get my 2 week break after 15 straight days with her here. If you read my last blog BM was already angling for SD17 to just stay here during all this as it was safer for her. That was complete and total BS as SD had been going over to visit her during the time she was here. She just wanted to stick us with her so she could do whatever the F she wants. We've all been staying home and not seeing other people and no one is sick.

Can you just tell SS...

Cooooookies's picture

No. No, I cannot and will not.  You made this mess, you deal with it.

As a lot of you probably know, DH is a lovely man.  Not so great of a father.  SS17 has little rules, no expectations...and he is living up to that beautifully.  If he does a poor job, half a job, barely a job at all...DH will always stick up for poor little COD, autistic, mommy doesn't care about me little poopsie.

Sd10 being alienated against us

Bmarie01's picture

Really struggling with Sd10. She's clearly being alienated against us and is miserable here when personal hygiene, bed time, and just rules overall. We used to have a good relationship but when DH and I had an ours baby BM really rammed up manipulation. Now SD10 won't stop lying to us and is just completely out of control. We payed our lawyer to help get her into therapy but now with covid-19 we are at a stand still and both I and DH struggle with the 50% custody. Everyone is tense or mad when she's here. Please help.


Abbreviation for hypocrite- 2 letters: DH

missginger's picture

So I am still not over the BS of our anniversary. I'm still so hurt and angry with things DH said and basically how he handled things but when 3 hunan beings are forced to stay home all weekend I took the high road and acted fine all weekend but then doesn't DH do something to piss me off again!!!