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If you bet on the counselor you won!

1dad4kids's picture

So the counselor emailed BM's lawyer back today! She basically reiterated what DH said in his email, in a more professional tone. Then said because BM booked the appointment, she couldn't force her to use it as the joint session and if she wanted to just bring SS10 she could. But she did say firmly that it wasn't what she recommended. So if BM doesn't want to do the joint session now, she is specifically going against the counselors recommendation! 


Am I wrong?

Jay1's picture

Hi, I'm super new and needed a place to vent. I've been with my bf for almost 3 yrs now. About a year and a half ago his son came to live with us. I still don't know the full story why he did, but put it this way or for the better. He was 5 when my bf brought him home to stay, and he did not talk, was not potty trained, and look completely malnurished. The mother obviously severely neglected him and it was so sad to see because he is such a sweet boy. I've worked extra hard to get him on track and I'm proud to say he's had a major 180!


Christina Haack El Mousa Anstead TBD.....

Rags's picture

Saw a pop up news headline the other day.  Christina (of Flip or Flop fame on HGTV, and apparently Flop on marriage) recently squeezed out a puppy with her 2nd DH and now two-ish years after marrying DH #2  is divorcing DH #2.  All after apparently having her second child in an effort to shore up the marriage with her first DH.  That anyone would consider breeding as a relationship saving effort is mind boggling to me.

Step biting and leaving bruises on himself from boredom

Layla1014's picture

Hello, I have a 7-year-old stepson, my previous entries dealt with struggling to care for him, he lives with his mom again due to her wanting child support and me being unable to care for him. Her sister helps her care for him and she has a daughter. They play together. Last night, bio mom told fiancee stepson harmed himself because he was bored. He has toys there and a cousin to play with, he comes over weekends but wants to move back because he wants video games, he wants to go back and forth between parents and that cannot be. I am just wondering if this is normal.

Skid free for almost 4 months now

Iamwoman's picture

DH was incredibly hurt by skids taking part in Maggot's manipulation games when she moved.

It couldn't have been more transparent. The first time in their lives that a 15 and 11 year old remember Father's Day and their dad's birthday (and happen to "remember" together) is followed by radio silence after DH allows the move to happen.

Talk about a red flag

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

and I don't mean one about bf, but rather any of the women bf's brother has been intimate with/been in a reltionship with. Basically the biggest reason bf and I have not been out to his home state until now even though we have been together over 2 years now is because bf’s family is a mess. Specifically his dad, mom, and all 3 of his half siblings cause a lot of drama and aren’t the best of people. Bf’s dad is the exception, although his mistakes are making bad decisions and having too much faith in people.

UPDATE 4 - GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

halo1998's picture

DH heard from SD over the weekend. So far everything was ok there.  SD did tell DH that Beaver said the other boy, GWR's friend who I will call Eddie Haskel not allowed over to there house anymore, not even when SD is not there.

I looked at DH and asked..How long you think that will last.  Dh...about a month and then Beaver will relent since GWR will be unhappy and Beaver can't have that.  That and GWR will pull the...I'm suicidal unless I get what I want card.

Also, no mention of any punishment for GWR.....anyone shocked?  yea were weren't  either.

Back from vacation

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So we got back from our vacation last night and it is good to be home! In case any of you were wondering, there were a handful of photos at bf’s dad’s house. Now in his dad’s defense it is not his home, but was bf’s grandparent’s home we stayed at and his dad has been living at. His dad got surgery in July and was staying at his deceased parent’s home instead of his own because it was next door to his sister and was easier for her to check in on him.

Parental Alienation- my story.

Peach's picture

Although my DH is still in touch with his kids, they have been alienated.  His relationship is through text, gifts, and money.  Before he and BM (50 shades of cray) divorced, he did everything for them.  He came home from work, made dinner, gave them baths, read books, and put them to bed.  Their mother was consumed with her job and devoted most of her time to that.  On the weekends, he took them places and devoted all of his time to them.  When we moved in together, we took them extra weekends because the ex needed to work- 3 out of 4 weekends each month, and had them almost every day in s