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Unsure Anymore

Tianaaslack's picture

I'm not sure what to do anymore. My husband and I have been struggling for some time now with his BM. In my personal opinion, she's unfit to be a mother. This has been my opinion from the time my SD was born to this very day at the age of 12. Recently, my SD's disregard for other people's property and emotions has gotten out of control. We don't tolerate it in our house. But her mother allows it in hers. Her mother doesn't care what she does so long as she (the mother) doesn't have to be bothered to step away from the online computer games long enough to have to care for her children.

BM is OBSESSED with my BF and he doesn’t realize it

QueenOfCups's picture

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for the past 6 months. And even though it's been such a short time we instantly fell in love with eachother and he moved in with me and my dad. Our relationship is going perfect besides these little things we can't seem to agree on. His BM is TOXIC but she plays the victim card VERY WELL. She has his mom, his dad, and TRIED to have him wrapped around her finger. Things have been slowly escalating and I realize that it's only gonna get worse. 


And DH's lawyer finally gets it! And... what happens if DH dies?

1dad4kids's picture

DH told his lawyer exactly why he didn't want to give up Wednesdays. And his lawyer sent BM's lawyer an email stating them. He also included a closing statement that suggested if BM fights this then she'll be going to court with DH. DH's lawyer is busy tomorrow so we won't get BM's reaction until Monday. 

BM Took Kids But Wants To Return Them For Weekend

Rumplestiltskin's picture

So BM got the ex parte emergency custody order on the grounds that she alleges SO's house is too dangerous. But.....get this - she wants SO to have them every other weekend starting tomorrow. And the judge granted it!

If his house is so dangerous that she needs emergency custody, how can she say that he has to keep them for the weekend?! Plus, she knows that this is SO's weekend to work. Now he is trying to get his dad to stay over to watch them from Friday night to Sunday night. If he can't, guess who is the only one available. Yep, me.

First blog

Rona_dee's picture

So I have a situation. 4 years ago I started a relationship with someone who had two young children from a previous relationship. After ALOT of work and time we happily moved in together 2 years ago. As a family we went on holiday, shared cinema experience and spent Christmas together. Along with this I cooked , cleaned, helped home school with the two kids and I started to refer to them as my own kids. I just love them so much.

CS and Covid

justmakingthebest's picture

I am still dealing with my ex and his wife wanting to reduce CS. (He is military and is retiring after his 20 yrs- this does give a retirement check but not enough to solely live off of for most people at the ripe age of 41). He is going to be a stay at home dad to their children. 

Apparently they consulted with an attorney in CA (where they currently live) who said that due to covid people are being allowed to stop CS until schools open up and they can find child care where they live. They are moving to Maryland in March. 

Should I Contact BM’s Husband?

Rumplestiltskin's picture

So BM is slinging a lot of mud and false allegations to obtain emergency full custody of SO's 2 boys. Part of her allegations are that her home is more stable due to SO's work schedule. She is currently living with a man she claims is her husband but according to SO, they are not legally married. She has never been able to live on her own, even with child support.