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Toxic Troll just CANNOT lay off and crawl under her rock!

CLove's picture

Im getting pretty upset as I emotionally prepare for todays celebration of life for my MIL.

MIL passed away Friday night after our Vigil and we had already gone home and were in bed when the call came.

Its been non-stop family gatherings and today is another one for the celebration of life and viewing.

So - I saw that Toxic Trol had posteda  lovely photo (that she stole from a FB family member) and included the following text:

When affection is an act

SeeYouNever's picture

Why does it drive me crazy that my DH and SD12 share this connection over my baby DD I am excluded from? He shares pictures with SD and she remarks that the baby is so cute and she loves and misses her so much etc... (pretty sure she's just paying him lip-service and she doesn't really give much of a crap about us because she never shows real interest and always declines to FaceTime with her). If I try to send her a picture or talk to her I get straight-up ignored.

Step kids think i am controlling

RJarero_36_'s picture

So all 3 of my step kids think that I am control their dad in what to say and what to do. I have 2 girls who are 12 and 11 and a son who is 14. They have all resented me.for the past 5 years because I told their dad to not spend all of his checks on them. They don't want to be around me and just use me.for their stuff. They let their about me and never defend me. They never bring up all the good i have done for them. Just negative. Has anyone else been in this situation and how so u handle it.

now the rule breaking

Sam2's picture

well we'll see.  Since it was a safety issue I mentioned it to dad.   SS has a driver's license that only allows him to have one friend in the car with him.  He can have multiple family members but only one friend unless they have been licensed for 3 years and are over 21.  Neither of his friends met that criteria.    So I mentioned something to his dad.  He had told his dad that he can have two friends in the car.  If he gets pulled over it will extend his probation license for 30 days.  Not a major offense but what else is he doing? 


OT - would you do this?

Aniki's picture

I ran into an old friend this weekend and we got to talking about some of the old gang and what they're up to now. He was telling me about one gal (let's call her "Penny"), who has been posting all over FakeBook about her misery. Because FB is a diary, ya know... Anyhoo, here is the scenario...

Penny's husband is 12 years older. HIs dream was to retire to Arizona. Upon his retirement (at 65), they sold their house, packed up their shizzit, and hit the road. They've been there over a year now and Penny has been b!tchng since about 5 minutes after they arrived in Arizona. 

And he was the good one :(

classyNJ's picture

This is a long one but need to tell someone......

Friday night SS21 went to work at his family business.  He was to come home after to get up at 3 AM to go out of state with DH for one of SS21 vehicles to get repairs.  (Both vehicles are registered and insured under us but SS21 pays full year of insurance on one and splits the premium of the 2nd one with us) He sent a text at 9:30 that he was done work and on his way home.  Where he was is about 50 minutes to us and you can either take all wooded dark back roads or highway. 

Am I over reacting

Kyjahart13's picture

I'm with a man who I love and adore and can see a future with. He has 2 kids both 17. One boy and one girl. I have 3 children. A 27 year old son and a 22 year old daughter. My first son was 4 and passed away.  I love children and have always done everything I can to help any child in need. The situation i am in now frustrates me to the point of crying and debating if I should leave. We are perfect together but he had a 17 year old daughter who is lazy and extremely spoiled. She does absolutely NOTHING but play on her phone and sit.


Major anxiety and stress every time the skids come back!!

MrsMiserable's picture

Does anyone else experience this?? DH has his boys every other week from Wednesday to Wednesday and now it's only one day away from them coming back and just like every other freaking week I feel like I could vomit. They aren't terrible kids but just the thought of them, their voices, the annoying whiny demanding bs that we will entail all week brings me so much anxiety!! I know my drive home from work tomorrow will be filled with dread knowing they will be home when I get there. Ugh!! 

And I do believe the circus has come to town..

notsobrady's picture

And I knew it would happen eventually..but dang!!!

Came in last night from work, got started on dinner and DH rolls in.

Said he spoke to SD19. I asked, "She called you?" No...DH called her.. Ok, cool. To discuss what she wants for Christmas. Good grief! Give her 50 bucks and call it done. Why is this a big deal???

My suggestion.."Why don't you pay to get her hair fixed?" (because she looks like shit..) 

No, supposedly thats what GMA is doing for her...Oh. Okay.

Then the next sentence>

"I guess SD19 wants to go on VACATION WITH US."