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and $2900 hangs in the balance

What would you all do?

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Food for thought.....

Walking Dead returns Sunday and as of Monday we will no longer be in the dark, we will finally see which person/persons Negan has killed, and what of poor Rick's hand. Finally we will have peace!!!!

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Off topic I have no life

I realized I don't have a life because I just read through all 200 plus comments in a blog. A blog where people are fighting with each other because they don't share the same sense of humor...

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Hasn't cashed the check... very suspicious

So because I was an idiot and didn't go through the state ( that will change when we get through the review) twice a year he gets an extra paycheck and I refund him.

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OT - Husband is sent text by ex GF

This is off topic. And I'm curious how other people would feel.

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Upcoming Holidays

Lord help me I spoke too soon recently about NOT having any issues with SDs....until the freaking HOLIDAYS are upcoming and SDs get ALL freaked out about them, esp. SD12.

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Skids are my responsibility? I don't think so...

DH and I had counseling last night.

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This weekend

I am determined to get my study set up. I need that space set up. How do y'all motivate yourselves to get shit done?

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O/T Child Support Review Results

My exH requested a review of his child support a few months back, which honestly didn't surprise me.

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How soon is to soon to turn aged out SD room into a guest room?

This question unfortunately is not for me. I still have 6+ years to go on my SD sentence until they both age out.