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Brag - I have the best husband

notasm3's picture

My DH has been wonderful.  First and foremost he has accepted that SS34 is 100% out of my life.  I see so many men who bitch and whine that their wives don't "accept" their ahole children.

But here's a few other things he's done recently:

The day before his colonoscopy when he had been on liquids only for 3 days he got up and cooked me bacon and eggs.  I don't think I could have cooked bacon and dealt with the aroma when I couldn't eat any of it.  Later he grilled chicken and made a full dinner.

What happened to me?

AAT9421's picture

I've been a stepmom for four years. I just became a bio mom 9 months ago. Since then I have lost almost any affection I had for my SS who is 9 and a really good, sweet kid. We have him 50% of the time and while I've always preferred the days when it was just my husband and me, now I actively dread the days we have him at our house. And when he's there, I white-knuckle my way through the time and feel so relieved when he's back with his mom. He was an only child/grandchild for a long time so acted out a bit when his sister was born which added a lot of stress to those early days.


Shadow79's picture

BM didn't come for the Easter weekend. The kids wanted to know why I didn't let them see her. I want to respond with so many things but i won't because I it is about the children. 

She is busy flying all over the fricken country.... Minneapolis to Denver to Seattle to Vegas to Denver to Washington DC back to Denver and back to Seattle..... yet she is over $30,000 behind in child support. She doesn't have a job (that she gets paid the correct way - under the table or in cash maybe?) She doesn't have a home or an address. 

Who's On First?

TwoOfUs's picture

Reading a couple posts about kids being "first" this week has me thinking. In general, this has been my experience in Steplife and in observing others caught in Steplife:


Society as a whole: "The kiiidddsss should always be FIRST!!! They were there FIRST and should be put FIRST no matter what!!!"  

Random Strangers on the Internet: "The kiiidddssss were there FIRST and should always, ALWAYS be put FIRST!!!!" 

Follow up to Shutting Down

CLove's picture

Firstly thanks to you all for the responses to my previouspost "Shutting Down". Munchkin is now almost a teenage, and is starting to push the boundaries. All normal stuff, nothing extreme, except in this messed up step world, small becomes big, nice people become ogres.

Last night I come home, just tired. I come home to Munchkin asking where the chocolate was that my brothers wife had given us for Easter.

She said she had gone through my purse looking for it. I freaked out inside, and just quietly asked her to please not go through my purse in the future.

My mom the parenting Guru

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

So as you know SD6 has been a little terror lately. Throwing fits, bullying, brash disobedience, stealing, etc.... I mentioned it to my dad, who mentioned it to my mom (no biggie, married couples talk. obviously not a shock. LMAO). What did she do? Talked to a friend. Who then proceeded to inform her (she was a COD) that all SD6 needs is love!

This might be kind of dumb to be asking about ...

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

I am a planner, always like to think ahead, especially when it comes to gifts because I like to give gifts that are personal and thoughtful instead of rushing around to just get something. So it is end of April right now, Father's Day is coming up in June so I was trying to figure out what I was going to get my bf/get from his children to give to him. One thing my boyfriend loves is doing coordinating shirts sometimes (kinda corny, but I actually think it's sweet too).