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What exactly is a Name Necklace?

namenecklace's picture

What exactly is a Name Necklaces? A name necklace, also known as a monogram necklace or a personalized name necklace, comes complete with several styles of pendants. Some styles display only the initial, monogram or initials, while others feature a single bar which may be etched or engraved. There are solid pendants, hollow pendants, and chain necklaces available to compliment any outfit.

Good fathers day

Mamabearof3's picture

So SD didn't come. But we had a great time. Played a new board game last nite late into the nite. Everyone had a lot of fun with it. Rode a roller coaster and did rides today at the amusement park and just enjoyed each others company. I miss all the fun stuff I use to always do with my kids. I been depressed lately but I did a lot of cleaning yesterday and just been feeling more optimistic last couple days. Going to finish my prayer closet and do a little party with all the decor this July 4. Which isn't that far off now! I hate that SD probably won't be in our lives much at all.

Fitting into the family is so hard

autumn_raynes's picture

I don't know why I reversed my policy concerning not doing joint events with BM. My SO's cousin had a graduation party; I did not attend. His other cousin is recently engage and they had a get together; I did not attend. But then I spent time with his parents, one of his brothers and his wife and the engaged couple and I thought we were getting on so well. So this weekend his aunt and uncle had a Father's Day BBQ. They have a nice house on the water and had jet ski's and it was to be all fun. 

The pretend nice is way past old

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So DH talked to SD yesterday on Father's Day which was nice and last week we messaged BM the dates/times of SD's flight information for her summer visit and BM was no drama about either of it. Now BM just messaged in the Court approved app along with a photograph of SD

"SD wanted me to send you this. She is currently in swim classes and doing really well."


We survived the weekend

bananaseedo's picture

AND, it was actually very nice.  The gender reveal was survived, NOT my crowd at all but it went well, looks like DH is having a grandson.  BM had her moments of wanting to reminisce with DH-which I gave her that and just sat to the side and pretended to not eavesdrop lol.  DH did a couple times not answer some of the reminiscings, but overall it wasn't crazy.  She greeted us with a hug and seemed happy to see us.  Her fiance was pretty standoffish, never came close enough to introduce himself or have BM introduce him, we did find that a little odd.  SD and her boyfriend seemed very happy a

More contact from MIL

Jcksjj's picture

MIL sent a text to DH saying she hopes he has a good father's day and then a meme that said "if you look back on your childhood and smile, you had a good dad."

Not really sure what to make of the meme, but again, still no apology or acknowledgement of anything. I'm guessing she thinks DH will eventually crack without her having to own up to anything or change her behavior.

Dunno how to reconcile our differences

Ispofacto's picture

So, I'm an ahole and ruined father's day.

I knew it was a bad idea for me to go.  DH really wanted me to, and I was super anxious about it, and I tried.  I ended up getting fed up and grabbing my car keys and just leaving.  DH did follow me because I was leaving, otherwise he would have had to take an uber home.  His parents are old and frail and he really loves them.  I love them too and think they are nice people, but...