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No, BM2, you aren't allowed at the funeral

My MIL passed away this past Sunday. She was a very nice lady but I had only known her a few years so it's not too upsetting for me. DH, however, is heartbroken understandably.

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There has to be others who feel the same way.

The latest was last evening I told DH that I did not want to take four children to the at&t store to see why his watch was not working. He wanted to do the is as a family...Why?

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Interesting study...May explain a lot about our BM's and Skids....

An interesting study for those that have an overly entitled BM and/or skid(s).

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Huge breakthrough (and something you guys might like to think about?)

Ok so I am naughty..

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Disengagement Version 5.8

I have been watching Star Trek TNG (instead of working on uni assessments) and I am channeling Picard in a new bid to disengage from SD13.

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Ongoing Room Saga

It never ends.
I am so, so, so, so glad I disengaged from SD12s room issue.
I can just laugh now.

So apparently DH has been talking with SD12 about her room.

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If the dog shits in the basement and no one acknowledges it, did it really happen?

Yesterday I left the house at 7am for an early meeting and did not return to the house until 9:30pm. After the SKids were already in bed. (my daughters are with their dad this week).

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Update on Loser BM

Well BM did pick the girls up from school on Monday and Tuesday and took them to McDonald's for an ice-cream cone both days.

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OT how much worry is normal?

I recently gave birth to my son, and have never been more in love with anyone or anything in my whole life. He is my world and I have not been away from him for more than 10 minutes.

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Act As If..

Hi All, it has been so long since I have posted here so I hope you are all doing well (as well as we can be yet still coming here lol)