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BioHo and the MOH

Aniki-Moderator's picture

It's been a long time coming. My apologies for the delay, but there has been so much going on that I have not had time to type out the wedding events. A vacation would certainly be welcome!!!

Here we are gearing up for SD's wedding, knowing that BioHo plans to be front and center. I have wracked my brain, trying to anticipate every possible scenario and pre-program my gray rock responses. Except one.

SD's MOH caught the covid. 

Help me out with this one- please- I don't want to be home alone with SS14

dragonfly878's picture

We have SS14 50/50.

As part of the custody arrangement we have him every Monday (which means every Monday holiday). DH works on Mondays- regardless if it is a holiday or not. Now in the custody agreement it says they should rotate holidays. DH (and BM) takes that to mean major holidays- I take it to read MLK day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. Never once has he raised the subject with BM- as he doesn't want to rock the boat. For the most part she stays out of our lives- and he thinks adding this complexity into the mix will just invite her into our house that much more... 

Argument with DBF's Family

cmd88's picture

So a couple of weeks ago, we all took a family trip with DBF's family. All of his sisters, brother & sister in law, and all of the brother inlaws and us with our kids went to a different state and shared a cabin together. First and second night were fine. But SIL, the one I was close with and I got into a disagreement and we both ended up not talking it out and just pretty much avoided each other, well... then she got the entire family besides 3 people doing the same thing.

Is this "typical kid" or "Babied by BM"

1dad4kids's picture

Or the third alternative- ADHD behavior. 

Things SS12 does that either DH or I (or sometimes both) attribute to BM infantilizing him.

-Cannot brush his hair properly. The back is never run through unless he's reminded.

-Doesn't fold his laundry before putting it away (He used to be really good at this, but I used to be really strict. I've basically stopped caring, so DH thinks it's because he doesn't do laundry at BM's home but I think it's because he's lazy/ADHD and it provides no gratification)

Not for SD?

Merry's picture

DH and I had a rare day out yesterday, window shopping and such. One of the shops has the same name as my dog. So I wanted to stop in. I found a cute item related to a hobby with the shop name on it for $12.  So I picked it up and started to check out. The clerk told me it was on sale for $5. Cool. So I picked up a second one.

DH: Who is the other one for?

Me: DD. She'll get a kick out of it. (DD and I share this same hobby, and my dog is her FB profile pic. 

DH (dejected): Not SD?

Me: Why would she want this? She's not met the dog and it's not her hobby?

Do y’all do make up weekends?

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Hello guys I'm following up from my last post... DH missed his this weekend due to me having a postive Covid test and low fever Friday and Saturday . Bm was still trying to send SD over but DH had to just say NO! Anyways it's Sunday and she is already bugging DH if he is going to get SD for the next 2 weekends!! BM knows already if DH misses his weekends do you something he can't control he just waits for his weekend to roll around , I'm not sure why she is asking already...DH told me to I guess get my opinion but he knows already how I feel.

BM is back to her clownish ways, engaging in clown-like behaviors…

momjeans's picture

and that's an insult to clowns.

There were a couple brief incidents over the Christmas holiday while SD was here visiting us. Those were minuscule and very "meh," in my opinion. But last night? Ooooooh boy.

Yesterday was SD's winter formal. Her first dance ever. Real memory making stuff, right? SD FaceTimes DH early in the afternoon to share her joy and excitement with him while getting her hair and makeup done. They end their video call and she states she'll FaceTime him again later before her date arrives and she leaves for the dance. Cool cool. 

I call BS, ET...

lieutenant_dad's picture

Dropped off YSS at ET's new residence on Friday night, which is a solid 15 minutes further away than the last place of residence (can't even say "her house" because neither were/are hers). She "hurt her knee" and hadn't been able to drive, so her BF has been driving her everywhere. The "hurt knee" is also why she hasn't been working. Though, on Friday, I saw her walking on her knee with no brace on, so not sure what "injury" prevents her from driving but not from walking.

DH gets a text last night saying he needs to come pick up YSS because they can't bring YSS home. 


Lifer33's picture

Yesterday I was heading to the shops with a plan in mind for weekend meals. Particularly looking forward to a Sunday roast. Lucky I told dh as he pipes up 'oh ss asked for fajitas this visit'... right, so when were you going to tell me? Equally that's kind of nuts considering you're not even fondvof fajitas and dd definitely doesn't like them!

O/T cancer

stepmomnorth's picture

I found out a few days ago I likely have cancer. I've had swollen lymph nodes on my collarbone since August. I was under the impression from my doctors that this was a side effect from the Pfizer vaccine/reactionary. The swelling didn't go down and they decided to biopsy it. They called and said they found something, but they don't know what it is and are going to do more pathology on it. They're doing all sorts of bloodwork on it for detecting different types of cancer, and doing a Cat scan soon.