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Day 1 after talk-Went well

I got home from work last night. DH was already there. Nanny asks WTH did I do to the kids. I asked why and she said they were perfect angels all day and even cleaned up without being asked.

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The ASS Chronicles - T minus 9

Looks like ASS will be vacating the premises the very day of graduation Smiling

Happy graduation to ME!!!

Carry on.

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SS6 Says I Hate Him

“SS says you hate him”. That is the text that I received from MIL Wednesday night.

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SD8 ignored DD3 when we saw her in public

A few weeks ago I went shopping with DD3 in the city that we live near. As we were walking down the main corridor of the mall, I spotted SD8 and BM walking towards us.

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This is how bad BMs are made

This story is about one of my DH's friend. I am friends with this guy and his wife.

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What's most important to you and your partner?

We all have busy lives, rules, boundaries, etc. I'm just curious how you prioritize people and things in your life as things are always bound to happen. Do you put your marriage first?

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More Food Issues and now lying...

I blogged a while back about SD9's eating habits and weight issue. Her doctor said she was overweight and needed to eat healthier/less. She is 9 years old, 4'11'' and weighs about 121 lbs.

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Happy Thursday everyone! Just popping in to say hi.

Thanks to the messages I've gotten of some folks checking on me. It means a lot Smiling

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Child Support Issue

Hi everyone, I came across this site a while ago when googling child support stuff and I am hoping to get some opinions about my husbands issue.

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Travel costs and vacations

SO's daughters live in another state half way across the country. The only time he gets them is 6 weeks in the summer.