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Brownie points

DH is on the road taking Puke back. Yippee!! Before they left I wished Puke a Happy Thanksgiving. DH came back in the house because he forgot something.

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Update on BS

We officially have surgery scheduled. He will be getting tubs and adenoids removed as well as, checked to see if anything else could be causing his sleep apnea.

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Levels of stupidity BEYOND your wildest imagination

There are times when I am SO floored by the level of stupidity of my 2 skids that ... I barely know how to respond.

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Open in 90 minutes

Still don't have everything from our old house. Still have boxes everywhere. BD5 is still having issues with kids bullying her at school. BM is still a bitch. SS9 is still whiny and lazy.

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Question - Dinner time

Been so busy at work that I haven't been on here lately. What did I miss? Ha!

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I can't think of a title...just everything coming to a head...

A little background-been with SO going on 3 years, lived together about a year and a half, have 2 steps, SS11 and SD8 and my own BD21 who lived with us for about a year.

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Tone Up Tuesday

Calling all smoothie experts! Advice please?

Ok I've never tried making smoothies for weight loss.. So I think that's why I've been putting it off, as I had no idea what I was doing lol

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Mothers and sisters part 2

We all know there's no point in engaging our toxic BM's so I know I have no one blame but myself for wishing it might go okay to respond to the baiting of a toxic mother and sister. My fault.

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Opinions requested: Should you not marry someone with kids if you have no interest in being a parental figure?

I hear a lot on here that SM's need to really stand back and not take on much of a parental leadership role in the Skid's lives.

If that's the case, should you marry someone with kids if you: