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The importance of laying the groundwork

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For the few couple years I've been laying the groundwork so that when Little Idiot (SD23) decides she's going to have kids, I won't be stuck babysitting them. I'm very vocal with DH about how I'm not a kids person and how I think it's BS when parents expect grandma and grandpa to be built in babysitters. At family gatherings, I refuse to hold any babies or play with any toddlers. I'm polite but distant. My current goals in life including decluttering, destressing, simplifying, and in general making my life as peaceful and low-key as possible.

He did it again

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Per my previous blog (deleted for privacy), DH it seems has developed a strange new habit of putting down other people's kids. 

Yesterday we found out that an acquaintance's daughter is going to university after taking a year off. On the ride home, DH was railing on about how this girl was a "loser" (his new favorite hobby is to declare various young people "losers" if they aren't either a. Going into the military or b. Going to college). 

OT - Kids are self-diagnosing to explain their failures

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Interesting article (one of many out there) on the hottest new trend among Gen Z. Apparently it's now fashionable to diagnose yourself with any number of mental illnesses including (but not limited to): Autism, ADHD, Tourette's, BPD, Anxiety etc. based on what they're seeing on social media (notably TikTok) Why? Because it explains away any troubles they are having in their life (ie. No accountability) and it makes them "unique".

Something’s up…

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The Skunk Ape is the queen of "Vaguebooking" - posting a cryptic/vague post on Facebook and then refusing to explain it when people comment asking for details.

Today she posted a bunch of crying emojis and in big letters "MY HEART IS BREAKING RIGHT NOW!!"

In general people have given up asking what's wrong so no one ever comments anymore just maybe likes the post or reacts to it.

Then, also today she posts on Little Idiot's (SD23) page "I love you and want to tell you that you are amazing!!" She never posts on her page. Ever.

What can you buy on OnlyFans?

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Sorry to be a blog hog today but I was thinking of how when Little Idiot (SDalmost23) and Goofy visited over Christmas I saw a notification pop up on her phone that said her purchase on OnlyFans was denied. It was for $17.something (didn't catch the change amount). What could she possibly be purchasing on that site?

I mean obviously "content" but she doesn't seem the type to be buying that....

Will I get a break this summer?

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Little Idiot (SDalmost23) and Goofy (her bf) last year came up for their semi-annual visit at the end of May. 

This year, at the beginning of May, they are going on a cruise. I just saw them at Christmas. DH made the comment that they probably won't be up this summer and until then it hasn't occurred to me that I might escape their summer visit this year!!

Just for fun…

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Just for fun, if your stepkid was a historical figure/famous person... who would they be and why?

For example, I would say Little Idiot (SDalmost23) would be Marie Antoinette. 

Reason: They are both spendthrifts with little regard for the financial health of their life/country. They both love fashion, makeup, fancy things and having a good time (without regard to the financial cost).

Alright, whose skid is this?

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This was shared on a FB page I follow. If you're wondering why your skid puts in job applications but never gets a call back, he/she might be the proud applicant who submitted the resume below: 


Work Experience

Honestly, not much because I just graduated but please see below:

Game of Thrones Expert

Binge watched entire series in one weekend

Stared at screen so long went blind in one a TV, 2011-Present

Stranger Things Expert

July 16th, 2016-Present

Watched each season in two days