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Easy come easy go I guess

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Looks like Goofy dumped Little Idiot for a second time. I should have known something was up when she got another cat last week (the last one she had for less than a year). The last time Goofy dumped her she got all impulsive and bought a dog. Now it's Guinea pigs and another cat. When she has to bum money off The Skunk Ape every month to pay her rent and her minimum payments. 

He forgot again

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Little Idiot's 24th birthday was this week. 

DH remembered.... then forgot it again ... and then scrambled to buy a gift card on Amazon (which didn't arrive until a couple days after her birthday). Much less money than he usually spends on her. AND much less than the Skink Ape and ex stepdad regularly give to bail Little Idiot out at the end of the month when rent comes due. Either he's finally realizing it's a one-way street with his (now adult) child or I'll be eating my words and he will spend double on Christmas this year.

Radio Silence

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LI is turning 24 in a few days. I was debating whether or not to remind him as he seems to have forgotten (that's a first) and we are down to Amazon-2-day-shipping-urgency here if he wants to get her a gift in time. 

Not to worry though. Before I started to feel too bad, he remembered. He texted her to ask how everything was going ("it's going good!") and what she wanted ("money/gift cards"). Ok cool. I don't have to do a thing. 

OT - Kids are self-diagnosing to explain their failures

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Interesting article (one of many out there) on the hottest new trend among Gen Z. Apparently it's now fashionable to diagnose yourself with any number of mental illnesses including (but not limited to): Autism, ADHD, Tourette's, BPD, Anxiety etc. based on what they're seeing on social media (notably TikTok) Why? Because it explains away any troubles they are having in their life (ie. No accountability) and it makes them "unique".

Alright, whose skid is this?

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This was shared on a FB page I follow. If you're wondering why your skid puts in job applications but never gets a call back, he/she might be the proud applicant who submitted the resume below: 


Work Experience

Honestly, not much because I just graduated but please see below:

Game of Thrones Expert

Binge watched entire series in one weekend

Stared at screen so long went blind in one a TV, 2011-Present

Stranger Things Expert

July 16th, 2016-Present

Watched each season in two days