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Step kids and Christmas

cet0321's picture

I don't know if I am being petty, but when we give Christmas present each year to my step kids, I allow them to bring certain things back to their mothers, but they have to keep other things at our house. We only get them every other weekend and for holiday breaks right now. In the past, we used to let them take home everything we bought them, but then when they came to our house, they would never have anything to do because their mother would never let them bring anything to our place- she is extremely materialistic and cares more about things than her own kids.



Tubi's picture

I'm 48 and he is 51, I have no kids and he does have 2 dayghter.One is 15 and 18.We have been together for 5 years, he asked to marry him and I don't  think I should.His kids are apathetic and comes and goes, he is always sad and depressed because of them.His mother passed and they didn't called him.They we're back in his life  few weeks a go.Now they are gone again.No calls no text , nothing!

Chanel No. 5

SeeYouNever's picture

We did some Christmas shopping today and I suggested perfume for SD12. In my head that meant an age appropriate gift set like this Ariana Grande one that came with a sleep mask, and SD loves these sleep masks for some reason. What did my DH do? He walked right past the kids perfumes, lotions and sprays and bought a big bottle of Chanel no 5. For a 12 year old. Not even the eau de toilette... Eau de parufme!! 

And he wonders why she's entitled?? I can't wait for her to come over after she's bathed in the full strength Chanel. 

OT - Forn Friday

Aniki's picture

Happy to Forn Friday, STalkers! 'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

For quite a few of us, yesterday was Thanksgiving. Talk about one dish that stood out to you. Be descriptive. Make us drool! Oh, and share the recipe, if you like!

Small gathering of just my sister, DH, and me at her house. It was great! No crowding in the kitchen (and her kitchen is small). No having to scrunch together on the couch or sit on the floor. NO B!TCHING!!!


First time in 5 years

tog redux's picture

That SS19 spent a holiday with us.  Last time was Christmas of 2014, he was alienated shortly after in early 2015. He came back into our lives in 2018 but did not see us on any holidays.

Things went fine, he's not the dramatic type, and it didn't appear that BM was home when we went to get him (possibly).  DH wants to cook another meal next weekend with SS and any friends he wants to invite.

Disrespectful StepDaughter

Minecraft's picture

I'm having a real hard time getting along with one of my stepdaughters me and her mom have been married for a year and her 13 year old daughter has disliked me since the beginning her other 15 year old is the sweetest girl ever and Is very respectful to me and has started to call me dad, but the youngest SD insults me on a daily basis and her mother does nothing to discipline her things are becoming very stressful. 

How can u be political?

Missnyc's picture

Whenever SD is over, DH expects she would be a great help babysitting my toddler daughter. And of coz SD acts like she loves hanging out with her becoz she she has to please her dad. But all she does was playing with my daughter’s 1 y.o. toy (think stroller mobile with music and pressing it nonstop and staring into space , or snatching all the rings from my daughter and hoard the ring stacker). Sometimes when my daughter did something she’s not supposed to, SD would yell at her really put and poke her finger close to her face. These bother me but I can let it go.


Unable to feel empathy for DH

shellpell's picture

For some reason, I cannot empathize with or feel sorry for  DH about SS11- whether it's about his lamenting how similar he is to BM, his utter averageness, or things like only seeing him around 25% of the time and not having enough influence on him. And for the record, I am an empath and can really feel people's (and animals') pain, which makes it hard for me in a lot of ways. I have a block when it comes to DH and Ss. Does anyone else have the same issue? Is it because SS has been a sulky spoiled aggressive little jerk ever since I've met him?

No green bean casserole

Mountains's picture

My DH had a rough day today - from he minute he woke it was clear he was not totally cognitive.  Okay, so we go through the day taking it easy.  While I was prepping the turkey breast, SS (57) aka the general called and let a message on my cell “this is first name last name calling...”.  Like I don’t know it’s you???  Then he calls DH phone next and leaves a message “I called the other number with no success...”.   Ok, “the other number”