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A scary week.

Rags's picture

A bit of background.

As a long term T-1 diabetic I have to have my eyes dilated and my retinas scanned once a  year.  I had it done in Sept 2019.  The Doc said my eyes were extremely healthy and that if I had not told him he would not know by the condition of my retinas that I had been diabetic for nearly 39 years.

7 years

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7 years and i think i checked out from my stepkids. Ive been raising them for 7 years now and i honestly cant help but to tap out now. They are not bad kids they just dont listen to me. My wife interferes often i cant discipline them take things away or have any means of correcting them. Idk what to do anymore. My wife always tells me i need to take their feelings into consideration. But i have feelings also and i honestly get the worse thrown at me because i chose not to have children. I chose to be with someone who already had kids. I knew what it was. Im at my ends.


My mistake

Rachel29577's picture

So after a few weeks of leaving back in my apartment I was trying to give the boyfriend and skids the benefit of the doubt. I was trying to ignore the BM drama, and focus on working on my relationship with the BF. His mom visited last week. She's been very supportive in all of the BM drama and even the issues I've been having with her own son (my bf). Well after a slip disc and being in pain my children went to bfs house so he could help me and my boys. This morning I wake up to my sons head buzzed.

OT - I did it!

Merrigan's picture

I went through with the clinical trial on Tuesday. I hate needles and I'm a baby when it comes to even minor pain, so it was a bit stressful, but I did it!  There were some big burly dudes also getting the vaccine who, from the sounds of it, were also freaked out at the sight of their own blood, so I don't think I did too badly.

The injection site is only the size of a pinky nail, so the scar will be tiny. I've had no side effects so far. My friends and family are more supportive now that I went ahead and did it. 

Back home after leaving....

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So if you read my last blog you know I finally had to leave DH. I left with my kiddos to my moms house, I even let DH have the kiddos last weekend so it was nice to have a little break. DH and I had been talking through out the time I was gone because we don't want our family to be broken yet I can not handle the issues and lack of parenting of SD10! So after some discussions we came back home a few days ago and guess who calls DH crying.... SD! And I'm thinking omg here we go but DH and I had a very detailed conversation about him parenting her more to help her!

OMG, is there no end to the selfishness?

SMto2's picture

Seriously, does this not take the cake? SS26 announced to DH and me that he, SDIL and SGDs were going out to an ice cream shoppe for lunch & ice cream. After DH and I have acted as servers all week, taking their dinner orders, calling them in, and then carting our happy @sses all over the area each evening picking it up and paying for it, do you think SS26 would even ASK if we wanted to go, or ask if they could bring us back something?! H*LL NO! And we would have given them money and not expected them to pay for ours.

Has OSS done PAS to himself or is he just a jerk?

ITB2012's picture

In my opinion BM has been a bit too enmeshed with OSS19 and YSS17 but not to the same insane levels I read about here. 

OSS did no bday, Xmas or Father's Day presents and didn't even acknowledge DH on Fathers Day. He isn't responding to DHs texts or calls even when DH is offering him a chance to make some $$. We've seen him once since the pandemic hit and I think it was only to come over to see DS. 

Adult Stepkids want parties

Carmena's picture

I'm new. I dont know all the abbreviations.. I have been married  22 yrs.

 I have 2 bio kids, 3 step kids, all grown.

   The steps were 10, 11, 12 when we got together.

 I knew they were a bit undisciplined,  and not raised like my kids. 

 There were some behavior issues.

 The step kids dont come around too much.

 I last saw them in 2018.

 They are mad because we dont buy gifts for the kids; we are retired.

 There are 12 grandkids.