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I'm lying in bed last night after having read through countless blogs and posts and I began to feel a little sad, and then my sadness turned into determination.  The blogs about meeting our DH/DWs skids for the first time and how they did or did not accept us really made me introspective in my thoughts.

Is this a cycle?

Aly Fran's picture

It's been a while since I last posted and since then DH came back home on his own.. He came back 3 days after saying he wants to see his daughter (our daughter together) and I left him to it and went to the bedroom to give him space .. There he was playing with all 3 kids I can hrar him being extremely nice to them.. Its been a very long time since he treated them that way..

Help me stay strong, guys

JRI's picture

I posted last week about SD60 wrecking her $14k car after she'd let her insurance expire.  You knew and I knew this would usher in plenty of drama and now here we are.

DH84 has some $ and plans to buy her a small used car.  Ok, I agree so far.  Today, he was discussing it and asked me to look online about buying a used car.  We are older and have never done this but our kids have and I know people do it all the time.  

DHs ex still has FB profile pictures of them together.

thisisus's picture

I hope I am wrong. But, I feel really weird that my husband's ex girlfriend (who had a relationship with my adult SKs) still has at least thirty FB profile pictures of them as a couple for the public to see. We have a minor child and he asked me why this woman has pictures of his stepdad on her profile pictures. It's weird and I don't know how to deal with it. I assumed once we were married she would end the drama. But, we have been together three years and married for nearly six months and the old couple photos are still there. I swear I am not an insecure woman.

I'm back

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Hi all.  I last posted April 2019. Oldest SD is now 21 with 2 kids (1 and almost 3). She is actually doing better but is still very immature. She is very emotionally needy with her dad. They talk/text throughout the day....EVERY day. I still disengage when I need to.  Holidays are coming and I'm starting to feel anxious abt some things so I thought I'd get back on this forum. There's so much support here which was very helpful before and I appreciate you all. Will leave it at that for now.  Thx in advance for the much needed advice and support I know I'll need.

Pretending to be my FIL

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So ever since my husband and I had been together almost about a year, someone keeps making a fake facebook of my FIL and trying to add my on facebook AND message me. Today is the fifth time this has happened. I am already friends with my FIL on facebook and had already been friends with him before the first time this happened. This person does not try to add my DH, only me. It is extremely bizarre. Every time I message back saying I know that it is not FIL, they do not respond and delete the page.