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possible429's picture

In the past I've discussed about my Bf being the "father" to his UNbiological daughter. 
short story: he fathered his ex's daughter, (G)

My Bf and I now have our own daughter, his first biological baby. Lately i have been so hard on myself and feeling the heaviest mom guilt because I feel he ruined my first time and moments as a mom. It's not his fault of course, I made my choice being with him knowing that he's someone's fake dad. But before having my own baby, I never knew it'd be like this.

Re: step kids.. Am I off my rocker?

Yesterdays's picture

I know I have posted about this relentlessly... Regarding my husbands 2 teenagers visiting the house. My boundary was that they don't ever come here. For things that happened in the past, the kids troubesome major issues they've had, lack of respect for my authority and the list goes on. Then husband tries to invite SS to our house last minute.. Twice.. For overnights....?

Bioparents, We Do NOT Want Your Grown Kids As Roommates

Lillywy00's picture

What cr@ck are these delusional bioparents smoking when they think we want their sloppy lazy spawns in our space beyond the age of 18?

Its more than enough dealing with their b*llsh*t through the age of adulthood but till infinity??? 


H3ll f*cking NO! 

Not enough money, d*ck, promises/hopes/dreams would make me ever want to live with someone's able-bodied ADULT kid. 

If a teen decides not to live in a dorm/go to college then they better get a JOB and a ROOMATE.

Ex telling kids he might make them quit their job

Yesterdays's picture

So now my ex last night told my twins that they have to quit their job if they don't get their drivers ed completed in his timeline. The girls told me on the car ride. They were worried their dad was literally going to make them quit their job (that I lined up for them). I posted on this previously.. It felt like their dad was trying to sabotage their job earlier when the 2nd week of starting their job he had them both book their shift off work so they could go to a town Fair (that was running multiple days....)

She showed up

BalanceB's picture

It's been about 3 years since SS mom has showed up to support him. She never comes to his events at school, sports, nothing. I know he's a child and it's not his place, but I always suggest he's calls and texts her. I think it's the mom in me because I can sense when he's missing her or can't reach her. But back to Today.

Manipulative Breeder

Lillywy00's picture

Manipulative breeder has "emergency"...most likely something manufactured as a test to see if her B. Beck n Call Service is in on-demand operation....probably is since he ran out of the room so I couldn't evesdrop....My hearing is very sharp so I overheard and evesdropped anyways - enough to know his mini-spouse frantically called him regarding the breeder playing damsel in distress having transportation issues. 

The “L” word and Skids.

Rose_Pedal's picture

Does anyone else get BEYOND frustrated when people, family, friends, the general public, etc. just EXPECT you to love your stepchildren?

They assume that just because you are with the child's parent that it automatically becomes "a thing" where you love their children unconditionally despite never raising them, never birthing them, never knowing them before meeting their parent.

The other day my sister in law said casually in a conversation about my SD12 "I know you love Holly so much."

Coming to my senses

Lillywy00's picture

I think the 2 weeks of his kids opting out and making themselves sparse vs demanding to cling/takeover my house was a relief that had me almost  change my mind about leaving. 

Anyways the territory invaders are back for another weekend ...until infinity...Andy memory is jogged as to why I will proceed with my plans. 

Disciplinary Discharge

SMto3's picture

For drug possession and "minor infractions". 

My tenant reached out yesterday, said she signed for a package. The package consisted of 2 papers from the trade program. 

First paper states SS18 is being let go for 1 count drug possession, 1 count minor infractions.

The other paper is a blank paper, titled “right to appeal”. 

So it looks like he even blew it at jobcorp.