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Friday Before Mother's Day

LoftyDreams's picture

It feels nice to vent or see that other people have similar beliefs and what I am experiencing shouldn't be or isn't normal.

I regret staying in this relationship, if nothing other than for the fact that, I have spent so much time caring about something I can do little about. I have spent so much time trying to normalize unacceptable behaviors.

Is that holidays?

Caroline2b1211's picture

Since my last post, things haven't changed with SS behaviour. 
For now, he is with BM but DH feels like he is really distant on the phone...

This make me think about what my life will look like, and especially holidays...

I have 5W of holidays by year. We used to spend half of them to my family. 
My parents have a beautiful holidays house and we used to spend time there with DH and SS. 
My parents don't want SS anymore since they see him as a threat of false accusation. 
If i want to spend holidays there, i will come alone with my baby... 

Don’t want to Engage!

step-out's picture

I'm trying so hard... I'm trying to no longer be a part of this skid crap that's left me with PTSD. But... DH says --- oh let's invite SD over for M day... I am like... are you flipping kidding me? I don't want to see her at all if I don't HAVE to! But... DH says... if I don't, then MIL will be pissed off and hate me, DH will be mad, and SD... we already hate each other... fun times!!! So... I have no family or kids here, my mom is out of state.. and I have to hang out with that?!? My anxiety level is through the roof...

Skid milestones.

Rags's picture

I was so buried in job search, my nieces wedding celebration, job acceptance, and onboarding with my new company that I flashed past some great stuff in my son's life.

In mid April he reached his 10 service anniversary with the USAF.  Half way to qualifying for full military retirement.  In Oct 2020 he was promoted to E-6.  His mom and I are very proud of the man we raised together.

Nailed it!

BPDHell's picture

I'm I was right! Hahaha Lol

OSD hadn't even cleared the doorway and MSD was working her father to move in with SGK. DH managed that on his own and told her no one was moving back in with us before she could even ask. He saw her manipulation and headed it off! I'm so proud of him!

Isn't it Ironic Spawn?

advice.only2's picture

So I still am able to see one of Spawn's social media platforms and I check in on it from time to time to see what zany new antics Spawn is up to.

Yesterday she had a series of posts going on about her recent loser ex boy-toy...the one comment that really tickled me was "So now I am known as the girl who got blasted all over social media..."

Interesting, so Spawn is feeling hurt, upset, embarrassed that somebody used a public platform to call her out on her not so wonderful behaviors. I wonder if she remembers all the times she did the same to me and DH?

Complete Disengage.

Evil Stepwitch's picture

Before getting married, I bought a house that was closer to my husband's kids, 3 teenagers, 13-17.  The middle 15-year-old boy has always been disrespectful, not just of me, but of every adult I' have witnessed him interact with.  I ignored it but kept waiting for his father to correct him, which he did by saying "That’s enough", after he noticed me getting extremely upset.  


To disappear or not to disappear

SLO Mama's picture

Does anyone ever feel like if they just walked out, it would take awhile for anyone to even notice? After my last post, I finally had a break down and things got a little better for awhile. But I keep finding myself getting bent out of shape over practically everything. SD asked if she could look up some crap online and she went and got MY laptop to do it, even though she has a tablet and a chrome book for school. I looked at my partner and said why isn't she using her own stuff? And apparently my SO didn't feel like it was a big deal in correlation to my feelings.

Hanging by a thread...

GreenB's picture

Hello everybody,

First of all I would like to thank those people who answered on my comment on another person's post last week. I have been trying to find the post but I was not able to find it, all I know is that you both people showed me a lot of empathy and made me re-think even more about my relationship with DH (which has been pretty unstable, and every day is getting worst). Thank you for your kind words, and I wish I could find that post because I don't remember your names.


NEW YORKER 4 LIFE's picture

Where do I start! I am newlywed, we have been married for 3 months and I'm soooooo ready to just throw in the towel. My wife and I dated 2 years before being Marranos we lived in 2 different states for the first year. I left everything and moved to the state my wife was in and started to notice tons of things I didn't see when I was visiting when it comes to her 3 kids.