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PA is not just for divorced families...tales of my mother

halo1998's picture mother.  I see now why on some levels I am about 100 ways of messed up.  Its my mother....and in some part my Dad.

My mom...only child of a alcoholic father.  As result of my grandfather drinking away all of my grandparents grandmother had to work a lot when my mom was young.  My grandparents divorced after my mom graduated high school....and my grandmother was a really great woman.  I still miss my grandmother to this day. She really was the person I talked to and was there for me.

Sudden urgency for SS's graduation

justmakingthebest's picture

I am really struggling to be supportive of my hubs right now. He suddenly is all about doing something for SS18's graduation (that's in 2 days!). He was so mad at me last night because I flat out said that you don't want my opinion on what to say or send to him. He said that I just needed to support him. I yelled... probably the only time I have ever yelled at my husband and said don't you dare say that. I have given and sacrificed and supported you for the last 8 years fighting for your kid. I have done all the leg work for court, I have planned, booked tickets, vacations, everything!

Another wedding coming up. Taking bets.

Noway2b1's picture

Will my name as grandpas wife be included on the invite? Last time the invite was very specifically just for him, even used his grandpa nickname. Nope I didn't go. Won't likely be going to this one either due to an event conflict with my family. This is the granddaughter that gloated and mocked us over our Covid protocols then made fun of us when we got Covid the first time, literally the day after testing, not knowing if we would even be ok (grandpa has some health issues so this was especially offensive) so I've not felt particularly warm and fuzzy towards her ever since. 

Update on dance altercation

Lifer33's picture

I'm very grateful for the replies yesterday, kept me sane.

I went to attend the meeting yesterday, my plan was that dh attend with me as a witness. Sat in carpark and the dance lead is ringing me that she's seen I'm here and is ready. I said oh dh not here yet?

Well he can stay with dd. That curveballed me I didn't want to appear antagonistic so just followed.  Taken to a meeting room in a different building, was introduced to a woman I've never met , a safeguarding lead from head office! Sorry what? Its because the event took place in front of children.

SD's 1st therapy appointment is tomorrow

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Does anyone have any advice on any information we should give the therapist or ask the therapist? DH has already established a line of communication with the therapist back in March with her and the therapist said 

"I will be the provider completing SD’s Initial Assessment and Individual Therapy sessions. I will keep you in the loop, after her assessment, as to my recommendations, treatment goal, and objectives."

OT unsure what to do or say

Lifer33's picture

So it wasn't my finest hour and I am ashamed of myself and sorry about it all, and now I don't know what to do...

This is partially related to step life, as the fall out is unbelievable! :( 

My brother left his marriage last year. He has full custody of his daughter.. since leaving he's had nothing but abuse from her whole family.   You name it, false social services claims,  false non molestation applications,  he had his firearms confiscated while they investigated the claims.

An ours baby, hormones and intrusive thoughts

MamaB0210's picture

Today has been a rough day to say the least. My SS,7, is at that age where he tries to be cool like a big kid, but is still throwing tantrums like a toddler. I am 6 months pregnant and really struggling being around him. I feel like a horrible person for feeling the way I do about him, but I can't help it. On days we have him I end up spending most of my time in my bedroom alone. There are times when he talks that I just cringe and my whole body physically hurts. I feel like there is something wrong with me, this feeling has only gotten worse since I have been pregnant.


What to do for Mother's Day

JRI's picture

I think Mother's Day is one of the year's most difficult for stepmoms.  We all know the drill, unappreciative SKs, clueless DHs, our hurt feelings.

Here's what to do now, over a week ahead.  Plan what makes you happy, assemble or buy a great outfit, buy the food you like.  We can't change how others respond but we can take care of our precious selves.

In the perfect world, our SKs would demonstrate their appreciation, and our DHs would make sure the day went well.  Til the perfect world comes, take care of you.

Happy Mother's Day.