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RockyRoads's picture

Can anyone tell me what is involved with golf in high school ?  I don't even know what season it is played in.  How many,  do you call it , games ?  How about practices?  What all are parents responsible for buying? Do you go and watch them play?

Next Drama - don’t even think after 18 is going to get easier!

step-out's picture

This drama has gone on for years with one drama leading to another with adult SD. She absolutely can NOT do anything without calling everyone in her little circle of the only people who can truly tolerate her which includes DH. If I give any opinion to DH, I'm squashed in 5 minutes. I just can't even believe that some parents can not just be straight with their adult "children" - give their honest opinion and set personal boundaries. 

Baseball — kids these days

Hastings's picture

SS13 is with BM this week and DH got a text from her saying SS fell and hurt his knee ice skating today, so won't be at his baseball game tonight.

DH was annoyed because for years now, coaches have been consistent in telling parents "don't take the kids swimming or for big physical activities on game days." Also, SS has never been ice skating. Of course he was going to fall.

OT - Depression vs. Valid reason to be sad

ICanMakeIt's picture

How would you all differentiate between depression and having a valid reason to be sad?

My mother has just begun hospice and my sister's cancer has spread and her timeline has now been shortened to months to a year for survival vs. the 3-5 years best case she was given previously.

I will say, it sure puts the whole blended family dynamics and ridiculousness we all deal with in a new light of stupid and time wasteful. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. 





StepParentof2's picture

I have two step kids and have been involved in their lives for 6 years now. Their bio mom has chosen drugs and men multiple times over them. I have been the consistent mom for two years now and all of a sudden the courts allow one visit a week and everything changes because she comes around with an "I'm sorry, I understand" it's like everything I have done for the past two years doesn't even matter any more, like I don't matter anymore.


Am I just being ridiculous?

used2beRutherford's picture

BigBrother5's birthday is coming up. Starry and Preach originally asked us to help pay for his birthday party, which would have been almost $300 for one hour at this local kids play area/arcade. DH wanted to do it, but I thought that was expensive for one hour.

Now Starry has changed her mind and wants to have the party at their house. But Preach sent DH a text asking if we could buy BigBrother5 a $65 toy instead of helping pay for the party. Yeah, they tell us what to buy the kids. If we pick out things for them, Starry bitches about it. 

Is this weird behavior? Sending selfies to teenage kids?

slkastep's picture

So, my husband, in my opinion, has an overly close relationship with his daughter.  She's 18.  He's been sending her selfies.  Just him smiling, but I think it's so weird.  He doesn't send them to his son.  He doesn't  even send them to me (he used to when we dated, though).  And then she hearts them.  
I have an 18 year old daughter and I don't send her selfies of me, only pictures of us together after an event or something.

so is this weird??  To me it is like what people do when they're dating...send selfies back and forth.  

Unfriending on FB

Stepmummingfun's picture

Hey all,

I haven't posted much recently and this is my first blog.

I want to ask a question where the answer is likely very simple yet feels complicated.

(I am a SM with SKs and a bio child). Some context. Had step kids for the last 22 years. At times it has been 'good' and at times very toxic. I finally put a boundary around it - which I should have done years ago - but it was always my hope that things would improve. I realised that actually the first 10 years with their mother (with likely undiagnosed BPD) did more damage than could be repaired.