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Cover1W's picture

Yes, it's definitely happening with SD13 full on.

SD13, DH and I were having dinner last night and DH and I were talking about plans for the following weekend when YSD would be at our home.  SD says, "But I won't be here, I'll be at mommy's."  We both said, "What are you talking about?"  Well, apparently BM has made plans not only this coming weekend (she has the SDs for Easter, no biggie) but also the following weekend, on DH's weekend. 

Lazy Little Idiot

AlmostGone83's picture

I am cleaning the house because we have family coming to visit tomorrow night and will not have time tomorrow after cooking all food. If the house was cleaned (everyone helped) we had planned on seeing a movie tonight. As soon as it was time to start working  , I gave Little Idiot (SD almost 19) the easiest job: dusting. Its easier than cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the refrigerator, wiping kitchen cabinets etc. Thr only thing I ask is that she move items and not just dust around them.

OT/ DAH, BBQ chicken, you have to laugh.

24 years as a SM's picture

The last few days at work have been very busy, so DAH has been helping around the house and taking DS41 to his doctors appointments. DAH let me know yesterday morning that DS41 and the 2 GS's would be helping make dinner, BBQ'd chicken breasts, grilled asparagus and a salad. This man CANNOT cook to save his life and the Gson's are no better. DS41 trys to help, but has very limited movement. The chicken was crispy black BBQ briquettes, asparagus was chard sticks and the salad was not savable because they dumped a whole bottle of ranch dressing on it. I hate ranch dressing.

Interesting reaction at therapy

ITB2012's picture

Had my first session with my old therapist (about a decade and a half have passed!). It was interesting that while I was bitching about things (which I warned her was what I needed to do since I don't have anyone IRL I can do that with), that I started crying when I said this: "I wish I had a better relationship with my skids." Not about my frustrations with DH, not about foibles and lack of parenting. I'm more upset about my lack of relationship with the skids than my crappy relationship with DH.

We did it!!! We eloped!

bananaseedo's picture

So on Tuesday we eloped up in the beautiful mountains in Dahlonega.  The ceremony was very  nice, sweet and simple.  DH teared up most of it....I fought mine a few times.  Loved the ceremony site and minister we had.

Was a very long day- with loading car and dogs in the Outback and then driving there was HORRIBLE traffic-we were an hour plus late to our own wedding ha!  He snapped some pics (minister) w/my phone of just us and then us w/the pups and we were off to our cabin.