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Step daughter drama

BonusMomma5's picture

Yesterday something weird happened and my husband and I are at a loss. I was walking across the street as he was pulling into our driveway with her and she made the comment, she hopes I get hit by a car. She denied having heard this somewhere else and would not give us a reason for saying it. I tend to be the disciplinary in our home but we still have a good relationship. Just lost and looking for some guidance.

OT- DD's Migraines

justmakingthebest's picture

DD12 has had migraines since she was probably 8. They weren't frequent, maybe 1-2 a month. Then all of a sudden they have been almost daily since mid-August. She has been on all the standard rx's (Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt) they don't even touch them. We were told to go to the ER last week because she had one that was still going strong after 24 hrs. She freaked and we waited a whole other day (started thurs and went in Sat). 

Another update

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

sorry I am being a blog hog today, but just got off the phone with my bf after he spoke to his attorney. Apparently, there is nothing he needs to sign, he does not get any paperwork or anything of the older child no longer being bound to him. Only reason he would have receive any of this is if he brought it to court to remove his name from the birth certificate. Which my bf is not going to pay for the removal of his name that is going to be on BM. Which I am curious about whether or not she will, but I think she probably will remove his name off of it. 

Skids and Pet Peeves

SM12's picture

Do you have any pet peeves the SKids do that drive you up a wall.   Not that they are doing it intentionally but just their habits and actions make you cringe??

My YSS does something that makes my skin crawl.  I have to fight the urge to scream at the top of my lungs for him to STOP!!  

He slurps and smacks his mouth every time he eats.  Doesn’t matter what it is he is eating...he does it EVERY time.

Here we go....

Simpleton21's picture

I knew at some point BM would switch up therapists b/c the current therapist was meeting with DH every other visit and the therapist I'm sure started catching on to the real problem....BM!  Anyways, DH just forwarded me texts from BM.  Now BM wants to know if our secondary insurance covers pediatric psychology b/c hers doesn't.  Funny not that long ago she was complaining about my insurance being crappy and worthless.  I have a federal employee health benefit plan.  It isn't crap.  It is the best insurance I have ever had.

Am I becoming a SD????

bananaseedo's picture

Wow- so mom hit me with something unexpected yesterday.  My mom and dad were married 45 years, he passed 3.5 years ago after a long/horrific battle with cancer.  What we all went through was horrible.   My parents were soul mates/best friends and mom had a VERY hard time grieving him.  She has been very lonely, depressed, and has often said she would remarry and didn't want to be alone.

My Greatest Fear

thinkthrice's picture

Well,  the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has skipped yet another day of school today despite the Girhippo (and Chef) receiving the "Educational Neglect" warning letter.  

My greatest fear is that the Girhippo, after completing ruining ALL THREE CHILDREN, will try to dump the Houseshitter back on Chef.  He is the youngest and, from what I can see, most out of control skid, with SD stb 21, aka the Animal Torturer, running a close 2nd.

More about court yesterday

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

Thank you all who offered their support and condolences for my bf and I. Unfortunately the outcome of yesterday showed me how much of a joke the "family justice shit system" as my friend called it yesterday in regards to dad's who fight for custody of their children is. One thing I will say is my bf said his lawyer is the reason for the outcome yesterday, that it would not of been a total flip of decision, however if his lawyer was on his A game then he would of been awarded more time than he was.