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It’s almost comical

ntm's picture

Except I want to smack him upside the head. DH So rides DS13 for stuff he couldn’t possibly do anything to correct with his daughters. Kid leaves a glass on the table, DH is all over him for being tired of having to pick up after him. But when the daughters left a mess, he said nothing and called me petty for leaving it to him to pick up. 

Darts, Dildos and Daring Lingerie take two...

pickles45's picture

Sorry but I have to laugh at how my last blog got a little off topic! Actually I appreciated the laughter plus the comments from people who "took my side" so to speak.  I also try to aprreciate the other comments form those that think my way of thinking is wrong. Itdoes sometimes help me put things in perspective. 

I know I sound like I hate his daugher but I don't. I just hate the dynamics when she is here. I hate my SO's behavior most of all. I hate how he sees no issues with how things are when she is here. I hate the hot and cold, the on and off, 

Snowed in day 1

Cover1W's picture

Really day 1.5. it's been a crazy week too, ice, snow, school late start, early relase, cancelled. DH and I also working from home. As many of you know I truly like YSD. But I'm about done. I have been working on disengaging more so DH steps up. It's hard to do when YSD is pretty good but I am not the parent.


Kiwi_koala's picture

Hey guys:) Recently my boyfriend's daughter has been making comments to me like Mommy says daddy doesn't love her anymore, I wish mommy and daddy would get married and other variations of asking about her parents getting married or if me and bf are getting married. She's almost 6 years old. What is the best way to handle this? I think my boyfriend needs to tell her that he and her mother aren't ever going to get married. He disagrees with me and says he's not going to say that.

This is weird right?

Feeling unloved's picture

My SD22 has always had this weird fascination with showing herself off  

When she was around 13 she would take pictures that were inappropriate. Once she emailed them to a boy. Then she would take just suggestive photos that didn’t show anything but were still inappropriate.  We fought it but she had a BM & step dad who said oh you’re being ridiculous. Most likely because this stuff usually happened when she went there. 


YSS - the smartest person ever born

Mrs Fireball's picture

YSS always has to be the smartest guy in the room and point out inaccuracies when he hears them. For example, when we were leaving the restaurant, DH was backing up our car and I saw a car coming, so I said, "look out for the car coming" to DH and YSS said, "Well, actually it's a truck." and I lost it and said "whatever, YSS, it's black, it's white, it's up, it's down. What else you want to argue with me about?" and that shut him up. 

He's annoying in a Sheldon Cooper way but he's not a genius at that kind of level. He just thinks he is. 


Wondering what's better a DH/SO with 1 child vs more...

pickles45's picture

I can't help but think it would be nicer if my SO had at least 2 children vs. just his daughter. The reason why is because I think (and I may need to be corrected from others on here about this) is that if she had a sibling they could hang out when they are here. Because right now I am just so annoyed! She is her till Monday morning. As usual she has no plans/friends to hang out with. So its 48 hours plus non-stop of her in our faces. Part of the problem may be she waits till Friday at 5pm to try and make plans with her friends.

Today I totally resent my SS

catmiao's picture

For the past three weeks or so my DH and I have been fighting with SS over his math homework. My SS11 is High-function Autistic, and I understand that anything involving changing can be challenging to him. BUT, GOD, a wrong answer in math is a wrong answer, no arguing is going to make it right. My DH and I have both exhausted ourselves so much to a point my DH even said that he was seriously considering sending the son to his mom forever. (SS lives wtih us 100% of the time, last year he only spent time with his mom less than a month in total)