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Blended Family Vacation

PrettyYoungThing's picture

I come from a seperated family myself. And my dad's side of the family has invited myself and my boyfriend on a family vacation. I have never been very close to them. They had origionally extended the invitation to his daughter as well. But it had become a major issue with other family memebers. My boyfriend's daiughter is 7. She has not had a good impression on my family. They see her as a pest more than an addition to the family. My boyfriend is aware of that and is very understanding. She has major behavioral issues that we've been working on together.

SD vacationing in Miami with YSS??!!

thinkthrice's picture

From what I can tell on social media SD23 no longer works at the local hospital (job lasted 2 months), went back to school for medical coding and is now working for a health insurance company remotely?

This is pretty recent but yet there are photos of her enjoying the ocean and stopping off at Miami Airport.  YSS posted similar photos.

Girhippo Wears A Pink Princess Tiara

thinkthrice's picture

For her 50th birthday!  Pumpkinhead (OSS 25) posted the photo in social media.  In the photo is StepDaddyBigBucks, the Gir wearing a kids party pink princess tiara (GAG), the Animal Torturer, BattleAxe Galactica (Gir's enmeshed BM), Pumpkinhead and his Fiance).  Looks like the photo was taken by the HousesHitter (YSS19)

There's more truth in jest!

I know I deserve better

Halston's picture

I've come to the realization I need to end this constant back and forth, emotional abuse that's going on in my home. Have any of you separated to give yourself time to get your thoughts and actions together or just straight to divorce? I'm very angry and bitter and have no respect left for my husband. I just don't want to make a decision on my future based on negative emotions I'm feeling right now.and no, therapy is no longer an option as we have gone that route so so many times. He resents me, I resent him.

Not sure where to go..or how to perceive this

hregal2011's picture

I had requested about 3-4wks ago to discuss my SD16, withDH.  I have been disengaged since January however DH's approach to 'helping' includes pretending like everything is dandy-and not hold SD to any standards we have for my kids (chores, keeping rooms clean/doing laundry)  Part of his 'helping' is letting her come over, trying to talk general conversation with her and then her remaining in her room the entire time she is here until her mom picks her up.

How to report neglect

GamingBuddy's picture

Has anyone had success in getting CPS to investigate a neglect report? 

Between constant reports from the school and what the oldest told us today I HAVE to call it in. I need them to actally talk to the kids this time because the last time BM called in one against us they looked at our house but never spoke to the kids.

I am fully aware they would be in our home too and I am 100% ok with that. I just need CPS to really look into things because it's not ok what I do know. I need them to take it serious and actually look into it.

More advice. Desperate to save my marriage

Kisanmisme2's picture

So DH and I have been some what counting down years till SD17 turns 18, which now is this year. I realized I can no longer take all that comes with this. He made it clear that she has the choice of whether to come on visitation days still or not. I, in my naivete, thought this might end at adulthood. Fast forward, I get an idea that might satisfy both of us.  She can do visitation but sleepovers with her friends end. (I get uncomfortable with people all up in our space) (I don't need scantily clad college students prancing around DH)... etc. DH didn't like that either.

Are we the A-holes?

TrueNorth77's picture

So we are at the point where skids are literally ALWAYS in their rooms, unless DH drags them out to do something. Usually something that costs money. When DH and I are home, we are hanging out together (trust me, I'm not complaining) with maybe a 30-second appearance from a skid to go to the bathroom.