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Finishing HS without any exams

Eve-Bee's picture

Wow, I just heard HS will graduate this year's final students without any exams due to corona. Then SD20 will be able to finish HS for sure. She has manipulated all the teachers all the way to the third year without any exams at all, so for her, this implies finishing HS without having any exams at all. The grades she will get are based on groupwork or grades that are, in my opinion, set to high by the teachers because she is working hard to play on their emotions.

I Called It

thinkthrice's picture

ZERO schoolwork being done online since school was closed by the HousesHitter. (YSS 17) according to the portal.  Rows and Rows of blank columns where there is supposed to be a grade entry, usually out of 100.

 He is posting quite a bit on instagram, however.  Seems he is disgruntled that people's personalities change when they are high.

You can't make this up


donewithdrama35's picture

Well... my worst nightmare is happening. I knew it. Piece of $hit BM suggested this morning to SD17 that she just stay at our house to be safe. How f'ing convenient!! She just wants to keep drinking and smoking her brains out without SD there to judge her. She's been seeing SD since this "quarantine" started. To me all of this has been shot to hell already. See my daughter when it's convenient but stick her here the rest of the time. I'm going to lose my god damned mind if I have to to have her here longer than 2 weeks. DH won't make her go back.

Pet emergencies during the quarantine.

Rags's picture

Got a call from my mom and dad yesterday AM, they were outside doing yard work and had their dog, Bichon, on top of the bed cover of dad's truck.

A 10yo little girl was walking her family's pit bull and was passing in front of my parent's home when the Bichon started barking at the pit bull.  The pit dragged the little girl to the truck, jumped up l, grabbed the Bichon by the head and proceeded to drag him off of the truck and shake him like a rag doll.  My dad, who is recovering from surgery, grabbed the pit and dragged him off of their Bichon.

SD19 and Covid19

HowBoutScottyDont's picture

BM finally retrieved SD19 from FL. She didnt get her full spring break because the beach closed down. BM has had them all at home in self-isolation. Same at our house. 

I moved into SD19s room a couple months ago since shes been away at school. DH was furious when he saw I moved some if her things into the closet. Sorry DH, but she isn't here and you're an ahole.

He wants her to come stay for a while. I told him I'm open to the idea of her staying on SS15s schedule, but no more than that. And if she behaves as she did over Xmas, the visit would be over. 

Skid (and newly unemployed BM) update

momjeans's picture

Last night, while DH and I were sitting outside on the porch watching DD and DS run around in the yard, skid FaceTimed DH. 

I sat there, out of frame, and just listened. 

Skid lives in Southern California. They have an active stay-in-place order happening and school is out, obviously. Skid asked DH how summer visitation was going to go. Surprisingly, DH didn’t sugarcoat it much, though I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I was sitting right there.

OT - 21 year old woman died of covid-19 yesterday in the UK

Monkeysee's picture

She had no previous health conditions. She was healthy, had her whole life ahead of her, and now she’s dead. This is why we need to stop passing children back & forth. So many people are going around believing that they won’t they get it, or that they’re young & healthy so if they get it they’ll be fine. This isn’t necessarily true.