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Jealousy over the relationship my boyfriend’s ex has with his family.

SammyHallwell80's picture

Little background.  My boyfriend has three teenage kids, who have accepted me as their father's new partner.  I am the first person my boyfriend has introduce to his family since he separated from his wife 3 years ago.


My boyfriend is a loving father and a reaponsible ex-husband.  He is generous to the mother of his kids, her family and common friends.   I was also married and unfortunately my ex and I were unable to conceive.  


Starting to notice a pattern....

Simpleton21's picture

It seems like all of SD's "bestfriends" are BM's friend's kids.  I know it is normal to hang out with other kids b/c your parents are friends with theirs.  I made friends that way as a child and that is kind of why this thought just hit me the today.  SD was talking to DH and I was half a$$ed listening because I don't really enjoy anything she ever talks about.  I was hoping to hear how her soccer practice went but unfortunately that isn't what she was blabbing about.  Anyways, she came out to show DH some text she had received from BM and sat there and explained that the text was from anot

Dominatrix affair update

justmakingthebest's picture

HA! That is funny to me even typing it out. I am such a prude!

Ok, so she didn't show up at the party. DH texted her hubs and they decided to not come because she "Doesn't really do spouse events"- my drunk ass blurted "Right! She only does other married men!" - DH thought it was funny and no one else knew what was happening, so whatever! 

Furious for even asking me

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I am beyond words and furious. DH is currently now on the process of being ordered child support from BM. Before this he was giving her money but all of a sudden now that we got married and had a baby she filed. Anyways, currently DH is having medical issues and is currently waiting for SSD meaning his work is limited. The amount to be paid is yet to be determined. I never was against him giving her part of his money.

Adult sd back in our life

skipit's picture

My sd did not want to be raised by dh and me.  She schemed and planned with her mom.  Finally her dad let her go.  Consequently she became an addict, had 2 kids, lost them to the system and got incarcerated.  Dh and I enjoyed the drama free life we had and were planning our future.  She just notified us she is pregnant and no one is happy.  We obviusly thought motherhood wasn'tfor  her.  He wants to include her in our life again, he says he hopes she does better this time.  She is 36.  I say no, she was hell and she needs to go do her life.  He can wait until our children have children.

O/T it had to laugh at this

SM12's picture

DH and I have a group of close friends we have vacationed with, spent time with for about 6 years. We used to be even closer but a few years ago one woman in the group, I will call karen, for jealous that I and another woman ( her supposed BFF) were hanging out too much.  Now this bff and I live next door to each other and Karen lives in another town and the bff and I were working out together.  Karen was invited to join us but never did.