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OT--Trying to determine what to do..

notsobrady's picture

My bios (18 +19) have a mutual friend. A GREAT KID..I'll call him Mike for my post. Recently graduated high school and will begin college next week. He's been dealt a pretty raw deal in the parental department. His parents have been in and out of jail for possession and dealing drugs from what sounds like most of his life. He has 8 sibilings..and another on the way. HIs younger sister had a baby at 15 so they're a big dysfunctional group. 

"Never let go of something you can't afford to lose!"

ChamomileTea4Me's picture

Years ago, my big sister told me, "I never let go of something I can't afford to lose."  She said she never wanted money or material things to ruin a relationship, so although she was always pretty generous about helping people out, she never loaned, gave, or let people borrow anything she would be upset about never seeing again.  Good stuff. I adopted that rule and made it my own long ago.  I haven't always upheld it in my weaker moments, but I always consider it when I'm faced with a decision on where to spend my time, money, and energy.  It helps ward off unnece


Part TWO Little Idiot and the Coast Guard Saga: The End... or IS it?

AlmostGone83's picture


After hearing from Little Idiot (SD19), I didn’t say anything to DH about it. I knew he’d bring up the subject on his own eventually (which he did a little later). Please enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole...

DH’s thoughts were that:

1. Little Idiot thought that CG boot camp would be easy and when she got there last summer she found herself in over her head (Yes!) 

When PAS Backfires

Thisisnotus's picture

It's just one thing after another for me these days. Skids were gone for a week with BM out of was peaceful and resembled some form of normalcy. Well they returned and life is back to being full of drama and stress......DH spent half the day yesterday at work on the phone with BMs and/or SD' he comes home stressed of usual.


(UPDATE) Hello Wall

blessedwithstress's picture

I spent a large chunk of yesterday not eating and stewing over everything that happened the night before. There were moments during the work day where I could hardly choke back the tears and keep working. I Googled “how to know when you’re ready for a divorce”. Ultimately, I don’t think we are there but it is still floating on the periphery.


Child Support and BM

MomOfTwo1313's picture

So, my husband and I have been fully responsible for his kids since we got full custody in January due to BM Meth addiction. Since then she ran away with her boyfriend, almost died. The kids don’t hear from her and is constantly brining tension to our home due to the inability of my husband to cope with what’s going on. I have a 13 year of my own and share our 17 month old with my husband. He has 2 of his own 8 and 13. It’s been a hell of a ride. Fast forward to today- He recieved a phone call from baby mama since she has been somewhat ok for 1 week after he drug binge again.

Blended family living

OverThinkingMomma's picture

I will be getting married soon. Once married my DDs(12/10) and I will be moving into fiancé’s home. My SD(10) stays every other weekend. She has her own room (smaller) but recently because her older brother(27) moved out has taken over his larger bedroom. My fiancé did not say anything either because he was oblivious of everything or just chose not to address anything. She also has her own large bedroom at her Mom’s. Because she is there EOW I assumed that my DDs would move into the 2 larger bedrooms because this will be their permanent residence.


Part ONE Little Idiot and the Coast guard Saga: The End.... or IS it???

AlmostGone83's picture

Today, DH asked me to text Little Idiot (SD19) and ask her when she was coming up for ship out (supposed to ship out at the end of September and he was thinking a week or two before). So I did and for about 30 minutes, I didn’t get a response. Odd, because this girl is on her phone texting her best friend literally every five minutes. Finally she answers and says “Well I want to go into the CG but I can’t get ahold of my recruiter. I’ve tried calling her and texting her many times but she’s not answering me. So I signed up for classes at college just in case”. I tell DH what she said.

Losing My Sh*t

StepperLife's picture

Here it is, I’m approaching 72 hrs with 3 hours of sleep. Yup you read that right. With the start of a new school year where we live, two littles not on the same sleeping schedule (when one goes down, one comes up), the littlest not sleeping at nigh, maintains the house, parent pick up, parent drop of, showering, cooking, not taking up full time drinking - a joke relax- I’m running on coffee as strong as my ODD attitude and fumes.