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OT - Women Wednesday

Aniki's picture

Maybe I should retitled this Wellness Wednesday...

I'm beginning to feel that anyone who has not been affected by this quarantine crap is lying or inhuman. Even those whose jobs seem to continue as-is are showing some mental fraying, including my two rocks: DH and Dad. 

For my rocks, their tolerance level has thinned. It's not that they're losing patience with people. Rather, they are less tolerant of crap and get their points across more quickly and end a conversation. 


OT: Opposing views on Christmas

futurobrillante99's picture

Wondering if any of you has an opposing viewpoint on Christmas from your partner and whether it causes strife.

I really enjoy Christmas. In my messed up family, it was a magical time of year when everyone acted "normal" and my mom would make wonderful food and decorate our house beautifully. She went overboard on Christmas gifts and our stockings were always brimming with small wrapped gifts and tangerines. To this day, the smell of tangerines makes me think of Christmas.


Layla1014's picture

During the weekend stepson came her sick, he is better now but fiancee baby and I are sick, baby has milder symptoms but I have persistent chest pain cough, migraines and fever that comes and goes, I never have had chest pain that radiates to my back, I will go get tested for covid in the next 2 days,

Trying not to take it personally

Sam2's picture

So BM is now in town and SS has moved out of his bedroom and over to her house.   He's been there three nights so far.   SD has joined them for dinner two nights. The last two nights she has left at six to go over to mom's house for dinner.  SS , DH and I have had a couple of conversations in the days before his leaving to be with his mom.  I think its great he's over there, maybe he'll straighten out.  However, I can't help but to feel bad that he doesn't join us for dinner, hasn't joined us for dinner for a long time and in fact has never been expected to join us for dinner by DH. 

Need a little help here

Chmmy's picture

Where are my pizza pans? DH and I are the only ones who make frozen pizza so when the first one disappeared, I figured the skids might have something to do with it but yet it doesn't make sense so DH and I decided that one of us must have misplaced it and it would turn up. It didn't. I bought another one. We rarely make pizza but this one has disappeared also. Why? What possible reason would the skids have for taking it? hiding it? We have cameras in the kitchen but it's not like I'm going to waste my time going back and looking for who took it.

Cell phones ruin kids

SeeYouNever's picture

I didn't like SD12 much before she got a phone but the phone has made her so much worse. Has anyone else noticed a major change when kids get a phone? Maybe some of this is preteen behavior but I've found it seems to revolve around her phone.

She claims her phone is always dead or BM always takes it away but I know that isn't true by just watching her use it. It's clear she spends a lot of time unsupervised watching videos, playing games, and doing social media. 

20 Days until court

justmakingthebest's picture

We haven't purchased plane tickets yet because DH's leave hasn't  been approved. The judge for some reason is insisting that this be an in person hearing. We don't understand why we need to be there. She is on the line for contempt, not us. Our lawyer has all the evidence. It should be pretty straight forward. 

Our lawyer SAID he is trying to get it moved to a zoom hearing but honestly I don't think he is doing anything.