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OT- Article for Chmmy and others (including myself) waiting to "get their ducks in a row"

hereiam's picture

It's funny how articles or other signs show up at the right time.

This showed up on my home page this morning from TED Ideas.

What is one goal you wish you could accomplish? Chances are, you have no problem naming it, so what holds you back from achieving it?

Life has a nasty habit of interrupting the best-laid plans, but more often than not, it’s our own minds that get in the way of our goals. We make a litany of excuses for why those goals don’t get checked off our lists, and we become our own worst enemies.

Dreading going back

Lifer33's picture

Having a lovely break away just me and dd5, realised I haven't missed home at all. Did the dutiful video calls home, forgot ss would be there twice, and as soon as hubby put ss on to speak to her I felt sick and left them to their conversation. Going home today and the sense of dread has woken me at 5am.

Tiny blog post- infantilizing

1dad4kids's picture

DH picked SS10 up from school today and he wasn't wearing his glasses. He said he looked all over at school and couldn't find them. He's pretty sure he wore them to school today but isn't positive (ADHD memory). BM is at the school picking up.her.other kids. Calls SS10 over: "you didn't wear your glasses to school today? I'm so sorry!". 

GWR is almost 19 and still has Beaver asking for

halo1998's picture

things like insurance information, etc.  Like really.....oy.  6 more months....and we can ignore anything from Beaver regarding the GWR.    After March if GWR wants any information, etc he better put on his big boy pants and ask DH directly.  However, after March he better get his own insurance cause DH and I will be dropping him from insurance as fast as we can.  Me..I will be dropping him with this years open enrollment in October..and DH will with his next open enrollment in July.   

What keeps you motivated when you want to give up?

charlie2019's picture

I'll be honest, most of the time I just don't feel like trying anymore and haven't for a while. I care about taking care of my 9 month old daughter, but not in fostering any kind of relationship with my husband or SD who we have half time. I KNOW I should. I KNOW what I should do, but all I want to do is avoid my husband all the time, even when my SD isn't here, because it's only a matter of time before he is texting his ex (especially right now with covid/school, all the extra drama and discussions). I'm so over it.

OT Buisness name

Focused_onourlife's picture

Good morning! I am planning to start a business selling my handmade natural care products. I inicially chose Naked Beauty and bought the domain name and all only to find out the name is being used for same type of business on IG. I would like to use a name with the initials NB as those are my initials. Also,  a name that relates to 'natural'. Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it!

how many times is too many times to say love you in a day? or an hour?

Chmmy's picture

Actual conversation of pathetic SD 18 and her boyfriend. Her dad really set her up for relationship failure:

SD: I'm home. love you

BF: I'm glad you made it home safe babe (3 heart emojis)

SD: I love you

SD: no I love you?

SD: you havent' been sayin it and everytime I say it you don't seem like you want to say it.

SD Well I'll just leave you be I'm sorry

SD: going to shower

SD: done

OT - 19 years ago

Aniki's picture

19 years ago today, people  began what they thought would be just another day. 

246 boarded morning flights.

2606 entered the World Trade Center (and surrounding area).

125 went to work at the Pentagon.

343 firefighters began their shifts.

71 police officers started their morning patrol.

8 paramedics began morning shifts.

None of them went home.


8:46 AM North Tower Struck

9:03 AM South Tower Struck

9:37 AM Pentagon Struck

9:59 AM South Tower Collapses

10:07AM Flight 93 Crashes in PA


Reporting back to BM

Ursula's picture

So over the holiday weekend my husband took SD to visit a friend of his who lives on a farm about 2 hours away and they spent two nights there, left Friday morning and came back Sunday morning.  After SD went back to BMs, BM sent him a message saying she doesn't like how he has SD around men and saying it's awfully funny how I never go on these trips with the two of them.  I stay home with our 2 year old.  I don't find it enjoyable to go to someone else's house for the weekend and chase a toddler around, plus I like the alone time with my DD and the break from SD.