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Chris Pratt and his #2 Wedding backlash

CLove's picture

Classic! We talk about it all the time here on ST, and it NEVER seems to change.

The birthing of his child MUST be the happiest day of his life, right? How dare he disregard his first family so blatantly!

Quick to point out, that the child in question was born prematurely with health issues, and it was a stress-filled day. How about his child bringing him happiness and joy by existing and the wedding being just plain a happy day, without step dramam?

Not going to happen because people out there consider children to be their whole reason for existing.


How do you handle your stress?

young-mom's picture

Hi stepmoms! And how do you handle your in laws?

If any of you have had your own bio kids have you guys ever dealt with postpartum anxiety or anything like that? 

So I used  to be a less scattered individual than I am now. If you have read my blog post before, then you know that I have been dealing with problems with my SS. DH has started taking responsibility and handing him, and is getting a lot better about staying on top of him.  suffice it to say my stress has lead to me finding white hair and I’m only 30. 

Super irritated with DH right now.

Simpleton21's picture

SD developed a staph infection from a bad spider bite and then swimming in a gross lake while we were camping (apparently the bacteria in the lake infected the bite).  Anyways, anytime either of my children or even if I am sick SD stays at BM so she doesn't get sick.  Also in the CO it states that BM keeps SD if she is sick.  Well I'm thinking staph infection equals sick so she should stay with BM and not spread her disease to my 2 boys.  I tried nicely telling DH this morning several times it would be best if she stayed at BM's tonight.  

Improvement from SO

JBDmom's picture

I’ve talked about problems with my BF not stepping up as a parent and thus leading to many problems with SD4. Today though after many conversations about him believing lies from SD about me he actually followed through with everything he told me. First was trusting me to watch our SD with out questioning everything that happens. Second was believing me when I tell him something. The third thing was to stop undermining me as a parent and the last thing was to follow through with what he tells her when he gets her in trouble.

My husband has SS5 Monday through

caligirl510's picture

Friday 4am to 3:30 pm and every other weekend, yesterday he decided to have him stay with us and spend the night instead of going to his mom, but he was in and out working, he owns his own business, and I got stuck with SS5 most of the day, I had appointments with my kids, and he had the audacity to call me and ask me if I could go home and take care of his son because he had to go, on my only day off from work, I want to talk to him about it but not sure if it will cause more drama


justmakingthebest's picture

I only have a minute but I am about to bust out of my skin!

We found out BM does have a job! She posted about it on facebook, been there for 4 months (at least) - medical marijuana shop across the boarder in OK. One of her ex friends is sick of her shit and reached out to DH with a mountain of screen shots. All kinds of stuff about the hearing (GAL said we aren't allowed to post anything on social media), crap talking me, crap talking DH, just all kinds of stuff. 

OT - Tone-up Tuesday

Aniki's picture

Who likes being in/on the water? Well, tt’s that time of year when water sports and activities can be outdoors – woo hoo!!!

There are many benefits to aquatic exercise, including physical and psychological. Swimming and other aquatic activities can be valuable to a person’s overall physical and mental health. People who are recovering from an injury, have a disability, or experience stress would benefit highly from aquatic therapy.


When Will There Be Warning Labels

thinkthrice's picture

on men with previously enjoyed families similar to those cigarette labels?


WARNING:  Stepmothering causes premature health problems including but not limited to stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress induced weight gain, high blood pressure, hair loss, skin disorders, stress induced weight loss, alcoholism, drug abuse, hormone/blood sugar issues, premature perimenopause, panic attacks, heart failure, stress induced asthma, osteoporosis and possibly cancer