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Another tough weekend for us

Esperanza's picture

So last weekend was skid weekend. Things were going well lately, some issues here and there but good overall. Some recurrent issues with SS6 are that he can become moody/grumpy often (basically every time things don't go his way), he is very needy/attention seeker, he is an extremely fussy eater (to the point that feeding him is a struggle yet has no problems eating rubbish food) and he can be quite immature. It has been the case since I met him when he was 3. Me and my DH have worked hard to help him overcome these issues, we have made some progress but is still an ongoing battle.

new baby with new partner feeling left out to half siblings

xspecialkx's picture

Am planning to have a baby with my new partner.


But I am worried the new baby or even toddler/child when it grows up will feel left out to the half siblings when they spend time staying at their biological dads house or when they have a weeks holiday with their biological dad.


Does the new child feel left out their brother and sister are gone for the week?




Update on my Life

River2019's picture

As I reflect on the past 3 months I have seen actual growth in myself and our family, which is awesome because I don't think I have seen this much growth in myself in the whole 3 1/2 years we have been married. Much of it was stemmed from a seizure I had pretty much directly related to BM stress 3 months ago (I have epilepsy). I let her/let all of it get to me. Enough. Also, I disengaged offically from helping with SD and my husband is shoulding a lot more weight the past 2 months, and that has been... amazing!

July 27

LoftyDreams's picture

My car is at the dealer. If it wasn't I would have left by now. I thought about getting up early in the morning, but it's a 3 hour walk. I started to ride a bike after my husband left for work. But there isn't enough air in the tires making it too difficult for me to ride 10 miles.

I called 3 taxi services and no one is 'in the area' at the moment. Maybe after lunch they said.

Yesterday, we had a blowout that shouldn't have been.

OT - Change

Aniki's picture

TheAccidentalSM posted a blog yesterday that partner's are not fixer uppers. So true! I comented (it was a poor example) and the last part was "You should never try to change/rehab/renovate anyone other than yourself." 

Something doesn’t add up…

AlmostGone832's picture

As you all know, Little Idiot supposedly got her associates degree this past spring. When I asked her what the degree was in she said it was in "Criminal Justice" and that she is transferring for forensic science...

Well looking at the programs offered, the criminal justice associates degree is a bridge degree where you take some classes and then earn the rest of the credits for completing the state police academy and passing the officer state exam. 

Now I KNOW she did neither of these things!

Making amends

Greenbaylove's picture

Does anyone try to make amends or an effort to have a relationship with their stepchild? Sometimes I do t know how to bc he's let me down so much. I've been with my husband for over 9 years and raised my stepson when his mom wasn't around.  I've been to all his sporting events took him to get his driving permit....

what do I get?? 

constant bullying and narcissistic comments. He's given me a lot of hell throughout the years. He was bad at school and would get into a lot of fights. He made disrespectful comments to me many times. 

they are teenagers for goodness sake

Kisanmisme2's picture

My DH and his ex wife have to talk to each other through a parenting app. She hasn't messaged him in months. Also the children are now SD17 and SS15. Why do they even need to communicate with each other when the children are fully capable of making plans with their father? Am I wrong in thinking this? Out of the blue today for some little nothing that could have been told to SS.  Do ex wives know that the messaging irks?

Being used as a buffer…

AlmostGone832's picture

To piggyback off Clove's post (because I didn't want to derail it)....

She mentioned that her husband,while on the vacation from hell, insisted that they "all stick together". Why? Why can't she go off alone and let them hang out together??

My husband has said the same thing to me (we do things as a family... we don't segregate.. etc etc). Well why not!?

I certainly do not want to spend time with your daughter and since you think she farts rainbows you should have no problem, nay ENJOY time with her!