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Woman (Step-Girlfriend) murdered by ex-wife

still learning's picture

This is the news story I woke up to, it made me want to come here and take role count. Sad how such a bright beautiful young woman was robbed of her life due to someone elses divorce baggage.  Please think about the situation and possible danger you are putting yourself into.  

MIL Stirring the pot part 2

capp1978's picture

So SD's bday came and went.  The day before her bday my MIL showed up unannounced at something we had planned for BD.  BD is not even 2 yet and is just starting to talk.  After our event MIL says let's go to dinner.  I reluctantly went to avoid an argument with DH.  The minute we walk in MIL says to BD "do you know how to sing yet?  You need to learn how to sing b/c we need to sing Happy birthday to sissy, happy birthday to sissy, happy birthday dear sweet sissy happy birthday to sissy."   I'm pretty sure steam started to come out of my ears.  Why?  Why the need to say something like that? 

Skid week again - goals

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Well its skid week again. This week I'm trying to just focus on myself and keep busy instead of letting myself be annoyed by SD/DH. Hoping to make it through the entire week without ending up irate at some point. My 8 month old has decided he hates sleeping and I also found out I'm pregnant again already so my tolerance is going to be even lower than usual for dealing with crap. 

school pictures and christmas gifts

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I have a question since I do not have any bios.  Do school's really only send and allow one order form for school pictures??  Since DH and BM split over 8 years ago DH is usually in charge of ordering SS school pictures.  He has also been ordering and paying for BM picture requests on his form.  This is due to when he would order them for himself before and they would get sent to BM house he would always order her an 8x10 but she would go out of her way to go through the entire package and just take whatever extra sizes she wanted, usually leaving DH short.  Since he moved out he's been ord

YSS let Dh have it. Dh thinks of himself as a failure.

Stepmom2.0's picture

Dh asked mil for OSS and YSS's number since they both blocked them on everything a few years back. She gave them and he texted them both saying "Hey [OSS/YSS]  I miss you very much and I'm asking if you would consider meeting up with me in order to put the past behind us and work on becoming  family again."

 OSS didn't reply and  YSS went off! He told DH everything in regards with OSS and how we did him wrong. 

No gifts please, estranged in-laws!

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As some of you may know, I am estranged from my in-laws (MIL, FIL, SIL) due to their stomping on boundaries, cozying up to BM, sharing info about our lives with her and undermining DH’s parenting. DH still has a relationship with his parents, but since the issues occurred, he has pared down the relationship- not at my request, because I would never tell him not to have a relationship with his family, but because of his loyalty to me as his wife.