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The delusions continue

AlmostGone834's picture

During a discussion this morning on The Skunk Ape (BM), who is up visiting her son, I said to DH that I wonder how she can afford to take the time off from her server job (given that she is always on the verge of homelessness). He responded that she has always been very “impulsive” and that she “made a lot of really dumb decisions” so he is not surprised. He also guessed that she is likely trying to worm her work her way into moving in with her son so she can sponge off of him. 


another money question- what to do

1dad5kids's picture

Well BM has really done it this time. 

She's in arrears for SS12's swim club. So now they won't let SS12 swim- according to BM 

So DH emails the coach who gets the registrar involved and they decide that SS12 can swim as long as DH registers him under his name and takes over the financial obligations. 



Jr10's picture

Hi everyone - Just an update on my false allegations situation. I had court today. The judge basically scolded HCBM for pulling this again and dismissed the order. I am grateful and trying to celebrate the small victories. However I know that this just means more attacks are coming as HCBM was frantic after. 

I'll keep you guys posted but I wanted to thank you for your support during this!

SD almost 8 really upping her attitude

River2019's picture

My SD has never been MUCH of a problem, but I see issues budding as she grows older and kinda brattier. My struggles with her have been mostly because there were some mini wife tendencies over the years have have been toned down year by year as my DH has understood more, we have more kids, our life has grown and developed together naturally. 

Can't Win

frustratedbonusmom's picture

So SD ( 9 yo)  came to visit for the weekend, she had her crocs and pair of white tennis shoes that she brought. The white shoes were sitting on the floor and I looked down and thought to myself why did she bring her old white shoes from the summertime, when we bought her a new pair of shoes? So we took SD and my daughter to the fair, I see SD walking around with shoes untied, I said to her let me tie those for you.

Thirteen Years

thinkthrice's picture

Since the HousesHitter YSS (19.5) PASed out for good as of yesterday. Totally zero contact.   And I don't miss him one iota!  He was stb 7 yrs old when the Girhippo and her fam poisoned his mind (and his two older siblings a year earlier) for good.   


Fast forward to today.  Via social media, I see he is most likely working at one of the local manufacturing plants, the Gir downsized to a new house even CLOSER to her clan (didn't think that was possible other than to move in with them) and who knows if the HousesHitter moved in to the downsized house? 

I need good vibes

Crr18's picture

I need good vibes that the closing on my house comes soon . This new job seems like it will work out and I found 2 nice apartment building near my work that I should be able to afford. SO told me that now that BM says she isn't going to talk to him SD is not going to come around at all. He actually said because I am also a stress on him it made the fight worse. I said I had nothing to do with your sick son and the fight with your ex. I said SD hasn't come around since March how all of a sudden can  it be any worse that BM is not talking to you.