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As summer turns to fall, a reminder for Fiancé

Aunt Agatha's picture

As some of you may remember, my fiancé's 18 YO stole some airplane bottles of alcohol in Jan from me, several months after having gotten in trouble for bringing alcohol to school for a field day.  Heck, this kid does something idiotic and stupid just about every 6 months.   Nothing she does is too serious, but I draw the line at theft (and frankly suspect she's stolen from us before, but wasn't able to catch her in the act).

Since then, I've had a hard rule she is not allowed to be in the house alone, period.  I've been nothing but kind, so won't put up with that BS.

Lazy Step daughters

Abbie23's picture

Hi, I am new here. Been married for 4 years to a man that has 2 girls age 13&12 from previous marriage. And now we have our own 17 month old son. In this 3 years, I've been dealing with SDs laziness especially the 13 year old one. The 12 year old SD sometimes helps out in the house especially watching their baby brother when I'm busy doing chores but the 13 just sleeps until 3 in the afternoon. She'll come out when hungry and won't clean up after herself. Just toss her dirty dishes into the sink and leave her extra foods on the table and wait for me to clear up for her.

26 years with my incredible bride. I am a blessed man.

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We hit the road for a week in N. AZ with my parents on the 25th of July.  We left the house at 08:00 in Saturdy and got in to their RV at Mormon Lake Lodge at 17:30 on Sunday.  Usually I do not mind driving at night but the US desert south west is my favorite place on the planet and I didn't want to miss anything so we stopped on Saturday evening in Las Cruces.  We left Las Cruses early on Sunday morning to finish the 1200+ mile drive.  It was an incredible drive. Beautuful scenery and 1:1 time together.

Feeling guilty again.

Merrigan's picture

I told my BF that I wanted to stay home this weekend instead of going to his place, and he was fine with it. I'd gone the weekend before and thought it's best to leave it at a high note. (We actually had a great weekend of cycling and cooking with the SK's). But he called me on Friday, saying that the SK's really wanted to see me this weekend. So I caved and went.

Had it

Dogmom23's picture

So I found out that dh is telling his ex wife that we have been fighting about his daughter. He also told his ex wife about my anxiety and how he and my mom are trying to get me help. He also told his ex wife that I said I wanted to go to my parents during his visitation because it is too stressful for me. He said all this to his ex wife during pick up. She told me. He said all he said was the truth. I have been with his daughter all day today because he said his back hurt. The ex wife threatened him with no more visitation if he cant get out of bed.

Mixed feelings and a bit of a rambling rant

The_Upgrade's picture

DH is looking into counselling to address his issues about SD. I'm happy because I think counselling is a step in the right direction but some of the things he says makes me uneasy. Like how he really wants to have a relationship with her, etc. And when he asked me for my thoughts I asked what was the point of going to counselling? To chase your daughter who wants nothing to do with you or to set up better boundaries and move on with your life?

DH finaly Sees it!

VioletsBlu's picture

So my 19 SD moved back to MBs house.....and since we havent seen her for a few mths we wanted to go for a beach day as we have 2 litrle ones so we thought wed have a little visit...My SD msges DH and she wants us All to come to her moms/grammas house....Um what? ...My husband replies that we arent into comimg to that house...even if its just outside by the lake...Like we have to use the bathroom amd we arent fucking going inside Her house..Ever!!

Husband so different around skids

Happycamper's picture

Hi all! I've posted before so I won't go back to my history. You can look at my blogs if you like. I want to know if any of you are dealing with what I deal with. My skids are 17 and 20. The 20 year old is babies and enabled and coddled. She to this day says she's not over the divorce that was 8 years ago. Well the 2 skids decided to spend the weekend with us. They live right up the road. My DH acts so differently around them. When we are alone he's always affectionate and hugs on me and holds my hand. We always snuggle on the couch together.

How DARE I not want SS15 at MY [birthday] party..

StepAna's picture

I'm having a house party with my girl friends for my birthday. Lots of drinking. Girl party. I would have gone out but...COVID. I told SO that I want SD10 and SS15 to be gone for the night. Something I never ask. He says he "understands" getting SD10 away (because she is needy as all h*ll) but SS15 "just sits in his room" and "he's been around parties before". etc. etc. For extra context, SD10 does not live with us most of the time and prefers to NOT be here so I think its easier for him to pawn her off.