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Looking back in Hindsight about lots of things, especially StepLife, it shouldnt be so surprising how some things actually start to make sense and the pieces come together.  This being one of them: Once you realize that these toxic SKIDS ( BM.s etc) dont have any REAL problems with you. They just want some Attention!  Thats why they still manage to have some kind of reason to be upset with you even though you havent done anythning to them or barely speak to them.

Have I lost it?

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Has anyone reached the point in which you find that just about every little thing having to do with the SKIDS just instantly irritates you? Am I being that irrational? Especially over something as trivial as getting a phone call from SD29 to my MIL during our 4th of July gathering with her, DH and my parents who have gotten along famously with my inlaws.

We hadnt gotten together like this in months and finally got it organized. Damn well we deserve to enjoy ourselves for so much as ONE day ( which we did once she left us alone)  without SD having to make something about her

Let Them!!!

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Just passing along some quotes for now. Definitely rings true and holds up when facing challenged in StepWorld ( and in other aspects of life too) ....


"They might hate you.

They might hate you when you stand up for yourself.

They might hate you when you speak up.

They might hate you for stepping back.

Even if you do it graciously.

Even if you do it kindly.

Even if you do it with love.

They might hate when you create some healthy boundaries. They might hate you for not being who they want you to be.

Get over Yourself, SD!

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I know that its been annoying and frustrating enough when ANYONE throws the whole speech about how us Stepparents should have thought about everything before linking up with someone who had a Child so we knew what we signed up for. I know that I cant be the only one who had their ( adult) Stepchild try to use that old Chestnut against them? 

So Much to Unpack Here....

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Let me start out by saying that I am a long time Lurker and First TIme Poster. Hard to believe, but I didnt realieze I Had tentatively signed up to be a member 13 years ago. I must have been too chickenshit to post anything even though I really needed the support. Maybe I was too still too worried about  being found out or so cyncial that I thought Id still get backlash. No offense to anyone. I Have no idea what took me so long to break my silence here.  There is just wayyy too much to unload here and feeling too overwhelmed and burnt out to have the strength to get into everything.