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Looking for some support

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This is my first time on a stepparent forum but I have no friends or support system who understand the difficulties of being a SM. I have a 9 y/o SS and I’ve been with his dad since he was 3. His dad and i are now married with our own child. SS’s dad has always had partial custody (every other weekend and holidays), so it’s never really felt like there’s much structure when SS is with us... it’s like our house turns into a fun zone for him and my husband is wanting him to not be bored.


Overwhelmed Expectant Mother

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This is my first blog post. I came across this site after posting on a wives Facebook page and I was immediately met with harsh critisism. Over a hundred people I don't even know we're telling me what a horrible person I am. It truly broke my heart. One of the comments suggested that I go to a Blended Family page instead, and talk to those who could be more understanding. So here I am, and depending on how this goes, I may be needing to post more. I know I'm going to have so many questions in the future. 


Is he serious?!

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I apologise in advance for daring to mention Christmas in July but my boyfriend has just sprung an idea on me which has left me feeling incredulous and then a few days later came up with another ‘bright idea’ which makes me think he only cares how his own child is affected. My bf has shared care so has his son for 7 days every two weeks. He has his own flat and stays there with him but stays with us on the Saturdays.


Can’t stand the boy lately

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I thought about not posting this but recently it has been quite unbearable. 

After the crazy BM episode (spoiler alert: she didn’t even bother to see her son a bit, surprise!) we have been struggling with SS11’s behavior. Even the school work and homework both have been really light. 

Again SS11 is high functioning ASD + ADHD. I get that most of the time he really didn’t intend to offend, but god, when do you really draw a line when you have been teaching the same thing over and over and over and this human being just seemingly can’t learn?