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Can’t stand the boy lately

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I thought about not posting this but recently it has been quite unbearable. 

After the crazy BM episode (spoiler alert: she didn’t even bother to see her son a bit, surprise!) we have been struggling with SS11’s behavior. Even the school work and homework both have been really light. 

Again SS11 is high functioning ASD + ADHD. I get that most of the time he really didn’t intend to offend, but god, when do you really draw a line when you have been teaching the same thing over and over and over and this human being just seemingly can’t learn? 


Effing skids

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I have been "raising" my SS8 and SD5 since they were 4 and 1. We have a rather unique situation as their BM is my wife. She married the kids BF because that was the "right thing to do" but knew for years she was a lesbian. We fell fast into love, moving in together and she insisted she wanted me to help raise the kids as if they were mine. To say the last few years have been challenging would be an understatement. Fortunately, she and I are a great team. That is the blessing and curse.


Today I totally resent my SS

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For the past three weeks or so my DH and I have been fighting with SS over his math homework. My SS11 is High-function Autistic, and I understand that anything involving changing can be challenging to him. BUT, GOD, a wrong answer in math is a wrong answer, no arguing is going to make it right. My DH and I have both exhausted ourselves so much to a point my DH even said that he was seriously considering sending the son to his mom forever. (SS lives wtih us 100% of the time, last year he only spent time with his mom less than a month in total)


O/T ADHD meds

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Does anyone have kids that take ADHD medication? Guanfacine in particular? ODS has ADHD inattentive type and I've been holding off on meds because they make me nervous. Hes just doing therapy right now. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with their kids or even themselves taking them? Side effects? What symptoms were relieved? I dont want him to not live up to his potential if they will help.