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Am I Asking too much? NO I'M NOT!!!

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I have a constant argument going on inside...Am I asking too much...then I want to scream NO I'M NOT!

I feel like I’m told by DH often that I’m asking for too much.  I think there may be some truth to this; I have high expectations of my partner....but do I really have expectations that are too high?  I struggle to know if I truly am asking for too much or DH is a gaslighting butt munch.  Sorry sarcasm is my coping mechanism.


It's Been a While...Chaos Continues...Think I'm Going to Have to Leave This Madness!

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Hello StepTalkers!  It's been a couple of months since I posted and I hope you're all doing well.  I suppose I took a little break from venting here because I was trying to make a grand effort to stay on the positive with my relationship with Mr. Ed and completely disengage from SDs, ya know?  But...I woke up this morning with so much resentment, frustration, and anxiety about this situation and I knew exactly where to go for support and clarity.  In advance, thank you so much for this space and the experience you all bring to it!

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