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Disney MIL causes Drama with BM1(long rant)

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So it turns out that Disney MIL (Gma to the skids -- DH mom who he does not get along with) is making a will.  It also turns out DMIL has had dementia for quite awhile(amongst other obvious but undiagnosed mental/ personality disorders).


BM's Parents Scammed Out of Thousands. I'm Definitely Evil Because I Find This Hilarious.

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I got home from work today and DH started telling me this story...and I was near tears laughing so hard by the time he was done. He was near tears, too, of course. Oh my word. 

So, apparently sometime this afternoon, BM started texting him (in a group text with OSD and YSD) in a panic, asking if anyone had heard from SS lately...and she was so, so, so, so worried about him! Has anyone heard from him since Tuesday?!?! 

DH had a momentary fear and then paused for a moment and asked what was up. Told her he'd texted with SS this morning. 


YSD Doesn't Get Pell Grant...And I'm Incredibly Suspicious

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So...this weekend we got a money panic email from BM, asking us what we though we/DH's parents can 'do' toward YSD's college plans. 

Apparently YSD doesn't qualify for the Pell Grant, which we thought she would based on her EFC. 

I am highly suspicious of this. BM technically has 2 other kids 'in college' who have both gotten financial aid. With 3 kids in college, she'd have to be making over 75K a year to NOT qualify for ANY aid at all (adjusted gross, not gross...and those three kids also bring that number down significantly, I thought).