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It’s never ending!

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So... DH just received a notice of appearance for court regarding CS. From the looks of it BM is asking for more $$ CS. DH is convinced that she wants to see him in the poor house... then maybe she'll be satisfied. We just had our 2nd baby so adjusting our budget with daycare expenses has been a challenge. I'm seriously contemplating bankruptcy at this point, we are stretched so thin... financial management is neither of our strong points *sad but true* I just don't see how he would be able to give up anymore of his income to her. Skids wear old clothes and hand-me-downs.

Here we go...

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Yay I have enjoyed the quiet since the chaos at Christmas (story in my first blog post). Skids haven't really been around, choosing to spend time with friends and other family instead. W2s are rolling out... it's DH year to claim the kids. As I stated in a previous blog every time it's our turn DH is bombarded with requests to pay for all sorts of things that the kids want. DH just got a text last night from CrazyLady (BM) that one of the kids will be calling him this afternoon... I'm sure it's to ask for something that she doesn't want to pay for.

Just curious...

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As taxes season approaches I'm just curious to know what some of your arrangements are regarding claiming dependents. DH CO states that he claims all 4 kids during the odd years and BM gets even years. This is his year, yay we will get a decent refund! It never fails that BM pokes her nose in our business and starts attempting to dictate what DH should do with the refund money. Also between Feb. and Apr. we are hit with a flood of requests from the skids to buy them things. I know BM sends them our way because she knows we get a return during odd years.