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Just rambling

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Do you ever feel like a yo-yo? I do. The skids get on my nerves and just thinking about them coming over stresses me out. Then something happens – some event or solitary moment – and I get the warm fuzzies for them…for like a hot second. Then *poof* it’s gone again and I’m back to boiling over with annoyance.



Your son is not a tool, but you are!

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In a previous post I wrote about BM needing to call SS9 every single day to “help him study” his spelling because he got ONE bad test grade. She wanted to call him outside her parenting time per the CO, and my SO said NO. She persisted, she manipulated, she begged, she threatened court, etc. My SO still said NO.


Disney MIL causes Drama with BM1(long rant)

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So it turns out that Disney MIL (Gma to the skids -- DH mom who he does not get along with) is making a will.  It also turns out DMIL has had dementia for quite awhile(amongst other obvious but undiagnosed mental/ personality disorders).