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Grown stepdaughter and stepson are thorns in my side

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Short summary...

Husband and I are in our upper 40's.

Have known husband for total of 8 years

Seriously dated husband for 3 years

Married husband 2 years ago

We have been trying to have a baby together

He has a grown son and daughter (both in upper 20's) their bio-mom lives miles away, talks trash about me and my hubsand to the stepkids, and she never loved my husband when she was married to him.


Manipulative 16 yo Step Daughter

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My SD came out to us as a lesbian around 8 months ago. I have no issue with it, have gay friends and have been involved in the queer scene my entire life as a hairstylist. We had a fight a few months ago over me taking to her sister about her sexuality and I apologized for it. I questioned if it was a phase.


Your son is not a tool, but you are!

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In a previous post I wrote about BM needing to call SS9 every single day to “help him study” his spelling because he got ONE bad test grade. She wanted to call him outside her parenting time per the CO, and my SO said NO. She persisted, she manipulated, she begged, she threatened court, etc. My SO still said NO.