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Manipulative 16 yo Step Daughter

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My SD came out to us as a lesbian around 8 months ago. I have no issue with it, have gay friends and have been involved in the queer scene my entire life as a hairstylist. We had a fight a few months ago over me taking to her sister about her sexuality and I apologized for it. I questioned if it was a phase.


I'm tired of being the bad guy!

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Hi everyone,

If you've read my other posts, you already know this, but if you haven't, here's a recap. I have a daughter from a previous marriage (6yo), a SS(6yo), and SD(7yo). SD(7) is awful towards me and my daughter, and she likes to soil her pants at least once a day. (if you want to know mroe on this, read my other post: "TGIF").We have her in therapy, but we've yet to see any improvement because BM negates everything and tells SD it's my fault. (and no - I didn't break up their marriage. He left her because she was cheating, way before me).