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Grown stepdaughter and stepson are thorns in my side

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Short summary...

Husband and I are in our upper 40's.

Have known husband for total of 8 years

Seriously dated husband for 3 years

Married husband 2 years ago

We have been trying to have a baby together

He has a grown son and daughter (both in upper 20's) their bio-mom lives miles away, talks trash about me and my hubsand to the stepkids, and she never loved my husband when she was married to him.


Clingy SS12

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I’m an almost step mom but don’t know how much more I can take. My boyfriend’s son is beyond clingy towards everyone around him. His mom abandoned him three years ago and I think he just wants to feel loved, but it is driving me nuts. He is overly affectionate to where it feels inappropriate. I’ve seen him lift up his father and uncle’s shirts and rub their bare stomachs. I’m trying to teach DD4 about boundaries, telling people when she doesn’t want to be touched etc and Im allowing myself to be smothered right infront of her. He has no sense of personal space.