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UK, fight maintenance

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What have some of you done to fight child maintenance when you've not agreed with it ?

We have ss more than 174 nights which categorised us in the 4th column of paying less than 100 and I could say we have him 50/50.However maintenance have to validate it to the other bio parent. Which they are denying and even lied to get it to increase.

Salary is also taken in consideration but you know when you're paying too much.


Exercise in communication made things worse…waaaaaay worse

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Well THAT went over like a whore in church. We met with BM and all of the discussion related to the birthday party went off without a hitch.

Then I decided it was time to defend my household and call BM out on her bullsh*t.


(UPDATE) Hello Wall

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I spent a large chunk of yesterday not eating and stewing over everything that happened the night before. There were moments during the work day where I could hardly choke back the tears and keep working. I Googled “how to know when you’re ready for a divorce”. Ultimately, I don’t think we are there but it is still floating on the periphery.


Disengage? ME? Really? No....I've been raising this boy. Not anymore.

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The straw that broke the camel's back.

SS15 who will be 16 this coming week has the maturity of a 10 year old; the hormonal temperment of a teenager; and the difficulties that come with an Aspberger's Syndrome kiddo. He has spent this entire school year Fing around and is failing several subjects. I made it clear, that I am not paying for another year of private school (and the school he is going to is wonderful...he just doesn't give a flying flip and doesn't do a damn thing in class anymore) if this is his attitude.

His father, my DH, is furious with me.