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UK, fight maintenance

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What have some of you done to fight child maintenance when you've not agreed with it ?

We have ss more than 174 nights which categorised us in the 4th column of paying less than 100 and I could say we have him 50/50.However maintenance have to validate it to the other bio parent. Which they are denying and even lied to get it to increase.

Salary is also taken in consideration but you know when you're paying too much.

We asked a review and it was due to an increase insalary 2 years ago which lasted 4 months which then lowered but maintenance are working off that annual year for this year which is incorrect as they uses that year for the previous aswell.. so how can they justify increasing it.

Maintenance seem to pick sides. 

How do you fight such an injustice system?? 

Have any of you denied paying what's suggested by them or not paid at all, did you end up worst off?



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I don’t know about the UK but where I am we deal with the same thing. The simple fact that BM here is listed is the primary custodian is all it takes to get the max child support. 

So if my DH never had his kids or has them 50% of the time (which he does) he pays the same. It’s totally unfair.

i will never understand how BM and DH make the same amount of money....have the kids the same amount of time....but for some reason DH has to pay BM 1K per month all because She is labeled the primary custodian.....which only means she calls the shots and gets extra money. 

DH will never have it modified so we just deal with it for a few more years.

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It’s been quite a few years now, but when DH and BM worked out child maintenance they couldn’t come to an agreement. It dragged on for years. In the end they went through solicitors because the advice from the CSA to each parent contradicted the other. Might be worth getting a solicitor for this. Your situation sounds very unfair!

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I think you definitely need a solictor. Do your research though and find one who specialises in helping fathers. All too often the BM is favoured.

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Go get legal advice. Child maintenance options do a calculator. 

Keep receipts for everything. School shoes, clothes, bags, socks, etc.