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So done with this

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So... Tuesday is my one year, and probably last, anniversary unless something changes. My 24SD came into town and since “she is not comfortable staying here”, like I care at this point, DW has checked her into a hotel. That’s fine with me because until she can respect her her mother and my marriage, she isn’t welcome here anyway. This is not something I have shared with DW because I just play the disengagement thing and say, “hmm, ok. That’s nice”, and then change the subject. 


Divorce and Starting Over

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There are so many lessons learned as we proceed through the mine field of divorce and child custody and co-parenting once the process is final that it might be a good thing to share our experiences with others so that they may learn from our experiences and avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way.  

Those who are new to the process are often overwhelmed and don't really know where to begin.  We know that divorce is the next best step, but how do we file?  What do we ask for?  What can we expect?


Update: The Past Month (Divorce Underway)

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Hi All

This is an update as to what has happened in the last month. I have spent quite a bit of my time reading here... but havent felt strong enough to respond to other blogs or post. It felt like I had no advice to give that would be constructive. In fact I felt pretty burned out and down.