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OT -- Am I obliged?

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I had a blowup with my mother a year ago. I realized then that the family dynamic I'd lived with all my life was bad for me and I wanted to change it after the blowup, but how do you change an entire miserable family?

My mother refused to clear the air with me -- she flat out told me she would not discuss it.


OT - Snoring

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Reporting live from bed, next to my sleeping DH. Snoring DH. Stops breathing for a while then gasps for air; I totally think he has sleep apnea. We tried various solutions but I suspect only long-term diet change would work. DH recently started experiencing GERD so he's eating better. GERD is apparently worsened by sleep apnea. Anyone have any experience with GERD, snoring, stopped-up breathing, or sleep apnea?