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Update to previous blog here:

Filed today. 5.5 years married. STBXH moves to his new apt tomorrow, unclear when his crying, begging, blaming, and "I just don't understand!" will end. It's exhausting.

Tough day, but bright future not living with conflict & financial insanity. Whatever the co$t is, it's the price of freedom. 

Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous blog. I appreciate you more than I can express. 


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Guessing he hopes his exhausting drama will wear you down and you'll take him back. When will it end? Possibly when he realizes you are DONE.

Freedom, mental/physical health: it's worth the price. Brighter days ahead of you, darlin'. Coming soon! {{{HUGS}}}

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You're right, peace is priceless.

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This part is exhausting. I don't know where these a-holes get their energy from. It took my XH a good 6 months before he stopped the groveling, begging, threatening, yelling, crying, etc behavior.

But, the peace and freedom at the end is worth the temporary discomfort. Just knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel is refreshing.

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"I just don't understand". Lol. Goes to show he hasn't listened to a word you've said.  The bulk of it starts tomorrow when he moves out and you block him from contacting you. 

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"I just don't understand" = I just don't understand why you won't fall for my bull shit some more and get back in line so I can continue to use/abuse

Crying = maybe she will feel bad and I can reel her back in .  I'm not really upset..just upset she won't fall back in line so I can continue to use/abuse

Begging = just another way to suck you back in .

Next up....the threatening....I will do x, y, you better just do what I say...drop the divorce and continue the status quo so I can continue to use/abuse.


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Sadly, you are correct. Started a few days ago, actually. 

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Hoping today is low-drama during move-out while I WFH.

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Can you have a friend there to keep you company (and to serve as a witness, just in case)? 

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Can you take time-stamped photos of your belongings just in case he decides to trash as much as possible on his way out?

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Your ex will most go between being "heartbroken" to "raging"....they cycle through behaviors they think will get you back in the drama/abuse circle.

Be prepared for him to argue..."Its HISSSSSSS" and decide what you can let go of just to get him out.

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All my friends have jobs! I did take photos. We have our fur-baby to stay united on & that's helpful; had to take him to the vet yesterday (hard day!) but he's okay. 

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I'll check back in later today with an update.

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Now he has a big job ahead of him to find someone else to use/abuse.   It's gets harder as he gets older 

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You will be fine because you made the right decision for yourself. The hard part is making the decision. From this day forward just go one day at a time. You got this!


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STBXH just left with 2nd load, coming back tomorrow for the rest, so for today I'm HOME FREE!

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You're nearly done!  Hang in there!

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All the begging, crying, love bombing from my ex was just exhausting. By the time I decided to leave that relationship I was DONE and there was nothing he could do to change that. All that energy at the end made no sense. D-O-N-E.

Eventually he'll find another target.

Yay for you!