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If you've been following ny blogs here's an update...

Since my last post I was able to leave DH I'm in an apartment with ny kids in a location unknown to him..

I filed for a protection order...

He's been calling my phones non stop.. 

He's been leaving disrespectful vn and threats..

His birthday was 3 days ago..

His daughter haven't message or called him on his bd or anytime after our fight. He's been really hurt by that. She wants nothing to do with him because I found out about their secret phones that they used to message each other, I also have the messages exchanged between them and she's fully aware that we had a huge fight. I just don't understand how she uses our business to play victim especially when I haven't said a word to the brat and her father didntbmention anytging to her (like usual)..

So father daughter relationship is now destroyed. 

I could care less at this point, because this is my turning point and I'm very excited to rebuild myself and start over my life with my kids.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I'll be taking it 1 step at a time. Honestly I can't wait to be happy again...

Thanks to all of you guys that reached out even if it was by giving words of advice and encouragement.. I appreciate all of you... I'm definitely in a better place, mentally, emotionally and physically..



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The fact sd has abandoned him and been no contact after you left him and on his birthday is karma. Just recently he claimed her mum was the best and called you all kinds of derogatory things, well he can thank amazing best out there biomum for sd's behaviour because thats. Reflective of biomums parenting or lack thereof.

we see it too often the bioparent neglects and abuses/torments their spouse/partner and when they finally leave, that crappy toxic family they placed on a pedestal abandons them and they're lonely people. Its the best karma ever. Sadly too many don't foresee this and make changes beforehand 

Your ex brought this on himself 

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i am very glad to hear that you left him and taht you're in a safe place. I was really scared for you.

It's good that he has no idea where you are and I hope you have saved all of his messages to prove that you really are in danger should you need to do so. It's time to block his number. Above all, do not allow him to convince you that he has changed and to beg you to give him another chance - he won't change and he doesn't deserve another chance.

Keep us posted, will you?



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Leaving is the hardest part. Save those terrible voicemails just in case you ever feel your resolve weakening. I went back to my abuser 3 times. It took my daughter who was 5 at the time seeing it happen to make me leave for good. I hope and pray that you stay strong and do what is best for you and your children. 

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She won the war.  Now it not fun anymore, no one to cause fights with.   OR. we aepre now back to BF ---BM.  Fighting 

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Glad you got out. Now you can repair and build a new life.

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Soon enough you will look back and realize how toxic and abusive your EXDH was. Then you will feel pride that you did better for you and your kiddos.

Congrats to your first step towards making a better life. 

Block the abusive jerk and keep moving forward.