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Just yesterday I blogged about bumping into my EX new supply (his gf), who mentioned to me that she's now having serious issues with my EX lieing to her etc, concerning his mini- wife (daughter).

And then a few hours later my phone rang, strange number, but I decided to answer.

To my surprise it happened to be my EX requesting visitation with our daughter. My greatest fear. I honestly fear for my daughter I don't know if it's because I've witnessed the relationship he had with his elder daughter (mini-wife)


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Here I am once again blogging, but this time all in good spirits. I've managed to leave my toxic, abusive, narcissistic and tormenting relationship with the help of some close family and friends.

I'm now in a rented apartment with my kids who are all doing much better than where we were before. I must say Thank God.


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If you've been following ny blogs here's an update...

Since my last post I was able to leave DH I'm in an apartment with ny kids in a location unknown to him..

I filed for a protection order...

He's been calling my phones non stop.. 

He's been leaving disrespectful vn and threats..

His birthday was 3 days ago..


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So as of lately my narcissistic partner keeps saying to me: " my ex wife (BM) was, is and will always be a better woman than you will ever be, she's a damn good woman the best there is on the face of this earth and you, you're a nasty whore, a bitch and a disgrace"...

After  when he cools off he's trying to get me to sleep with him, he's hugging me and squeezing me to get me to give in, which will lead to us fighting because I scorn him so much that I don't want him to touch me at all...


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If you have been reading my blogs here's an update on the last blog I posted (about feeling suicidal and reaching the end of the road).

I have been keeping myself occupied with my kids while planning my escape. I have a place secured to move, the only thing holding me back is my children's school. My eldest son has exams next year March and he's in the process of preparing for that. If I move him then his education maybe at risk, so I'm working on that.

While I figure it out I'm trying my best to stay calm and keep myself occupied with my kids.


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DH and I were together for a total of 5 years. If I were to recall our relationship then I'll have to say the bad outweighs the good. 

We have a daughter together and I stayed and fought for the sake of out daughter. But I can't do this anymore, I have reached the end of the road there's no turning back and there's Bo where to go.

I just don't know own why

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So my DH and SD went to the mall and DH bought a new phone.

SD insisted on helping her dad set up this new phone.

A screenshot was taken (probably accidentally) where Google account was successfully uploaded onto the phone (which means his Google photos, files, etc was uploaded after she entered his Gmail).

Upon reaching home DH discovered that all of his pictures from Google photos of me, him and I and our daughter was deleted. 

Can I get a feedback on this conversation between a father and daughter

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Daughter: Way u?

Dad: Home

Daughter: Are you alone?

Dad: No I'm having a few drinks with some friends.

Daughter: your woman out the road by she family?

Dad: No

Daughter: She dey in your mother house?

Dad: No

Daughter: well enjoy yourself.

Dad: with what?

Daughter: whatever you doing.

Dad: ok

Daughter: you ain't work today you stay home to love up with your dodo darling.

Dad: ( sends a voice note explaining why he didn't work that day "which was due to the weather" )

Am I the Problem????

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So after the last episode DH came back home and we've been living together under the same roof but seperate rooms.

He spent the last couple days trying to convince me that what everyone told me was a lie and that he haven't been bad mouthing me. He claims that people were just trying to break us up.. Maybe some of the things weren't all true given the necessary evidence but I believe it takes two to have a conversation..