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I just don't know own why

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So my DH and SD went to the mall and DH bought a new phone.

SD insisted on helping her dad set up this new phone.

A screenshot was taken (probably accidentally) where Google account was successfully uploaded onto the phone (which means his Google photos, files, etc was uploaded after she entered his Gmail).

Upon reaching home DH discovered that all of his pictures from Google photos of me, him and I and our daughter was deleted. 

DH began accusing me of hacking his Google photos and deleted it since we had an argument prior to him getting the phone. I decided to search his phone for the pictures and found the screenshot that was taken accidentally which proved Google account was successfully uploaded and showed it to him.

He got quiet when I showed it to him, I began explaining that the pictures along with other stuff reached the phone , where is it now. He began making excuses for the brat.

My response was, "If you're acting stupid and trying very hard to defend her, I'll say it, your angel daughter deleted the pictures".

Why will she do that ? I don't know... SD has some serious issues...


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Your DH sounds like he is addicted to drama and maybe a narcissist. He creates these chaotic, dramatic situations in his life, where those closest to him fuss and fight over him, to stroke his own ego. SD may be going down that path, too, but she wouldn't act like this if your DH weren't somehow encouraging it. 

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The fact that he blamed you makes me so mad for you... but then the fact that his daughter did that makes me so sad for him.

This is just a crap situation. Is he going to confront her about it? I'm sure she will deny and say that there was an issue with the transfer or something but he has to know that this kid will do whatever she can to cause issues. He needs to really set some boundaries or he is going to lose you and his other child in the process. 

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For sure, he will not confront her about it, as a matter of fact DH walks on eggshells around her. He's afraid of her is you ask me. He will never reach the stage of setting boundaries with her. The only thing he has in place is that he's no longer bringing her around me because he knows she has a problem with me. 

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With out any repercussions on your or DH part.   She is playing her power trip game. As she has all the power.  Screwing with Her father is OK.  So nothing is going to change.  

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I think I may be out of place to confront her, so whenever I have an issue with her behavior I relate it to DH who will either make excuses for her or he'll claim that he'll talk to her which he never does l. He always behaves like if he forgot..

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Is there any way that you can recover them?

So sad that she can do that kind of thing without repercussions!

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Nope.. She permanently deleted them... She has major issues and her dad refuses to admit it. Either way she seems like she's back in my life for a bumpy ride once again...

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This is ridiculous. He needs some sort of wake up call. I could not deal with this sort of stuff without the parents at least making attempts to improve her behaviour. 
Do you have children with this man?

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Yes, I have a daughter with him also. I don't regret my child at all but he's the worse decision I ever in made in my life