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Update to Are Ya Freaking Kidding Me??

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Stbxh is pulling his shit again about me getting the rest of what I want out of the house. Hello dumbass...we've been seperated for 2 weeks. We, unfortunately, had to file for bankruptcy last year due to medical bills and being laid off from work, we filed Chapter 13 (I think) where we have to pay back out debts through a trustee. Well for the past year those payments have been coming out of my paycheck. We have an appt. to go see our bankruptcy lawyer next week to see about splitting up the payments and what our next step is regarding our house. I told the asshole stbxh that I feel we should atleast wait until after we see him before we do anything. He says he's pushing because he needs to know what all I'm taking so he will know what all he has to replace because of SS13. I totally understand that, I really do. His son shouldn't have to be hurt because his father is an idiot. Just damn I mean really? I've been nice through this whole thing so far. I've only yelled at him the day that he told me about his cheating, lying ass and the day after. I didn't even go off on his little whore gf after her post on facebook but I'm seriously about to loose my cool.


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That's my thinking but he hasn't got the balls to tell me. I mean man the f*** up already.

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I'm sure it would be no big deal for me to go get what I want out of the house, I just don't want to have to undo everything I've done if the lawyer for some reason says "Oh no you can't do that yet". I know my luck it will end up being some huge ordeal. I honestly think it bothers stbxh seeing all my stuff in the house still even though he has his little girlfriend.

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I'd left my stuff there the longest possible and make his life impossible... yeap, I get bitter easily.

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I told him we were going to wait until after we see the lawyer and then the following weekend when he doesn't have SS13 I'll come get what I want.

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You are spot on bookish!! I feel the same way. I'll never be able to move on this way. I have a list in my head of some stuff already but, I'm going to write it all down and send it to him. He's gonna be sad without the big screen tv and the blue ray player.

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I wouldn't think seeing the attorney would have anything to do with getting your stuff. If you and your STBX agree on what your going to take and what he's going to keep, attorney has nothing to do with furniture and crap like that. Get it out now! Who care why he wants it out, I'd want to get my stuff and not let it sit there. Are you doing this just to spite him?