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Updates updates updates... and some seriously pissed off skids!

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Sorry I did not update last evening, it was a busy night at the house.

I came home to my entire house clean, and my FIL standing outside directing the skids on how to clean gutters and wash a house. Apparently he ran out of things inside for them to clean. I went in to start making dinner for everyone and skid#1 showed up wanting to know if she could help. Otherwise known as she wanted to not clean gutters and cook instead, less labor intensive apparently. I told her to ask her pawpaw and if he said it was ok, then fine. Nope. She went back to cleaning gutters.

DH made it home, we all ate. Then DH told the kids to go empty the trunk of his car. The trunk was full of boxes, empty, collapsed boxes. Smart ass skid#3 actually asked her father if he was making me move out. He reminded her it was actually MY house... so if anyone moved it would be THEM. But no the boxes were not for moving. DH had them pack of EVERYTHING in their rooms. Literally broke their beds down as well and stripped pictures and posters off the walls. All this crap is now in boxes, in my garage. Grounded from literally everything. FIL set up cots in their rooms. They have 5 changes of clothes, the cots, one pillow, a blanket, and one pair of shoes each. Everything else is gone. Per DH they did not appreciate nor care for what was given to them out of love, so now they can earn it all back.

I actually pulled DH and FIL outside and asked if maybe perhaps we were going a bit far. FIL informed me I was not allowed to 'p*ssy' out at this point they needed to hit rock bottom to rebuild themselves into people that he wouldn't be ashamed to call family. Then DH filled me in on the rest. The two oldest skids went to the office at school yesterday claiming abuse because DH and FIL woke them up and made them do drills. On top of my making them walk the day prior. Granted the admin at their school told them it is not abuse for your parents to punish you, but DH was seriously bent that they would attempt to claim abuse not just on him but also their grandfather.

DH took time off from work and is off now fri/sat/sun. FIL is staying through the weekend. He and I had a chat last night and he feels that while he may have taught his son how to be a man, he did not teach him how to be a father and he is determined to correct that oversite. I talked to my mother in law this morning, I am headed to her house for the weekend. Since FIL and DH will be playing Drill Seargants, her and I are having a girls weekend. Shopping, coffee, girl talk and she wants to teach me how to quilt. :? Not sure why, but ok, time away from my house that currently sounds like a Marine Boot Camp sounds good to me!


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Wow! I am so happy for you all. Even the skids. They will be better people for it.

Happy New Year to you!

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I told my MIL that I was creating a waiting list of other desperate SM's who needed to borrow FIL to educate their hubbies, she laughed and said he retired in a year and a half, that professional daddy might be his 'job' after retirement to keep him out of her hair!

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Sometimes you have to go to extremes to get kids to behave. I love your updates and I'm in love with your FIL sight unseen. Wish he would have been around for my skids AND kids.

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Low down and dirty yes. Luckily the school saw through it and did not bother calling the authorities. But it was skid#1 and #2 that went, and the other two verbally backed them up.

That incident is what had their rooms getting stripped last night. They were all in tears trying for sympathy but it did not work.

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I've been wondering where the BM is in all of this. I'm glad OP has her inlaws and her husbands support and I hope she has an enjoyable weekend. I fear what will be when her husband goes back to work and her FIL goes home.

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Bm is in prison- and she needs to stay there! Her parental rights were terminated by the state. I just posted up a brief history on the family, trust me I could write volumes, but frankly care not to give than woman any more of my time than I have already had to!

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This is so incredible!!!! I really wish we could have done something like this with our skids! Let someone else be the bad guy, instead of me, for a change Smile I love it!

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I think your FIL has found his new calling in life! Tough Love for wayward skids with Disney parents!!

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I love your inlaws. Have fun with MIL! Never know, you might actually enjoy quilting. My smom got into it in her mid 30's for a while. She even went to quilting classes for a year or so. She stopped eventually, but my goodness, they have so many comfortable, unique, beautiful quilts from that stretch..

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I feel your pain, I would really like to know how this generation became so entitled they believe they can do anything they want. We just did the school thing too, because SD "would rather be dead, then wear those clothes". Best of luck to you. Congrats on the awesome in-laws.

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I am sure my two step daughters are thinking the same thing. FIL is either a) color blind or b) has a horrible (as in awesome) sense of humor because the clothes that were left for the girls to wear are ugly. Stuff family gave them as presents that they never wore.

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this thread is now bookmarked for future need.

i honestly hope these skids learn and retain lessons from this.

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This is the best thing I've ever read on this site! I hope for the sake of everyone in your household that the skids realize how LUCKY they are to be given a chance to earn forgiveness and learn a good lesson!

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There is something about having a military father in the home that is just not the same as other families in terms of structure and discipline. I had this growing up and I did not realize that there was something like disneyland dad....I honestly recommend any woman who is thinking of getting in a step situation to pick a military man, they arent very pleasant on a daily but at least the steps will respect you and your house wont get wrecked

I had to put a padlock on my study after the steps kept smoking and made a burn hole on the couch. Their father was angry at me for keeping them out of the study....They ended up smoking in the living room and he found out in the morning. All he did was say "its so disrespectful!" and that was it....These are minors....There was no consequence and that same day he took them out to have fun

This is life when you are with a free range parent

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I just realized this is an old post! Well i hope OP is enjoying her life and her steps have learned respect finally!