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I am going to HARM this child ((Cursing, sorry need to vent!)

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I am not talking hurt, like bruising his little teenage ego/feelings. I am talking drag his ass out behind the freaking woodshed and beat him until an entire PILE of switches snap in half.

The Drama ensued last evening when DH got home and has not resolved yet. DH yanked the skids door off the hinges. Little man got froggy and bowed up on DH who promptly had a man to man beat down with the skiddo (skid lost- big time). Skid had a counceling appointment today, we called and made it due to his behavior last night. Per skid he wants to go live with BM. Look dip shit: 1) she is in JAIL 2) she has no parental rights, according to the letter of the law she is no longer your mother, that option is GONE. 3) since that option isn't viable he wants to go live with her parents. Sorry kid, you do not get to run away from your problems. You created them, you get to live with them. I flat told him in counceling today, no I do not expect you to be perfect, I expect you to NOT be a rude, obnoxious, foul mouthed, lazy, jackass and so far you have failed miserably at living up to those meager standards. Therapist agrees with me/DH, and yes that was verbatim exactly what I said in the session.

We get home he was slamming cupboards, bitching and moaning that he 'hates' it here, we are 'mean' continue narcessistic skid rant ad-nauseum for the last 20 min. Right before I sat down to write this he punched skid#1, the one that has been behaving so well because he 'ordered' her to move and she didn't. I was getting up to beat his ass myself when she nailed him in the nuts.

He is still on the ground moaning. And he can stay there until his dad gets home in about 5 minutes. I am OVER this kid today!!!

BTW: skid#1 is not in trouble with me at all. She got punched by a boy and responded how her dad taught her. With any luck the sore nuts will remind skid#2 not to punch his sister again.


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You are doing the right thing for your SS by holding him to A standard at all - congratulations!!! I am really proud of ALL of you, for showing him what real life is like!! GOOD JOB Smile