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Skid#2 had his first appearance today. Apparently the 1pm time is for everybody who go arrested over the weekend. We sat in the court room until a little after 4pm when they finally called his name and drug him out. Cocky attitude was showing, but a look of total terror in the kids eyes.

DH got his opportunity to talk to the judge and told him that he truly felt skid#2 had inherited some of the psychological issues his mother has. That out patient counceling had been only minimally helpful over the course of several years and he felt the kid needed a more thorough examination and therapy/ treatment/ meds. The judge did agree and ordered a psych assessment. DH provided the names of the three facilities he had spoken with that our insurance will cover. The judge picked one he preferred over the others for juveniles and Skid#2 was remanded to a psych hospital for no less than 30 consecutive days. At the end of the assessment period he will review the recommendations of the doctors to determine what course of action to take with the kid. Skid#2 did get bawled out by the judge, a lecture on self restraint, on how one is supposed to love and support family, not attempt to beat the crap out of them, or commit any form of violence upon any member of it, older or younger, blood or marriage relation.

DH drove a suitcase up to the facility, DJD transported skid#2 up there. He is on a 10 day black out initially. No visitors, no phone calls. After the ten days are up then we can visit and they will determine if counceling sessions are appropriate for him and parents or whole family. DH came home really bummed out, he had been hoping to talk to skid#2 and explain again, that he was doing this for him (because he loved him) not to him (due to any ill will). He went to bed shortly after he got home and I really do feel horrible for him. I am 'only' his SM and it tears parts of me up that there are problems with this child that can not be easily fixed/ remedied. I can't even imagine the how DH is actually feeling, but it seems he has shouldered a lot of guilt over past issues and blames himself if for no other reason, than not seeing how bad the kid was sooner and getting more intensive help. Hindsite is always 20/20, and judging from the look on DH's face and his mood today he is really second guessing himself a lot.


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Bi-polar, borderline personality disorder and paranoid skitzophrenic. Those are the diagnoses we know of, there may be more.

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This is the best thing, my SS21 has some sort of mental health problems - bi polar and who knows what else since never get a straight story. He is also a heroin addict. In and out of rehab.

Please realize that mental health is aligned with addiction - you have to WANT to get better and understand there are consequences for his actions. Nobody caused this.

Best of luck