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Ready to call it quits

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Ever since SO and I met, I showed absolutely no interest in SD8 (5 at the time). I had never been married and have no kids. SO was married for 7 years and had her daughter. When we first met and SO and I would hang out whenever possible without SD since BD would take care of SD on Wednesdays which were the visit days. It never came out of me to take SD out with us anywhere. I would try to avoid SD as much as possible.


the targeting continues

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  My sd who went to live with her biohag is STILL verbally targeting me. She emails my dh, calling me YOUR WIFE, talking about how horrible I am etc etc. She is turning 18, she is the one who left our home and ran to bm's and is now working at mcdonalds having to help bm pay her bills. My dh tries not to show  me these emails, but it's hard not to see it when he's in bed next to you going through his email. This girl, (even though she is now 18 i will use the word girl because she has the mentality of a 14 year old) from day 1 was a living nightmare.