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Mother's Day sucks

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Starting Two weeks ago; I reminded DH that he needed to pick up a card for SS16 to mail to his BioMom for Mother's Day.  I reminded him several times. At least every other day.

Yesterday...I reminded him again as that was the last possible day to send it out for it to get there on time.

I got yelled at; because DH can't remember shit. Yes, part of it is because of his MS. Most of it is because it is not something he cares about; so he doesn't care to remember.

He sets SUCH a good example for SS16.

Disengage? ME? Really? No....I've been raising this boy. Not anymore.

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The straw that broke the camel's back.

SS15 who will be 16 this coming week has the maturity of a 10 year old; the hormonal temperment of a teenager; and the difficulties that come with an Aspberger's Syndrome kiddo. He has spent this entire school year Fing around and is failing several subjects. I made it clear, that I am not paying for another year of private school (and the school he is going to is wonderful...he just doesn't give a flying flip and doesn't do a damn thing in class anymore) if this is his attitude.

His father, my DH, is furious with me. 


School is about to begin! HALLELULIA....OH FARTS

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SS15 is going into the 8th grade this year (He is behind socially and scholastically due to his autism and adhd) We are looking forward to another year of positive growth. In the past two years he has made leaps and bounds of progress; of which I am really very proud.

However, He is 15. It is time he started thinking about growing up a little bit more.

Seeing the Man He Might Become

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I take a lot of photos of my SS15. A LOT of photos. He is a whirling tornado of activity, between his autism and ADHD. So many of them are blurred.

There are occassional moments when he is still. In those moments, the cats seek him out like a magnet. FaceCake is DH's cat. SS15 is her secondary person. But more and more she is giving him more and more loving's like this moment of making biscuits on his face (that's how she got her name).

OT Covering the Smell of a Smoker with Perfume

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Which is worse?

The obvious odor of a smoker?


Covering the odor of a smoker with perfume?

We have a woman at work who thinks that buy using and reapplying perfume she is covering the fact that she is a heavy smoker. Sure, you can't smell the cigarettes on her; but GOOD GRAVY MARIE! She smells like a French Whore house. I can smell her coming down the hall. And her aroma remains long after she leaves.

The Sky is Blue....Actually it's Cyan...My Foot itches....that's your Toe

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I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to go to jail.

If SS15 doesn't stop automatically correcting or arguing with every bloody thing I say, I will be going to jail. He is becoming a mansplainer. AND I don't know where he gets it from. It is driving me NUTS. It is disrespectful; frustrating; and I swear, I am going to kill him.

OT The Cat May Have Broken Her Leg

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I get a message from DH a moment ago. His cat FaceCake and SS15's cat ButterScotch the ButterBall were doing their morning wrestle and the fat one got the point that she is in horrible pain and won't walk on her back leg (which was previously broken as a kitten)


My SS15 is inconsolable. This is HIS baby. She is his best friend and he is about to come out of his skin.

The soonest the vet could get us in today is in two hours and 15 minutes from now.

Anyone have vodka?

Summer Food Whinging And the Come to Jesus Meeting

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Color me completely befuddled!

SS15 has been whinging, complaining and being a spoiled little twerp when it comes to food lately. Everytime I turn around he is asking me to go "pick up something decent to eat."

Excuse me? Did we not have that conversation about not having fundage for any extras? Did we not have that conversation about tightening the belt? Did we not have the conversation that SS15 has put on a beer belly lately and needs to cut back or change his habits?

So Flippin' Behind in The Bills/Disabled DH just doesn't get it.

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I am so stressed right now. Being the only one bringing in any substantial money; and being the primary wage earner is NOT how I envisioned my 50s. But here we are.

I have a 15 year old SS who packs away food like two or three grown men. My DH, while working hard on his novels, games, fantasy universe, etc...isn't making any sales, because we can't afford to send him to the conventions or to market properly. I can't keep funneling money to his business when I can barely pay our bills. Which depresses him. Which depresses me.

Just found out BM mentioned a visit this summer

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During the Mother's Day phone call. I guess she told SS15 she was trying to find the money to come visit. She tells him this at least twice a year. I wish like the Dicken's she would stop that crap. It gets his hopes up.

Then, DH tells me; she wants to stay with us.





Then she can't afford to come.
Fine with me. She needs to get her finances straight then. Cos I am NOT her bed and breakfast.