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OT--In laws Coming to visit

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I just found out that my MIL, who I have never met. AND a SIL, who I have also never met, are going to be at my house on Sunday to stay the night as they travel from Nebraska to Florida.

I will not be home at all on Saturday as I am working all day long and have a social engagement on Saturday night. My DH is a horrible housekeeper. My SS16 is a slob. I haven't planned anything to cook. I don't know where they are going to sleep. 



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Its on your DH, not you. Relax, be glad you are working and out for the evening!

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LEave note : Dear SIL and MIL, WELCOME!! I Hope you enjoy the meal that SS and DH cooked for you and are comfortable with the clenliness of the facilities and bedding that SS and DH have prepared for you!! sorry I have to work too much that I havent been able to participate in the preparation of your arrival!! LOVE PECAN FLOWER

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I think Pecan is going to be home for the visit. She is going to gone all day and evening on Saturday.

Pecan - Were you asked about this or told about it? Can you take them out to dinner and come up with an excuse to put them up in a hotel? No heat, no water, fumigating, house under repair?

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This sounds as though it is all very lasts minute and you weren't consulted?  so that being the case, it's all on your DH.  I'd be spitting tacks if my DH arranged something like this without consulting me BEFORE inviting his relatives. 

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Don’t worry about their opinion. If they say anything to you just say you work hard and the household duties are shared equally and you’re sorry their son and brother didn’t make the time to clean the place up.

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