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Mother's Day sucks

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Starting Two weeks ago; I reminded DH that he needed to pick up a card for SS16 to mail to his BioMom for Mother's Day.  I reminded him several times. At least every other day.

Yesterday...I reminded him again as that was the last possible day to send it out for it to get there on time.

I got yelled at; because DH can't remember shit. Yes, part of it is because of his MS. Most of it is because it is not something he cares about; so he doesn't care to remember.

He sets SUCH a good example for SS16.

BTW...I can assure you they will do nothing for me.  I want go out for Pho. I will be paying for it; because DH has already told me his monthly budge is scrapped.



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SS, despite his issues, is old enough to remember his mother and send her a card. It's time for you to let this go and let SS (and, by proxy, DH) handle it.

As for Mother's Day, take yourself OUT for the day. If they won't do for you, do for yourself. Eff 'em.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^ I 2nd that motion! Don't take things like this upon yourself. You are helping in enabling this behavior and you will pay dearly for it. Like Lieutenan_dad suggested, take yourself out for Mothers day and enjoy the day, it is well deserved.


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Sweetie, stop reminding your ungrateful husband. Yelled at you?? Then, tough gazongas for him.

There are these new-fangled things called calendars and smart phones. People can actually WRITE STUFF DOWN or ENTER IT IN THE PHONE!!! Dirol

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Nope - no more reminders about holidays.  YOU CANNOT CARE MORE THAN THE KID AND THE PARENT.  Let this one die an ignoble death and be done with it.

Why do you stay with this guy?

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BioBitch tends to blame me for things when she isn't recognized as all BioBitches do...But I am just tired of taking care of both DH and SS.I am always the bad guy; the disciplinarian, the one who gets shit done.


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It is up to DH and SS. MS is not an excuse. He could tell SS to go online and get some $30 flowers delivered to BM.

If she wants to crab about it, let her. She isn't your mother or grandmother so ignore her rantings. As for being the Bad Guy ... not on your life! You can only wear the bad guy black hat if you choose to keep it on your head. Time to stop setting a precedent.


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BioBitch can suck it. It is not YOUR responsibility to remember dates that relate to HER. Are you supposed to rent a billboard or take out a full-page ad in the newspaper to remind everyone it's Mother's Day?? NO, you are not.

SS is old enough. He just doesn't care. The skids were 13, 10, 7, and 4 when DH split up with BioHo. He has never reminded any of them when it is 'Ho's birthday or MD or helped them buy her a card/present. 'Ho is such a narcissist, she never lets the skids forget.

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No way! Your SS is plenty old enough to not only BUY BM a card but GO GET IT himself. If he doesn't, oh well. 

This is a 'die on the podium' point for me, coddling kids thus making them dependent forever. I WILL NOT coddle kids old enough to do for themselves. 

And I agree with the others - take yourself out, treat yourself. Buy something selfish you have been hoping for. You are a MOTHER and deserve to be treated as such. Sad not being recognized, and I would put that in my book to be pulled out at a later date. 

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You can lead a horse to water . . . .  He has some nerve yelling at you.  it's not your job to care more than they do.

I didn't even bother saying anything to SO about mother's day.  I helped the kids make cards for his mom and their mom two weeks ago.  It was easier than reminding him a dozen times.  BUT . . . the kids are 3 and 5.  When they're 16, I would expect them to take care of mother's day on their own.  And SO would know way better than to think mother's day was my responsibility.  It's a nice bonus if it happens, but he's way too smart to complain about anything I haven't done for BM.

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I had to double check the age of your step child.

16 right?

I thought at first the age was 6.

Then I can understand.


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He is old enough to take care of things like mother day cards by himself. Or asked to be taken to a card store if it’s too far to walk or bike.  At 16 it was up to me to do these things by myself. I was closed enough to a store to walk to.  I would think some type of gift would be in order also