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OT Covering the Smell of a Smoker with Perfume

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Which is worse?

The obvious odor of a smoker?


Covering the odor of a smoker with perfume?

We have a woman at work who thinks that buy using and reapplying perfume she is covering the fact that she is a heavy smoker. Sure, you can't smell the cigarettes on her; but GOOD GRAVY MARIE! She smells like a French Whore house. I can smell her coming down the hall. And her aroma remains long after she leaves.

Yesterday, she started something new. Burning incense in her cubicle. I get migraines; bad migraines. And She is triggering them all over the place. But because this particular woman and I butt heads, I have been asked to play nice.

Kill Me Now.


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I'm not a huge fan of smells. I am also a stress puker so combined with that, it's not pretty. (Although I have barely stress puked in that last couple years, thank goodness.) However, I always prefer the original smell than the combined smell/cover up. I can always smell both when someone tries to cover up, I just prefer they don't even try.

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I would be highly surprised if burning incense was allowed at your place of work. Having to deal with heavy perfume/aftershave load is also something that I think might be able to be handled through HR.

But the incense.. seriously, what safety officer would allow a burning thing in your office area? Shoot, we can't even have space heaters. lol.

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That sucks, you need to go HR and get this fixed.
You can't be the only person who is bothered by this. Most offices now a days have a fragrance free policy, as anotherstep stated.
I'm surprised they let her actually burn anything? You'd think it was a fire hazard.

I can't do artificial smells, candles and perfumes will trigger headaches. I had to leave the Venetian Hotel in Vegas because of whatever they were pumping into the air. I couldn't breath and instantly got a headache, thank dog we weren't staying there.

Oddly, cigarette smell doesn't affect me, I don't like it and think it's gross but it doesn't give me a headache.

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I can't stand the smell of incense. It makes me sick the second I start to smell it.

I used to smoke and once DH and I moved into our new house, we had a "no smoking in the house" rule. I will say it helped us to actually quit.

We both quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago. We can barely stand the smell of cigarette smoke now. But we aren't one of those X-smokers who make a big deal about it.

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I simply don't get it.... why does some smokers smell like an ashtray?

Smoker my self, but you will not smell it on my cloths or in my office, dang not even my house smells like smoke.
And don't say cause I can't smell it, I simply just hate it when Deigma smokes in the living room, cause that smells terrible.... he has to go outside... and if I do smell smoke on him, I'm like a tyrant all over his ass.

yes smoking is bad and disgusting, but helps me from killing people, there's no need for other people to smell your nasty smoked up presence... respect non-smokers.