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Depressed, vent, update. Whatever

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Wow. It's been a long time since I've been here. 

My last post was about the modification hearing. It was heard in September and the judge has STILL not made a decision. Like what the eff is that about??

Anyway, "quarantine" or whatever has been, for the most part, miserable. Oh and BM tried to say she could keep SD basically indefinitely because the schools shut down right before Spring Break and this year Spring Break was BM's time. We shut that down real quick. 


(UPDATE) Hello Wall

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I spent a large chunk of yesterday not eating and stewing over everything that happened the night before. There were moments during the work day where I could hardly choke back the tears and keep working. I Googled “how to know when you’re ready for a divorce”. Ultimately, I don’t think we are there but it is still floating on the periphery.