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Anyone had their dh go back to their ex ? Shes recently split up after 2 years with her latest after dh 10 years together, she is behaving clingy but dh says it's about ss and says I have nothing to worry about. He has a trauma bond with her. She enjoys causing drama. Feel they're always in compertition with each other spending on ss, how their fb are. Outdoing hobbies, whose more active. Hes behaving different since shes split. Bit distant.

How many of your dh went back to the ex. I feel if I was out of the picture he would try and is more attracted to her. 

How many of you get involved in co-parenting?

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How many of you co-parent?

By that i mean,

Share your opinion on their behaviour? Get involved if they misbehave? Chat and trying to keep a good relationship. Getting involved willingly with picking/dropping off alterations? Buying them gifts or anything they're lacking.

If anything ive learnt from this site is to DISengage, get little involvement. But it's hard not to sometimes.

My learnt mistakes:


UK, fight maintenance

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What have some of you done to fight child maintenance when you've not agreed with it ?

We have ss more than 174 nights which categorised us in the 4th column of paying less than 100 and I could say we have him 50/50.However maintenance have to validate it to the other bio parent. Which they are denying and even lied to get it to increase.

Salary is also taken in consideration but you know when you're paying too much.


fighting for

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Bio-mom is putting Child Maintenance money before her own son.
He is 9 years old , he stays 3 days with his dad and 3 days with his mom and one day with his grandparents on his moms side.
The son himself has asked to stop staying at his granparents as he feels too old for staying and has asked to spend that one day alternating weekly between both parents.