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Vibrating with stress

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DH switched jobs. Pay weeks are now opposite what they used to be and it’s really f*cking up my budget plan. Like, I literally have the shakes after trying to rearrange my budget spreadsheet so we can pay everything on time and not end up in the red week after week. We’re budgeted to the hilt and our credit cards are almost maxed. But I digress… In an effort to avoid blowups, I warned BM that we might have to double up on CS payments one week – meaning one payment would be a week late.


DH Avoiding / Delaying

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So DH would rather mope & be rude to me than keep his word & tell SS18 he has to move out. Today I got angry driving home from work thinking about it... DH's flip-flop last weekend, inability to tell SS to wash his own car & practice driving with that car (not our SUV), his refusal to hold SS to any level of respect about being an adult and contributing toward this household. So I really don't know what to expect.