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Just curious...

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As taxes season approaches I'm just curious to know what some of your arrangements are regarding claiming dependents. DH CO states that he claims all 4 kids during the odd years and BM gets even years. This is his year, yay we will get a decent refund! It never fails that BM pokes her nose in our business and starts attempting to dictate what DH should do with the refund money. Also between Feb. and Apr. we are hit with a flood of requests from the skids to buy them things. I know BM sends them our way because she knows we get a return during odd years. When we don't claim them we usually break even. She mentioned to DH the other day that she wants to take the kids on a vacation during spring break... I hope she's not planning on trying to claim skids out from under us. We go to the same place for tax prep so I know they have it noted that it's our year to claim.


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We never claim SD.

If there are 4 kids why didnt they decide to each claim 2? It seems like that would be easier?

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Exactly what I thought but that's what the judge set forth in their decree and DH hates dealing with court so he doesn't want to go back and ask for a modification.

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that can backfire.  The CO said "Father will be ALLOWED to claim at least one child,"  The Gir intepreted this as Chef claims the oldest and she claimed the younger two.

Of course the oldest aged out for tax deduction purposes well before CS for him stopped.  I stepped in a few years back and had the CO revised to alternate the younger two otherwise Chef would have been even gypped further.

Probably good because you know the BM would take the younger two for larger and longer tax benefits.

This is the last year for Chef, in our case, to claim YSS.  The Girhippo will claim him for 2020 at age 17 yet CS will continue until he is 21 UNLESS he emancipates/rebels early, Good Lord Willing.  Aside from that little miracle, that will be two decades of CS.  Doubt he will go to college as he does terribly in school since day one so wouldn't need to extend claiming him.

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BM claimed BOTH SSs every year. DH NEVER got to claim them. Our state law then was that the CP gets to claim them unless there's an agreement otherwise, and, of course, BM was not going to agree to anything that meant less $ for her, EVER! As infuriating as that was, it was even sweeter to know that there came a day when SSs were too old for BM to claim (they're now 24 and 25, and I have no idea how long she claimed them, but I'm sure it was as long as possible. lol.) If you get to claim them at all, I think that's wonderful, and I'd make darn sure if it was my year, that happened, or BM would be answering for it in court.

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DH's CO provides that he claims the older child and BM claims the younger child every year.  DH is fairly clueless about taxes/finances and didn't get that "his" skid would age out a couple years before BM's would.  

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Just try to get your taxes done ASAP if you are afraid BM will try to claim on a year that's not hers. The second person to claim the same child will be the one who has to go through the rigamarole of proving who legally has the right to do so this year.

With DD16, HCBD and I are supposed to alternate claiming her unless he falls behind on child support. Since he is $18,000 behind, I have claimed DD for several years in a row and will continue to do so.

For OSS15 and YSS11, DH claims the older one while the Maggot Queen claims the younger. We just didn't care enough to fight the Maggot Queen on this issue.

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We claim them both.  Psycho is useless and abaondoned them.  And has never paid CS, sooooo... She has zero right to the claim.  CO says nothing about who claims.