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Frustrated with lack of gratitude. SS19

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Hello, I'm hoping for advice on how to "let it go".

My stepson was raised by his father from age 3-12 with virtually no help or visits with mom. He was a selfless father, in my opinion.

I know that my entry into their lives when he was 12 was a great upheaval, and I don't blame SS for being unhappy with it. I did my best, but there were tensions with SS's eating disorder, and we just didn't speak the same love language. At all.


Humming along for now

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For those interested, the big Disney trip went well. The skids took excellent care of the homestead while we were away and several friends checked in on them for good measure. They seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet away from all of their noisy younger siblings (both our bios and their half sister from their BM). We enjoyed some quality time with our littles (even if they did spend a lot of time fighting with each other and complaining about being tired).


College and our children being treated unequally

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So here is my latest frusteration.  I feel like my husband is treating his child better than mine.  When my own biological child turned 18 he wanted them off of our car insurance and be off on their own.  Now HIS biological son whos 17 and going to be 18 needs a cosigner for his college loan and he is gonna sign for him if their grandma doesnt cosign!  Now am I also liable if something happens?  Am i not supposed to be upset abt this? I am so sick of him treating his son better and when i want to do something for MY kids he says they are old enough! Im tired of staying quiet abt it.


Holidays, Healthcare, Future

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All these are on my mind. I've been avoiding talking to DH about anything because it all comes back to: is DH seriously going to try to have SS18 live here in January (assuming SS is driving, insured, enrolled, and attending community college by then)? It's now been two months since DH kicked SS18 out, and I really REALLY like not living with SS.


Nope. So DONE with 'YSD Meetings' being added to my calendar. Nope, nope, nope.

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I swear this college hunt / decision is going to be the death of me. 

It was YSD's weekend this weekend...but this week is her Spring Break, so I'm imagining she'll still be lazing around my house when I get home this afternoon. What sadist put Spring Break the week before taxes are due, anyway? 

So, I get to work today and I see a ping on my phone calendar. I check and it says: 'YSD College Meeting / Tuesday, 7:00 pm' and it was all I could do to keep from hurling my phone against the wall.