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Stepmom Starves Stepdaughter...With Dad's Knowledge and Participation. SM Gets Death. Dad Gets Life?

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So...this is a horrific story. That poor girl. But this decision seems unfairly gendered. Why is it automatically the woman's job to feed the child...who isn't hers? The dad had the greater moral and legal responsibility to care for this child who he brought into the world...but he gets the lighter sentence? Why? Because we automatically assume it's the woman's job to care for children, regardless of parentage?


Who's On First?

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Reading a couple posts about kids being "first" this week has me thinking. In general, this has been my experience in Steplife and in observing others caught in Steplife:


Society as a whole: "The kiiidddsss should always be FIRST!!! They were there FIRST and should be put FIRST no matter what!!!"  

Random Strangers on the Internet: "The kiiidddssss were there FIRST and should always, ALWAYS be put FIRST!!!!" 

Oh My. YSD is seeing a divorced guy...

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SO DH and I went to lunch with OSD and her fiance over the weekend...and OSD drops the bomb that YSD is seeing a separated man. 

YSD is 18stb19. This dude is 27 apparently. No kids though. 

DH is freaking out. I wish the guy had kids and that YSD would jump in head first and elope...would serve them all right... 

OT - Anyone Else Ever Read STFU Parents??

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Has anyone else heard of STFU Parents? Basically, it was a reader-submitted site where people sent in the most obnoxious posts from parents and she posted and made fun of them. She had categories like "Mommyjacking" (posts that were about something else but a mom or dad got on there and made it all about her/his kid) and "Sancitmommies" (posts where moms or dads went on and on about how good they are.) Hilarious stuff. 

I don't think this blog is active anymore, but I used to waste hours reading posts on this site. For my sanity. 

Very Strange and Interesting Conversation with my In-Laws this Weekend

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So DH and I had some business meetings near where his parents live on Thursday and Friday. We stayed with them...and then stayed a while on Saturday, too. 

DH went to see a friend from high school who was having a rough time and I stayed home. His parents and I started talking about all sorts of things...but they brought up their grandkids (my skids) and started saying some really interesting things. The short story: They feel like their grandkids have become just like BM and only care about them for their money...but have disdain for them at other times.  

Was Kinda Hoping the Radio Silence Would Last Longer

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So I got a text from my DH today with SS's updated contact info.

Along with a text: "SS's new phone number. Just talked to him for a while." 

Me: (not caring at all) "OK. So he's on his own phone plan now?" 

DH: "I didn't ask. This wasn't a confrontational call...just getting the conversation going again." 


Anyway. Annoyed that DH immediately assumed I was wanting him to be confrontational. I was just curious about the new number and not at all curious about their conversation. 

Damn it DH. Feckin' Bioparents and their Feckin' Rude, Child-Centric Ways

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A very stupid, somewhat petty vent but here goes. 

A friend of ours is in town staying with us for the next two nights and wanted to take us out to dinner tonight as a thank you. We choose somewhere moderately-priced but very good...downtown. As we're walking in, DH mentions that "maybe YSD would be free to join us for dessert or we should go see her after for dessert!"