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Grieving - Might be too much to handle

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I've had a really rough couple of weeks lately. I try to maintain an upbeat attitude...but I think it's starting to hit me that DH is going to be incredibly over-active in his kids' lives, offering to do and pay for stuff...for quite a while after they've launched. OSD is now 21, SS just turned 20, and YSD will be 18 this month...

OT - I Despise American Airlines

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So...totally OT but I've just had the worst day. 

I never fly American, but were one of the only airlines that had a flight to my destination today. 

So, I had a 5:45 am flight and I got to the airport at 4:00 am...flying out of a small regional airport with two terminals. First thing when I get curbside check-in for American, no kiosks to get my boarding way that I could figure out to check-in online. The American check-in line is out the door at 4:00 am. United and Delta each had about 5-10 people in line and kept it moving. 

BM Accounting

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So...file this under 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished' 


DH told me yesterday that he offered to get YSD a haircut this week for prom...around a $40 expense. BM sent him a text yesterday saying 'Thank You' and asked if that 'included color.' DH said 'No, but you can get her color refreshed if you want.'

About an hour later BM sends another text. She has changed the appointment to be for cut and color. Total is now around $140...they can split it. She tells DH he can pay for the cut and color over the phone and just 'write her CS check for $70 less.' 

Two More Weekends to Go!

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So - don't mean to brag but...

Was just looking over the calendar and planning my next month and a half and realized...

We have YSD this weekend. Then on the weekend of the 28th, when I will be out of town. Then we have her one weekend in May and then visitation is officially over!!!

I'm so ecstatic thinking about it. Two more weekends with that big greasy lout draping herself all over my stuff. Woot, woot! 

BM's Parents Scammed Out of Thousands. I'm Definitely Evil Because I Find This Hilarious.

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I got home from work today and DH started telling me this story...and I was near tears laughing so hard by the time he was done. He was near tears, too, of course. Oh my word. 

So, apparently sometime this afternoon, BM started texting him (in a group text with OSD and YSD) in a panic, asking if anyone had heard from SS lately...and she was so, so, so, so worried about him! Has anyone heard from him since Tuesday?!?! 

DH had a momentary fear and then paused for a moment and asked what was up. Told her he'd texted with SS this morning. 


Nope. So DONE with 'YSD Meetings' being added to my calendar. Nope, nope, nope.

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I swear this college hunt / decision is going to be the death of me. 

It was YSD's weekend this weekend...but this week is her Spring Break, so I'm imagining she'll still be lazing around my house when I get home this afternoon. What sadist put Spring Break the week before taxes are due, anyway? 

So, I get to work today and I see a ping on my phone calendar. I check and it says: 'YSD College Meeting / Tuesday, 7:00 pm' and it was all I could do to keep from hurling my phone against the wall. 


Will the Dread Ever Go Away?

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YSD is coming for 'her weekend' today. Gross. 

She's about to be 18 and never does anything but laze around the house, picking at her feet, putting her gross, unshowered body all over my new furniture...never lifts a finger. Just texts and watches dumb Internet videos and listens to music all day. 

I'm so ready for her visits to be over. That's all. 

2 more months of Child Support and then she's 18 and graduated and not my problem anymore.