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Humming along for now

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For those interested, the big Disney trip went well. The skids took excellent care of the homestead while we were away and several friends checked in on them for good measure. They seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet away from all of their noisy younger siblings (both our bios and their half sister from their BM). We enjoyed some quality time with our littles (even if they did spend a lot of time fighting with each other and complaining about being tired).


Weekend Away

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So let me just start out by saying it's 2:30am and I'm "on vacation" and ready to go home. In fact I was ready to go home yesterday. Planned a fun weekend away with my boyfriend and his kids only to find myself sleeping on the couch. 

I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years now. The kids knew me prior to us being together and we've had a good relationship. We moved in together last year.


Disengagement maybe working and SD16 demands her weed back!

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I think my disengagement is making progress and is finally getting easier to implement. I've always been one step ahead of SD16 and thought if DH would just listen to me then it could be worked out, but with me doing that I became too easy of a scapegoat which distracted away from her actual bad behavior and DH being able to ignore it. It never worked when I would pressure him to take action. Now I might bring something to his attention because I have to and because it's important, but after that I'm done with it. If DH chooses to talk to me about it I listen but don't add anything.


Vacation from the monster

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My Dh is out of town for the next month for work. He'll be home before Christmas. I didn't realize how much stress my ss3 and sd2 put on me until he was leaving. I was very sad because I love Dh so much, but on the other hand I'm fucking ecstatic because i don't have to be terrorized by his toddlers for A MONTH!!!