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DH Facing Reality

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So disengaging definitely turned the tables. I've successfully emotionally (and mostly mentally) disengaged. I had an after-work event tonight & DH had the day off. I came home around 8pm and could tell DH was bummed. Now that he's not triangulated with me & SS18, it's just between the two of them. After a few minutes, DH started telling me about his anger after calling SS today & getting flack. At first I just listened, then started agreeing with DH, and then when I said I was glad DH is finally seeing this... he got mad at me.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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The title says it all. The games these people play, I swear.

I’m pretty sure I could go without a calendar, around this time of year, because I can practically predict what day, or at least week, it is by the ways the in-laws and DH behave. Even more so, behave towards me.

The in-laws with their fruitless attempts at fake niceties, even if they’re channeling it through my DH. I have MIL blocked *everywhere* and I know this just eats her alive. Knowing she cannot reach-out to me in any way/shape/form to get me to re-engage. 


What does it mean?

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So... I am home alone with SD11 and my baby ds. DH is at work. SD11 used to follow me everywhere talking or repeating things I have said. ((, outside with the dog, on a walk with the baby, into my bedroom, closet., laundry room, etc.)) She said hello and made a few complimentary comments about the baby’s new toy and a very general statement about how school is almost over. Then she helped me shut some windows and I said thank you. As I took the baby to the front door to go outside, she tugged my shirt down over my lovehandles; I said, “I’m ok.


NPD BM and I am No Longer Naive

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Wow. It’s been over a year since I last posted. But I’ve read quite a bit of posts and those posts, along with supportive family,  have kept me laughing. Thank you.


my story: DH (almost) is great. Began dating him 2 months after he filed for divorce. It took 2 years to make it final without his accepting his life’s accumulation of assets being handed over to BM. He fought hard and got half. Guess who dragged her feet and was dishonest about finances? DING DING DING!

We now have our own child together and he is an absolute joy. Now on to the StepTalk...


Life of A Woman Who Lives With A Guilt Parenting Dad

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I’m not long winded in my real life but have learned to express myself through writing. It's one of the few things I do for myself to keep my sanity.

I'm in the beginning phase of "uncoupling" (trying to be fancy and PC here lol). After 11 1/2 years living with Disney Dad I need to regain the little piece of me that’s left and nurture it back into the person I was before meeting this man.  

So here's something I wrote a few months back....