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the Fishing Trip and Disengagement

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Hi all,

Well, Dh has another 3-day fishing trip, and Im actually looking forward to missing him if that makes sense. 

And its Toxic Troll's week with SD15. And Im not doing any school transport. Dh has organized a friend and his sister who lives near to the school as help in transport because TT is now working, but really odd hours and cannot do it herself without DH's help.


Cue the Holiday Anxiety

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BM messaged me today with a proposed Christmas holiday schedule. Actually, she messaged me to say she would be sending a proposed holiday schedule. Translation: she's sending us a copy of the only schedule she will accept without turning into a flaming c*nt. And of course she only sends it to me. Not DH. No, apparently I'm supposed to be the messanger. 

Cue a mini anxiety attack. Pounding heart. Shaky hands. Headache growing at the base of my skull. Something like adrenaline radiating in my chest. Fun stuff.


I’m so happy...

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I could really just burst! The complete turn around my BF has had since we talked is amazing. I took a step back from SD. Not a huge one but enough to show BF that I wasn’t mommy and she neede him to be her daddy. It’s been amazing. Literally so good. I saw him just go in and play with her for like 2 hours and they took a nap together this weekend. It was beautiful. I don’t think BF was raised in a hands on, show your love household so it’s hard for him to be that way with his daughter but I can see my family and my raising having small impacts each day! 



Skids for Christmas and New Years

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So my DH gets home on the 23rd of December around 7pm. Of course we'll be getting monster and princess the next day because he hasn't seen them in a while. He agreed to take them for 8 days and didn't tell me. Now I understand that it's been a while and he wants to see them, but I can't stand the way that he doesn't talk to me about anything!! We were supposed to go out and get a motel room for new years eve (no kids) and spend a nice night in the quiet together and now we'll have skids instead.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. No! I mean Confusing Time of the Year.

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The holidays bring up a whole lot of things to deal with for step mothers and families. Just wondering how others have learned to cope with this complicated and confusing time of year.

How does the time around the holidays get spent trying to navigate this messy situation?


Monday Blues

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Anyone else nervous about the "hell" idays?

I guess Ive got the Monday Blues.

To summate:

1. I am still a temp, but yet still making decent money. I really hate this job too. Monday Blues.

2. We got a thorough home inspection. Basically, everything wrong we knew about, plus a few additionals. Like the fact that we cant turn the furnace on because there are cracks in it, plus asbestos in one side of the house heating ducts. It will be a cold winter. Monday Blues.