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Adult step daughter lies

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My husband has  3 adult children and we have problems with all of them. The  middle  daughter seemed to be the most sensible one, so I thought. Long story but she recently needed our help but our schedules didn't chive. She then called her dad to complain but he put her in her place. All good, now today my daughter who had contact with her brought up that we didn't help the SD. Apparently she made up this elaborate story about how we weren't there for her, lied about most of it and made herself look like the victim and us like terrible people. My husband and I are at our wits end.



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I am 57 and my husband is 61.
My first marriage lasted 30 years.
My son from my previous marriage moved out at age 19 while his dad and I were still married.
I've recently remarried. I knew he had a daughter, 29, from the wife before last.
He's a wonderful man, don't get me wrong, just bad choices in wives. (I hope he changed his taste when he married me!)
We got married in late October 2018. 
We live in the house I've lived in since my ex and I built it 25 years ago.
My new hubby, Jim, lived in a  'man cave' after his divorce in 2014.


New step daughter aged 39 I feel resentment and jelousy.

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Been married for 38 years we both decided we didn't want kids.  My husband told me he had a daughter and paid maintenance when we first met, he also told me he did not want her as part of his life.

out of the blue his daughter got in touch saying she had been looking for him for 20 years.

suddenly she is in our lives and my husband is obsessed.  I feel a huge resentment as he never gave me an inkling that this would happen.  He always said kids were a pain.