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I’m so happy...

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I could really just burst! The complete turn around my BF has had since we talked is amazing. I took a step back from SD. Not a huge one but enough to show BF that I wasn’t mommy and she neede him to be her daddy. It’s been amazing. Literally so good. I saw him just go in and play with her for like 2 hours and they took a nap together this weekend. It was beautiful. I don’t think BF was raised in a hands on, show your love household so it’s hard for him to be that way with his daughter but I can see my family and my raising having small impacts each day! 


And i I know these blogs are usually venting and sharing and asking for advice but I really just wanted to gush to someone besides my BF! Due to circumstances, (BM wanted us to pick up sd early and keep her later this weekend) we were able to take SD for the Easter Sunday! And Easter is a huge deal in my family and we have lots of little cousins from age 2-25 and it was great seeing the interaction with SD getting more social with my cousins. It’s still not 100% but it’s better than it was and my heart was so full I wanted to write about it. 


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I’m glad he listened and things are better! Good for you for speaking up. Just keep communication open and hopefully it continues!

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keep eyes wide open for the Daddeeee Backslide and the 180 "I never agreed to thaaaaat"


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This is nice to read.  I'm happy to hear that you and your BF can communicate this stuff.  It's one of the keys.

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Its a challenge but, I do love  Munchkin SD12. The rewards outweight (mostly) the negatives.